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Video Game: Super Robot Wars UX
Can't say we saw this coming...

Super Robot Wars UX is the first entry in the Super Robot Wars series for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released on March 14, 2013.

In a similar vein to the controversial announcement of Super Robot Wars Judgment, news about UX broke out barely even two weeks after the launch of the Second Super Robot Wars Original Generation. At the same time, the lineup for the game was under scrutiny like the cast listing for Super Robot Wars L:

  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening Of The Trailblazer makes its debut in UX, which makes little sense without any build-up from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, especially when the Super Robot Wars Z2: Hakai-hen and Super Robot Wars Z2: Saisei-hen fully adapted the storyline.
  • Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Fei-Yen HD not being a realistic entry, as it's merely Fei-Yen the Knight appearing as a Humongous Mecha-based Hatsune Miku. In fact, it's not even an actual series: Fei-Yen HD is just an action figure based off a piece of official artwork.
  • Mazinkaiser SKL marks the first time Kouji Kabuto of Mazinger Z does not appear in a licensed-SRW (until Saisei-hen, Kouji has appeared in every non-Original Generation SRW). However, since Mazinkaiser SKL was the latest title that ended before UX released, it becomes something special that the oldest SRW participant becomes the newest "newcomer" in the newest SRW title.
  • Initial scans and the first promotional video revealed the same sprite-based visuals from the Nintendo DS SRWs, with players calling another instance of Lazy Artist, particularly returning series (though upon closer inspection, UX appears to have taken some visual cues from Hakai-hen/Saisei-hen, and isn't going to be entirely sprites). Upon game release, players have noticed recurring titles from previous handheld SRWs got quite the makeover.

UX marks the first instance of a series that is an Animated Adaptation to a visual novel (Kishin Houkou Demonbane to Zanma Taisei Demonbane) and an actual Super-Deformed series. UX also includes voice acting; additionally, Namco Bandai has promised Downloadable Content via special campaign maps and a "Tsume Suparobo" mini-game, in the same vein as the puzzle-solving mini-games present in previous Nintendo SRWs.

Series included in UX are (debuting series are rendered in bold):

This game contains examples of the following:

  • Accidental Misnaming: Richard calls Joey "Jonathan" once, Joey says "It's Joseph...".
  • Ace Pilot: In a first for the usual mechanic in SRW, achieving "Ace" status requires a pilot to gain 100 kills; "Double Ace" is obtained at 200 kills. As for people who are Aces on their own, you have Graham Aker and Reiji Moritsugu for one.
  • Amnesiac Hero: According to Fei-Yen HD, she was in a dark area all alone until she heard a voice. Upon reaching it, she became "Miku". What triggered the transformation was the whole concert with Sheryl Nome, which made her excited when she heard the word "concert" & "song", but what reactivates her memory is an attack by the Vajra, which gave her the "shock treatment" necessary to bring her connection (while vague) with Miku. As a result, Grace o' Conner is targeting her as a potential nominee for her plans.
  • And the Adventure Continues: In the ending, Kurou Daijuuji is working for Ruri Hadou, who has him investigating the recent blood monster incidents.
  • All Your Colors Combined: Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan's + Lu Bu's Soul of Three Seasons Combination Attack and Four Sovereign Armour Attack.
  • Arc Welding
    • By the way, the island covered by the gravity curtain was apparently a research center for gravity engine cores since World War II (a key plot point to The Wings of Rean).
    • Linebarrel is connected to Demonbane because the latter is also a "Machina" and the Katou Organization are hunting them down. More specifically, Linebarrel and Demonbane are known as "Deus Ex Machina". Both stories' time loop events are interconnected in UX.
    • Tatsumiya Island is a part of ORB.
    • Considering the whole Machina idea or rather the meaning behind it is machine god. Linebarrel's Juda seems central to the whole idea of gathering Demonbane, SD Gundam, Machina, Fei-Yen HD and even partially Heroman as a collection of possible Machinas, though obviously not all of them have the idea of a Machina god behind them or rather behind their respective series like Linebarrel and Demonbane do. This would be a reason for Juda and a way to tie in a lot of the story together.
    • Scenario 24 is a mash of the starting battle from Sayonara no Tsubassa as well as the titular impact of Trailblazer, by mixing in the fact that the Galaxy refugee ships were at Jupiter. Fighting Vajra ships for the first time is only a tease to the real first appearance of the ELS. This also gives the chance for more interactions between Alto and Setsuna, and the final save coming from Tieria in the Raphael.
