Characters: Mega Man

This page deals with characters from the Mega Man franchise, featuring general background information on them and tropes they provide examples of.

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Recurring Archetypes

Given that there are plenty of expies scattered throughout the franchise, it is only reasonable that we keep track of them. No matter how much the developers have played with these archetypes, their core elements can still be recognized.

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    Mega Man (The Blue Guy) 
The guy who the series is named after. Mega Man is a blue boy (or girl) who fights for everlasting peace with his trademark Arm Cannon and Power Copying abilities. They are always playable, except when they are not. Notable Mega Man are Original Mega Man , X, Mega Man Volnutt, Mega Man EXE, Mega Man Model X, Geo Stelar.

    Proto Man (The Red Guy) 
Proto Man are probably the closest thing this series get for a heroic Char Clone. Proto Man serve as a Big Brother Mentor who watch Mega Manís back and have quite a Back Story. Out of the archetypes Proto Man are most likely playable behind Mega Man , either directly of via Power Copying (heck, in one instance is the only playable character). Notable Proto Man are Original Proto Man, Zero, Barrett, Proto Man EXE, Zero EXE, Girouette/Giro, Ace.

    Roll (The Female) 
Each series has a girl who helps The Hero in his missions. These ladiesí importance to the story depends on each series; they can range from Big Good to glorified item shops. Roll are rarely playable except as secret characters or via Power Copying. Notable Roll are Original Roll, Alia, Roll Casket, Roll EXE, Ciel, Prairie, Harp Note, Kalinka.

    Bass (The Rival) 
Oftentimes the Big Bads do not operate alone, they need some underlings to do the heavy works. This is where Bass (itís pronounced BASE) come in. Bass are essentially The Rival and Evil Counterpart of Mega Man. Bass are more likely to be playable and Roll, either directly playable or via Power Copying. Notable Bass are Original Bass, Vile, Dynamo, Bass EXE, Pandora and Prometheus, Rogue, Jack Corvus and Queen Virgo.