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Tropers: Peteman
I enjoy this website and am constantly checking up on the various updates.

I do bits and pieces here and there.

He has done work on:


Favourite Trope:

Once engaged in a crusade to remove all references to Cosmic Horrors being used as monsters, since Cosmic Horror is a genre. Eldritch Abomination is the trope for the strange otherworldly monstrosities that tend to populate Cosmic Horror. Become a moot point since Cosmic Horror Story was introduced. Now just miffed at Subversions that are Not a Subversion and What the Hell, Hero? being used when it's supposed to be Moral Dissonance, and people using Badass Normal to describe people with explicit superpowers.

I used to look at the Mass Effect Fridge Brilliance page, shake at half the entries and think "It took you a trip to the fridge to realize this?".

I do like Friendship Is Magic, but seriously bronies, don't flood each YMMV recap page with Awesome/Heartwarming/TearJerker/Fridge Anything. They have pages (often multiple) for that for the entire series.

Yeah it's not a nice thing to say.

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