    • Fei-Yen's plot is tied in with Mazinkaiser SKL, where it is the robot used by the female kingdom. She starts out really reserved, then once you go on SKL/Macross route split she has an encounter with Miku and gets her KYUNKYUN beam, then during SKL finale she goes super mode when Kiba shows up, and during Fafner TV finale, she gets her Morale boosting special command. In the Blue Sky and Operation Azure. Sink it for a moment.
    • The Tokyo inside the moon, which is where all the Humanoid Machinas come from, is also strikingly similar to Shou's Tokyo. Shou and the Dunbine characters are basically from a previous incarnation of the world. Later on we find out Juda's "view of future" are actually about what happened before, so at least part of the cast are also of the same origin.
  • Art Evolution: Banpresto improved Demonbane's Lemuria Impact animation and polished it up to a greater degree.
  • Ascended Extra: Some people who don't fight in battles have been now given a role as tactician/cheerleader you can set for chapter's map.
  • The Assimilator: For the basic level 1 assimilation most Festum have If Morale is reduced to under 90 the unit is assimilated and destroyed. Festum however do not drain very effectively, the Morale you gain from taking hits and counter-killing Festum largely ameliorates the morale lost from an attack. The Mark Sein can also Assimilate but much more effectively. Kazuki deals severe morale damage when he attacks a festum and he assimilates enemy Festum if they're reduced below 120 Morale (Even if they didn't have that much to begin with).
  • Attack Drone: 00 Quan[T]'s sword bits, Zabanya's holster bits and rifle bits, Harute's scissor bits. Luca's Ghosts Johan, Simon and Petro. Mark Zechs's Norn.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: The Final Boss, "Kali Yuga" is a Multi-Armed and Dangerous machine with a feminine appearance. She's the only unit in UX to be classified as 3L.
  • Audience Participation Song: Since UX uses the the Macross Frontier movies rather than the TV series, the usual Seikan Hikou song is replaced with Seikan Hikou (Live In Alcatraz), complete with crowds cheering and Ranka Lee asking everyone to "kira~" with her.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Alto's Special Command "Dance of Wings"; the point you learn it at is so late in the game that there aren't enough enemies left that it works on for it to be useful.
  • Badass: Most people...but special mention goes to Kaidou and Magami from Mazinkaiser SKL who are unfazed by the revelation that their battles only bring the end of the world closer, while everybody else feels the despair.
  • Background Music Override: Fei-Yen HD overrides the music with her songs when she attacks.
    • And, unlike with previous games with licensed songs, Banpresto went the extra mile by having them be full vocal versions. Notably, this is the first time one of them, In The Blue Sky, is shown as having vocals at all!
  • Back from the Dead: The Dunbine story for UX begins after the Kill 'em All ending of the original. However only Shou, Marvel, Burn, and Shot Weapon return to life. The rest of the cast never reappear and are presumed still dead by Shou. This actually prompts a possible Heel-Face Turn from Burn, since all of his old allies (and thus his old cause) are gone anyway.
  • Barrier Warrior: Joey acts as a 3000 damage AT Field for Heroman and gets to use his forcefield offensively during the Heroman Combination Attack.
  • Beach Episode: Chapter 26 is this. But no official art.
  • Berserk Button: When Gogorr trashes Heroman in the finale, Joey turns into his red Berserk Mode.
  • Black Comedy Rape: Ryofu calls Yulianne shallow and says if she really wants proof of life that much he'll give it to her. Though he only yells "TAMASHIIIIIII" as usual and there's a golden flash; he didn't touch her, but did something else.
  • Big Bad: Noval Dilan, or so it seems. She's not really evil per se.
  • Big Damn Heroes: The Tobikage appears whenever one of its crew gets hit below 50% HP, and will automatically combine with whoever's below 30% HP first, ship not inclusive in the combining. From past experience though, it's not recommended to allow it to run around......Reasons for that 
  • Calling Your Attacks: The usual, but there's the case where Cham Fau calls the attacks instead of Shou Zama.
  • The Cameo: Isamu Alva Dyson makes a cameo during the Multiple Macross Cannon attack. He doesn't do anything except pose and does not get a dialogue box. However, he yells, "Let's go, ya cuties! Yahoo!". Deceased Neil Dylandy appears to Setsuna in his mind in chapter 38, this does happen in the movie too.
  • Continuity Cameo: In the ending, Elder Gods Kurou and Al Azif appear to watch over their non-Elder God counterparts and talk about how they can leave their son Kuzaku Daijuuji to them, a reference to Kishin Hishou Demonbane.
    • UX actually crams in references to the Demonbane series here and there. One of the famous duels during Ruri's route in the original Visual Novel is shown on-screen.
  • Contractual Boss Immunity: All bosses in UX get the "All-Canceller" ability, rendering them immune to Standard Status Effects and Damage Increasing Debuffs and you can't even negate it with Direct Hit.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Ishigami once he hops onto the Juda, he even blows off fog in his attack animation when he places Juda's sword on its shoulder, normally.
  • Cut Short: The plot of Linebarrels of Iron goes up to the Time Skip, except you destroy the Deus Ex Machina, instead.
  • Dead Person Conversation: During the fight against Kali Yuga, all of the fallen characters, secret characters included if they were not unlocked, encourage everyone to fight for their sake.
  • Decoy Humongous Mecha: Arnie uses the Riot B for around ten scenarios before he inherits Richard's Orphes. This is not considered a Mid-Season Upgrade, especially since you get the real deal later.
  • Demoted to Extra:
    • Descartes Shaman only appears during a MAP event.
    • Marvel (also Cham), Lunamaria, and Athrun did not get any new lines at all this game. Especially sad for Marvel since she barely has any recorded lines at all. Lunamaria also has no unique battle lines, while Athrun has a few reused ones from Z (lines for fighting humans and the final boss lines seen here).
    • Dimitri Magarov from Linebarrel appears only once to be trashed by three Jinrais in an event.
    • Mamoru if he survives, he can only be swapped with Hiroto as the pilot of Mark Funf. Even though they could just remodel the Mark Elf for Mamoru's use.
    • Vespasianus who only gets one event map appearance with his Deus Machina, though he is around in conversations.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: UX takes the concept to new heights, where the protagonists have to destroy the physical embodiment of the Hindu apocalypse.
  • Earth All Along: The Tokyo inside the moon, which is where all the Humanoid Machinas come from, is also strikingly similar to Shou's Tokyo.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Nyarlathotep
  • Eleventh Hour Ranger: Master Therion is the strongest Secret Character in the game, with the best default stats (higher than Kurou's) and the same pilot skills from when he was an enemy unit. The Liber Legis has S ranks in every terrain, +300 attack power for all weapons, is immune to status effects and has an ability that grants a 35% chance of evading any attack. Finally, Therion has access to the "Soul" Spirit Command. No wonder you only get to use him on the final scenario. By optimising him over several playthroughs gives you enough power to defeat the final boss in two hits as seen here.
  • Evil Knockoff: By the final scenarios, the Riot B is a mass-produced enemy unit.
  • Evolutionary Levels/Unrobotic Reveal: The SD Gundam are actually humans from the far future who've evolved into Gundams. Strangely, none of the Gundam 00 cast have any real interactions with the SD Gundams.
  • Fighting for a Homeland: After dealing some damage that Deus Ex Machina didn't ask for, Shou gets pumped and he says that while the Tokyo he once knew is gone, he isn't going to let the world that's become his home now end up being memorialized in such a dystopian fashion.
  • Flaming Sword: The katanas wielded by the Aura Battlers from Wingsof Rean.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: Most of the UX plot stems from being trapped in a time loop (based on the Demonbane and Linebarrels of Iron storylines). When the heroes successfully end the loop, they inadvertently trigger the apocalypse, which was what the time loop protected them against.
  • Guns Akimbo: Mazinkaiser SKL, Demonbane's Cthugha and Ithaqua. Zabanya uses Sniper Rifles Akimbo
  • Guide Dangit: It's hard to tell what's a step for unlocking a secret character and what carries over to later playthroughs.
  • Healing Factor: Linebarrel units regenerate health once hit.
  • Heart Beat-Down: Fei-Yen HD
  • Heroic Sacrifice: You lose many characters this way, but if their conditions are met, certain events will play out differently. For example, if you save Ishigami, Sakomizu and Lu Bu Tallgeese, then during stage 45 Ishigami will try to sacrifice himself to close the gate until Kira, Shinn and Athrun convince him not to go through with and destroy the moon Machina through the portal, instead. Meanwhile, Lu Bu Tallgeese, Liu Bei Gundam, Sun Quan Gundam and Cao Cao Gundam combine their powers to take out Hitomachina who are trying to stop you from destroying the gate with the strength of everyone combined.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: Shot Weapon works with Mishima to mess with the Vajra, but betrays him for the Galaxy people, but it turns out that he's just trying to find the truth behind the universe but screws up and winds up in the void.
  • Homage: Orphes and Odyssea are one to the Hissatsu series, a Japanese Jidai Geki title, where assassins use a variety of weapons to kill criminals (garrotes, katanas, bombs, poison, etc). Lots of Richard's combat lines are also taken from that series; and don't even mention the BGM used during Hell Stringer or End of Rebirth.
