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22nd Oct 17 02:12:28Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
21st Oct 17 11:22:54Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
21st Oct 17 11:20:21Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
20th Oct 17 10:13:09YMMV.South Park The Fractured But Whole
20th Oct 17 10:00:47Characters.South Park The Fractured But Whole
20th Oct 17 07:23:28Characters.South Park The Fractured But Whole
19th Oct 17 05:15:54Fridge.South Park The Fractured But Whole
19th Oct 17 03:12:25WMG.South Park The Fractured But Whole
19th Oct 17 03:09:00Characters.South Park The Fractured But Whole
18th Oct 17 09:31:42Unperson
18th Oct 17 09:29:04Video Game.South Park The Fractured But Whole
18th Oct 17 09:26:53Film.The Messenger
18th Oct 17 09:26:39Video Game.Crusader Kings
18th Oct 17 09:25:40Film.Drunken Master
18th Oct 17 09:25:27Literature.Gate
18th Oct 17 09:25:03Manga.Adekan
18th Oct 17 09:24:51Fanfic.Inseparable
18th Oct 17 09:24:37YMMV.Escape From The Hokages Hat
18th Oct 17 09:24:04Characters.Steven Universe Homeworld Gems
18th Oct 17 09:21:27Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Villains
18th Oct 17 07:58:45Warp That Aesop.Western Animation
16th Oct 17 10:46:13YMMV.South Park The Fractured But Whole
16th Oct 17 10:42:34YMMV.South Park The Fractured But Whole
16th Oct 17 11:12:59Video Game.South Park The Fractured But Whole
15th Oct 17 11:28:10Sailor Earth
15th Oct 17 11:00:15Genki Girl
15th Oct 17 10:59:47YMMV.From The New World
15th Oct 17 10:59:32YMMV.Harem Prince
15th Oct 17 10:58:05Video Game.Ace Combat Zero The Belkan War
15th Oct 17 10:57:48Western Animation.Milo Murphys Law
15th Oct 17 10:51:47Characters.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
14th Oct 17 04:50:06Webcomic.Captain SNES
14th Oct 17 02:55:54WMG.Princess The Hopeful
13th Oct 17 09:18:37Awesome.Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
13th Oct 17 09:12:43YMMV.Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
13th Oct 17 07:35:17Shout Out.Make A Good Mega Man Level Contest
11th Oct 17 11:57:59Literature.Nagabumi
11th Oct 17 11:57:11Film.Call Me By Your Name
11th Oct 17 11:56:44Western Animation.Big Mouth
11th Oct 17 11:56:27Lets Play.The Hohenzollern Empire
11th Oct 17 10:19:28Recap.Babylon Five Film 01 In The Beginning
10th Oct 17 11:26:26Characters.South Park Elementary School Staff
9th Oct 17 08:56:52Crouching Moron Hidden Badass.Web Comics
9th Oct 17 08:50:32Characters.Exterminatus Now
9th Oct 17 08:49:26Characters.Exterminatus Now
9th Oct 17 08:48:38The Peter Principle
8th Oct 17 08:07:49Series.Red Dwarf
7th Oct 17 11:24:18Video Game.Make A Good Mega Man Level Contest
7th Oct 17 07:07:48Video Game.Make A Good Mega Man Level Contest
7th Oct 17 07:07:37Video Game.Make A Good Mega Man Level Contest
6th Oct 17 08:45:38Characters.Sword Art Online Abridged
5th Oct 17 09:46:31Characters.Netherworld Chronicles
5th Oct 17 09:45:26Series.Star Trek Discovery
5th Oct 17 09:18:25Characters.Daring Do Other Characters
3rd Oct 17 02:45:31Characters.Big Brother 18
3rd Oct 17 02:44:00YMMV.Voez
3rd Oct 17 10:57:11What Measure Is A Non Human.Video Games
2nd Oct 17 10:50:39WMG.Rick And Morty
2nd Oct 17 10:52:48YMMV.Dexters Laboratory
1st Oct 17 09:56:09Web Animation.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
1st Oct 17 06:43:51Characters.Adventure Time Fionna And Cake
1st Oct 17 06:42:30Characters.Adventure Time Fionna And Cake
30th Sep 17 11:16:36Characters.The Order Of The Stick Greysky City
30th Sep 17 11:13:26Characters.The Order Of The Stick Greysky City
30th Sep 17 11:11:27Blind Black Guy
30th Sep 17 11:09:17Disability Immunity
30th Sep 17 11:05:13Disability Immunity
30th Sep 17 10:52:30Disability Immunity
30th Sep 17 10:48:14Disability Immunity
30th Sep 17 09:29:27Characters.Gravity Falls Creatures And Other Oddities
29th Sep 17 08:10:15Heartwarming.Daring Do
29th Sep 17 08:09:36Awesome.Daring Do
29th Sep 17 08:09:23Awesome.Daring Do
29th Sep 17 07:47:42Characters.Daring Do Other Characters
29th Sep 17 07:44:15Characters.Dawn Of War
29th Sep 17 02:29:50Characters.Sword Art Online Abridged
28th Sep 17 09:05:50Mole Men
28th Sep 17 07:55:36Characters.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
27th Sep 17 01:51:35Terrible Interviewees Montage
27th Sep 17 07:11:13Western Animation.Re Boot
27th Sep 17 06:18:25Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Main Characters
27th Sep 17 06:17:16Ten Little Murder Victims
26th Sep 17 07:02:34Real Life.Cool Boat
26th Sep 17 07:00:57Darth Wiki.XEH Drive
26th Sep 17 07:00:31Characters.Civilization Beyond Earth
26th Sep 17 07:00:20Characters.Alien Vs Predator
26th Sep 17 07:00:05Video Game.Need For Speed Most Wanted
26th Sep 17 06:59:44Literature.Little Men
26th Sep 17 06:58:41Videogame.Nier Automata
26th Sep 17 06:58:01Trivia.WCW
26th Sep 17 09:40:30Film.Fame
25th Sep 17 08:47:00Western Animation.Re Boot
25th Sep 17 08:31:58Western Animation.Re Boot
25th Sep 17 08:11:42Western Animation.Re Boot
25th Sep 17 08:10:26Western Animation.Re Boot
25th Sep 17 08:09:03Western Animation.Re Boot
24th Sep 17 11:40:27Fridge.Re Boot
24th Sep 17 09:43:29Funny.Reboot
23rd Sep 17 07:57:40Everythings Better With Princesses
23rd Sep 17 10:44:01WMG.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
23rd Sep 17 10:43:38WMG.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
22nd Sep 17 06:39:52Good Powers Bad People
22nd Sep 17 06:37:32Quotes.Good Powers Bad People
22nd Sep 17 08:04:14Funny.Reboot
22nd Sep 17 08:00:22Western Animation.Re Boot
22nd Sep 17 07:58:03Western Animation.Re Boot
22nd Sep 17 07:53:38Western Animation.Re Boot
21st Sep 17 11:29:40Film.Heroic Trio
21st Sep 17 11:28:29Theatre.The History Of The Devil
20th Sep 17 10:35:16Fan Fic.The Apprentice The Student And The Charlatan
20th Sep 17 10:34:55Tabletop Game.Summoner Wars
20th Sep 17 10:33:31Fiction Business Savvy
20th Sep 17 10:33:10Comic Book.Injustice 2
20th Sep 17 10:27:00Easily Forgiven
20th Sep 17 10:26:15Film.The Darkest Dawn
20th Sep 17 08:24:14Trivia.Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
20th Sep 17 08:22:46Trivia.Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
20th Sep 17 08:19:08Characters.MCU Others
19th Sep 17 10:21:29Brainwashing For The Greater Good
19th Sep 17 10:17:34Getting Smilies Painted On Your Soul
19th Sep 17 08:48:35Characters.Reboot
19th Sep 17 03:16:56Strawman Has A Point
19th Sep 17 01:19:19Politically Correct History
18th Sep 17 03:50:24Watch It Stoned
18th Sep 17 03:50:12Sacred Hospitality
18th Sep 17 03:48:14Tabletop Game.Adventures In Aurora
17th Sep 17 10:59:00Ascended Demon
17th Sep 17 10:25:15Film.Mother 2017
17th Sep 17 10:10:26Characters.Sword Art Online Abridged
17th Sep 17 08:49:28Characters.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
17th Sep 17 08:47:35Characters.The Flash The Flashes
17th Sep 17 08:47:05Characters.Thirteen Reasons Why
17th Sep 17 08:42:18Easy Logistics
17th Sep 17 08:40:10Characters.Marmalade Boy
16th Sep 17 08:29:46Headscratchers.Factorio
16th Sep 17 08:29:35Sorting Algorithm Of Weapon Effectiveness
16th Sep 17 08:29:05Role Play.Dawn Of A New Age
16th Sep 17 08:28:47Fan Fic.Planet Of The Cats
16th Sep 17 08:28:16Characters.The Sages Disciple
16th Sep 17 08:27:18Bloodless Carnage
16th Sep 17 08:26:12Literature.Search The Seven Hills
16th Sep 17 12:16:33Characters.Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015
15th Sep 17 12:02:16Recap.Dragon Ball Z Namek Arc
14th Sep 17 11:59:38Recap.Adventure Time S 8 E 6 Jelly Beans Have Power
14th Sep 17 11:58:39Too Soon.September Eleventh
14th Sep 17 11:58:20Drinking Game.Pixel Dungeon
14th Sep 17 11:58:05YMMV.What Remains Of Edith Finch
14th Sep 17 11:52:24Our Vampires Are Different.Literature
14th Sep 17 11:51:46Characters.Mob Psycho 100
14th Sep 17 11:51:33Characters.Yu Gi Oh Card Game A To C
14th Sep 17 11:51:07Characters.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
14th Sep 17 11:50:48Not His Sled
14th Sep 17 11:50:16Characters.Rave Master
14th Sep 17 11:49:08Stay In The Kitchen
14th Sep 17 11:48:34Web Video.Some Call Me Johnny
14th Sep 17 11:47:44Series.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
14th Sep 17 11:47:25Characters.Adventures In Odyssey Child Characters
14th Sep 17 11:46:57Characters.Mystic Messenger
14th Sep 17 11:45:26Fanfic.Dragonsof Iceand Fire
14th Sep 17 05:11:07Characters.Reboot
14th Sep 17 04:43:32Characters.Transformers Prime Other
14th Sep 17 08:47:03Video Game.South Park The Fractured But Whole
14th Sep 17 08:39:12Characters.South Park The Stick Of Truth
14th Sep 17 08:27:28From Nobody To Nightmare.Comic Books
13th Sep 17 05:58:49Web Original.Overly Sarcastic Productions
12th Sep 17 08:49:29Characters.Diablo
12th Sep 17 08:17:04Awesome.Rick And Morty
12th Sep 17 06:29:36Characters.Rick And Morty The Citadel
12th Sep 17 06:27:20Characters.Rick And Morty The Citadel
11th Sep 17 12:19:41Recap.Rick And Morty S 3 E 7 The Ricklantis Mixup
11th Sep 17 08:40:27Recap.Rick And Morty S 3 E 7 The Ricklantis Mixup
9th Sep 17 05:15:11Characters.Sword Art Online Abridged
9th Sep 17 02:34:47Comicbook.The Transformers IDW
8th Sep 17 07:50:23Creator.Twitchtip The Gnawer
8th Sep 17 07:49:19Film.Captain America Civil War
8th Sep 17 07:48:03Fanfic.Dueling Trigger Finger
8th Sep 17 10:46:41WMG.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
8th Sep 17 10:44:05WMG.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
7th Sep 17 08:57:36Rune Scape.Tropes A To G
7th Sep 17 08:56:52Characters.Arrowverse Time Criminals
7th Sep 17 08:56:19Western Animation.Star Wars Rebels
7th Sep 17 08:54:03Series.Danger 5
7th Sep 17 08:53:23Series.Tales From The Crypt
7th Sep 17 08:50:51Fan Fic.Olivine Romance
7th Sep 17 09:00:17Characters.Brynhildr In The Darkness
7th Sep 17 09:00:05Characters.Big Brother 19 The Jury
7th Sep 17 08:59:44Characters.Big Brother 19
6th Sep 17 10:29:02Creator.Liana K
