Tropers: Mighty Kombat

A troper from England. Formerly poisonous, now largely mellow and keeping self to self.

  • Catch Phrase: Putting Repair, Don't Respond or "Natter is NOT Necessary" in editing summaries bits over and over in multiple rows when I nuke them. I mean I know its passive-aggressive and douchey as all fuck but the first does indeed exist and the latter is not needed now get that into your heads oh who the shit am I kidding.
    • When talking about bad voice actors who sound like they are incapable of emoting or putting effort into their stuff (Like Rina-chan for example,) I remark that they "sound like they deepthroated a bottle of Valium."
  • Deadpan Snarker: Yeah. More or less
  • Jerkass: Back then I used to hate anyone with little intelligence. I still do but not so big.
  • Let's Play: Video type. I feel some of my older ones are a bit bleh given that my primary two were recorded with Hypercam 2 at least it was registered.
    • Metroid Fusion (Also titled "Being Adam Malkovich", wherein I take apart the colossal incompetence (and later corruption) of the Galactic Federation for their decision to house two obviously uncontrollable super bioweapons with minimal security or containment, is not a big fan of those two bosses Nettori and Yakuza and constantly refers to the SA-X as Alice (With a side mention of the moon from Majora's Mask being called Brenda), as well as giving Samus a Perverse Sexual Lust for Emil Castagnier. Richter on the other hand is hated. I also despise Cyber-Adam's attitude and frequently suggest the real Adam choked to death on his own semen, At least until he suggests turning the BSL station into a planet buster.
    • Dragonball Z Legacy of Goku, which is shit and I hate its hit detection, I hate pterodactyls with all my guts, derailing quests in order to kill every last one of them, Goku has an epic battle with a triceratops, fires a Kamehameha at a mountain, and near the end, the first signs of my love for Mint Adnade begin to show. The last vid has a Cluster F-Bomb fired at every vice the game made me suffer through, with Frieza getting a particularly loud one directed at him. I also explain some of the canon, and lets not forget how I invoke the spirit of Richter Abend, Geese Howard and Albert Wesker in a bid to toughen the boat boy up.
    • And I've recently polished off Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, alternatively titled "Sacchin's Revenge". The only notable thing about this LP is the replacement of MB's bland soundtrack with some of my own choices which range from epic to lol worthy (Such as Orochi Iori's KOF 97 theme for Red Arcueid). The use of The Midnight Carnival does make the final Sacchin-Nrvnqsr fight more epic.
    • Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, alternatively titled "We're All Going On A Soma Holiday". I did not aim for 100% souls, as if I was I'd be doing this til the end of 2013. Notable changes Include:
      • Soma is now a depraved sexual assailant and also a furry, though I did not intend that, nor do I approve of that. Fuck this gay internet.
      • Mina is a sweethearted ditz.
      • Genya Arikado/Alucard gets the nickname Aluarikadocard and starts off hostile. I almost had him be like Jack Bauer but eh.
      • Yoko may or may not be a Shotacon
      • Hammer sings badly at the top of his voice. I didn't intend this but I eventually said Sure, Why Not? and let it be.
      • Julius Belmont now speaks like a stereotypical Texan cowboy and also an AMS grunt. I didn't intend the last one to happen and tried to counter it by saying he was really a greengrocers but eventually I just said screw it and let it be.
      • Graham is now an Obviously Evil ice cream salesman backed by corporate sponsors. In his sentences, he demands the viewer and Soma buy various different products and even tries to bring his other speech portrait into this. He eventually mentions his past as an asshole lawyer that got Litchi Faye-Ling acquitted for Emil Castagnier's death by raping. The lawyer bit is the only thing people remember him for. He's an evil salesman, everyone.
      • Death is a bit Genre Savvy and has an alternate job as Necro, Dizzy's left wing. This makes him very happy as he gets to grope her and she's too naive to do anything about it. He's also acquainted with other CV heroes on a friendlier basis than you would think. So think of him as Mr. "Fourth Walls Are Gay."
      • Near the end, Dracula wakes up and tries to pull a Ratatosk on Soma. Soma doesn't take this lying down and they spend the few eps they have flinging insults at each other.
      • Julius mode, which I renamed "Julius Belmont's Happy Hour". Here, Julius' Texan Grand Cross is caused by explosive diarhoea, and he does not approve of gratuitous foreign languages.
    • One running joke was using various CV level clear jingles every time I beat a boss. I forgot a few times but eh nobody's perfect.
    • Guilty Gear X Advance Edition. Nothing worth noting here apart from me shipping Chris with Dizzy just because Chris likes bigger women.
    • Castlevania Harmonyof Dissonance OR "Legend of Interior Decorate Juste". Cancelled after a year of inactivity due to computer problems and how I fucking hate this game.
    • What Could Have Been: If I struggled further, Evil Maxim would be a German Emo Teen and the Fire, Wind, Bolt and Summon books would be Kyo Kusanagi (Who would complain about his evil clone and why evil clones are rarely done correctly these days.), Talim who tried to get everyone to get along, a Pikachu who would be Juste's cheerleader and Sheena Fujibayashi respectively. Sheena would have been more or less sane and civil apart from getting annoyed about Juste's fashionistic habits and wondering why he's trying to rescue Lydie if he's very much gay.
    • Oh and Castlevania Chronicles OR "Simple Simon's 45th Castle Caper" as well, wherein Simon is a semi Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy with keen insight, who is sent against his will to a castle of freakshows in denial. He nearly hurls during the vertical water ride in stage 2. And nearly hurls AGAIN when he sees the boss. Cancelled due to inactivity.
      • What Could Have Been: Not much apart from Fake Simon speaking with a German accent and Dracula considering asking a bigger paycheck in return for getting Simona fatal Game Over.
    • Ongoing: Metroid: Zero Mission OR "The Day Zebes Stood Still". Less jokes this time, with Samus being normal more or less. Kraid is a cut glass high class fellow who seeks death once he realises he's been watching Kid vs. Kat all his life, I hate Adam because of Other M, amongst others. There are two Catchphrases though.
      • "This game's handing them out like sweets." When I get another Missile Tank as the game really does place a lot of them within super easy reach.
      • "I'm a Zero Mission mastah" either when I pull off a rather cool feat sometimes before I make a a right tit of myself.
      • "Well, call X and Zero, because I'm a Maverick." When I sequence break or act slightly out of line within the game.
      • "Oh, ICK!" when I see any bug-like enemies, of which there aren't much.
      • The Spore Spawn-esque boss being referred to as the marriage of a giant worm and Plant 42.
    • Also recently pulled a little Sequence Break off.
      • Managed to handle Ridley. Apparently he went to the Unkillable Villains Expo on planet Venom prior to heading to Zebes upon hearing news of Kraid's death. He had a cup of coffee with Gauron and spilt said cup over his head much to M. Bison's glee. There is also the apparent matter that he was once married to Draygon since he was paying her alimony (Yep, Draygon's a woman to me) and is currently dating Viridi. Or was.
      • Eventually around the Tourian/Umbrella Underground Laboratory segment, Viridi and I start talking with each other, her being exasperated at my usual actions and such. Eventually she vanishes...only to come back in control of Metal Gear Ridley in an attempt to destroy me and Samus mainly for revenge. Of course I then point out Ridley can hardly be killed at all, whhich leaves her speechless. And finally my escape is assisted by none other than Random Hajile.
    • One aborted gag was Samus' Elevator Thoughts. Random thoughts on her mind as she rode elevators to different spots around the planet. I forgot about it.
    • WWF Betrayal. Nothing new to note here other than playing as Triple H to give it a personal edge and my ideas for games involving guys like CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer or Scott Hall running around braining people with a steel pipe. Complete with the hilariously cartoonish sight of The Rock walking around hoisting Stephanie Mc Mahon over his head and postulating the idea that The Undertaker (Who has nothing to do with Steve Austin's desire for the title or Rock's friendship with Austin) is actually plotting a return of the Ministry of Darkness. I also end up comparing Vince to Heihachi Mishima.
      • Also someone tell me why we don't have a Tommy Dreamer page here for goodness sakes.
    • Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Of Goku 2 OR "Hard Cell" (Its a pun on hard sell.) Current gags include Gohan bumping his head into things and all playable characters showing up in a Viridi-esque fashion to offer some words. I also postulate the idea that the Triceratops King boss is the same triceratops from my LP of LOG 1 that I battled for ages with.
    • Soul Blade Super, a Mega Drive pirate game port of the Playstation classic. Used Sophitia. R Eferred to black Cervantes palette swap final boss as Noob Saibot.
    • The playstation version of above. Used Siegfried, showed off both endings.
    • Currently considering Super Metroid, the Capcom Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game and others.
  • Repair, Don't Respond: Did you know it exists?
  • Running Gag: in and around, I make jokes about Tsubaki Yayoi being inbred. That sort of thing tends to stick.
    • Stuff about Bullet being hawt or cool.
    • Using Colour Edit modes in fighting games to recolour ninjas all black and calling them Noob Saibot.
    • Referring to all-black solid recolours as Noob Saibot
  • Straight Edge: More or less, mostly because I've never gotten around to drinking and I outright refuse to smoke.


What I like:
  • Mugen, KOF, Fatal Fury, Mortal Kombat and am currently having fun playing through the Mega Man X series.
    • As of now have gave up on playing X6 due to it being absolutely positively rancid with idiotic level design, idiotic Reploid placements and difficulty that is more about praying to the sun god than any semblence of skill. Doesn't help that the translation's rancid enough to make me miss SNK's earlier games. Bollocks to that pile of shit. Made me skip X7 to play the more well put-together X8 I swear to god. Right now, I'm playing Persona3.
  • Imagining bizarre situations. For once, last night I imagined if Emil Castagnier got married to Omega Red, or if Sasori of the Red Sand became RoboCop, or if Iori Yagami lead a fighting force that had Alex, Hayato Kanzaki, Hong Meiling and Chipp Zanuff as part of the gang. Or if Hakumen joined The Avengers.
  • Being a defense attorney for unpopular people. I did it with Litchi Faye-Ling on the forums once. Like so:
    George: Sir, you have heard all the evidence presented before you today, but in the end, it is up to the conscience of your hearts to decide. And I firmly believe that, like me, you will conclude that (insert The Scrappy here), is infact, totally and utterly guilty.
    Sits down, proud of himself. Scrappy turns over slip of paper. George stands up again.
    George: ...of nothing more than trying to do his/her/its duty under difficult circumstances.
  • Crack Pairings. As of now I ship Scratch and Yoko Littner (thanks to some fanart I saw. Just ask -Irikarul) and Ridley and Viridi.
  • Dumb MUGEN webseries. Cyborg T8P countering everything, Jin Chonrei always being disappointed, Noriaki Kakyoin always dying and now everyone or thing liking Yoshikage Kira.

