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Awesome: Kilala Princess
  • The Wicked Queen wasn't much of a physical fighter in the Snow White movie, but in the manga she easily gashes Rei's arm and defeats him in combat.
  • Snow White telling the Queen that she will eat the apple to save Kilala.
  • Kilala tells the Queen that neither she nor Snow White will eat the apple, and yells that the Queen should eat one instead.
  • Kilala stows away on a boat during a storm and braves men with guns to rescue the tiara for Rei.
  • Ariel and Sebastian saving Kilala from Glut the shark. Immediately after, they all work together to trap him in a fishing net.
  • Kilala defeating Ursula with the power of the tiara, knocking her unconscious.
  • Kilala manages to do what many of Cinderella's fans wish they could have done by drop-kicking Cinderella's wicked stepmother and stepsisters and calling them out for their atrocious treatment of Cinderella.
  • Kilala tackles Drizella to stop her from brainwashing Prince Charming with the tiara, setting the story on its proper course.
  • After Kilala agrees to work as a maid in the Beast's caste as punishment, Sylphy calls him out and says they only do what he says because they're scared of him.
  • Kilala slaps Syplhy and calls her out for her selfishness and lack of respect.
  • Kilala and Sylphy wowing Gaston by dancing.
  • Maleficent infiltrates Aurora's 17th birthday party and nearly kills everyone there with her thorns.
  • In Aladdin's world, Valdou makes a wish for the Genie to take him back where he came from and make him the ruler there. Genie uses Exact Words and drops him off at the entrance door.
  • The last volume, with the humans retaking Paradiso by hand and Rei slicing Valdou in half.

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