6th Sep 17 02:59:26Chronic Hero Syndrome
6th Sep 17 02:58:59Surprise Difficulty
6th Sep 17 02:58:37Being Good Sucks
6th Sep 17 02:57:55Lip Lock
6th Sep 17 02:57:42YMMV.Tabletop
6th Sep 17 02:57:12Wheelchair Woobie
6th Sep 17 02:55:58Cant Get Away With Nuthin
6th Sep 17 02:55:40Chaste Hero
6th Sep 17 02:55:24Relationship Writing Fumble
6th Sep 17 02:55:06YMMV.Jib Jab
6th Sep 17 02:54:56Series.Persons Unknown
6th Sep 17 02:54:37Trial And Error Gameplay
6th Sep 17 02:53:19Western Animation.Batman Under The Red Hood
6th Sep 17 02:53:08Improbable Aiming Skills
6th Sep 17 02:52:15Film.Lethal Weapon
6th Sep 17 02:52:04Watching Troy Burn
6th Sep 17 02:51:50Light Novel.Overlord 2012
6th Sep 17 02:51:21Not So Stoic
6th Sep 17 02:50:53Took A Level In Badass.Anime And Manga
6th Sep 17 02:50:13Cry For The Devil
6th Sep 17 02:49:41Generation Xerox
6th Sep 17 02:48:34Tabletop Game.Ravenloft
6th Sep 17 02:48:14Music.David Bowie
6th Sep 17 02:47:55They Copied It So It Sucks
6th Sep 17 02:47:02Degraded Boss
6th Sep 17 02:46:42Cluster F Bomb
6th Sep 17 02:45:27Playing Hard To Get
6th Sep 17 02:44:34Metal Scream
6th Sep 17 02:44:21Ridiculously Human Robots.Video Games
6th Sep 17 02:44:08Literature.Bridge To Terabithia
6th Sep 17 02:43:39Western Animation.Tron Uprising
6th Sep 17 02:43:31Bait And Switch Credits
6th Sep 17 02:43:16YMMV.Two Best Friends Play
6th Sep 17 02:43:05Webcomic.Ask Frisk And Company
6th Sep 17 02:42:47Characters.One Piece Parallel Works
6th Sep 17 02:42:37Abuse Mistake
6th Sep 17 02:42:30Highly Conspicuous Uniform
6th Sep 17 02:42:17Friction Burn
6th Sep 17 02:41:43Degraded Boss
6th Sep 17 08:32:31Creator.Liana K
5th Sep 17 05:45:50Roleplay.SBDICKS
5th Sep 17 05:45:40Film.Vanilla Sky
5th Sep 17 05:45:27Video Game.Wizardry
5th Sep 17 05:45:19Web Site.What Not To Sing
5th Sep 17 05:45:12Even Mooks Have Loved Ones
5th Sep 17 05:42:04Game Of Thrones.Tropes L To O
5th Sep 17 05:41:33The Film Of The Book
5th Sep 17 05:41:08Call A Hit Point A Smeerp
5th Sep 17 05:40:24The Theme Park Version
5th Sep 17 05:39:42YMMV.Falling Skies
5th Sep 17 05:39:30YMMV.TNA
5th Sep 17 05:39:09Characters.Starcraft Races And Factions
5th Sep 17 05:38:58Characters.Starcraft Daelaam
5th Sep 17 05:38:48Fanfic.Bad Idea
5th Sep 17 05:38:40YMMV.Fire Emblem Fates
5th Sep 17 05:38:29Fan Fic.The Next Frontier
5th Sep 17 05:37:50Fanfic.Shorn
5th Sep 17 05:37:43Fan Fic.Queen Of Sorrow
5th Sep 17 05:37:35Fan Fic.A Brighter Dark
5th Sep 17 05:37:20All Take And No Give
5th Sep 17 05:36:52Music.Oingo Boingo
5th Sep 17 05:36:41Video Game.Rise Of Immortals
5th Sep 17 05:36:21Webcomic.Raised By Dwarves
5th Sep 17 05:36:10Characters.Fire Emblem Gaiden
5th Sep 17 05:35:58Video Game.What Remains Of Edith Finch
5th Sep 17 05:35:03Characters.Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
5th Sep 17 05:33:55Webcomic.Supermassive Black Hole A Star
5th Sep 17 05:33:29Backed By The Pentagon
5th Sep 17 05:30:51Were Still Relevant Dammit
5th Sep 17 05:30:20Rule Of Perception
5th Sep 17 05:30:09Humans Are Bastards
5th Sep 17 05:29:54Faux Symbolism
5th Sep 17 05:29:21Drowning My Sorrows
5th Sep 17 05:28:05Fan Fic.Better Left Unsaid
5th Sep 17 05:27:23Friendly Neighborhood Vampire
5th Sep 17 05:25:45Standardized Leader
5th Sep 17 05:25:35Only Electric Sheep Are Cheap
5th Sep 17 05:25:11Everyone Owns A Mac