What I don't like
  • Tsunderes. too unlikeable. They're either yes or they're no, not in between and it gets very old fast. Stinks then that most anime protagonists like Shinji, Saito and Yuji Apparently love them to bits even when they're being beaten up just for the crime of living. Especially the fans of these people. Sheesh, some people's children.
  • Richter Abend. HOO BOY. Overrated burkhead or what?
  • Lars Alexandersson. He reads like some 7 year old DeviantArt user's horrible fanfic character super specially linked to the Mishima family by being Heihachi's super duper second son who just so happens to have their powers, just soo happens to get a cute robot girlfriend, just so happens to become the new protagonist and just so happens to be strong enough to take down guys like K Azuya, Jin and Azazel. I can't even believe he's actually official, too. Alisa's alright though since she has a nice rack.
  • Ash Crimson, though with him I can at least make him sound better by dressing him in a mumu and make him beat people up with a frozen mackerel thanks to KOF XI's colour edit menu plus I like his playstyle and theme tunes. Fricking Lars sucks worse than Ash in my personal rankings.
  • Patroklos and Pyrrha Alexandra. Are you sure I'm not playing as Alfred Ashford's ancestor? And he has the advantage of being creepy in a reimagining. Screw those two Wonder Twin wannabes. Also SC 5 sucks for not having Talim. They don't even say "Oh she was killed by Nightmare/fell into a void thanks to Tira/called in sick that day/was at the hairdressers", she just stops existing. Cassandra got a fucking mention in one of the artbooks, was Talim not good enough?
  • Blockwhores. They make fights tedious and boring. what should have been ball bustingly great scraps turn into me spamming specials just to kill the fucker with chip damage. Its what almost ruined X-Men: Children of the Atom.
  • Emos. the kind that moan about how their life sucks and strong-arm us into caring. I'd rather not hear about how much it rains in Manchester.
  • Insects. flies, bees and wasps especially. Can't stand the buzzing little fuckers. Which wis why I still took less than a day to beat The "I'm covered in bees!" Pain.
  • Anyone with selective dyslexia, especially kids on the Dethroning Moment of Suck who deliberately act like the "NO CONTESTING ENTRIES" rule is written in invisible Swahili by a German who translated it haphazardly from a lost dialect of Punjabi. Its black on white people for fucks sakes how do you miss that aside from your selective dyslexia where you deliberately become unable to read just to be able to use an excuse to break the rules. Do me a favour and fuck off.
  • Wacky Workbench but I'm still on the fence about it as its a damn fucking shame none of its mechanics saw much use in other Sonic games. I don't want the Xth variant of Radical Highway, I want my fucking Wacky Workbench back.

  • Also, confession time: I think, thanks to me, the Mugen engine The Mugen Fighters Guild forum and Void Quest Mugen, the reputation of one Nyarlathotep has been pretty much fucked over. It down to a few things:
    • There's a character for Mugen called "Nyal." Shes a nun with large breasts who wears a robe that exposes most of them. Her name can easily be taken to mean "Nyarlathotep."
    • Her author has also drawn a hentai doujin of her involving consensual tentacle sex. Yep. And her latest update includes a very H-Game-tastic sound patch and a "Strip KO" feature complete with anime cut in showing her clothes ripping off.
    • VQM featured Nyal as a villain. Her character design and voice make it hard to take her seriously. At one point the makers of VQM even left her Strip KO feature on. And they named her "Nyarlathotep"
    • On Mugen guild its a bit of a fad now to strip her clothes down with various characters. Yup. attacks that can trigger a strip KO can include Michael Sobut rocking out to Elvis Presley tunes, and Sakura's poke taunt.
  • With that I believe Nyarlathotep's reputation as a deadly cosmic horror has, to me, taken too huge a hit to heal. To me when I think of Nyarlathotep, I will always now think of "Big breasted anime nun whose clothes can rip easily, her breasts bounce a lot, she has a very anime voice and that one Mugen anime series. also the tentacle hentai doujin." Sure there's the Nyaruko anime but still.