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Dethroning Moment: Tales Series
Keep in mind:
  • Sign your entries
  • One moment per game to a troper, if multiple entries are signed to the same troper the more recent one will be cut.
  • Moments only, no "just everything he said," or "The entire game" entries.
  • No contesting entries. This is subjective, the entry is their opinion.
  • No natter. As above, anything contesting an entry will be cut, and anything that's just contributing more can be made its own entry.
  • Explain why it's a Dethroning Moment of Suck.
  • Please make sure the moment is fictional and is neither an event that occurred in real life nor something gameplay-related. We have a perfectly good Scrappy Mechanic page for the latter.
  • No ALLCAPS, no bold, and no italics unless it's the title of a work. We are not yelling the DMoSs out loud.

  • Some New Guy: The "reveal" of Dhaos' true intentions in Tales of Phantasia. Not only does it come completely out of nowhere, but the game seems to expect us to believe that it completely justified him launching a genocidal war against mankind. Protip: No, it doesn't. It actually makes Dhaos less sympathetic, since it makes it appear that Dhaos brought his end on himself by never bothering to explain his actions when he had multiple chances to. The Tales series has many sympathetic villains, but Dhaos does not deserve to be one of them. Wanting to help your own world is no justification for wanting to cause the destruction of another.
  • Charleston Man: I can never love this game, and Arietta's death is the reason why. This would have been the prime moment for Anise to redeem herself. Arietta wants a duel to the death, but Anise could have come clean about everything, she could have told Arietta the truth about Ion and how the supposed love triangle between him and the two girls never really existed. If Arietta attempted suicide like people kept saying she would if she knew the truth, she could either die from it (better her blood be on her own hands than the heroes') or Anise could stop her. It could have been terrific. But no, Anise just fights the duel and kills Arietta, only expressing remorse for about a minute before forgetting about it entirely. Arietta, a sad and misled 16-year old girl, dies a horribly sad death crying out for Ion, and both players and party are supposed to just brush that off even though it could have easily been avoided? No, sorry. Not happening. To me, this was Anise and the game itself crossing the Moral Event Horizon. Fighting and death may be a part of the game, but when it's treated as a superior way to settle things as opposed to talking things out (or hugging them out in Arietta's case, as she needs it) is when it just becomes disgusting and an unpleasant gaming experience.
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