5th Sep 17 05:23:58The Chris Carter Effect
5th Sep 17 05:23:36Twenty Minutes Into The Future
5th Sep 17 05:22:21Linear Warriors Quadratic Wizards
5th Sep 17 05:21:30Merry Christmas In Gotham
5th Sep 17 05:21:13Dying Moment Of Awesome.Video Games
5th Sep 17 05:20:51Characters.Erfworld
5th Sep 17 05:20:34Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series.Tropes A To H
5th Sep 17 05:20:16Characters.Puella Magi Madoka Magica Magical Girls
5th Sep 17 05:18:38The Load.Anime And Manga
5th Sep 17 05:17:56First Law Of Resurrection
5th Sep 17 05:17:17Recap.Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series S 3 E 15 Muerte Pinata
5th Sep 17 05:17:05Video Game.Time Commando
5th Sep 17 05:16:55Unproblematic Prostitution
5th Sep 17 05:16:45Mundane Utility.Video Games
5th Sep 17 05:16:03Fanfic.Rise Of The Galeforces
5th Sep 17 05:14:18YMMV.Fireball
5th Sep 17 05:12:58Characters.Person Of Interest Team Machine
5th Sep 17 05:12:08Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up
5th Sep 17 05:11:37Everyone Comes Back Fantasy Party Ending
5th Sep 17 05:11:27Plot Armor
5th Sep 17 05:08:57Characters.Thirteen Reasons Why
5th Sep 17 05:07:58Characters.School Live
5th Sep 17 05:06:49Characters.Guilty Crown Funeral Parlor
5th Sep 17 05:06:41Video Game.Bushido Blade
5th Sep 17 05:04:24Characters.Samurai Jack Cult Of Aku
5th Sep 17 05:04:13Characters.I Claudius
5th Sep 17 05:04:06Characters.Skins Generation Two
5th Sep 17 05:04:00Characters.The Future Eve
5th Sep 17 05:03:52Literature.Roots
5th Sep 17 05:03:41Film.The Host
5th Sep 17 05:03:27Literature.Perdido Street Station
5th Sep 17 05:03:12Awesome.The Conversion Bureau The Other Side Of The Spectrum
5th Sep 17 05:02:49Fanfic.Fate Incarnate X 4
5th Sep 17 05:02:43Video Game.Beyond Two Souls
5th Sep 17 05:02:36Fanfic.A Spark Of Genius
5th Sep 17 05:02:29Homegrown Hero
5th Sep 17 05:01:41Characters.Super Robot Wars Compact 2
5th Sep 17 05:01:29Video Game.Rabi Ribi
5th Sep 17 05:00:32Recap.Legends Of Tomorrow S 2 E 16 Doomworld
5th Sep 17 05:00:24Film.Battle Los Angeles
5th Sep 17 04:59:36Webcomic.Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
5th Sep 17 04:58:08Dragon Ball Super.Tropes D To I
5th Sep 17 04:58:00Characters.Dangan Ronpa
5th Sep 17 04:57:51Characters.RWBY Team JNPR
5th Sep 17 04:57:37Characters.Mortal Kombat 1 Part 2
5th Sep 17 04:57:25Characters.X Men Brotherhood Of Mutants
5th Sep 17 04:57:11Video Game.Knights Of The Old Republic
5th Sep 17 04:57:01No Biochemical Barriers
5th Sep 17 04:56:35Hope Springs Eternal
5th Sep 17 04:56:27Web Animation.Happy Tree Friends
5th Sep 17 04:56:20Characters.Bloodborne Secondary Characters
5th Sep 17 04:56:12Comic Strip.Calvin And Hobbes
5th Sep 17 04:56:02Characters.Wax
5th Sep 17 04:55:16Series.Pretty Little Liars
5th Sep 17 04:54:54Characters.Daredevil
5th Sep 17 04:54:36Video Game.Dragon Age Inquisition
5th Sep 17 04:54:27Characters.The Strain TV Series Recurring
5th Sep 17 04:54:20Video Game.Tomb Raider III
5th Sep 17 04:54:11Comic Book.Suicide Squad
5th Sep 17 04:53:59Only A Flesh Wound
5th Sep 17 04:53:48Elites Are More Glamorous
5th Sep 17 04:35:29Machinima.Freemans Mind
5th Sep 17 03:05:19Fanfic.How A Street Thug Killed A God
5th Sep 17 11:02:24Characters.Corpse Party Blood Covered
5th Sep 17 11:02:09Characters.Yandere No Onna No Ko
5th Sep 17 11:01:52YMMV.Ashes And Dust
5th Sep 17 11:01:15Characters.Saint Seiya Gold Saints
5th Sep 17 11:01:00Mis Blamed.Video Games
5th Sep 17 11:00:43Video Game.World Of Tanks
5th Sep 17 11:00:30Darth Wiki.The Dirge Of Mercy Belle
5th Sep 17 11:00:15Humans Need Aliens
5th Sep 17 10:59:54Reassignment Backfire
5th Sep 17 10:59:42Meditation Powerup
5th Sep 17 10:56:52Characters.Heroes Of The Storm Warcraft Assassins
5th Sep 17 10:55:59YMMV.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
5th Sep 17 10:55:45Film.The Cabin In The Woods
5th Sep 17 08:41:33Creator.Liana K
5th Sep 17 08:36:43Fanfic.How A Street Thug Killed A God
5th Sep 17 08:32:03Fanfic.How A Street Thug Killed A God
5th Sep 17 08:31:02Fanfic.How A Street Thug Killed A God
4th Sep 17 09:51:51Fanfic.How A Street Thug Killed A God
4th Sep 17 09:48:08Fan Fic.Tabletop Games
4th Sep 17 09:46:46Fanfic.How A Street Thug Killed A God
4th Sep 17 09:32:34Reality Ensues.Anime And Manga
4th Sep 17 09:32:24Bait And Switch Credits
4th Sep 17 09:32:09Beauty Is Bad
4th Sep 17 09:32:00Beauty Is Bad
4th Sep 17 09:31:48Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game Season One Characters
4th Sep 17 09:31:29Series.Masters Of Horror
4th Sep 17 09:31:18Characters.Gone
4th Sep 17 09:30:11WMG.Neon Genesis Evangelion
4th Sep 17 09:29:51Characters.Bo Jack Horseman The Horse Himself Tropes A To D
4th Sep 17 09:29:40Heroic BSOD.Anime And Manga
4th Sep 17 09:29:25Ensemble Darkhorse.Video Games
4th Sep 17 09:29:16Characters.New Dangan Ronpa V 3 Male Students
4th Sep 17 09:28:59Angst What Angst
4th Sep 17 09:28:33The Federation
4th Sep 17 09:28:23Action Survivor
4th Sep 17 09:28:15Fanfic Recs.Pokemon General
4th Sep 17 09:28:04Worthy Opponent
4th Sep 17 09:27:56Characters.Bojack Horseman MBN Network
4th Sep 17 09:27:43Useful Notes.The Renaissance Age Of Animation
4th Sep 17 09:27:15Headscratchers.Spec Ops The Line
4th Sep 17 09:27:03Harsher In Hindsight.Video Games
4th Sep 17 09:26:49WMG.Star Fox
4th Sep 17 09:26:39Characters.Game Of Thrones House Greyjoy
4th Sep 17 09:26:16Useful Notes.Political Ideologies
4th Sep 17 09:25:58The Wheel Of Time.Tropes A To F
4th Sep 17 09:25:35Characters.Kamen Rider Ex Aid Bugsters
4th Sep 17 09:25:00Magnificent Bastard.Video Games
4th Sep 17 09:24:49Inevitable Tournament
4th Sep 17 09:24:36Video Game.Oni
4th Sep 17 09:24:22Nigh Invulnerability.Comic Books
4th Sep 17 09:23:46A Song Of Ice And Fire.Tropes E To I
4th Sep 17 09:23:28Characters.We Are Our Avatars Six
4th Sep 17 09:23:19Mary Suetopia
4th Sep 17 09:23:07Mazinger Z.Tropes S To U
4th Sep 17 09:22:58Trope Makers
4th Sep 17 09:22:45Boy Meets Ghoul
4th Sep 17 09:22:30Characters.Yu Gi Oh GX Other Students
4th Sep 17 09:22:06Franchise.Ace Attorney
4th Sep 17 09:21:23Nostalgia Aint Like It Used To Be
4th Sep 17 09:21:06Genre Busting
4th Sep 17 09:20:50Darker And Edgier.Video Games
4th Sep 17 09:20:13Genre Mashup
4th Sep 17 09:19:57Video Game.Live A Live
4th Sep 17 09:19:49Webcomic.The Cyantian Chronicles
4th Sep 17 09:19:20Similarly Named Works
4th Sep 17 09:14:03Characters.Mortal Kombat Deception
4th Sep 17 09:13:14Un Equal Rites
4th Sep 17 09:12:19Precision F Strike.Music
4th Sep 17 09:11:49Curiosity Killed The Cast
4th Sep 17 09:11:26Literature.Adalminas Pearl
4th Sep 17 09:11:13Fanfic.Thecrimsongarment