Recap / Kim Possible S 1 E 19 Monkey Ninjas in Space

At the manor of Lord Monkey Fist, the simian-like villain receives a prophecy from a mystic monkey monk, who says he should find a suitable monkey and follow him to the stars, and there "the ultimate monkey master will be unstoppable." Back in Middleton, the space center is having their annual "Rocket Boosters" event, and Kim doesn't wish to go, since she's too old for it, but is having trouble communicating this to her father.

Unknown to her, Monkey Fist plans to use Frederick, a new monkey astronaut who will soon be travelling to a space station, to fulfill the prophecy and invades the space center as Kim (and Ron, who came along for the rocket shaped cookies they have) have left, the former unable to tell her dad to stop treating her like a child. Kim ultimately decides to go back, (despite Ron's misgivings about Frederick due to his monkey phobia), but finds things suspicious when she does. Managing to get in through the air vent, Kim learns Monkey Fist has taken everyone hostage to force Frederick to go with him. Despite her best efforts, the villain manages to board a shuttle towards the station, unaware that Ron & Rufus have accidentally stowed away.

Upon learning that Ron is stuck up in the space station, Kim & Frederick head off to save him, using a new experimental rocket from her dad. Arriving at the space station, the two join Ron in battling Monkey Fist and his ninjas, thanks in part to Frederick disabling the station's artificial gravity; with the villain defeated, Frederick chooses to stay behind to complete his mission, and he and Ron part as friends. Returning to Earth, Kim is glad her father finally treats her like a teenager, even though it comes with some tough new rules. Meanwhile, the monkey ninjas meet up again with the monk, who admits he made a mistake; his message was actually "the ultimate monkey master will be Ron Stoppable", leading them to follow Ron at Bueno Nacho, much to his and Kim's confusion.

This episode contains examples of: