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    Season 1 
  • Brittina gives Kim advice on asking people out, saying, "just go for it, what could be the worse that could happen?" Ron immediately demonstrates:
    Ron: So... Brittina, being famous pop star and all I'm sure you miss out on school dances with average guys...?
    Brittina: [sighs] True...
    Ron: Friday. Dance. You, Me. Average guy.
    Brittina: No.
    [SFX Failure Beep]
    Ron: [turns to Kim] See, now was that so hard?
    Kim: Only to watch.
  • Ron's pants are torn off by accident while trying to grapple to the top of the factory, followed by his shirt, beginning the Running Gag of Ron losing his pants.
    Ron: Third time's the charm!
  • Ron is convinced that Drakken's plan is to steal Christmas...
    Ron: Well, this "buffoon" knows your secret plan! You want to steal Christmas!
    Drakken: Not even close.
  • Also this bit...
    Ron: [points to his right arm] This arm is going on to the dance on Friday...Who wants to be on it?
    [cue the 4 girls at the lunch table running away in the blink of an eye]
    Ron: [points to his other arm] How 'bout this arm?!
  • In one scene transition, the school's announcement board proclaims in giant letters: NEED A DATE? CALL RON.
Sink or Swim
  • Ron's confusion about the various camps:
    Gill: It turns out-oh, you're gonna love this-the lake had been polluted by run-off from the science camp! (cut to area across the lake polluting it)
    Ron: I thought that was the band camp.
    Gill: No, (camera pans over to band camp) that's band camp.
    Ron: Really? I thought that was clown camp.
    Gill: No, (camera pans over to clown camp) that's clown camp!
    Ron: Oh yeah, I loved those clowns.
  • This exchange between Kim and Mr. Barkin, as they leave the campfire to get firewood:
    Mr. Barkin: I cannot take another camp story.
    Kim: Why do you think I'm going?
The New Ron Tick Tick Tick
  • Shego barging in to retrieve the tick:
    • Drakken's usual Idiot Ball got grande-sized for this episode...
      Draken: I want my nano-tick!
      Shego: 'Kay, Dr. D, you really need to get a grip.
      [the hovercar starts beeping]
      Drakken: A beep! Is it a good beep?
      Shego: The tracker's got a lock on your bug.
      [Drakken hugs the hovercar]
      Drakken: Oh, beep on, sweet machine, beep on!
      Shego: Can you not be weird, please?
  • After Rufus comes out of DNAmy's machine wearing Barkin's clothes.
    Ron: Rufus! You're OK! ...And you're wearing Barkin's clothes...
    Kim:...Then what's Mr. Barkin wearing?
    [cue Barkin coming out of the other end of the machine, only visible from the torso up and obviously naked]
    Barkin: Stoppable! I need PANTS!
Bueno Nacho
  • The "I thought it was a cheese covered building" gag.
Mind Games
  • When Kim and Ron end up switching brains, that whole episode was funny.
    Mrs. Possible: I hear you honey, but as a board certified Neuro-Surgeon, I got to say...its just not possible to swap brains.
    Ron: (in Kim's body) Point taken Dr. P...but how else do you explain my bare midriff?
    Kim: (in Ron's body) Aaugh! [double facepalms]
    • "*laughs* Chasing bad guys, switching brains? High school sure has changed since my day!" - Mr. Possible
      • Kim when still in Ron's body accidentally gets shoved into the girl's locker room by a couple of bullies. Forgetting that she's still in Ron's body, greets Bonnie when in there.
        Kim: (in Ron's body) Hi Bonnie...
        (Bonnie goes wide-eyed before switching her expression to giving "Ron" a Death Glare)
        Bonnie: You. Little. Freako!!
        (cue slap)
  • There's a Running Gag that nobody knows what the top-secret Neutronilizer device actually does. When Shego, trying to figure out why he wants to steal it, asks Dr. Drakken what it does, he replies:
    Dr. Drakken: I have no idea, but the military said it's top-secret, and that's good enough for me.
  • Due to Dobbs having ran off with his body, Drakken was forced to make his demands known to the world with the use of a puppet that ressembles him. Predictably, no one took the threat seriously.
Attack of the Killer Bebes
  • James Possible sticking his tongue out at the knocked out valet.
  • Apparently, it has never occurred to Drakken that Dr. Possible was related to his nemesis, Kim Possible.
    Ron: So why are you after Kim's dad and his friends, anyway?
    Drakken: Payback! For you see... Wait. You mean... Dr. Possible and Kim Possible are related?
    Ron: Duh!
    Drakken: Don't "duh" me! Possible is a very common last name.
Royal Pain Coach Possible Monkey Fist Strikes October 31st
  • After nearly getting crushed by a building and losing the Centurion Project, Duff Killigan has this to say:
    Drakken: [Angrish]
  • The flashback to Kim and Ron dressed respectively as a cowboy and ballerina during their first Halloween as friends in preschool.
  • Drakken and Killigan's phone conversation.
    Drakken: For the last time, I will not pay you!
    Killigan: (loud enough for Drakken to hold the phone at arm's length) I WANT MY MONEY!!!
    Drakken: Look, I said I would pay you when the stolen Centurion Project is in my possession. It is not in my possession. Therefore, I'm not paying.
    Killigan: [angrily bending a golf club] Y—Y—You're a criminal!
    Drakken: My dear fellow, I repeatedly try to Take Over the World, of course I'm criminal!
    [Drakken picks his ear as Killigan replies]
    Killigan: Well, I'll tell ye this much, laddie! The next time I steal it, I'M SELLIN' IT TO SOMEONE ELSE!!! [hangs up]
All The News Kimitation Nation The Twin Factor
  • When learning about Drakken's plot:
    Ron: Drakken with total mind control powers?!
    Kim: Yet another "take over the world" thing!
    Ron: That, or he's gonna force people to listen to those stories about his twisted childhood...
    (cut to Shego with a chip stuck to her forehead, listening respectfully to Drakken)
    Drakken: Then, in fourth grade...
    • And a bit later:
      Drakken: Get me a dodo bird.
      Shego: [under mind control] Yes, Dr. Drakken!
      Drakken: Psyche! Dodo birds are extinct...Oh, I'm being silly.
      (sees Kim approaching on a security monitor)
      Drakken: Kim Possible! How did she get so close? Why didn't you tell me?
      Shego: I was looking for a dodo bird!
      • The cheery way Shego says the last line is what sells it.
    • Later, Shego reveals that she was aware of the entire thing.
      Shego: Dodgeball and dodos??
      Drakken: Ooh...
      Shego: Do you have ANY idea what listening to you is like? IT IS SOOOO BORING!
Animal Attraction
  • Junior blowing up the freezing machine, much to the anger of Senior, grabbing the mic, and exclaiming..."Kim Possible! You are the blue fox! I am the yellow trout! We are meant to be...we are...we are...SOUL MATES!!"
    • His father (who's apparently never heard of Dating Catwoman) saying, "Junior! Dating an arch foe is...spitting upon villain tradition! Back to the lair with you! Tradition dictates that we must plot our revenge immediately!"
    • In another episode, they depart with this wonderful line:
      Senior: Come, son. Let us return to the lair and practice our evil laughs together.

    Season 2 
Naked Genius
  • The stock image of Ron the news channel used.
  • This brief bit of deadpan snarkery when Drakken forgets what the plural form of the word "fish" is and Shego corrects him without looking up from her nails.
    Dr. Drakken: Fish, right? Or is it fishes?
    Shego: Fish or fishes.
    Dr. Drakken: Well which is it?!
    Shego: Both are correct plural forms of the singular word "fish".
    Dr. Drakken: You're very smug right now, aren't you?
    Shego: Little bit.
Two To Tutor
  • Kim and Ron end up being the only students at Middleton High to take Home Ec. For a long time.
    Mr. Barkin: All right, people, listen up! The home ec teacher retired six years ago and nobody noticed until this morning... Please take your dusty and filth-covered seats.
The Ron Factor
  • The confrontation between Gemini and Dr. Director initially seems like it'll go down in a typical antagonistic fashion... and then they both descend into childish bickering.
    Dr. Director: You just can't let me be, can you, Sheldon?
    Ron: Sheldon?
    Gemini: The name is Gemini, and this has nothing to do with you, Betty!
    Kim: Betty?
    Dr. Director: Oh, yeah, right, don't give me that. Why do you want the Ron Factor so badly?
    Gemini: Because... because it's none of your beeswax!
    Dr. Director: You want it because I have it! You always wanted my stuff!
    Gemini: Oh, right! You got better toys than I did!
    Dr. Director: Ooh! Liar, liar! What about Baby Curlylocks? Huh?! What about that! You cut off all her hair! Remember that?!
    Gemini: Well, baby sister. (pulls out phone) Let's see what Mom recalls.
    Dr. Director: You're the baby, dragging mom into this.
    Gemini: Fine. Fine! We'll settle this like grown-ups! (Starts firing missiles at her)
The Golden Years
The Fearless Ferret A Sitch in Time
  • Another great Lampshade Hanging moment from the first Kim Possible Movie, A Sitch in Time.
    Drakken: Kim Possible?!
    Killigan: Why do you always act so surprised?
    Drakken (actually giving it some consideration): I don't know...
  • This part of "A Sitch in Time" where Kim has subdued Killigan and Monkey Fist.
    Killigan: Oh, it's not just the two of us.
    Kim: Oh, and I'm supposed to be surprised that Drakken's behind me?
    Drakken: How does she do that?!
    Kim: A ninja you're not.
    (Suddenly, Shego appears and attacks Kim, sending her toppling into a sarcophagus, which closes on her)
    Drakken: Aha! But she is!
    • Then the villains escape, leaving Kim trapped in the sarcophagus. Hours later, Ron (wearing an eskimo suit) arrives, and thinks the voice inside the sarcophagus is a real mummy!
    Ron: I'm here, Kim! Kim?!
    Kim: (from inside the sarcophogus) Get me out of here!
    Ron: R-R-Rufus? Mummy! In there! Alive!
    Kim: Ron!
    Ron: It knows my name! I'm cursed! I'm cursed!
    (Kimmunicator beeps, showing a very ticked off Kim)
    Kim: Ron, open the sarcophagus!
  • This priceless bit as Drakken and Killigan bicker:
    Monkey Fist: Can you two buffoons take this outside?
    Duff Killigan: At 30,000 feet?
    Monkey Fist: Precisely.
  • Pre-K Ron's brief lecture about sharing is both adorable and this, especially when his eyes bug out on the "jungle law of day-care" line.
  • When Kim and Ron have traveled to the Future where Shego has conquered the world. The following exchange happens...
    [Kim and Ron, are captured by Orb Robot/Drones, being taken away]
    Ron: [gulps] Ummm...excuse me scary orb-thing, where are you taking us?
    Orb 1: The Attitude Adjustment Center...
    [cut to them seeing the building ahead, looking very familiar to them]
    Kim: Isn't that the High School?
    Orb 2: Prepare to be drained of all individuality and spirit.
    Ron: [said in a completely dry and bored tone] Yep...high school.
  • Rufus' wisdom:
    Rufus 3000: Rufus Prime, please, share your wisdom.
    Rufus: Huh?
    Rufus 3000: What is the meaning of life?
    Rufus: Hmmm.... CHEESE!
    [large crowd of Naked Mole Rats cheers; cut to a pair, one looking horrified/stunned]
    NMR: You owe me a buck.
  • "Why is everybody in the future so ripped?!"
    • And later when fighting the Big Bads: "SEE! Everybody in the future is ripped!"
A Very Possible Christmas
  • Shego wonders why Dr. Drakken works through the holidays.
    Drakken: Because it is Christmas, the one time of year she is off-duty! Busy with her twinkle lights and mistletoe and carols and roast beast and fring-fanglers and ZOOB-ZOOBLERS!
    Shego: Whoa whoa whoa whoa, Dr. D!
    Drakken: WHAT?!
    Shego: You've stopped using words.
  • Later when Ron goes it alone, hitching a ride from someone Kim helped out once before.
    Ron: Thanks for the ride, Captain Lewis!
    Lewis: It's the least I could do, after you saved the sole tub from from sinking! Hold on. Kim Possible saved my tub from sinking.
    Ron: That's right! And I'm always right there, you know, key man.
    Lewis: There was a fellow with her, busting my radio! Using my navigational charts for a napkin! What was his name...? Ron something.
    Ron: (visibly panicking) Yes. Yes, yes, Ron Something. Sadly, uh, Mr. Something didn't work out, we had to let him go. So I'll see - I'll see ya!
Hidden Talent
  • Drakken shows Shego the teleportation module he tricked Kim into stealing for him.
    Drakken: With this teleportation module, I shall be able to instantly transport myself into any high-security area I please! Imagine it, Shego! The sky's the limit! Fort Knox! The Louvre!
    Shego: Or into the "10 items or less" line with 11 items, huh?
    Drakken: Exactly! Wait. Was that a serious suggestion or are you mocking me?
    Shego: Yeah, I'd say about 30% serious, 70% mock.
    Drakken: Grr! Just plug it in!
  • Drakken presents Kim with a flip-chart presentation on how he intends to do away with her, by dropping her into a bottomless chasm and filling it with water:
    Shego: Wait a minute. If the chasm is bottomless, how can you fill it with water?
    Drakken: (exasperated) IT'S VERY VERY DEEP, ALL RIGHT?!?
  • At the end of the episode, when Barkin announces the winner.
    Mr. Barkin: And the winner of this year's Middleton High Talent Show is... Ron Stoppable.
    Bonnie: WHAT?!
    Mr. Barkin: Proving once and for all that quantity is better than quality.
    Bonnie: NO WAY!
    (Ron awakening with his head bandaged, walks across the stage dazed as the audience applauds him)
    Kim: So much for the "Rockwaller family tradition", eh, Bonnie?
    Bonnie: UGH! (sulks off)
Return to Wannaweep
  • After Kim says they have to find Gill:
    Bonnie: Looks like he's already hit band camp.
    Mr. Barkin: And science camp.
    Kim: He's heading to clown camp!
    Mr. Barkin: Those poor clowns.
  • The subverting of learning An Aesop, when Ron delivers this near the end of the episode... "Normally I'd say we learned suspicion and paranoia is bad...except that's what saved us."
Go Team Go
  • When Kim, Ron, Hego and Mego 'visit' Drakken and Shego:
    Drakken: [to Shego, who doesn't care in the slightest] This rare mutagenic agent that you stole for me will unlock the key to...
    [Kim punches down the lair's door, causing Drakken to drop the mutagenic]
    Kim: Knock knock.
    Drakken: Kim Possible?! Since when do you glow?
    Shego: Like HEGO!
    [Hego and Mego shows up]
    Hego: Greetings, sister.
    Mego: Hey, Shego. You know, you missed my birthday. A call, a card... any acknowledgment would be nice.
    Drakken: Uh, I believe some introductions are in order here.
    [Ron enters the lair and shakes hands with Drakken]
    Ron: I'm Ron Stoppable. We've met before, but you never seem to remember my name.
    Shego: Can you excuse us, Dr. D?
    Drakken: Shego, as long as you're going to live under my roof, you'll follow my rules. And rule number one: no secrets. Whatever is going on... (notices Shego has activated her plasma) obviously a private matter. Later, gators.
    [Drakken runs behind an armoured door]
    Drakken: You know, I do think of us as a kind of evil family, and families stick together. So if you need me... [Shego's plasma blast opens a hole in the door] I'll be there for you. [runs]
    • At one point, Kim uses Hego's super-strength to spin and drill her way into Aviarius' lair.
    Kim(visibly dizzy): Ooh, I do NOT recommend that...
    • Later in the episode, after Shego got the staff with all the powers of Team Go.
      Ron: I'm happy to be the distraction.
      Kim: Ron, it would take a huge distraction.
      [Drakken breaks in with a giant mecha, ready to disintegrate Aviarius]
      Shego: [surprised that Drakken had it in him] Dr. Drakken?!
      Drakken: That's right, Shego. Kim Possible's computer kid told me how you were at the mercy of a villain. Where is this Aviarius?
      Aviarius: [pointing at Ron] Here he is.
      Ron: Dude, Drakken knows who I am.
      Drakken: Yes, the name escapes me, but I do know the air of buffoonery.
      Ron grins at Aviarius, who is in Oh, Crap! mode
    • After the Team Go powers have returned to their wielders and Shego ran away with Drakken.
      Hego: Looks like this bird is ready for his cage. [laughs]
      Aviarius: Do you have to say that every time you capture me?
    • And the final scene of the episode, where Drakken and Shego are on the mecha flying home, and Shego just finished telling Drakken what happened:
      Drakken: I mean, really, you practically gave it to her.
      Shego: Whatever.
      Drakken: Now that I know the whole story, I think you secretly wanted to lose.
      Shego: What?
      Drakken: That's right. You wanted your brothers to get their powers back. You don't really have it in you to betray them.
      Shego: (enraged) Are you saying that I am going SOFT?!
      Drakken: As a marshmallow.
      [Gilligan Cut later, Drakken is holding to the reactors of the still flying mecha]
      Drakken: Shego, I take it back! You're not a softy! SHEGO!!!!
  • Shego is reading a magazine to Drakken of "most embarrassing moments"
    Shego: Your most embarrassing moment happened when...?
    Drakken: I don't have the faintest idea.
    Shego: Oh, puh-leaze. What about just last week, when Kim Possible gave you that flying kung-fu wedgie? You were all like "Shego, help me! Shego, help me!" (Shego laughs, Drakken snarls) Or there was that time where—
    Drakken: SILENCE! There will be no more talk of embarrassing moments!
    Shego: All right, check out these features. "My Most Humiliating Moment Ever." "Embarrassment Central." "I Could've Died From Embarrassment!"
    Drakken: Let me see that! (snatches the magazines out of Shego's hands) "Could've Died From Embarrassment." Hmm....That's IT! That's it, Shego!
    Shego: What is?
    Drakken: Embarrassment! The soft white underbelly of the teen ego!
    Shego: ...eew!
Oh Boyz
  • "The Oh Boyz". The Seniors kidnap the titular band (and accidentally, Ron) hoping to extort their manager into giving Junior a singing career of his own. Unfortunately for the Seniors, Roland, the Jerkass record manager is happy to be rid of the band.
    Roland: A day without the Oh Boyz is like a day where I don't lose money. No more whining pop rats. Life is sweet. (phone rings) Hello?
    SS Sr.: Please listen closely if you want to see the Oh Boyz again!
    Roland: Look, sorry, I gotta hop off. Call my office, we'll set a thing. Bye now. (hangs up)
    SS Sr.: ...Was I not clear in my demands?
    • Then when Junior tries to phone Roland, with the same result.
      Roland: Selling out? My two favorite words! This is a double deuce! All of the money with none of the Oh Boyz! (phone rings) Hello?
      SS Jr.: Mr. Oh Boyz record company man? I think you misunderstood my father. If you and your peeps do not cooperate, the Oh Boyz will continue to be missing!
      Roland: Stay missing? Gimme a minute to compose my thoughts. Lemme get back to you. (hangs up)
      SS Jr.: How can he get back to me? I did not give him my number!
  • Junior performing an Oh Boys song for his prison inmates.
    • To top it off, his father is the only person to clap.
Sick Day
  • Before Ron leaves:
    Kim: (with a stuffed nose) Sure you're going to be okay?
    Ron: I'll be fine. Stoppable immune system, remember?
    [later, both are at Kim's house, both sick]
    Kim: Stoppable immune system, huh?
  • Kim tries to warn Shego that she has to sneeze, but Shego doesn't listen, believing it's a ploy by Kim to get her hands free. Until Kim sneezes in her face, that is. After catching Kim's cold, when they next meet for battle in the episode, Shego actually calls a time out so that both of them can turn their heads and sneeze. Kim even offers a "Gesundheit".
    • From the same episode:
    Ron: Kim, did you hear that alarm? It sounds like choo, choo, choo.
    Kim: That's me, Ron. *sneezes*
    • The end of episode. Kim and Ron have gotten Project X back from Drakken and Shego, but it got a little destroyed along the way. Note that nobody but the creators know what X does.
      Kim: I gotta know. What was this X thing designed to do, anyway?
      Scientists: Cure the common cold.
      Ron: I hate irony.
The Truth Hurts
  • While Dr. Wong is being interrogated by Drakken:
    Dr. Wong: You make no sense to me.
    Shego: Welcome to my life.
    [Drakken glares at her]
  • Kim realizes something's wrong:
    Kim: Wade, something's wrong with me! I can only tell the truth, and YOU SPEND TOO MUCH TIME IN THAT ROOM, IT'S JUST NOT HEALTHY!
  • Ron, unable to lie, is honest about a book he was supposed to read for class;
    Ron: I almost dislocated my jaw from yawning!
Mother's Day
  • "Drewbie? What Does This Button Do?"
  • Kim cutting off Drakken's one-liner.
    Drakken: Kim Possible! Looks like you've reached the-
    Kim: End of the line?
    Drakken: ...I hate when she does that.
  • Drakken's Last-Second Word Swap as his mother comes in while he had Kim and her mother tied up.
    Drakken: You have been a bee in my bonnet for far too long! Prepare to meet-
    Mama Lipsky: Drew?
    Drakken: -my mother.
  • "You're loving this, aren't you?" *nod nod nod*
  • Anne gets in on the fun too. It almost looks like she made Drakken Rage Quit as he just grabs Shego and leaves.
    Drakken: Now then, when we reach the gorge, I'll be-
    Anne: Dropping you off?
    Drakken: Another lippy Possible?!? GAH! Come Shego, let's get what we came for.
Motor Ed Ron Millionaire
  • The exact moment that Ron sees how much is on his cheque:
    Ron: Are you saying that because I'm rich?
    Bonnie: Uh-huh.
    Ron: Cool!
  • Kim tells Ron that she's worried and we get this moment:
    Ron: Oh, okay, I get it. You think this is gonna be one of those times when I suddenly turn into some out-of-control guy, and go way overboard with the whole money thing.
    Ron: Kim, I swear, this money will NOT change me!
    [Gilligan Cut to Ron entering school the very next day decked out in bling-bling and Cool Shades, accompanied by an entourage, tossing his money around to the entire student body (and Mr. Barkin) while "Celebration" plays in the background]

    Season 3 
Steel Wheels
  • Drakken was fed up with having his cousin around for most of the episode, mostly with Motor Ed constantly saying, "Seriously" at the end of every sentence...we now cut to this bit.
    Kim: How do my foes find each other?
    Drakken: We're related...
    Kim: Seriously?
    Drakken & Motor Ed: Seriously.
    • Which is funnier still when you consider that John DiMaggio provides the voices for both.
    • This bit that prompts Drakken to unleash his pony tail:
      Motor Ed: Dude! I just noticed man, you've got a little baby mullet back there. Set it free, cousin! Set it free!
