Recap: Kim Possible S 3 E 2 Emotion Sickness

Drakken and Shego invade the lab of Cyrus Bortle (from "The Twin Factor") to steal an "Electron Magneto Accelerator". They are interrupted by Team Possible, but manage to escape with the EMA. However, during the fight both Kim and Shego got emotion-controlling "Moodulator" chips attached to them without anyone noticing. Also, Ron accidentally picks up the Moodulator control unit, mistaking it for the Kimmunicator.

After Kim notices that the device they have isn't the Kimmunicator, Ron mistakes it for a video game and starts playing with it. This causes both Kim and Shego to start rapidly shifting moods, from sadness to giddiness to rage. Ron and Drakken, having no idea what's going on, find themselves bearing the brunt of their odd behavior. The sitch escalates when the control unit gets set to "love", causing Kim and Shego to start aggressively pursuing their partners, much to their discomfort.

This episode provides examples of: