Funny / Kilala Princess

  • A lot of the Ariel chapter is funny, as Ariel is constantly sneaking out of music lessons and Scuttle can't find Rei's heartbeat in his foot.
  • Ursula says Rei needs a bride who's intelligent and beautiful... like her.
  • Kilala infiltrates Cinderella's ball... disguised as a boy.
  • Sylphy freaks out upon seeing the enchanted objects and starts shaking Cogsworth when he accidentally swallows her engagement ring.
  • Gaston's expression when he sees Kilala and Syplhy dancing.
  • In Aladdin's world, the Genie's lamp keeps changing hands and they characters keep making more wishes. By the end of it, he just hopes he won't have any new masters.
  • Sylphy's first wish is for Rei to fall in love with her. it doesn't work.
  • In Aladdin's world, Valdou makes a wish for the Genie to take him back where he came from and make him the ruler there. Genie uses Exact Words and drops him off at the entrance door.