Dethroning Moment: Kingdom Hearts

Given how long the Kingdom Hearts franchise has gone on, it was only a matter of time before these types of moments showed up... and how the fans wish they could smack these scenes with a giant key and cast them to the pits of DARKNESS!!!

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    Kingdom Hearts I 
  • Finalark: For me, Cloud's portrayal in Kingdom Hearts was one big dethroning moment of suck. Originally, Vincent was meant to fill that role but it was handed to Cloud, a more popular character. The result is Vincent's personality implanted onto Cloud. This is where Cloud's Flanderization started. In Final Fantasy VII Cloud was much more of a complex character, coming off more as anti-social and kind of a jerkass than Wangsty. However, since Kingdom Hearts decided to give him a Wangsty personality an entire audience who are only familiar with Final Fantasy VII through Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children have made Cloud into the patron saint of stoic yet overly emotional JRPG protagonists. Not only that, but Final Fantasy VII has become the go-to example of JRP Gs being somber, emotional epics. I doubt you'll ever see any modern Final Fantasy VII related material reference "DRINK YOUR DAMN TEA!" or the cross-dressing scene.
  • Thepenguinking2: For me, I hated the battle against Oogie Boogie with a firey passion of a thousand blazing suns, and the Pyro's Backburner. It starts off with Oogie Boogie ingesting the heart he stole. Okay, why didn't he do that in the first place? Sadly, that's the least of our problems with this horrible boss battle. It starts off with him throwing exploding dice. Oh yeah, I also want to mention that this battle is casino themed for no reason what so freaking ever. Anyway, the exploding dice are hard to avoid, and they aren't a joke. It's all downhill from here. Afterwards, he will throw three dice blocks, resulting in different effects. Oh, and they also hurt! If you get heartless, no big deal. In fact, it helps you because you gain levels, mana and health. If you're really lucky, he won't do anything. However, the other two are pains in the ass. The first one is a spinny wheel of blady death stuff things. If you have decent timing, this isn't too bad. But the real pain is from the sawblade, which Oogie Boogie incorrectly titles as a "Bonesaw". This is painful to dodge. After all that crap, you can finally attack Oogie Boogie. However, it's not easy. You have to track him down and press the switch that ends up trapping him in. Then you can finally give him a beat-down that he really deserves. Press the wrong switch, and he laughs, sends you off, then shoots you with darts. don't concentrate too much on tracking him down, because sometimes, he gets bored and takes the privilege away from you. After that, you have to repeat the process again! Once you beat him, The heart is gone! Jack Skellington simply says that the heart failed, yet he doesn't explain how exactly it failed! It might not even have failed! It could have been connected to Oogie after he ate it, or the bugs inside of it could've consumed it. The worst part? After you beat him after a tedious (probably) ten minutes, it's not over! He consumes his own tower, and now you have to destroy some blobs to kill him. This is very annoying, as sometimes you can get lost, and you lose track of the blobs! Oh, and unless you're playing 1.5 ReMIX, if you decided to get the Trinity charge later, after the battle, it's lost forever. You will never get 100% Completion, ever! This is easily my least favorite boss of the Kingdom Hearts series, and my second least favorite in general. If there was a New Game+, I would love to go back to Oogie Boogie and give him a good Arcanium to the face!

    Kingdom Hearts II 
  • sardns: Sora falling to his knees while grabbing Riku's hand, crying and saying "I looked everywhere for you!" in Kingdom Hearts II. He won't cry over Goofy supposedly dying, but he'll cry when he's reunited with his friend even though he at least knew Riku was still alive. That emotionally over-the-top moment was really, really awkward to watch. And in a series with one of the most annoying Yaoi Fangirl bases out there, it's really unappreciated by the rest of us.
  • Manwiththeplan: Also from Kingdom Hearts II: the entire Cloud vs. Sephiroth subplot. Sora, Donald, and Goofy literally do nothing to affect it, the fight against Sephiroth and his reasoning about wanting the Keyblade is dropped and never referenced again in favor of a generic showdown between him and Cloud that ends abruptly with no resolution, and worst of all, the whole thing made no sense. Cloud is flanderized as his stoic, Wangsty Advent Children self with no explanation, his obsession with fighting Sephiroth isn't explained other than some weird bullshit about Sephiroth being "his darkness", and Tifa is his light, all the while she is derailed into some generic tough girl who single-mindedly seeks Cloud. Ugh, there is just so much wrong with this plotline and it's just so damn pointless save for pandering to the Final Fantasy VII base, just like that damn Complication.......sorry, Compilation.
  • Blackcatmisfortunate: The entire character of Roxas is, to me, nothing more than a walking plothole who serves to be one of the most inconveniencing and confusing plot devices in the series, and I could go on for days about why I think his inclusion in the series pretty much derailed the entire story, but the real D Mo S that he brings to the table is the opening of Kingdom Hearts 2. After waiting years to finally play a console sequel to Kingdom Hearts 1, I didn't appreciate having to spend the first few hours of the game playing as a character that I cared nothing about.
  • WaywardTotodile: The way Axel's Character Development was handled from Chain of Memories onwards is irritating, but it started in KHII. His first appearance in II was when he fought Roxas, going from prompting him to "remember" to getting really mad within a matter of minutes simply because Roxas couldn't remember him..yet this character was just introduced and Axel himself had told Sora in Chain of Memories that their kind couldn't feel anything. Later on, he performed a heroic sacrifice for Sora with the reasoning that "he reminded him of somebody he knew". This is the same person who was directly responsible for two of his fellow members's deaths, which happened to be some of the most violent in the series(burning someone alive and goading somebody into sucking the lifeforce out of somebody else, respectively) for no real reason (as he tells Marluxia in Chain of Memories that he didn't care about what Marluxia told him to do) ...and he kills himself because this one guy looks like someone he knew? (Keep in mind that the most people knew about Roxas at this point was that he was Sora's nobody.) Awesome as it was, it was blatantly out of character and it only got worse with the subsequent games. The worst part is that Axel was never punished for his actions in Chain of Memories, and the later games act like he didn't do anything wrong. By the time 358/2 Days tried to explain his character, it was too little, too late.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 D: Dream Drop Distance 
  • Heirophants Fool: The fact that Axel/Lea had his cool chakrams taken away for a lame Keyblade in 3DS, thus ridding him of all that pesky originality and making him Sora mkII.
  • Peridonyx: Xehanort going Villain Sue via Time Travel; Terra, Aqua, and Ven being Failure Heroes via Retcon; and Birth by Sleep going Shoot the Shaggy Dog, also via Retcon.
  • Hobgoblin: Sora's visit to the Grid encompasses his quest to save Tron from his fate of being Rinzler. He ultimately accomplishes this, only for CLU to drop Tron into a pit and send his men to go recapture Rinzler. Which he says within earshot of Sora. And then Sora leaves without attempting to fight CLU, making the entirety of the trip pointless.
  • Charleston Man: Riku becoming the official Keyblade Master while Sora fails the test. Because what better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original game than to piss on it's unique twist of Riku The Chosen One ultimately losing out to The Unchosen One? Now the guy who was meant to be the Keyblade Master all along is the Keyblade Master, and Sora's just a lucky fool. How insultingly boring.