  • Hot Springs Episode: On Chapter 16 Japan side, the teams go to the hot springs in the hidden ninja village. Sakura from Fafner asks Sun Shangxiang from SD Gundam Sangokuden if she'll rust. No official art, oddly enough.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Master Therion, though only the first time. In-game you can beat him proper, but the event afterwards says otherwise.
  • Idol Singer: Instead of using Mikhail Blanc and Klan Klang as her backing band in the Alcatraz scenario, Ranka uses her fellow idol singers Eida, Miu, Holly Jones and Fei-Yen.
  • Inner Monologue: Soushi from Fafner does this for philosophical messages.
  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja: Tobikage and its rival machine, Zerokage.
  • Ironic Echo Cut: During the epilogue, Ozma Lee or Brera Stern tells Alto "Make up your mind and don't you dare give us some stupid shit like 'you're both my wings'". Right after Ozma's dialogue, the game cuts to a different setting where Joe is saying "YOU'RE BOTH MY WINGS".
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Odyssea wields a glowing energy katana in the End of Rebirth attack.
  • Large Ham: Sakomizu and Lu Bu Tallgeese.
  • Level Scaling: Enemies in chapters level scale -2 for mooks and +1 for bosses by either Arnie's level or the Event Deploy Main Character's. Though this seems to vary due to bugs.
  • Lethal Joke Character: Fei-Yen HD's final unlocked attack "In The Blue Sky Ver. HD" is basically an Status Buff to allied characters and debuff on enemies as a Special Command.
  • Lighter and Softer: UX may have some depressing and dark series like Fafner in the Azure and Demonbane, but it still manages to be quite fun. So much fun that even Setsuna who never laughs, laughs in the ending.
  • Lightning Bruiser
    • Demonbane has one of the highest HP pools and armor value in the game, hits like a truck, and possesses the "Mirror of Nitocris" ability note .
    • Odyssea comes with large EN regeneration, does not use EN for movement and ignores terrain that penalizes movement, alongside its "Space Jump" ability note . Its final attack has 1000 more attack power than most Trans-Am attacks. However its evasion isn't that good, so it's closer to a Mighty Glacier.
    • Mazinkaiser SKL is one fast Super, having the highest Mobility out of all Supers even with no PU bonus from a partner. Has only slightly lower HP and Armor than Demonbane.
  • Loophole Abuse: Meta-example; the only reason Banpresto was able to get a Vocaloid as a playable character in an SRW is by using a special action figure from Virtual On rather than using the character itself.
  • Lost Technology: Fei-Yen HD is a relic discovered during the 28 years since the island had been isolated from the world by the gravity curtain that came up suddenly.
  • Mana: Instead of the usual EN bar, all Deus Machina have an MP bar instead. It has a variety of quirks, such as scaling up through leveling skills rather than upgrades.
  • Mana Drain: The ELS absorbs EN with their attacks. In previous SRWs, if a unit runs out of EN, it cannot move; in UX, if EN is lowered to zero by ELS, it is assimilated which means it's automatically destroyed, there's even a assimilation animation just for it.
  • Man Behind the Man: Hazard Pasha is responsible for 90% of the trouble you have with humans in the game and then some. He manipulates the government and media, depicting the heroes as terrorists, is then arrested but breaks out of prison and somehow manages to become the supreme commander of the UN forces and nukes the Festum, resulting in the events of Heaven and Earth. When Shinjirou Sakomizu attacks him, Mamoru protects the ship because it has nukes on it, but Hazard shoots both of them, hitting and killing Mamoru. He gives Rouri a nuke to drop on Tokyo, which leads to Sakomizu's death. He fires off nukes again during Operation Azure II, which kills off Kurusu. He turns the Mazinkaiser SKL villains into unwilling suicide bombers and helps Leon Mishima brainwash the Vajra. The reason for all this? To help villains from Tobikage conquer Earth and acquire the secret ninja power in the he can use it himself to conquer the galaxy in his name. He basically doublecrossed EVERYONE he helped.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Subverted with the Orphes, but played straight with the Odyssea, where the Orphes combines with Saya Krueger's Lyrus.
    • Nanajin of Wings of Rean upgrades into Aka (Red) Nanajin.
    • Joe of Ninja Senshi Tobikage upgrades from Black Lion into the titular Tobikage.
    • Kazuki of Soukyuuno Fafner upgrades from Mark Elf into Mark Sein.
    • Setsuna of Gundam 00 upgrades from OO Raiser into the OO Quanta.
