Awesome / Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama

  • The opening theme and intro for So the Drama makes it clear that, yes, this is the Big Damn Movie.
  • The entire opening battle. Kim kicked butt! Ron even had a hilariously awesome moment. But not just that...following after the opening sequence, with the short revamped-spy movie sounding song-of the original KP theme, complete with awesome color silhouettes of scenes from the episodes of the first few seasons.
  • A small one, but the moment where Ron is telling Eric about him and Kim just being friends and Eric jokes about Kim being 'a real steamer.' Ron immediately turns on him and says, in a voice dripping with barely-concealed anger, 'Okay, let's not talk about her like that EVER AGAIN!' (and keep in mind Eric is about twice as big as Ron). Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, as it shows at just how much he cares about her.
  • We have to give Dr. D his due here. Unlike most of his schemes, he put 100% effort into this: An extremely intricate plot involving a toy sketch by Nakasumi, the brain-tapped plans for Dr. Possible's self-replicating machinery, synthodrone personality upgrades, and an in-depth study of the typical teen girl psyche. Not only did he succeed in distributing and activating his ready-made robot army, as well as completely undermine Kim's self-worth and confidence, but if it hadn't been for Ron complaining about bendy straws and finding out Drakken took over Bueno Nacho, they would've never been the wiser and he would've won.
    • A equally impressive moment for Drakken is when Shego is trying to decipher his plan but can't figure out the connection with all the different plans/studies he's doing. She initially passes it off as being another of his Gambit Roulette stinkers, but Drakken, for the first time, is unfazed by her doubt and even when she lights up angrily when he won't tell her. When he tells her why he won't tell her, Shego's expression tells you the Doc's not playing around this time...
      Shego: What is he up to? A toy design, top secret cybertronic technology, Syntho-Drone personality and performance upgrades, and teen-zine junk? What is he gonna do, Throw the world's weirdest pajama party?
      Drakken: You really haven't figured it out, have you?
      Shego: There is no plan here! No way!
      Drakken: (singsong) Oh, but there is!
      Shego: SPILL!
      Drakken: No!
      Shego: (ignites her powers) WHY NOT?!
      Drakken: Kim Possible is not smarter than you.
      Shego: (powers down) Hmm...True...
      Drakken: If you can't figure it out, she can't figure it out, and that means...
      Shego: You just might win...
  • It's a small thing, but James Possible's complete unflappability when captured by Dr. Drakken. In their previous encounter, he treated Drakken as a slightly more serious threat, but now he's aware of what a joke he is, and throws Drakken's taunts right back at him.
    Dr. James Possible: My teenage daughter is not afraid of you, why should I be...Drew?
    Drakken: GAH! I HATE IT WHEN YOU CALL ME THAT! I am NOT the man you knew in college, Possible!
    Dr. James Possible: Still can't get a date, I bet.
    • A bit more subtle: Drakken has captured James to acquire important information from him on cybertronic technology for one of his plans. James has the information saved on his computer, and earlier in the movie after accidentally almost deleting the information, he reassures his wife by saying something along the lines of "No need to worry, I've got it all up here" and motioning to his brain, implying he has everything memorized. Seems like false reassurance, especially considering he was freaking out when he almost deleted the information seconds earlier. But while Drakken interrogates him, he uses voice commands to order the computer to delete the information so Drakken can't get it. Drakken instead uses his brain-tap machine to read James's mind and acquire the information from his memories - and he gets it. James really did have loads of data memorized.
  • The Possibles pitching in to help Kim and Ron by welding Jim and Tim's rockets to Ron's scooter and powering them with the J200 rocket fuel James developed. Also, James had to sneak out of the garage while the Diablo was still running amok chasing Kim and Ron to retrieve the scooter.
    James: Kimmie needs help.
    Anne: We're talking about giant robots here.
    James: Giant cybertronic robots.
    Jim: Giant cybertronic robots armed with state-of-the-art weapons!
    Tim: Aww, Kim doesn't stand a chance.
    James: Boys, how many times have I told you? Anything's possible for a Possible!
  • Ron evading the Diablo robot on his rocket-equipped moped.
  • Kim's Suit-Up of Destiny sequence, revealing the experimental supersuit.
  • When Kim and Ron are captured by Drakken, Kim believes Drakken has finally won and accepts defeat. But Ron won't let her and convinces her that all hope isn't lost. This is Ron, who normally is quite a coward but he refuses to let Kim be the same way and even cheers her up by saying that there's other guys out there for her. He also admits his feelings for her at the same time.
    • Rufus manages to help Kim and Ron escape from this using a laser.
  • Drakken mocks Kim's weakness towards boys, topping it off with a ballerina spin, only to look up and see her flashing him a creepy Slasher Smile before punching him in the face so hard he flies across the room.
    Kim: You're right, Drakken. Boys? Dating? Oh, it's hard. But this... is easy!
  • Kim attempts to stop Drakken by disabling the master tower signal, but Eric manages to stop her by catching the EMP dart just before it hits the tower. Still angry at Eric for calling him gross, Rufus helps save the day by hiding in Eric's boot, and then coming out and biting him, causing the synthooze in him to drain out, destroying him and causing him to drop the dart on the tower, shutting it down.
  • Almost none the villains ever remember Ron Stoppable's name. So, at the end of The Movie, after Big Bad Dr. Drakken and Shego have been defeated, this scene happens:
    Ron: Taking over the world is one thing, but you ruined Bueno Nacho. You're gonna pay.
    Drakken: You can't be serious.
    Ron: Note. Serious. FACE.
    Drakken: Please...the name escapes me. Oh, I beg of you!
    Ron: Say my name. Say it!
    Drakken: Uh... It's...ummm.... erm... Stoppable!
    Ron: Boo-yah.
  • Kim's last encounter with Shego at the end straddles the line between CMOA and a horrible case of Disproportionate Retribution:
    Kim: You know what I really hate?
    Shego: That your date melted?
    Kim: Nah. You.
    • Kim then casually kicks Shego off the roof into the side of the signal tower with enough force to snap it in half, which causes her to be electrocuted before the whole thing falls on top of her, while Kim stands watching with a Psychotic Smirk, her hair blowing dramatically in the storm.note 
  • Kim and Ron becoming a couple. Awesome.