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Awesome: Kingdom Hearts
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  • Axel's got TONS of these, especially in Chain Of Memories. "Now you can tell me I don't respect my elders."
    Marluxia: So you only eliminated Vexen to gain proof of our plan...
    Axel: THAT I didn't want to do, but it WAS your order. *summons weapons*
    Marluxia: Oh... *says this while smiling in confidence*
    Axel: Remember the order... "You must eliminate the traitor..." I always follow orders, Marluxia.
    • Remember during their fight?
  • Roxas in the intro of Kingdom Hearts II. The entire intro, he's been having enough trouble using the Keyblade as it is, and is using the same three-hit combos Sora did in the first game. Doesn't help we have no idea who the guy is at this point. Then he duels Axel, who gives the "I'm SO FLATTERED" Moment of Awesome above. Roxas responds by pulling out two Keyblades, becoming the first person in the series to use two at once, and becomes a spinning maelstrom of destruction with long, powerful multi-hit combos that can drain a third of a health bar.
  • Mickey Mouse, of all people/rodents, took a page out of Yoda's book in Kingdom Hearts II.
    • When Goofy "dies" and Mickey says "They'll pay for this," the way he throws off his cloak and gets his keyblade is so epically awesome it's hard to describe.
  • As discussed below, Auron of Final Fantasy X fame is awesome in the game he first appeared in, and continues this streak in KHII. Perhaps the best moment is, right after being brought to life by Hades, he proceeds to tell the big guy off:
    Auron: This is my story — and you're not a part of it!
    • Made even more poignant for Final Fantasy X fans, who remember that one of Auron's mantras was "This is your story," speaking of Tidus and Yuna.
    • It doesn't end there. Hades, understandably torqued, tells Auron "Do you know who you're talking to? I am the LORD OF THE DEAD!" Auron just smirks and says "No wonder nobody wants to die." Truly, Auron is more Badass in death than most are in life.
  • In the very first game, when Tarzan pulls a Dynamic Entry and catches Sabor just as she's about to sink her teeth into an unsuspecting Sora.
  • At Hollow Bastion, when fighting the gigantic army of Heartless, the interaction between Cloud and Leon shows just how awesome they both are:
  • The whole Battle of Hollow Bastion in KHII is pretty good, but Sora charging an entire army of Heartless, Keyblade ready, gives its name to The War Sequence and is full of absolute win.
  • Riku's declaration of "walking the Road to Dawn" at the end of Reverse/Rebirth. All the preceding tediousness of that story mode, not to mention the biggest That One Boss of the game (Riku Replica in Twilight Town) was almost made up for with that moment.
  • Kairi jumps off a balcony to help Sora and is completely unharmed by it! To hell with getting her own keyblade afterwards, THAT was her Moment of Awesome.
    • Well, that keyblade event was pretty nifty though....
      • Kairi restoring Sora to human form by hugging him when he's a Heartless. You can say it's cheesy if you want, but had that not happened, the story would be over, with Ansemnote  victorious and the universe screwed. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
      • Heartless Sora in general, once you think about it. His heart was so powerful even the power of absolute darkness couldn't suppress him. This is an achievement only the Big Bad was ever willing to previously make, showcasing just how well-suited Sora is as The Hero.
      • Oh come on now, no listing of Kairi examples on this page would be complete without mentioning that she wrote the "One Sky, One Destiny" poem. If that wasn't awesome enough as it were, the poem actually saves Sora and Riku from death by darkness at the end of Kingdom Hearts II, as it restores the hope in Sora's heart, which opens a doorway out of the realm of darkness into the realm of light. Cue Happy Ending.
      • That poem is a Moment of Awesome for Disney/Square Enix, for referencing it in the FIRST Kingdom Hearts. Seriously, bust out your PS2, stick in KH, and wait a while on the title screen. A cutscene starts playing, featuring the poem at the beginning and an orchestral version of Simple And Clean/Hikari. Same thing happens in Kingdom Hearts II.
      • It's also in the first Kingdom Hearts's instruction book, so it might be a sort of tag line for the whole series.
  • The last and second-to-last battles really are Riku and Sora's Moments of Awesome, especially the part where Sora beat Xemnas senseless dual-wielding his and Riku's keyblades..
    • Not to mention a level of physics-defying action that, even in Square Enix games, is usually only seen in cutscenes.
    • One for Riku when Xemnas captures Sora in a HP draining energy attack and the player swaps to Riku, who ends up negating Xemnas' attack, then beating him up and throwing him away from Sora, saving Sora's life in the process and then saying "Is that all you got?". Xemnas is even stunned after this happens.
    • Sora and Riku reflecting the seven zillion lasers that Xemnas threw at them right before that.
      • And before that, cutting buildings in half and throwing them at Xemnas. Really, the whole multi-fight sequence was just one Crowning Moment after another.
