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12:54:03 PM Sep 28th 2017
Okay, I want those Gunvolt and MN9 examples gone. They might be Mega Man clones, but they are not part of the franchise.
07:48:42 AM Nov 21st 2017
edited by ChrisX
I can't believe I just added up RKS before reading this. Had a small cleanup for now. But this is worth discussing:
  • Megaman is one of those things that had a lot of Follow the Leader things. More than one. Eventually, they also re-used these archetypes while giving it its own spin. This is a pro of adding some notable 'Spiritual Successor or Follow the Leader' titles.
  • The other 'archetype' page from another game that I know of, Fire Emblem... well, they're strictly Fire Emblem, not including the other series spun from there: Tear Ring Saga, even if that series included expies of some Archetypes (and made by the first creator of the game, Shouzou Kaga, that would make it like an earlier Mighty No. 9 for Fire Emblem). That would be the CON of the above.

I understand that Ralexa had strong points, but we actually would need more than one voice for this. Well?
10:47:11 AM Nov 21st 2017
edited by RAlexa21th
If you find ourselves having so few votes, then perhaps you can post this question on the Unofficial Official Mega Man Thread.
08:43:28 AM Dec 9th 2016
edited by RAlexa21th
Okay, since the article considers ZXA Aile to be a Protoman, I think I'll remove the Always Male trope.
06:15:14 AM Jan 18th 2016
It has never been acknowledge, announced or in any form said that Proto Man and Zero are the same character.

The closest to this statement is in "Megaman 2: The power fighters" where even though Proto Man appears as a playable character in the game, Bass, another Megaman character, is revealed that Dr. Wily is working on a robot with "girly like hair", all of this while a silhouette of Zero appears in the background:

Thus, I would edit this article to remove any reference to Proto Man and Zero being the same character as said in the Proto Man portion of this article.

Thank you.
08:19:19 AM Jan 18th 2016
Go ahead, because yes, there is nothing in any media ever hinting even at the possibility.
08:20:42 AM Jan 18th 2016
On second thought, this article isn't saying they're the same character, but that they play the same role in their respective series. That "Proto Man" is, in the various Mega Man series, the aloof big-brother type who happens to be mostly red, grey and yellow.
07:05:24 AM Jan 20th 2016
They're definitely the same archetype, but not the same character. Since this page is specifically about the archetypes, I'd say that can and should stay.
09:48:43 AM Aug 10th 2014
Considering the amount of Expies in the franchise, do you think it is a good idea to have an "archetype" section similar to Fire Emblem?
10:23:27 AM Aug 10th 2014
I would make sure that the examples are good beforehand. Expy is a frequently misused trope.
07:13:48 PM Aug 10th 2014
edited by
I have a basic idea how this'll work. So far there are only 4 archetypes

"Blue person with a gun for a hand" Rock, X, Trigger, Mega Man EXE, Mega Man Model X, Mega Man Geo-Omega. Not sure if Grey and Ashe count.

"Cool dude who plays big brother role" Proto Man, Zero, Proto Man EXE, Giro, Ace.

"Kindhearted blond-haired girl who plays a support role" Roll, Alia, Roll Casket, Ciel, Roll EXE, Prairie/Alouette, Harp Note. Not sure if Luna counts

"Bitter rival who often works for big bad although they have an agenda" Bass, Vile, Base EXE, Pandora and Prometheus, Rogue, Jack Corvus. Not sure if Omega and the Bonne family count.
08:09:39 AM Nov 21st 2017
edited by ChrisX
Can the Big Bad type be archetyped (like Wily, Sigma, Weil)?

Also on that supporting girl... How much would Iris from X series count? She played Supporting role until eventually she ended up becoming a boss, and she was full-on support in the handheld version of X3... I think she just missed out blonde hair...
10:44:03 AM Nov 21st 2017
edited by RAlexa21th
She also wears more blue than red/pink, but I did put Kalinka here.

Still, I'm okay with that.

As for the Big Bad archetypes, I don't know. Wily, Regal, and Weil are "old evil scientist guys," Sigma is an brainwashed evil robot, King is a criminal mastermind. I don't see them having much in common.
07:42:45 AM Jun 14th 2011
Would anyone object to including the robot master bosses, and rearranging this page so each character is arranged by the game they debuted in?
09:59:53 AM Jun 17th 2011
maybe we can make a Split, for Main characers/Villians and Game-Specific Characters, however i'm not sure about where some characters (Duo, Quint, King) should go, as their roles are a bit bigger than just boss stages, perhaps a third split for secondary Characters so
  • Main Characters
  • Regular Robot Masters (from all games, inside it we list them in groups of the games they appear)
  • Plot Relevant Robots/characters
  • Other Characters(just in case)

also maybe whe should do the same for the other series
07:27:59 AM Jul 24th 2010
I removed Roll from Badass Normal because she can jump three times her own height standing still and can do as much damage with her broom as a plasma cannon, and can survive the same amount of damage as her brothers if her playthroughs in MMPU can be taken seriously
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