I enjoy this website and am constantly checking up on the various updates.

I do bits and pieces here and there.

He has done work on:

* [[{{NeglectfulPrecursors}} Neglectful Precursors]]
* [[{{OurElvesAreBetter}} Our Elves are Better]]
* {{Witchcraft}}
* Ascended Spike, God of BadassDecay, and Sokka, God of Boomerangs in [[{{TropePantheons}} Trope Pantheons]]. One of the notable attendants of the Trope Pantheons section.
** In fact, is a major contributor to the [[Pantheon/{{TropePantheons}} Trope Pantheons]] section, having made the pages that constitute the Castaways section and first ascended Gary Gygax to the position of God before he was promoted to full out Ovedeity.
* {{Trope-Tan}}.

* GenocideBackfire
* ArtificialMeat
* StrawMisogynist

Favourite Trope:
* FightingForSurvival.

Once engaged in a crusade to remove all references to Cosmic Horrors being used as monsters, since Cosmic Horror is a genre. Eldritch Abomination is the trope for the strange otherworldly monstrosities that tend to populate Cosmic Horror. Become a moot point since CosmicHorrorStory was introduced. Now just miffed at Subversions that are NotASubversion and WhatTheHellHero being used when it's supposed to be MoralDissonance, and people using BadassNormal to describe people with explicit superpowers.

I used to look at the MassEffect Fridge Brilliance page, shake at half the entries and think "It took you a trip to the fridge to realize this?".

I do like ''Friendship Is Magic'', but seriously bronies, don't flood each YMMV recap page with [=Awesome/Heartwarming/TearJerker/Fridge Anything=]. They have pages (often multiple) for that for the entire series.

Yeah it's not a nice thing to say.