    • Demonbane upgrades itself with Shantak and starts flying.
    • Alto from Macross Frontier upgrades into Durandal from Messiah.
    • Heroman upgrades into Strengthening Armour Heroman (he can purge off so it's more like an add-on).
    • Liu Bei from Gundam Sangokuden upgrades into his Shouretsutei form which is a transformation at either 140 Will or below 30% HP.
    • Mazinkaiser SKL upgrades into the Wing Cross form by combining with Wingle's wings at 120 Will.
  • Mind Screwdriver: Luxe Sakomizu vanishes in the ending of The Wings of Rean, which is what happens in the original series with no information as to where she wound up; UX explains she returned to Byston Well.
  • Mythology Gag/Shout-Out
    • Gundam
      • In the first scenario, Jin exclaims "Major Graham Aker made his career by winning battles on the field". This is the same quote a Principality of Zeon grunt says about Char Aznable in the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam. In Scenario 9, Mike will yell "Aaaaah! Bro, a brand new weapon from the Federation military!", another line shouted by a Zeon soldier who came to Earth for the first time in the TV series.
      • Athrun Zala, as his alias "Alex Dino", uses the quote "Members of congress, I'd like you to accept my apologies for being rude." Quattro Bagina, who is really Char, uses these exact words in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, when he calls the Earth Federation Assembly in Dakar.
      • At the start of Scenario 12, Shinjiro Sakomizu mentions the name "Garou Ran" to Kaidou, who wonders if he's talking about a a certain Gundam pilot. The actual Garou Ran is part of a savage tribe located in Byston Well. Later, when Asap Suzuki uses the Nanajin, he exclaims "It...moves?", the exact words used by Amuro Ray when he moved the RX-78-2 Gundam for the first time. Incidentally, Yoshiyuki Tomino is the director of The Wings Of Rean and Mobile Suit Gundam.
      • Shou Zama uses another of Amuro's quotes during Scenario 16, "There's nothing happier than this...", which is Amuro's last line of dialogue from Mobile Suit Gundam
      • Scenario 17 of the Europe Route has Yuuki quote "That's where people feel it as their second birthplace, give birth to children and raise them", derived from the opening narration of Mobile Suit Gundam.
      • Shinn Asuka will quote lyrics from the ending song "Life Goes On" from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. note 
      • At one point in UX, Lunamaria states "Not like it's a Phase Shift Down...MK-II?", a reference to the Titans' black-coloring of the Gundam MK II.
      • In Scenario 26, Cao Cao Gundam says "This guy, ha ha ha.". This is his character's introductory quote from the official website of the BB Senshi Sangokuden manga.
      • During Scenario 36, Hazard Pasha wonders "Hmm? I thought that was a woman... But, it's a man." when Alto Saotome is dressed in drag, a reference to Jerid Messa insulting Kamille Bidan in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam when they first meet.
      • In Scenario 41, Daijuuji Kurou asks "Since it's red, is it three times stronger?", a reference to Char and his red-colored mobile suits that fans claim are three times faster than normal and the TRANS-AM System of the Celestial Being Gundams.
      • Despite Lacus Clyne being absent in UX, Kira states "I think it's okay to cry" and "Because people cry...", previously said by Lacus in the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED TV series. Similarly, Athrun uses the last line of dialogue from Cagalli Yula Atha in the TV series, "Don't run! Living is same as fighting!"
      • In chapter 42 battle, Lu Bu knocks Liu Bei into the ocean like Cao Cao did in the anime, and then Liu Bei re-emerges as the Shouretsutei once more.
      • In Scenario 43 of the Tatsujima Island Route, Kunio Ishigami states "Saying shut up you with a sword that looks like a saw", a quote used by Cao Cao Gundam in BB Senshi Sangokuden.
      • The Red Nanajin is also faster and more powerful, which is a reference to anything red being this, per by Char Aznable's legacy of the original Gundam.
    • Lyrics
      • In Scenario 12, Soushi uses quotes from the opening and ending song lyrics of Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor note . Later in Scenario 25, Tsubaki will use another quote from another Fafner ending song "Seperation" note . Lyrics from Fafner In The Azure: Heaven and Earth are quoted by Shou in Scenario 29 note , while Ryuubi Gundam or Chousen Qubeley quotes the main song lyrics in Scenario 47 note .
      • In Scenario 34, Doctor West will quote the lyrics of the 1979 anime Cyborg 009 note .
      • During Scenario 43 of the Union Route, Fei-Yen HD, Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee will sing the lyrics of the opening song "Tori no Uta" from Dancouga Nova together note .
      • At one point in UX, Aira uses the lyrics from "Proud", an in-anime song from Kurogane no Linebarrel note .
      • Shou uses the lyrics to "Fly Dunbine", the opening song to Aura Battler Dunbine, in Scenario 46 note .
    • Anime/Manga
      • During Scenario 10, one of Kiba's thugs says "Nothing less expected of Boss! He can do things we can't completely calm! That makes us numb in admiration!", a reference to Dio Brando, when he steals a kiss from Elina.
      • In scenario 14, Saya dresses up as Saki Asamiya and states "I don't have a name to give to the likes of you!", the latter of which is followed up by her saying "The name introduction portion is guided by Joe." Joe of Ninja Senshi Tobikage is also voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue. Later in Scenario 27 of the Island Country Route, Saya quotes "How about you die once?", the same Catch Phrase used by Enma Ai.
      • Athrun's intrusion to the Earth Federation's meeting in Stage 22 is one massive homage to Quattro Bajeena, complete with shades, alias and his speech.
      • In Scenario 32, Doctor West states "Before long the discord for life, under the sound of professor's flute who is governed by conscience, develops a drama!", a reference to Jinzou Ningen Kikaider, where the titular character is controlled by Professor Gil's flute. West will also use the Catch Phrase of Basara Nekki as "Today's stage is a full house. Galaxy listen to my song, that is! Love heart to you!", combined with his line of dialogue from the Demonbane visual novel, in Scenario 43 of the Union Route. Finally, during Scenario 51, West quotes "Step on the pedal and join together the timing...", a reference to the Shine Spark attack of the Getter Robo G.
      • In Scenario 36, Johnny states "Touching that is private information", in regards to Eida's keyboard, a reference to the Catch Phrase of Mikuru Asahina.
      • As a reference to Area 88, Jin says " had no luck" in Scenario 45, which is what protagonist Shin Kazama said when he shot his subordinate, "Jess...You had no luck."
      • In Scenario 52, Elza states she wants "...a mechanism to make tears come out too, ~robo...", a reference to the Doraemon movie Nobita's Steel Man Corps - Winged Angels, where Riruru says this in case Miclos is destroyed.
      • During the ending, Zhang Fei Gundam says "I see, there is the possibility of Zhuge Liang saying "Hawawa~.", a reference to the Zhuge Liang character and her Catch Phrase in Koihime†Musou. Zhuge Liang's response is also a refence to Mitsuteru Yokoyama's version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
      • If you manage to save Mamoru, after he reappeared in Stage 41 he'll yell a line quoted directly from Kamen Rider Spirits; and after the scenerio, the group will discuss who should pilot the Mark Funf (since Hiroto is now its pilot), and Yamashita suggests that they can make another unit so that both can fight as Goubain Z and Great Goubain. Of course it doesn't stick.
      • The Nanajin changes colors inexplicably from green to red. This mirrors the fact that the previous series had the Billbine, which inexplicably changed colors from red to green amidst the Climactic Battle Resurrection at that series' climax.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Doc. West's Destroyer Robo has S Rank Terrain in Water for a Bonus. This is because in the Visual Novel, when Doc. West calls it from the ocean, it was rusted and could not fight.
      • Richard calls Leica an angel in Scenario 3. In the Demonbane visual novel, Leica is the Henshin Heroine "Metatron"; in Hebrew mythology, Metatron is an archangel. And by chance, during the lantern scene in Stage 29, Leica will mention the name of Ryuuga (her brother and Dark Angel, then enemy to Metatron in the source material).
      • In Scenario 10, Yamashita will mutter "Speaking of Koumei's (Zhuge Liang) traps...", which is what a strategist says, who was intimidated by Liang's resourcefulness, to a subordinate in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. "Koumei's trap" is also a famous memetic term in Japan.
      • During Scenario 22, Shirin Bakhtiar states "And so democracy has died, within the thunderous claps", previously used by Senator Padme Amidala from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
      • In stage 17, Mikhail Blanc says "Main point everyone, why are you trying to split my glasses at every opportunity!?". This is a reference to his Heroic Sacrifice in the original, and his memetic status gained in Super Robot Wars L. In the same vein, Kaidou says "Whatever the reason may be, this is a chance to crush that bastard!", a reference to battle quote used by Super Robot Wars K protagonist Mist Rex, whenever he deals the finishing blow to a boss, though this time it worked in a difference sense.
      • In Scenario 24, Kurou will say "Want me to shove you up into a blast furnace?" when fighting the ELS. This may or may not be a reference to the similarly silver-colored T-1000, which can shapeshift like the ELS and was destroyed in a blast furnace.
