Characters: Mega Man X: Command Mission

This page deals with characters from Mega Man X: Command Mission. As the game is more plot heavy than most Mega Man games; Spoilers will not be hidden. Read at your own risk.

For characters from the main Mega Man X games, see here. X, Zero and Axl's pages should not be duplicated here.

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    The Resistance 


The first character that joins X is Spider, a Bounty Hunter with a gambling motif who at first is looking to collect on X's head. After seeing Aile's core, he joins X due to Aile being a former partner of his. When the party are attacked by Shadow, he takes a shot intended for Zero, ultimately convincing Zero to rejoin the party. Shortly after, when they are trapped by Incentas, Spider sacrifices himself to allow the party to escape...or does he? After the fight with Ferham, we see Botos being attacked by a mystery person, one who has the same voice as Spider...
Voiced by: Nobutoshi Canna (JP), Jonathan Love (EN)

Steel Massimo

Steel Massimo is the name of two characters: a hero who refused to join the Rebellion and so was captured and tortured, and a player character who took up the real Massimo's armour and name. This second Massimo joins X and Spider when they infiltrate Tiana Camp in order to rescue Nana. What he lacks in courage he makes up in determination.
Voiced by: Yasuhiko Kawazu (JP), Noah Umholtz (EN)


A thief looking to steal the Force Metal Generator from Gaudille's lab; she ends up befiending the naive Cinnamon, who reveals that she has the Force Metal Generator built into her. Marino decides she has to "steal" Cinnamon, but gets attacked by Dr. Psyche. She then joins X's team, because the Cadre are stealing precious valuables she could be stealing!
Voiced by: Mariko Suzuki (JP), Carol Anne Day (EN)


A young reploid who lives a sheltered life in Doctor Gaudile's lab, created to house his Force Metal Generator invention. Although she's naive and shy, she's the one who convinces both Gaudile and Marino to join X against the Cadre because she wants to make her own decisions and help her new friends.
Voiced by: Ai Nonaka (JP), Caitlynne Medrek (EN)

Professor Gaudille

A platypus Reploid who developed the Force Metal Generator and built Cinnamon. He's determined to stay out of the conflict between X and the Cadre, but Cinnamon eventually convinces him to join the cause.
Voiced by: ??? (JP), Randall Wiebe (EN)

Chief R

The leader of the Resistance. He was initally held hostage by Wild Jango until X freed him, after which he assumed command and assisted the team with his clever strategies and deep knowledge of Giga City. He was killed when signalling the transport ship that was supposed to take the Hunters home opened fire. His pet bird still survives to the ending.
Voiced by: Hideyuki Hori (JP), Ben Jeffery (EN)


A young computer specialist who worked at Central Tower before being kidnapped by Silver Horn and forced to work for him as a sysop at his POW camp. Once X and his friends free her, she becomes the navigator for the team.
Voiced by: Akemi Kanda (JP), Angie Beers (EN)


A member of the resistance against the Rebellion Army, he was apparently a former partner of Spider's who was injured and lost the use of his legs, replacing them with a hover-wheelchair of sorts. After agreeing to work with X and giving him his ID (which means casually tearing it off of himself, since it was built onto him) he sacrifices himself to allow X to escape the endless number of PREONs converging on their location. Not to be confused with the Mega Man ZX protagonist with the same name.
Voiced by: Masaya Takatsuka (JP), ??? (EN)

    The Rebellion Army 
Rebellion Cadres


The leader of the Rebellion Army. He was actually the result of secret Supra Force Metal experiments and was the only subject to not go Maverick or be destroyed for failure. Given extraordinary abilities thanks to the Supra Force Metal, he sought to give all reploids the same power to evolve beyond what humans had created them to be...whether they actually wanted it or not.
Voiced by: Yukitoshi Hori (JP), Dave Pettitt (EN)


A member of the Rebellion Cadre, and Epsilon's right hand man. He's the most sympathetic of the Cadre, and first to make X question just how 'evil' they really are.
Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani (JP), Corby Proctor (EN)

  • Adaptive Ability
  • Anti-Villain
  • Black Knight: Somewhat subverted, as his hard armor is a combination of yellow and orange. However, the rest of his attire is mostly black, he's every bit the Noble Demon, and according to the data for his chamber at Lagrano Ruins he's built to be a knight.
  • The Dragon: To Epsilon.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: The plot and dialogue played his first battle as a duel between him and X, even with other characters praising X for facing him alone, but in gameplay it was really a normal three-on-one battle.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a massive scar on one side of his face, hence the name.
  • Noble Demon: He's incredibly loyal to Epsilon, even taking a fatal Charge Shot for him. Also…
  • Never Hurt an Innocent: When he stormed Central Tower to challenge X to a fight, he only attacked the members of the resistance that attacked him first, and even went as far as to heal the ones he damaged.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: He attempted to hold off the Maverick Hunters to buy time for Epsilon to escape, taking his life in the process. Didn't work.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Epsilon and the Rebellion.


Another member of the Rebellion Cadre. She initially was the chief of security at the Force Metal Research Facility until Epsilon convinced her to join him. She seemed to share a tender relationship with Scarface, only giving him 'permission' to use her key.
Voiced by: Yuka Koyama (JP), Onalea Gilbertson (EN)


The last member of the Rebellion Cadre. Unlike his comrades, Botos talks big about the Cadre's cause but is actually a pompous coward only out for his own gain. When Ferham is defeated by X and his party, he rips her key from her body so he can steal the Supra Force Metal for himself. He's killed by an unknown assailant who seems to look very familiar…
Voiced by: Kozo Shioya (JP), Tommy James (EN)

Rebellion Army Operatives


A member of the Far Eastern Maverick Hunters who was sent to Giga City along with X and Zero. When he and Zero are split up from X, he betrays the Hunters and joins the Rebellion for power. He later returns, powered up by Supra Force Metal, in order to challenge X. Upon his defeat, he tries to fire a last ditch attack, but is defeated by Zero and Spider.
Voiced by: Masaya Takatsuka (JP), Paul Hunter (EN)

Wild Jango

A fleet-footed bobcat Reploid keeping Central Tower captive for the Rebellion at the time X drifts there from Lagrano Ruins. He also seems to be aware of Spider's reputation as a bounty hunter, even hiring him to eliminate X.
Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani (JP), Gerald Matthews (EN)

  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Pulled this on the Resistance before the start of the game.
  • Not Me This Time: It is implied in the aftermath of his battle at Far East HQ that the "Wild Jango" that attacked Giga City, held Chief R hostage, and was fought by X and Spider was actually a Next-Generation Reploid mimicking him, possibly Redips.
    • A possible additional indicator here is that despite Jango seemingly working for the Rebellion in his containment of Central Tower, according to the Rec Room Epsilon abandoned the Tower as a sign of human arrogance.
  • Panthera Awesome: Of the lynx variety.
  • Shock and Awe

Silver Horn/Silver Horned

A hulking triceratops-type reploid who operates an undersea POW camp for the Rebellion Army. He seems to run the camp with an iron fist, and behaves in a very arrogant, drunk-with-power manner. Spider and X are sent to his camp to rescue the Resistance base operator Nana, the prisoner who incurs his wrath more than any other prisoner that he hasn't already dismembered…
Voiced by: Daisuke Gori (JP), Bryon Close (EN)

Dr. Psyche

A computational reploid who used to be a research partner to Professor Gaudile. He appears in Gaudile's laboratory first to try to convince Gaudile to join the Rebellion, then to wrest control of Gaudile's Force Metal Generator. Despite hinting that he knows of Epsilon's good intentions, he himself acts in an insane, power-hungry manner. Has an "evolved" form called Mad Nautilus, which looks like Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
Voiced by: Kozo Shioya (JP), Roger Rhodes (EN)

Mach Jentra/Mach Gentler

A barn swallow type Reploid who, though native to Giga City, was sent back home by the Federation government to help out with peacekeeping before defecting to the Rebellion. He is in charge of the Ulfat Factory and its creation of PREONs via the computer at the core of the factory called Duboar. He's also the only one who can control Duboar, as the machine goes berserk in his absence.
Voiced by: Masaya Takatsuka (JP), Tony Binns (EN)


A member of the Rebellion Army. He's the boss guarding the Gimialla Mine where Supra-Force Metal is reported to have been found. However, it was all a trap to get X's party locked into the mine's command room, where he planned to destroy them either through battle or by pulling a Red. This led to Spider's sacrifice, a key event driving the events of the second half of the game…
Voiced by: Daisuke Gori (JP), Roger Rhodes (EN)

  • Barrier Change Boss
  • Elemental Powers: He uses all three and swaps between them.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous
  • Xanatos Gambit: The introduction of high capacity Force Metal mining, combined with having to go through the Supra-Force-infused Shadow, was just about enough to draw the Resistance command team right into a lethal trap. It's only too bad he wasn't counting on the cowboy to be willing to risk it all so the others could pass…

Duckbill Mole

A strange insane duck-styled Reploid working for the Rebellion as a hidden boss. Is apparently assigned to guard a certain treasure that could be useful to the heroes…
Voiced by: ??? (JP), Roger Rhodes (EN)

  • Bonus Boss: Defeating him nets Zero a new Hyper Mode: the Absolute Zero Armour!
  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • Elite Mook: Seems to be one of those to the Rebellion, if his talk about them assigning him to guard the armor and their insignia on his head are any indication.


A mass produced combat mechaniloid that acts as the Rebellion's main grunt units. They come in many different variations. They are mass produced by the mechaniloid Duboar.

  • Mascot Mook: Essentially, given how abundant they are in this game.
  • Shoot the Medic First: Not actually the best strategy with PREON Nurses, if you leave them alive at the end and defend instead of attacking them, they'll show their gratitude by healing you for free.
    • Subverted that if you let them live they run away taking with them the EXP and money would earn if you did blow up..of course you can subvert it again by blowing them up after you get your free heal from them.

    Far East HQ 

Colonel Redips

The leader of the Far East Maverick Hunter HQ. He acts as X and Zero's commanding officer and oversees their infiltration into Giga City until signal jamming makes communication impossible. But when X and his team finally get all the Supra Force Metal from Epsilon and give it to Redips, he betrays them and labels them as traitors. He uses the SFM to declare himself a god and intends to rule over all reploids.
Voiced by: Ryoichi Tanaka (JP), Michael Shepherd (EN)

Depth Dragoon

A member of the Far East Maverick Hunters, completely loyal to Redips. When Redips reveals his plans, Dragoon attempts to defeat X's team but is himself defeated.
Voiced by: ??? (JP), Gerald Matthews (EN)



A Reploid hidden away in Tianna Camp, who calls herself the "Super Idol" and seems to be working on a dance routine. She becomes agitated upon being walked in on by the party, oblivious to the powerful item inside her room…

  • Bonus Boss: Defeating her nets X a new Hyper Mode: this game's version of the Ultimate Armor!
  • Gender Bender: Not herself but Axl can morph into her after you beat her, which leads to some amusing implications.
  • Lone Wolf Boss: There's no indication that she has anything to do with the Rebellion.
  • Queen Mook: She's a boss version of a similar but rare female random encounter enemy.
  • Regenerating Health: Both Rafflesian herself and the Belladonnas fully heal every turn, making a concentrated blitz necessary to take each one out.
  • Wolfpack Boss: She and her Belladonnas are this because on top of their impressive power, they always come in threes—whether she's among them (her Tianna Camp boss battle) or not (the end of the Eternal Forest "Path of the Strong" at Gaudile's lab).

The Ninetails Clan

A group of dangerous criminal reploids who fight using a sort of robotic chi instead of elemental powers, sealed away in the lowest shaft area of Central Tower, which can only be accessed by a key acquired after defeating the game. They all look alike, and all have nine tail spaces on their backs, though how many tails are actually there varies between each one by name in escalating order from the first member encountered, Onetail, to the leader, Ninetails. The most powerful enemy in the game by far, including all the other Tails and other hidden bosses, Ninetails seems to be the one they're all based off of.
Voiced by: ??? (JP), Corby Proctor (EN)