  • Before that boss fight, there was Sora in his solo fight against Xemnas, where he pulls a Roxas and RUNS UP A SKYSCRAPER (and depending on the proper use of action commands) proceeds to KICK ASS.
  • The Beast gets one in the second game, after Sora talks him out of having a pity-party for himself:
    Beast: I know one thing... This is my castle! Xaldin will never be welcome here!
    • And then Belle proves her awesomeness by elbowing Xaldin in the solar plexus, taking the rose, and running.
    • Beast's entire script in Chain of Memories is one big Moment of Awesome.
  • In the first game, Sora's speech, just before getting his keyblade back from Riku, was pretty awesome. He knows that the guy could kill him with a single hit of this baby, but he keeps standing there, saying something along the lines of: "I know now I don't need the Keyblade. I've got a better weapon. My heart." Probably, the keyblade thinks the same as him, since that speech actually "persuades" it to ditch Riku and return to Sora.
    • I found that to be possibly the worst scene in all of Hollow Bastion, but Sora stabbing himself with the Dark Keyblade to get Kairi's heart back was awesome.
      • And he gives Donald and Goofy a reassuring grin. He stabs himself in the chest and his biggest concern is his buddies worrying.
  • Let's not forget that, moments before Sora's speech, Goofy and Donald who had been ordered by King Mickey to follow the Key Bearer, which was Riku at that time, wholeheartedly turned against Riku to protect Sora. The high point of the moment is when Riku throws a Dark Firaga against an unarmed Sora, and Goofy immediately jumps in from of him, blocking the fire with his shield.
    • Goofy's shield, by the way, is barely the size of Riku's fireball.
    • The Goofster's lines net him some bonus points.
    Goofy: Sora ain't gonna go anywhere!
    Riku: You'd betray your king?
    Goofy: Not on your life! But I'm not gonna betray Sora, either, 'cause he's become one of my best buddies after all we've been through together.
  • "There's no way you're taking Kairi's Heart!"
  • A tad meta, but the FMVs at the start of Sora's story and at the end of Reverse/Rebirth in Chain of Memories could be considered a Moment Of Awesome for the Game Boy Advance. These are full-blown FMVs, at least PS1 quality, with character models that could almost have been taken directly from the other Kingdom Hearts games. All this from the equivalent of a slightly more powerful hand-held SNES with poorer sound quality.
    • Videos do require far less rendering than 3D graphics (this is why Myst was created.)
      • Still, it's something other games at the time couldn't boast.
      • Poorer sound quality? The end credits contains the full Simple and Clean song with nearly the original quality, all from a "hand-held SNES".
  • Most people think Naminé's a wussy little girl. They tend to forget that despite threats, isolation, and manipulation, she managed to stand her ground in the face of Larxene and Marluxia. Then in the second game, she slips under the radar and helps Roxas regain his memories while piecing together Sora's, eludes capture and extermination from two separate parties throughout most of the course of the game, busts Kairi (and Pluto) out of prison, and did all of the above while being the only character lacking the advanced skills of her fellow nobodies OR a keyblade.
  • Most Reaction Commands in Kingdom Hearts II are basically designed to make you go wow, that was awesome.
    • Here, see some for yourself.
    • The "Slicer" reaction command in the first part of the 4-part final battle, it makes Sora cut through a rising wall of skyscrapers, cutting each one into SIX PIECES!
  • Demyx, of all people, gets one in his second encounter with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. At first, he acts like The Ditz that he has been while the heroes treat him more like an annoyance than an actual threat. It is then when they resolve to rub salt in the wound by telling him that he has no heart, that Demyx snaps, telling Sora to shut the hell up and summoning his sitar in a incredibly epic fashion. Cue one of the hardest boss fights in the game. You can still be grinning all the while getting his ass handed over to him. Wow, Demyx.
    • That interactive scene during the fight where Sora is behind Demyx... if you screw up, Demyx smacks you out of the spotlight with his sitar.
  • Jack Skellington in the first game certainly qualifies. Most other worlds live in fear from the Heartless. When they start to appear in Halloween Town, Jack tries to find a way to control them to use them in his Halloween celebration! Some people run and hide from the Heartless - Jack wants to dance with them!
    • And when he got the message that the Heartless are in an alliance with his death enemy Oogie Boogie, he proceeded to rip them apart with his bare, boney hands alone.
    • Don't forget that technically, he, along with most of Halloween Town's residents, are not "living" and don't have the literal heart that the heartless are looking for. The only people in the town who were under any threat by them were Lock, Shock, and Barrel, and they don't look exactly human either. The heartless probably thought that Jack was one of them and went along with his antics for fun. Which makes him even more awesome for controlling heartless by entertaining them.
