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07:42:45 AM Jun 14th 2011
Would anyone object to including the robot master bosses, and rearranging this page so each character is arranged by the game they debuted in?
09:59:53 AM Jun 17th 2011
maybe we can make a Split, for Main characers/Villians and Game-Specific Characters, however i'm not sure about where some characters (Duo, Quint, King) should go, as their roles are a bit bigger than just boss stages, perhaps a third split for secondary Characters so
  • Main Characters
  • Regular Robot Masters (from all games, inside it we list them in groups of the games they appear)
  • Plot Relevant Robots/characters
  • Other Characters(just in case)

also maybe whe should do the same for the other series
07:27:59 AM Jul 24th 2010
I removed Roll from Badass Normal because she can jump three times her own height standing still and can do as much damage with her broom as a plasma cannon, and can survive the same amount of damage as her brothers if her playthroughs in MMPU can be taken seriously
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