      • In Scenario 33 of the Space Route, Kouichi says "Let's see... that guy's history 「to support as thing rather than add thing」seems to be."note , a reference to the all-female Idol Singer group "HKT48".
  • Name's the Same: The Katou Organization mixes up "Machina" and "Deus Machina" and proceeds to attack the Demonbane. It doesn't go well.
    • There are actually 3 person in the game who goes by the nickname "Mr. Bushido." The first is the actual Mr. Bushido himself, Graham Aker. The second is Jack Smith and the third is Titus. The funny thing is the latter two was called this by Moritsugu, who is voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura, the same voice actor who voices Graham.
  • Nerf: The SP cost of Spirit Commands cost was increased due to the amount of Skills you can learn, so much that you need Ruri or Ranka as tactician to boost SP enough to cast the final Spirit Commands learned by sub-pilots.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Tiberius from Demonbane resurrects Skrugg into zombies, and they're space roaches.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: In UX, ALL of the aliens respond to Denton's message which include the Festum, Vajra, ELS, Human-Machina, Skrugg, and Anticross. In Heroman finale, it's shown that that's not the case: the Skrugg were called to the wrong Earth by the same message which called the main cast.
  • No Export for You: Made more inconvenient with the 3DS having region locking.
  • Non-Answer: Kaidou yells at Festum to ask him and Magami are they there, and Magami answers "We are Hell."
  • Non-Standard Game Over: These happen when you fail Fafner missions, you get philosophical messages from Fafner people when this happens. Also if you fail to defeat Mark Nicht and Idun in 3 turns in chapter 39, you get to see Joe yell "Damn you Hazard!" some more.
  • No Indoor Voice: Augustus likes to yell. Which Fei Yen HD Lampshades.
  • Only Six Faces: Super Robot Wars K had SEED Destiny and Fafner, while L traded in the latter for Linebarrels of Iron. All three shows featuring character designs by Hisashi Hirai come together for UX.
    • Subverted with Linebarrel, as its appearance is based on the original manga and has redone artwork.
    • In one case, Richard mixes up Shizuna for Izuna as the twins look the same, and Shouko laughs at all of them looking the same. Shizuna thinks the same about the Gundam-faces.
  • Oh, Crap: Soushi and Setsuna's reaction when a bunch of civilians become their battle tacticians.
  • Original Generation
  • Palette Swap: Brera's last attack in Battleroid form, is same as Luca's with just different colored ghosts.
  • Panty Shot: Ruri during the Demonbane's Lemuria Impact animation, another first in the franchise.
  • Put on a Bus: Unlike the other cases where Gundam SEED Destiny was included, Lacus Clyne is conspicuously absent for the majority of UX's plot, though she appears past chapter 40 (and she did help Arthun behind the scenes as shown in Scenario 22). Justified as she's now PLANT's chairlady. As of Mu, we have no clue.
    • Grandma Virginia and Teacher Collins also never appear after chapter 2.
    • Also Captain Shinobu Igarashi from Linebarrelsof Iron only makes two appearances in chapter 40 against Rouri and Kanamoto. And then in Chapter 43 Tatsumiyajima route to capture Jack Smith.
    • Rouri and Kanamoto also, we can presume Rouri died when Asap shot him down, and it's not certain did Kanamoto return to Byston Well too with his Shinden after the Wingsof Rean finale.
  • The Power of Friendship/Set Bonus: Fafner units are way broken. Their Crossing system allows the Fafner models to be stronger as long as you deploy more of them. With 9 of them on the battlefield, aided with Continuous Target Negate from Soushi, they do so much damage without even the need to fear getting hit. One Crossing System Fafner is +3 to all stats, you can have 12 Crossing System Fafners on map.
  • Precision F-Strike: Sometimes when Claudius takes a hit, he yells "Shiiiiit!"
  • Redemption Equals Death: Skrugg Nick from Heroman survives to the finale of the story and Joey and everybody tries to convince him there's still a chance he can return back to normal which is why he was doing things as a Skrugg; thinking he can't return back to normal, but he is still killed by Gogorr who just resurrected. So he only survived enough long to still die.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Kenichi Suzumura and Maaya Sakamoto were married during the development of Saisei-hen. In UX, Shinn and Lunamaria get an exclusive Combination Attack.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Subverted with Asap and Luxe from Wings of Rean, they do not become lovers in UX, only Ship Tease.
  • Roaring Rampageof Revenge: Played for laughs by Jack Smith who is angry Kouichi drank his milk.
