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    Mega Man Classic 
  • MoPete: While the Mega Man (Classic) games were good, one fault was in Mega Man 6. Rush was nerfed and turned into an adapter system which was awkward to use. The Robot Masters had overly simplistic AI (basically, it was jump around, use an attack, jump around again.) But the biggest DMoS was the third rehashing of the Hijacked By Wily plot. In Mega Man 4, Doctor Cossack was a new villain, and the idea of Proto Man as the villain was a decent shock in Mega Man 5. But by the time Mega Man 6 rolled around, Wily doesn't even use a proxy, instead simply opting for a Paper-Thin Disguise as "Mr. X."

    Mega Man X 
  • Animeking 1108: There are many reasons why so many people debate that Mega Man X6 was worse than Mega Man X7. However, since only one is allowed, I'd have to pick Zero's Unexplained Recovery. It's right up there with Persona 4 and Ultima IX for one of the most insultingly stupid death retcons in video games. For starters, it completely undermined the Bittersweet Ending to Mega Man X5, where Zero believed the world would be a better place if he stayed dead. Second, this completely derailed Inafune's orginal plans for the Mega Man Zero series. Third, is the explanation, or lack thereof. In the English version, Zero said that he hid and repaired himself, which makes absolutely no sense. However, in the Japanese version, he just told X not to worry about it. It doesn't matter which version you play. The reason is stupid either way. The closest we get to a hint is that Dr. Issoc implied that he repaired him, but there are two issues with it. 1. That scene is missable depending on who you play as. 2. That plot point never comes back in the series, or even the Zero series for that matter.

    Mega Man Battle Network 
  • Muzzman: Megaman Battle Network, I played through all the games with only one real motive: To see where Roll.exe and Megaman.exe's romantic subplot went. Just like Mayl and Lan's romance, it gets absolutely no development, but in the very least, Mayl and Lan had the epilogue to tie things up.
    • Hobgoblin: A memo in Star Force 2 mentions that MegaMan and Roll have a child named Mega Man Jr. by combining their data at some point.
  • Skywerewolf Some character's apathy are really wallbanging. Right, the world is about to be destroyed. Why don't all those other people you fought in friendly competition do anything? In 3, only Chad, Dex, and Tora follow you. What happened to all those other people? Maylu and Yai were talked into waiting, but there are other hearty people who are older that would have been safe. Seriously, the people in that world are freaking apathetic.
  • Tropers//NTroper: Out of all the idiotic moments in 4, I'll have to list the three Karma Houdini moments in the game's tournaments. The first one is in Dex's scenario where Chisao fakes being kidnapped to make Lan miss the battle against Dex and give him the win by default. The second one is in the Watergod scenario where Paulie tampered with his village's water management system because he lost a contest to Lan and wanted everyone in his village to see how strong he was. I repeat: A kid could have potentially doomed his whole village over petty pride. And the final example is the elder from Raoul's village in his scenario cursing Megaman because he didn't want the tribe to lose face by having Raoul lose to Megaman in the tournament, nevermind that the village would have a bad fame if their strongest netbattler was shown winning against his opponent only because he was weakened by the curse. In all 3 cases, all the offenders get away with little more than a "Sorry" and a slap in the wrist, just to add further insult to injury in 4's already mangled plot.

