Awesome / Kim Possible

"Anything's possible for a Possible!"
— Dr. Possible

She is the Girl-Who-Can-Do-Anything.

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    Season 1 
Sink or Swim
  • Ron...Camp Wannaweep! (both in the first time and The Return to Camp Wannaweep episodes) where he faces off against Gill. Talk about Taking A Level in Badass. The side kick REALLY knows how to step up when the occasion calls for him to do so.
Number One
  • Kim fighting Duff for the first time in "Number One"... was awesome. Admit it, you too wished you could twirl around golf clubs like they were bow staffs-in some martial arts movie, looking so badass!
Mind Games
  • A subtle one. When their brains were switched, Kim had no problem at all doing her usual stuff in Ron's body, implying that if he had more guts, he'd be just as good a fighter as Kim even in this early stage. At the very least, he had the physical conditioning for it.
Monkey Fist Strikes
  • Ron when he first gets mystical monkey powers in "Monkey Fist Strikes", and he and Rufus kick Monkey Fist's butt big time! And Kim wasn't even around to help him at all! He defeated the villain all on his sidekicky own self! (ok, Rufus helped) But that seriously was one of Ron's most epic moments!
October 31st
  • In "October 31st" Kim gets bonded to the Centurion project and manages take down Shego, Drakken and Duff Killigan effortlessly, just by using her thoughts.
All The News
  • Way back in "All The News", Kim gets her moment to shine as The Hero for once in a Sadistic Choice scenario when Adrena Lynn traps Ron and Brick on different rollercoaster Death Traps in an amusement park. Kim saves them both, without panicking or losing her cool even for a second!
    • She then grabs her and flies off in the air, pulling off a few aerial stunts while dangling her and making her admit that she's a cowardly fake.
    Adrena: Uh, I do extreme stunts for a living. You think I'm afraid of heights?
    Kim: You fake extreme stunts! Let the world see how great you are when there's real danger!
The Twin Factor
  • The only time Ron matched his performance as good as when he was evil was probably in "The Twin Factor". Kim and Shego are both under Drakken's control, and Ron has his hands tied (he allowed himself to be captured). Ron ran away, and Drakken orders both to catch him, which they fail; I repeat: Ron, with his hands tied behind his back, single handily evaded Kim and Shego working together in close quarters.
Monkey Ninjas in Space
  • Kim's speech to her dad and the rest of the NASA people about why she's not afraid to go into space. It's basically a long list of all the awesome thing's she's ever done, recounted in the most mundane manner possible.

    Season 2 
Rufus in Show
  • Falsetto Jones has the honor of being one of the few highly competent villains despite being a One-Shot Character. He ran a check on Rufus' autograph, which led him to finding out that he's a naked mole rat bought at Smarty Mart by Ron, which by association made him figure out that Kim was at his mansion. He also averted Bond Villain Stupidity, insisting on remaining present as Kim and Ron were being lowered into his death trap.
  • The climax. Chased by Falsetto Jones and his guards, Kim, Ron and Rufus try to escape the mansion by fleeing to the roof, only to find themselves on the edge facing a cliff, trapped between the sea and Falsetto's men. What does Kim do? Grab Ron and jump off without a parachute, instead changing her spysuit back into a dress and using it as an Improvised Parachute and safely gliding onto the boat waiting for them, diamond in hand.
The Fearless Ferret
  • Ron, after bumbling around as the Fearless Ferret, actually saves the day after Kim was knocked out. And not by bumbling around, but by acting like an actual Expy of Batman!
Sitch in Time
  • A pre-K Kim throwing down Drakken, Killigan and Fist. Then her present/future self shows up. After what they did, it was so satisfying. Followed by a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when present!Kim watches her young self meet Ron.
    • Kim using her cheer leading gymnastic skills to jump through the laser beams that were accidentally activated at the vault to save the billionaire is also awesome.
  • Kim decides to warp to the future to take the fight directly to Shego after growing tired of playing defense.
    Rufus 3000: But the danger to the time stream - it's impossible!
  • Monique's entrance. 20 years of a workout INDEED!!! Double points for the awesome bazooka she got!
    • "Girlfriend, there was no way I was styling that *pointing to Shego* look!"-more double points for that she insulted Shego...and Shego didn't even come up with a comeback for that comment...she just sicced mooks on them instead of trying to deny it, or fire her own insult like she normally does when she and Kim would insult each others' fashion style. GO MONIQUE!!!
  • The appearance of Wade, Jim, and Tim's Future selves.
  • Ron in the end of A Sitch in Time, after Shego did the mistake about gloating about sending his mother to Norway, when he grabbed Drakken's arm and threw in into the wall, the same Drakken that had just beaten and captured Kim and Future Badass Monique working together. Seriously, Ron gets truly CMOA in both the movie, The Movie and the Grand Finale, while Kim hardly gets any of that...
    Ron:You're the reason I'VE BEEN EATING MEATCAKES?!
    Drakken: Sit back!
    [Ron grabs his arm and throws him across the room]
Hidden Talent
  • It is revealed that Kim is really bad at singing high notes, but Ron entered her into the talent show anyway. Drakken then decides to put her into particularly elaborate trap that makes even Shego wonders if they're overdoing it: still, Kim escapes from being chained up in a solid steel box filling up with water and sinking into a bottomless pit, beats a shark and giant squid, uses that terrible high note to break the six feet of solid ice covering the pit, beats up Shego, Drakken, and all their henchmen, teleports back to her high school and rushes onstage just in time to put on a good performance, without breaking at the high notes.
    • In the same episode, while Kim has to deal with the villains, Ron stalls for time by doing a lot of different talents, until he's completely exhausted. When the winner is announced, both Bonnie and Kim expect themself to be the winner, but it turns out Ron won, because quantity beats quality!
Triple S
  • "Triple S" was A Day in the Limelight episode of awesome for both Senior Senior Senior and Junior. For Senior? After losing his fortune to a swindler named Vinnie, he takes it upon himself to steal back what is his, using nothing but his long-dormant X-Games skills and actually out-maneuvered Kim in a sweet skydiving battle. For Junior? Pulling off an excellent last-minute Batman Gambit by pretending to pull a Heel–Face Turn and turn in his father, only to reveal to Senior that he did so he could collect on Vinnie's recently posted $2 billion reward and use it to break out Senior later, effectively retrieving their fortune from Vinnie with Kim Possible being none the wiser.