  • Screw Destiny: As usual, you can save the secret characters from their fates. In fact, the name of the title BGM is Rebellion Against Fate.
    • The whole game's plot is this, working to delay or stop the "Groundhog Day" Loop from destroying the universe.
  • Secret Character
  • Sequel Hook: In the ending Lostbarrel and Sawatari are still on the run and being fought by Skull Force.
    • Elder Gods Kurou and Al are going to entrust their son to regular Kurou and Al.
    • Nyarlathotep is still unfought.
    • Cao Cao's tactician Sima Yi's face portrait goes from pink to red and he begins facing to the right like an enemy.
  • Something Person: Heroman
  • Status Buff: 00 Quan[T]'s "Trans-AM Burst" note . Deceive's "Nerve Crack" note . Fei Yen HD's "Emotional Wave IBS" note .
  • Suddenly Voiced: Deus Ex Machina is manga-exclusive and has yet to even speak in said manga, but here, Tessho Genda provides him a voice.
  • Swords Akimbo: Liu Bei Gundam.
    • Linebarrel, and Vardant (though Vardant wields up to 4 swords with 2 in one hand).
    • Titus's Deus Machina Ogre from Demonbane (though he spawns 2 more arms and they have 2 swords as well).
  • The Unfought: Vespasianus who was exterminated by Augustus like in the anime, he is only fought in the Visual Novel.
    • Emperor Annex Zaboom was betrayed by Hazard who commanded Vajra to suicide bomb themselves at his and Sharom's battleships.
    • Shot Weapon suicide bombed himself at Alto and Vajra Queen.
  • Title Drop: UX stands for "Unknown Ex-Strikers", later renamed "Ultimate Cross". As a bonus, the Heroman series logo makes an appearance in Heroman's O-Spark attack (Dynamic Kill finish). Also in the ending Holly calls their newest hit "SOMEDAY LIFE TOGETHER" which is the title of Arc 3.
  • Time Skip: Arc 3 is 3 years after Arc 2's finale which is Wings of Rean finale. Ironically, only the Fafner characters age to Arc 3.
  • True Companions: Joey and Kurou form a tag team during their duo battles in Arkham City, their friendship is one of the three-cross series friendships in UX.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • While some of the cast are commonly wished upon to be included in SRW (particularly Demonbane and SKL), UX has perhaps the most unexpected cast list to date, with SKL replacing Kouji instead of having him altogether, the Gundam 00 movie making its debut instead of in the anticipated sequel to Super Robot Wars Z2, Heroman and BB Senshi Sangokuden, the latter almost never talked about amongst the fanbase.
    • For a lesser, but very interesting example, Linebarrels of Iron has already appeared in SRW before, except this time it's mostly based on the (much more critically acclaimed) manga, something most mecha fans wished for but never expected.
  • Unknown Rival: Doctor Minami considers Doctor West his greatest rival, except West has no idea who he is. It turns out Minami hates West because West doesn't know who he is.
  • Verbal Tic: Elsa's "-robo"
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: In the chapter where Jin deploys with his first ever squad he leads. When you shoot them down, he casts Spirit Commands in anger and sorrow; Spirit, Strike and Hotblood and when the last subordinate is shot down, a sad music begins to play. You can leave them alone so this doesn't happen, but they die anyways when the Island detonates with the Fenrir.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The Human Machina kept the time loop in place because of Kali Yuga
    "The very moment that Man loses his imagination, he is doomed."
    "It is unfortunate... but this is for the sake of protecting Earth from ... [Kali Yuga]."
    "I have conceived it. A method by which Man might be spared. We have chosen. This is the solution that we have devised."
    • In a loosely, similar vein, the original enemies and Jin (post Heel-Face Turn) also worked for the same goal.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Sawatari and the Lostbarrel are still at large, thus the Mazinkaiser SKL cast are fighting him during the epilogue. Stan Lee from Heroman is never seen.
  • Wolverine Publicity: Averted for the first time. UX is the only licensed SRW to not feature Kouji Kabuto in any iteration. However, the addition of SKL means that a version of Mazinger still appears in every incarnation of a non-Original Generation SRW. That being said, UX also solidifies the Cosmic Era as the go-to Gundam continuity of choice for SRW portable Nintendo games.
  • Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters: At first, the Tobikage team are treated as hostile aliens partially because of their "terrorist" attack on Mars, which greatly affected the production line from there.
    • UX in the first arc becomes this, combined with Hero with Bad Publicity, despite them being the heroes. It doesn't help that some of the villains in the governments are ready to sell Earth to the invaders.
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