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Funny: Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama
  • Ron: Taking over the world was one thing. But you ruined Bueno Nacho! You're gonna pay!
    Drakken: You can't be serious.
    Ron: Note. Serious. Face!
  • Ron: The Diablo toys are EVIL! (The entire gym full of students at prom stare at him)
  • And of course when Ron and Eric have their first conversation about Kim:
    Eric: So you know her?
    Ron: Ch'yeah! We're tight!
    Eric: Hooked up?
    Ron: Ew, no. We've been best friends for like ever but not like that, she's...
    Eric: Oh, I get it. Extreme steam.
    Ron: Ooookay, let's not talk about her that way ever again, mmkay? 'Kay.
  • Earlier in the mall when Bonnie was trying to imply that Ron and Kim were together to Eric, Monique steps in:
    Monique: Is that Brick out there hitting on the girl from Earring World?
    Bonnie: (runs out of the store) He is hypnotized by her big hoops!
    • and the alarms going off as she runs out.
  • And of course, Dr. Drakken's involvement in the hilarity:
    Drakken: (to his henchman who is studying teen fads/lifestyle) Stevens, status report!
    Stevens: What up, Dr. D-Diggity Dog?
    Drakken: (sadly) We’ve lost Stevens.
  • The treehouse scene is golden.
    Ron: Talkin’ about Eric? Pff! AH, NOOO! Why would I have a problem with Eric? AH, NOO! I’m down with Eric! (hyperventilates)
    • Not to mention after Eric shows up below them:
      Ron: He CAN’T come up here.
      Kim: (frowns) Ron…
      Ron: No, I mean like he really can’t come up here. This treehouse has a weight limit and while I’m holding this slingshot, we’re already pushing it.
      (Followed by the scene of Rufus putting down the last nacho he was about to eat).
  • Then of course there's Ron's epic freakout at Bueno Nacho. Well, the second one:
    Ron: No…it can’t be…NOOOOOOOOOO! (marches up to counter, shaking a straw in his hand) THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!
    Lars: I beg your pardon?!
    Ron: This is the last straw!
    Ron: You took away the BENDY STRAWS!
    Ned & Rufus: (slap foreheads)
    Lars: You, sir, have lost it.
    Ron: What—just because I CARE??
    Lars: About Bendy Straws? (laughs)
    Ron: I’m tellin’ on you!
  • And when they go to rescue Eric from Dr. Drakken:
    Ron: Knockout gas that looks like lip gloss or lip gloss that looks like lip gloss? AOUGH… (passes out until Kim closes it) Knockout gas.
    Kim: (raises eyebrow) Thanks for CHECKING.
  • The Sumo Ninja.

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