Creator / Ai Nonaka

Moe personified through her voice.

Ai Nonaka (nicknamed "Ai-pon") is a seiyuu born in Fukuoka in 1981. She was once the head of the drama club and wanted to enter the Takarazuka Theater, which require Wholesome Crossdresser actresses. Instead, she wound up a seiyuu. She is usually pigeonholed as The Ditz. Her interest in voicing anime came from watching YuYu Hakusho, and as such, went to school for that instead. She also recently acquired a level 2 certification in aromatherapy. Ai Nonaka also has a monthly column in a magazine about seiyuu.

She also happens to be a YouTuber who often streams herself playing Nintendo games.

Then she got married somewhere in August 2017 with someone outside voice acting business.

Studio Shaft seems to love her a lot.

Notable roles: