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Describe Lily Nadesico here.

Describe? Well, there are a lot of things I should say about myself... and, well, I'm not really sure where to begin. But, I guess one has to start somewhere...

Real Name: Silvia
Age: 19 (birthday on the 10th of April)
Gender: Female
Nationality: Italian, and not too proud of it
Occupation: High school student (third year)
Family: Father, mother, older brother
Likes: Anime and manga, Dungeons & Dragons, T Vtropes (of course, else why would I be here introducing myself?), Videogames (esp. Pokémon and Super Robot Wars, music, nature, animals, ancient history, her family, her sort-of boyfriend, et cetera!
Dislikes: Crowds, disco noise, trucks, monkeys, racists, gender discrimination (on either side)
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