Video Game / Mega Man X6

Mega Man X6 is the sixth entry in the Mega Man X series, released for the PlayStation in November 29, 2001 in Japan. This was released soon after in North America in December 4, 2001. Europe received it on February 8th, 2002. This was near the end of the PlayStation's life span, and the rushed release resulted in an infamous "Blind Idiot" Translation and Fake Difficulty up the wazoo. Since Mega Man X5 was supposed to be the grand finale, this led to a Post-Script Season.

Three weeks after the fall of Eurasia, Earth is severely polluted, and Zero is still missing, presumed dead. Humans have fled underground, and Reploids are busy terraforming the land. Enter the new Big Bad, Reploid scientist Gate, who has found a piece of Zero's Reploid DNA. He uses this to create a zombie-like race of robots called Nightmares. His associate Isoc and his greatest creation High Max began a search across the world, looking for the rest of Zero so he could create more monstrosities.

X squares off against Gate's eight resurrected Nightmare Investigators, as he tries to find out the mystery behind the Zero Nightmare, an extremely powerful Nightmare based on Zero. It turns out that Zero himself is alive and well, and will join X if they meet.

The Nightmare Investigators are:
  • Blizzard Wolfang gives the Ice Burst to X and Hyoroga to Zero; is weak to Blaze Heatnix's weapons
  • Blaze Heatnix gives the Magma Blade to X and Shoenzan to Zero; is weak to Ground Scaravich's weapons
  • Ground Scaravich gives the Ground Dash to X and Sentsuizan to Zero; is weak to Yammar Option
  • Rainy Turtloid gives the Meteor Rain to X and Ensuizan to Zero; is weak to Blizzard Wolfang's weapons
  • Commander Yammark gives the Yammar Option to X and Zero; is weak to Infinity Mijinion's weapons
  • Infinity Mijinion gives the Ray Arrow to X and Rekkoha to Zero; is weak to Guard Shell
  • Metal Shark Player gives the Metal Anchor to X and Rakukojin to Zero; is weak to Rainy Turtloid's weapons
  • Shield Sheldon, gives the Guard Shell to X and Zero; is weak to Metal Shark Player's weapons

Mega Man X6 features examples of:

  • After the End: X6 canonically takes place after the Eurasia incident from X5 after Zero piloted a space shuttle in a head-on collision against the colony but its debris hit Earth, and made the planet harmful to humans due to the rampant pollution.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: The developers at least anticipated just how hard the game was, even by the standards of the series, so if you get a Game Over, you can start off right at the last checkpoint in a stage you're in. Unfortunately, this won't do you any favors if you failed to rescue a Reploid from a Nightmare beforehand.
  • Attack Reflector: Guard Shell, which can reflect some energy-based projectiles at enemies.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: X's Shadow Armor. Turns X into a Ninja, makes it so you cannot be killed by spikes, and replaces your X Buster shots with shurikens. The catch is, you cannot use ANY of your special weapons, the shurikens are somewhat inaccurate, and when combined with the Ultra Buster, which makes it so that you always fire charged shots, you lose all ranged capabilities.
  • Ax-Crazy: As an incomplete clone of Zero, the Zero Nightmare is severely mentally unstable. One moment it's acting like it genuinely thinks it's the real Zero, the next it's screaming incoherently about how it must destroy X.
  • Awesome McCool Name: Many agree Blizzard Wolfang and Blaze Heatnix are awesome names.
    • A re-translation was going to be included in Mega Man X Collection, but was dropped.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: Infamously, this game was squeezed out soon before the PlayStation 2's launch. Thus Capcom US didn't have time to translate the script from its broken Engrish.
  • Bonus Boss: The 8 stages have optional exits guarded by optional bosses. First up is Zero Nightmare (which unlocks Zero for play). High Max replaces him, and defeating him will unlock Gate's Fortress prematurely. The third is Dynamo, back from X5 and can be farmed for Nightmare Souls with Rainy Turtloid's weapon. Ironically, he's probably the easiest part of the game.
  • Call Back: Isoc is eventually found as a lifeless shell, similar to the Erasure incident of Mega Man Xtreme 2.
    • The Nightmare Mother is based on CWU-01P from Mega Man.
  • Ceiling Cling: Blizzard Wolfang can cling to the ceiling. Zero can do this as well with Hyoroga, and X with the Shadow Armor.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: The game just takes you back to the last checkpoint you reached in the level if you die or even use a continue. Given how difficult the game is, this is very beneficial.
  • Distant Finale: Zero's ending was retconned into this. Realizing he is a Typhoid Mary, he enters a capsule and goes to sleep for about a hundred years while scientists purge him of the Sigma Virus and develop a true antidote by studying his systems. Capcom eventually stated this does not happen immediately after defeating Gate, but instead happens after X and Zero have many more unspecified adventures saving the world.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: The opening songs, "Moon Light" and "The Answer", are performed by Showtaro Morikubo, the voice actor for X.
  • Dual Boss: The Nightmare Mother basically consists of two cubes made of Nightmares, each with an eyeball for weakspots.
  • Fake Difficulty: Hooooo boy! Considering this game's rushed production, there is a lot of it. Where do we begin?
    • For starters, some levels have spikes in places that you can't see them, like in Commander Yammark's stage.
    • Letting a Nightmare possess a civilian Reploid can potentially mean losing useful parts and power-ups forever. Needed that Jumper part to help you leap the Spikes of Doom in Gate's Lab 1 without Zero, Shadow Armor, or Blade Armor's air dash? Chances are the Reploid that had it went Maverick and that part is gone for good.
    • As Hide Of Beast can tell you in his "minimalist" speed-run of the game, X6 flat-out hates unarmored X, to the point that one wonders why he was made playable at all. Not only does the game make things absolutely, unreasonably difficult with him, but Gate's first stage is impossible to beat without either one of the armors, the Jumper part (which also requires the Hyper Dash part to get).
    • As the author of the fan-site The Megaman Homepage puts it, it's as if the play-testers used only the Ultimate Armor.
  • Geo Effects/Load-Bearing Boss: The Nightmare system. Defeat one boss, and you'll affect some of the stages with a generated effect based on the boss. It's kind of like how the original Mega Man X bosses would affect others. Defeating Blaze Heatnix, for example, will cause fireballs to rain down in some certain stages.
  • Glass Cannon: Sigma in his two forms. His attacks can be tricky to dodge and inflict a lot of damage, but he is very fragile.
  • Golden Super Mode: With a quick flip of his cape, Gate swaps his standard purple armor for a Golden Suit. No transformation sequence required. Truly super in the fact that only thing that can hurt him is his own attacks.
  • Hard Levels, Easy Bosses: True to the series, the levels are mostly hard as nails and the bosses are mostly a cakewalk, at least with their weaknesses.
  • Hailfire Peaks: Gate's first stage has the player climbing a room filling with lava, while eventually throwing in slippery ice floors at the same time.
  • The Heartless: The Nightmares function as this, mutating Reploid civilians and quickly coming back from defeat if their Nightmare Soul is not collected.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: Subverted; Gate was working of his own volition. However, Gate decided to half-revive Sigma for the heck of it. See below.
  • I'll Kill You!: Sigma is Back from the Dead, but his mental capacity has been degraded to the point where all he can do is give death threats to X and Zero while screaming their names.
  • Increasingly Lethal Enemy: Infinity Mijinion will periodically duplicate himself during battle (or when he's struck by a powerful attack). He can potentially fill an entire screen with his copies if you take too much time, making him harder to kill.
  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja: X's Shadow Armor, X6's equivalent to X5's Gaea Armor only minus the dashing speed lost. It changes X's normal shots to throwing stars and charged attacks become a powerful saber attack (equipping the Ultimate Buster part allows for instant charged saber attacks, if you managed to save the Reploid carrying it). It also gives him faster Z-Saber swings, a high jump ability to perform said ceiling-clinging (and ceiling-dashing), and immunity to spikes. The cons? You can't perform air-dashes and you can't use special weapons outside of your Giga Attack.
  • Kaizo Trap: Averted with Gate. You fight him over a pit with only a series of small platforms, which he'll occasionally start destroying once his health gets low enough. When you land the final hit, however, X/Zero freezes in mid-air as he explodes, so you don't have to worry about having solid ground under your feet at that moment.
