Video Game / Mega Man 5

"In the year 20XX AD, A vicious army of robots is bent on destroying the world!! And behind the destruction is...Proto Man?!"

Game number 5 in the Mega Man (Classic) series for the NES. It was released in Japan in December of 1992, closely followed by a North American release. It has since seen numerous rereleases, including the Rockman Complete Works, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Virtual Console, and PSN.

Proto Man sent several robots under his command to attack the city, and he went to Dr. Light's lab to kidnap him, leaving behind his signature yellow scarf. Dr. Cossack helps Mega Man in Light's absence by increasing the power of the Mega Buster to stop the robots, and creates the robotic bird Beat to assist him.

Robot Masters:
  • DWN-033: Gravity Man, weak to Star Crash, gives Gravity Hold.
  • DWN-034: Wave Man, weak to Charge Kick, gives Water Wave.
  • DWN-035: Stone Man, weak to Napalm Bomb, gives Power Stone.
  • DWN-036: Gyro Man, weak to Gravity Hold, gives Gyro Attack.
  • DWN-037: Star Man, weak to Water Wave, gives Star Crash.
  • DWN-038: Charge Man, weak to Power Stone, gives the Charge Kick.
  • DWN-039: Napalm Man, weak to Crystal Eye, gives the Napalm Bomb.
  • DWN-040: Crystal Man, weak to Gyro Attack, gives the Crystal Eye.