  • Might not count for just being Hi-Res cutscenes, but the Another Side, Another Story: Deep Dive and Birth By Sleep secret endings were just awesome. The first showcases Roxas the Dual Wielding One-Man Army tearing through an army of Heartless, with Oathkeeper and Oblivion in glorious Hi-Res. The second is a pretty cool swordfight, but is truly awesome because it's basically a glorified magic-fest with both sides firing spells flashier than Sora could ever hope to pull off without his Drive forms (directed Keyblade tornado anyone?) The magic spells are made that much cooler by being in Hi-Res. Both are extreme cases of Cutscene Power to the Max.
  • Though most of what she did in the first game was behind the scenes, Queen Minnie had a crowning moment in the second game with her "Faith" attack. That attack was so useful! It looks epic, too.
  • Maleficent letting the Nobodies attack her to give Sora, Donald, and Goofy some time to run away. And promising that We Will Meet Again. She'd been going against them the whole time, and then that. Makes up for hanging around with Pete quite nicely.
    • Hey now, Pete himself gets to be Badass along with her when they pull a "Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work" moment in the final world. A huge swarm of Heartless is headed their way, and Pete yells "Bring 'em on!" before he and Maleficent rush into battle.
    • Also, Riku, er Ansem, er Xehanort's Heartless may have initiated it, but Maleficent becoming a dragon and That One Boss is both a crowning moment for her, and for Sora and co. when they finally defeat her.
    • She also turns into a dragon of her own will in Birth By Sleep, complete with her "All the powers of HELL!" line from the original movie.
      • And then there's Maleficent breaking the digital Sora's keyblade in Coded.
      • Which leads into a Moment of Awesome for data-Sora at the end of the area, where he gains his own keyblade. Not a data duplicate, a real keyblade. This facsimile not only gained his own heart over his travels, but it was strong enough to manifest a keyblade of its very own!
  • In coded, Donald and Goofy turn Sora's speech from the first game back around in reference to data Sora, declaring that he is their power and they're his. Data Sora follows this up with his own crowner, when he manifests a real keyblade from nothing but sheer will and The Power of Friendship.
  • Also in Coded, Mickey proving that he hasn't lost any of his edge by wiping the floor with Sora's Heartless's minions. Yes, it's somewhat mitigated by him, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy getting trapped in Mickey's office immediately afterwards, but still.
  • Pumbaa gets a quick one in the second game. On the second visit to Pride Lands, the ghost of Scar is haunting the land. While Timon is off getting Simba, Sora, and the others, Pumbaa is seen standing defiantly in front of Nala and staring down Scar's ghost alone in an attempt to protect her. Granted, he's shaking like a leaf and likely wouldn't have been able to do much, but it's still a pretty awesome moment.
  • Tifa willingly taking on Sephiroth. One woman. Bare-handed. Against a guy who habitually carries a ten-foot-long katana. And she holds her own. It's not out of the realm of possibility to believe that, had Cloud not fought Sephiroth, Tifa would have been able to beat him herself.
    • Sephiroth deserves one too. Even if you put all your effort into defeating him he simply brushes his shoulder and says, "Yeah you're pretty good." A far cry from when he was so simply defeated in the first game.
  • Riku Replica gets an incredibly awesome Big Damn Heroes moment towards the end of the game.
    Marluxia: "Once Namine breaks your heart, you can be remade more to my liking. You will become an empty shell... just like... Vexen's pathetic imitation of your Riku."
  • Lexaeus gets a moment in Reverse/Rebirth after his last fight with Riku—both of them are exhausted, and Riku tells him he's finished and jumps to deliver the final blow. Lexaeus screams, "Don't mock me!!", and hits Riku so hard he crashes into the ceiling! This after you've already defeated him in battle! It takes Riku going dark-mode to bring him down for good.
  • Sora is gone, leaving Kairi, Donald, and Goofy alone. In strolls Ansem, ready to tie up loose ends. What's Donald and Goofy's reaction, you ask?
  • The finishing move if you pull off the final Reaction Command in Luxord's battle: Sora pulls all the cards into his hand and sends them flying at Luxord For Massive Damage.
  • I can't seriously be the only one that thought that Minnie Mouse showed some extreme guts to threaten Maleficent of all people.
    Minnie: You better stop right now if you know what's good for you!
    • Minnie was a walking crowning moment of awesome showing not to be a helpless escort during the Disney Castle mission when she could unleash light attacks on Heartless in the Castle.
  • A meta example: Square combining Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Re:Chain of Memories, and 358/2 Days into an HD re-release. This was not just for the japanese, but for EVERYBODY ELSE! Although 358/2 Days didn't have any gameplay, fans were still happy there were still be able to experience the cutscenes in HD.
    • It's just happened again with the announcement of the HD 2.5 Remix, which will contain Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, Birth By Sleep: Final Mix, and a theater mode for Re:Coded. While Dream Drop Distance is absent for now, the whole story is now going to be avaliable on PS3 (and 3DS for KH: 3D) world wide, finally shattering the series' infamously furiating No Export for You embargo.
  • Sora and Roxas' Battle At The Center Of The Mind. Everything about the fight conveys a powerful emotion of two souls meeting in battle to gauge each other and find answers.

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