    Mega Man Zero 
  • magnum12: The way certain plot elements were presented in Mega Man Zero 4. The guardians were killed off screen by Omega's death blast (officially they shielded Zero, but if it didn't happen on screen, then it did not happen). This in itself is a major WallBanger for one reason. They all have personal Trans-Servers, meaning that they can "Deep Strike" to a known location at will, including for the purpose of a quick escape. The finale of the first game shows that they have a quick cool down time of 15 seconds max. The time between their "deep strike" on Omega and Omega's death was WAY longer than the time spent after "deep striking" to Copy X's inner sanctum. In the words of Linkara, off screen character death is extremely lazy/bad writing. The fact that three major characters were killed offscreen makes it worse. In fact, Weil taking over in Zero 4 itself brings multiple continuity errors combined into WallBanger grade snarl:
    1. His military power: To quote Harpuia "He's bluffing. He can't do anything in his current state." Weil's plan for domination was solely reliant on the use of Omega as a terror tool. Without Omega, he was powerless. Barring an Ass Pull, where did the vile forces and Craft come from? There was no hint of them existing in previous games.
    2. Weil having full control of energy: What about the Ciel system which was established in Zero 3 to be vastly superior to anything Neo Arcadia had (established by Copy X in his comments on monopoly on both energy and Zero)? The development of said system to bring peace to the world was an uber important plot point for the entire series and it got Put on a Bus in Zero 4 to make Weil seem all powerful.
    3. Considering the events of ZX (especially Advent), Zero's sacrifice has become completely pointless as in a way (via corruption), Weil is behind everything wrong in the series. All and all, Zero 4 is a pointless sequel that only exists because some exec must of really liked Weil. We could of have ZX without Zero 4, as the Zero 3 ending left a perfect sequel hook for the ZX series. Weil could have just of easily created Model W as part of his next evil plans for world domination (without Ragnarock), placing his soul in it. Ciel's biometals could have just as easily been made via the willing interment of the souls of Zero, X (now in cyberspace), and the guardians eternally vigilant to combat model W if it shows itself.
    • MMTrigger: Additionally, the ending of the Mega Man Zero series, not because that Zero died, but because of what it suggested. The third game revealed Zero's mind was moved to a clone body, so he's still Dr. Wily's creation. Dr Wily is the one who ultimately, and unintentionally, ushered in the new age that Dr. Light dreamed of. Also, X and the guardians, who were derived from him, are barely mentioned in the fourth game. It's like after spending so many years with Rock and X, and following the morals presented in their 20-something games, we saw a complete reversal on that. Not helping is that fact that while Mega Man 7 and subsequent games imply that killing Dr. Wily is wrong, what ends the wars is the hero killing the human villain. It's somehow suggesting that the original series heroes were wrong the whole time, since killing Wily would've prevented Zero's existence. No Zero means Sigma would never have been infected with the Maverick virus. It also means no Omega, no Elf Wars, and no Neo Arcadia.
      • BillyMT: It's hinted throughout a few cutscenes sprinkled between X4 to X8 and a lot of Megaman Bibles that Zero as we know him was a creation of Dr. Cain inside the pre-existing body made by Dr. Wily, after Sigma disabled it and contracted the first sealed strain of the Maverick Virus. So not only is him in a copy body, he's also a impersonator himself. But here's where it gets fun: it was all this time the "impersonator" who became the S-Rank maverick hunter and marked his name and skill in history all this time. The original Zero's purpose was to pretty much be the ultimate destroyer and, for good measure, after Wily's many defeats by Dr. Light's creation, a mindhacker, subverting all his possible foes to his side and ensuring complete domination. The irony? That's Omega himself, which by Dr. Weil's hands and a good dose of chance, became complete again, body and soul, after merging with the Dark Elf, whose power is to mindhack (and also enhance) her enemies. His killer was Zero, the impersonator, the one with a copy soul, in a copy body. The actual S-Rank maverick hunter. Dr. Cain's accidental masterpiece.

    Mega Man Starforce 
  • Tropers//NTroper: One moment stands out in the filler-ific, badly written script of Starforce 2. Namely, when Luna confronts Geo over his Heroic B.S.O.D. after he finds Sonia at Bermuda Maze and she reveals she defected to Lady Vega's group, even attacking Geo and leaving him unconscious after cutting off their brotherband to further hammer it in. When Geo fills her in on the situation, Luna calls Geo the world's biggest idiot for not picking up on Sonia obviously pretending to defect to Lady Vega's side to keep Geo safe and for not trusting her. Only one problem here, that being that this whole thing started because Sonia didn't trust Geo. She gets cornered by Hollow and told that only by her joining them will Geo keep safe and she just goes along with it. They don't even have any hold on Geo whatsoever and up to that point, Geo has 2 games' worth of successfully fighting through anything the bad guys throw at him, one of them including a Planet-Killing Weapon, and Geo currently has the OO Part inside him, fully in control of its power. Yet one "Join us or your friend dies" later, Sonia cuts off his brotherband and attacks him...and that is never addressed. To put this in perspective, Kidd Gruff, the NPC that wave changes into Kung Foo Kid, wants to test his skills against the one who he specifically describes as "The one who defeated Andromeda". You know you've made a grave writing mistake when an NPC gives the main character more credit than his first friend and Brother who actively fights alongside him does.