  • Light and Mirrors Puzzle: Shield Sheldon's level has lasers that must be redirected using a shield-bearing Invincible Minor Minion so it shoots the door, unlocking it.
  • Logical Weakness: Why is Metal Shark Player weak to Meteor Rain? He's aquatic! No wait, water rusts metal, and he specializes in running a scrap yard.
    • Also Ice Burst freezes Rainy Turtloid easily, who's a water boss. Another dubious example is Blaze Heatnix: his weakness, Ground Dash, can be logical (earth can douse heavy flames), despite there are both ice and water-based weapons for X.
  • Lost Forever: Unlike X5, the Reploid civilians can be possessed by Nightmares. If the Nightmare possesses them, the Reploid is gone for good. Left in their place is some kind of Empty Shell that you should probably Mercy Kill. As you can guess, sometimes a Nightmare Virus is placed right next to a Reploid, giving you three seconds of reaction before that Reploid is possessed. The worst offender of this is located in Weapons Center, where a Nightmare Virus is placed exactly on top of a Reploid, so you have less than a second!
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: Many Maverick Bosses were eliminated under sabotaged accidents, or labelled Mavericks and destroyed outright.
  • Me's a Crowd: Infinity Mijinion can create seemingly endless copies of himself. Things can get ugly when you have several onscreen at once.
  • Meaningless Lives: You can earn lives, but they are rendered pointless because checkpoints count even after a Game Over.
  • Multiple Endings: Well, two for X, depending on if he finds Zero or not.
  • Name's the Same: The Nightmare Investigators are unrelated to Mega Man X3's Nightmare Police.
  • Necromancer: Gate specializes in Reploid resurrection, and manipulates Reploid DNA to revive the Mavericks. He plans to use Zero's remains to build an indestructible army, and he's busy reviving Sigma, too! Metal Shark Player is also skilled at using junk to form bodies resembling Mavericks from earlier Mega Man X games.
  • Nintendo Hard: X6 is easily one of the hardest games in the entire franchise.
  • Noble Wolf: Blizzard Wolfang being a loyal, honorable minion of Gate.
  • No OSHA Compliance: Gate's laboratory is filled with instant death spikes, rising lava, acid rain, and crushing ceilings. Never mind the bottomless pits you need to air dash over.
  • Peninsula of Power Leveling: the Bonus Boss Dynamo, who can be fought several times to farm Nightmare Souls, which increase the Hunters' rank (influencing the number of parts they can equip).
  • The Phoenix: Blaze Heatnix.
  • Puzzle Boss: A rarity in a Mega Man X game (outside of the usual Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors), this one has a couple.
    • High Max must be stunned with a charge shot, then damaged with a special weapon as he recovers (inverted with Zero, who must stun him with a special attack before using a basic combo). He is a Hopeless Boss Fight at the end of the introductory stage, and he is Unwinnable by Mistake if you face him as an Optional Boss before you get a Maverick weapon.
    • Gate's Laboratory has a jump that you must air dash. The Shadow Armor and normal X does not have the ability to air dash. Hopefully you know about the good bad bug with the Flame Blade that resets X's gravity, letting him perform long jumps. Otherwise, throw your lives away and restart the stage. There are several "air dash-only" jumps in the game that are after continue points that can be circumvented with having both the "Jumper" and "Hyper Dash" parts equipped.
    • Gate is immune to your attacks, but you can destroy the energy balls he throws. The balls break apart and can damage Gate if they hit.
  • Randomly Generated Levels: Some subsections are randomly generated. One Dr. Light capsule in Ground Scaravich's level, for example, is a Luck-Based Mission whether you can get there or not.
  • Recycled Soundtrack: The 'X vs Zero' Theme and 'Dynamo' Theme from Mega Man X5 are reused in this game.
    • The Gate Lab theme is a remix of the 3rd X-Hunter stage of Mega Man X2.
    • The Final Boss theme is a remix of the final boss themes of Mega Man X1 and 2.
  • Scoring Points: Defeating Nightmares will drop Nightmare Souls, which can be collected to increase your Maverick Hunter rating. The Nightmare Investigators drop 200, and Dynamo will drop plenty more.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Did you know Infinity Mijinion is a Water Flea? There's some Hypocritical Humor as he declares the other Mavericks useless fleas.
  • Shout-Out: Metal Shark Player uses junk to summon Mavericks from previous Mega Man X games: Sting Chameleon, Magna Centipede, and Blast Hornet show up during the boss fight. X's charged Metal Anchor unleashes a fleet of Storm Eagles across the screen.
  • Shout-Out Theme Naming: the hostage Reploids from Wolfang's level are named after other Capcom characters.
  • Tactical Suicide Boss: If Gate didn't shoot his little energy spheres, he would be completely invincible.
  • Tennis Boss: Gate can only be damaged by shooting the orbs he fires and sending pieces of them back at him.
  • This Cannot Be!: High Max laments that these old relics (one of which he is an "improvement of") was able to defeat him.
    High Max: Wh-what’s the meaning of this!? Speed, power, body… I’m not inferior in any way! I can’t possibly lose to an old robot like you!
  • Threatening Shark: Metal Shark Player.
  • Turtle Power: Rainy Turtloid.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: High Max is a boss that requires either a particular special weapon or the the Ultimate Armor to defeat. You can reach him without either one, but you won't be able to damage him.
  • Unexplained Recovery: So, Zero is alive and well, somehow. He glosses over how he recovered, but an Easter Egg gives an answer.
    Zero: Sorry to cause you worry. I lay low until I was fully recovered from the damage. Meanwhile it looks like this “toy” was stirring up a fuss.
    • When Zero approaches one of Dr. Light's capsules, Zero asked him if he knows how he came back alive. Light outright says that his recovery was a miracle. Seeing as he's Zero with his fancy Zero Virus, maybe he's still like Sigma and is simply very hard to kill.
      Zero: Zero: "I won’t die" is what I’d like to say. But my memory is vague... I don’t know if my recovery function revived me, or somebody picked me up... The next thing I knew, I was able to move...
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Gate, Isoc, and the Nightmare Investigators are easily trusted by the populace, while the Maverick Hunters are looked down upon.
  • Warm-Up Boss: Most of the main bosses aren't particularly challenging to begin with, but even on Xtreme mode, Commander Yammark is a complete joke of a boss and can be downed in just a few charge shots, and the best one to start off on. You can even just use a charge shot to destroy all of his attacks before they even get a chance to hit you!