    Season 3 
Bad Boy
  • An accident with the Attitudinator resulted in Drakken & Ron switching alignments. Ron proceeded to turn his tricycle into a death cannon so he could blow up his evil cousin at his better cousin's wedding. Shego was so impressed, she ditched Drakken and recruited Ron, but then he started to push her around. Shego didn't like that, so she fired a plasma bolt at him. He casually activates a shield and remarks that he found it in Drakken's stuff and doubted he knew how to use it. He presses a button that opens the floor into a shark tank and remarks that henchpersons should know their place. SHEGO STUTTERS, SHOCKED, AND BACKS OFF!! So, yeah. Ron is the best Disney villain ever.
    Evil Ron: BOOOOO YAH HA HA HA!!!
    • You do NOT mess with Zorpox the Conqueror.
Showdown at the Crooked D Overdue
  • Ron has to Run the Gauntlet while searching for Kim's missing library book. In less time than it takes Kim to do one mission, he ended several villain plots. With just the Wadebot to stand in for Kim.
Team Impossible
  • And who could forget Wade in the episode where Team Impossible tries to take over the saving-the-world business. Wade tries to hack their systems, but they spike him. After crying and collapsing into a bubbling heap of worthlessness, he realizes that NOBODY SPIKES HIS SYSTEMS!!!
    Ron: Dude, you are so over.
    Dash Daman: I can take her [Kim].
    Ron: Nope.
    Rufus: Sorry.
    Dash: Do you know what I'm capable of?
    Ron: I've got a general idea.
    Dash: And?
    Ron: Dude, you are so over.
    Dash: Let's just see about that.
    (An explosion rocks the base, and Wade slowly walks out of the smoke.)
    Wade: Nobody, NOBODY SPIKES MY SYSTEM!!!
    Kim: Wade?
    Ron: Wade? In person? (to Dash) Dude, now you are so over, I don't even want to stand near you! (backs to Wade) Wow. you have really perfected the Holo-Wade.
    Wade: It's really me, Ron.
    Ron: Yeah right. If it were really you, I couldn't do this. (reaches out to touch Wade, who smacks his hand back, then walks forward, leaving Ron stuttering)
    Dash: Team Impossible is the world's greatest team of high danger operatives. We will NOT be intimidated by children.
    • What Ron's really talking about (before Wade appears) is Kim: she's pissed that they're disrupting her hero work because it cuts into their profit margins. Ron just steps back as if the fight between a pro team of "heroes" and Ms. I-Can-Do-Anything is a Foregone Conclusion. He's right.
    • And Wade defeats them with the laser system introduced in "A Sitch In Time", which Team Impossible had implemented in their base. When they end up unable to get themselves out of the situation after Wade tosses the remote across the room, Kim gets through with ease just like in her first case.
And the Mole Rat Will Be CGI
  • Kim, Ron and Rufus work as a team to tie Junior's chopper squadron together as he watches helplessly, forcing him to order them to land before it makes them crash. The stunt impressed nearby Hollywood producer Jimmy Blamhammer enough to make him want to produce a movie about them.

    So The Drama 

    Season 4 
  • Heck, the whole final season is this. Definitely not your average Post-Script Season. Leading up to probably the best series finale of the 2000s.
Ill Suited
  • The first seconds of the season four opener. When demand for a Post-Script Season brought it on the writers responded with this.
Car Alarm
  • The Tweebs get a particularly awesome moment. Throughout the episode, they had been forcing Kim to be their personal driver (or "Car Monkey", as they put it) in exchange for fixing up her new car. But when Motor Ed and Shego steal an experimental rocket that Dr. Possible had been working on and attach it to Motor Ed's monster truck, the Tweebs, in retaliation, upgrade Kim's car so it will be fast enough to catch up to him and take him down.
    Jim: Take us home.
    Kim: Okay, that is it! I know I signed that stupid contract of yours, but right now, I have to stop Motor Ed!
    Tim: Not in this, you're not.
    Kim: What?
    Jim: We have to supercharge the engines!
    Tim: Nobody blows our doors off!
    Kim: (smirks)
    Jim: This... is personal.
The Cupid Effect
  • Wade coming over personally with Kim and Ron (with Monique along for the ride) to stop the Seniors' plan.
Mad Dogs and Aliens
  • Warmonga's first appearance. She defeats Shego and Kim consecutively and Kim's wearing the battlesuit.
Stop Team Go
  • The attitudinator ends up in the hands of a Team Go villain, she turns Shego good and the rest of Team Go evil. That's not the crowning moment of awesome; the crowning moment of awesome is all Ron's when he gets turned evil.
    Kim: Not again...
    Hego: What happened to him?
    Shego: I think he's evil now.
    Hego: Oh. How bad can that be?
    Shego: You'd be surprised.
    • He then proceeds to single-handedly pummel Team Go (all of whom have superpowers), proceeds to take the attitudinator from the villain, beat her up too, and notes offhandedly that she's a lousy villain and she should have turned Kim evil first. He almost does it too.
    • He doesn't just take on the Wego clones with ease. He becomes a complete third party in the entire fight. Attacking both good and bad sides in an epic ballet of masterful monkey kung-fu. It took Kim and Electronique working together to finally zap him back.
    • Same episode, we get a glimpse of how good Team Go is when Shego gets her brothers in their act. For most of the episode, Electronique was rather sure of her victory, even when after a round with Zorpox. The moment she realizes the entire Team Go is good again, she is in Oh, Crap! mode. Three seconds later, a villain who could hold her own against Evil!Ron had completely ceased resisting or escaping. Three. Seconds. Flat.
    Electronique: Eeep!
Mathter and Fervent
  • The following exchange between Mr. Barkin and Ron about Mr. Stoppable. Doubles as Crowning Moment of Funny.
    Mr. Barkin: Interesting report you handed in there, Stoppable... Your dad, A.K.A. "hero", is a member of the Middleton Search and Rescue?
    Ron: Yep.
    Mr. Barkin: Also volunteers at the local fire department?
    Ron: Affirmative.
    Mr. Barkin: And while in the confines of a certain Infinity Dome, he can convert pure mathematical thought into blasts of energy that fires out of his skull?!
    Ron: Yeah, it's an actuary thing.
    Mr. Barkin: I see... (Beat) YOUR DAD ROCKS!! A+!!
  • Speaking of which, when Mr. Stoppable steps up to fight the Mathter:
    Mr Stoppable: I'm no hero. I'm Actuary of the Year. [cue epic battle]
Homecoming Upset
  • Ron scores a touchdown and Barkin tells him he would have played it differently. However, he then adds that the results were excellent. This is a far cry from the days when Barkin mocked Ron as "small and weak" and "frequently saved by a girl."
  • Drakken's crowning moment. The flower vines ROCK.
    Kim: That is one tough mutant flower!
    Drakken: Ha ha ha! I should've "gone green" years ago!
  • Ron's CMOA was in the last episode when Ron finally threw away the Coward part of Lovable Coward and used his Monkey Kung Fu skills to kick Warhok's ass in a way that's worthy of a Dragon Ball episode. Then he powered up with his Mystical Monkey powers and, there's just no other way to say it, went Super Saiyan. The ensuing battle battle against Warhok and Warmonga took less than a minute as he threw them both into their own exploding spaceship. It was so CMOA that Kim (and Shego) were literally left speechless.

  • In the crossover episode of Kim Possible and Lilo & Stitch: The Series, it is revealed that Rufus is an experiment that is so dangerous that Jumba spends most of the episode trying to catch it so it wouldn't destroy the Earth. Turns out he got the wrong Rufus, but wouldn't it have been awesome if that were canon?
  • The opening theme. The intro to the both the first three seasons and season 4.
  • Any time Kim and Shego go one on's awesome! Sometimes has shades of CMOF with their hilarious back and forth witty banter.
  • On a meta-level, the fact that the fandom was able to get Disney to uncancel the show for a fourth season.