Emotion Sickness
  • "Emotion Sickness" was a hilarious episode through and through for having Kim and Shego acting completely out of character and Ron and Drakken having absolutely no idea what's gotten into them, but giggle fits were had when Shego said in a fit of anger, "I. LIKE. KISSY FACE!!!!"
  • Ron trying to hide from Kim in the pickle suit, and the ensuing scene with Monique.
    Ron: Psst! Monique!
    Monique: Kosher Dilly?
    Ron: Coast clear?
    Monique: Clear for what?
    Ron: Kim. She's crushing on me.
    Monique: Kim's crushing? On you?
    Ron: Yes. And it's freaking me out!
    Monique: Sure you're not majorly misinterpreting?
    Ron: Just go with me on this, Monique. Kim has it bad for Ron.
    Monique: And...that's not good?
    Ron: I-I don't know, it's not that I haven't thought about this, I mean, who hasn't? I'm just...
    Monique (giggles) In a pickle?
    Ron: Oh, how I rue the day I ever volunteered for Kosher Dilly duty.
    Monique: You want my advice?
    Ron: Yes, okay!
    Monique: Lose the pickle suit.
    Ron: No, not yet. And if you see Kim, you didn't see me, got it?
    Monique: And what if Kim sees me seeing you?
    Ron: What?
    (Monique points to Kim, who is standing right behind him)
    Ron: AAH! KIM!
    Kim: Ronnie, I have a little favor to ask...
    Ron: (Loud Gulp) Uh, Sorry, KP, I was just - leaving! (books it)
    Kim: He's shy, but so cute!
    Monique: I'd say green and freaked.
  • Or when Kim kissed Ron, under the influence of the Moodulator... right when Wade popped up on screen in her locker, seeing the whole thing... he literally does a spit take — AND falls out of his chair in shock!
    • Then afterwards, when Ron was obviously in a daze from the kiss, and Kim being flirty under the influence are pretty much ignoring Wade:
      Wade: [has a mix of shock and confusion in his expression] I, um, just wanted to let you know I got a link through the Kimmunicator and — were you guys just smacking lips?!
      Kim: [giggling] Great, Wade...
      Ron: [in a daze from the kiss] Whatever you say.
      Kim: [nuzzles her nose on Ron's cheek] I'm gonna get ready for tonight! Rrowr!
      Wade: Whoa, what's going on?! (Ron still in a daze, just shuts the locker door over Wade, who is still talking) THIS ISN'T NORMAL!!! HELLO?!?
  • Or this exchange with Shego and Drakken when she's under the influence:
    Shego: [massaging Drakken's shoulder and forehead] Awww, Dr. D is tired and frustrated from all his hard worky worky.
    Drakken: Uh... yes, well, I do sometimes burn the candle at both ends...
    Shego: Sounds like somebody could use a [leans towards his ear] little breaky-poo.
    Drakken: [starts to look nervous and weirded out] Breaky... poo?
    Shego: [grabs Drakken and runs off with him] Don't mind if we do!
  • When the Moodulator controller shorts out:
    Dr. Bortel: The circuits have been fried!
    Ron: So that means Kim's back to normal, right? PLEASE TELL ME KIM'S BACK TO NORMAL!
    Dr. Bortel: I'm afraid your friend is now locked into an irreversible frenzy of rage.
    Ron: [deadpan] Dude, what'd I just say?
  • When Ron tries to calm Kim down:
    Ron: Kim, chill. It's me, Ron.
    Kim: [totally pissed] Chyeah! Ron Heartbreaker!
    Ron: [totally terrified] AHH! NO! STOPPABLE! [runs away] IT'S PRONOUNCED STOPPABLE!
  • Another scene:
    Ron: Okay. So Kim and I have been best buds forever...maybe dating is the next step. I mean what's not to like about Kim? I mean, she's smart and cute... Dating could be good, y'know, the date thing...what if it tanks? (plane shooting sounds; followed by Ron chugging a can of Soda; then playing with a piece of dental floss) This could totally wreck our friendship! No, no, I'm not gonna let that happen! Only one thing to do: break up with Kim! Thanks, man, you've been a big help.
    Mr. Barkin: (irritably) Stoppable, how did you get in my house?
    • It's how completely unconcerned he sounds as he says this that sells it. The scene is set up with Ron wandering around a room in what we assume is his house, monologuing about his troubles with Kim (currently hopped up on the romance setting of the emotion modulator stuck to her neck), and at the end we discover he's been talking to someone, whose identity is revealed as Mr. Barkin. The funny comes from several factors: one, the speech is interspersed with a couple of shots of Ron wasting time, implying he's spent several hours in his rambling monologue; two, Barkin's reveal implies that he's been there the whole time - in his bathrobe; and, three, he's not so much worried about a crazy student as he is annoyed that it's Stoppable... being goofy... again. You start to wonder why Barkin didn't kick Ron out much sooner.
  • The scene of Ron picking Kim up for their "date." First off, we have Kim's parents revealing that they were Shippers On Deck the whole time (which is a very interesting thought, if you mull it over, and is a good little nugget of info for So the Drama later on) and then Kim's dad casually telling Ron he'll drop him in a black hole if he hurts Kim. Then there's Kim in her Little Black Dress and both Ron and Rufus' eyes bug out of their heads at the very sight.
  • And in the Drakken and Shego corner:
    Dr D.: I'm just going to go and supercharge the laser on that float so we can do evil. We like evil, don't we?
    Shego: [having a Moodulator-induced crying jag] You're leaving in my time of need!
  • Or this bit, after Shego had some mega whammy mood swings, Drakken is curled up in the fetal position behind a pole, saying: "Did I forget your birthday? Is that what this is about? Because I'm scared. *sucks thumb*"
  • Or Drakken's sudden shift from gloating about Kim being "locked into an irreversible frenzy of rage" to horrified realization of how much trouble he's in when Bortle asks what happened to the second moodulator chip.
    Drakken: A scorned woman! HAHAHA! The perfect weapon!
    Dr. Bortel: If she's wearing Moodulator #1, then where is the second one?
    Drakken: The second one? Uh-oh...
    Shego: DRAKKEN!!!!
  • Ron "breaking up" with Kim;
    Ron: OK look, we've known each other a long time. We're a great team but...
    [Moodulator switches Kim's mood to "happy"]
    Kim: Haha! Team! [laughs] Yeah, you said "team".
    Ron: Heh, yeah... Earth to KP! "Team" is not funny. Being serious here. Dating could complicate things —
    [Moodulator switches Kim's mood to "serious"]
    Kim: Things should never be complicated.
    Ron: Well, that's what I thought. That's why I think we should —
    [Moodulator switches Kim's mood to "upset"]
    Kim: (sniff) You're breaking up with me?
    Ron: Yes. NO! Well... yeah. But, y'know, don't get upset.
    Kim: Oh I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I...
    [Kim runs off crying]
    Ron: No, come back! Your dad's gonna put me in a black hole!
  • The literal Mood Whiplash as both Kim and Shego go through, well, Moodulator whiplash.
  • And the way Kim and Shego team up to handle their "irreversible frenzy of rage".
    Kim: (trying to kill Ron) Men!
    Shego: (trying to kill Drakken) Oh yeah!
  • Ron hides inside of a parade float, only to come across Drakken also hiding there.
    Drakken: Find your own hiding place!
    Ron: Oh, right! Like you called dibs.
    Drakken: Well, I am now. Dibs! Ha!
    Ron: Well, I'm calling double dibs!
    Drakken: (grumbles and gets up to leave) You've won this round with your superior dib-calling. But that won't save us from them!
Dimension Twist
  • Trapped in TV Land, Kim and Shego fetch up in a Fear Factor-style stunt show:
    Presenter: We are ninety storeys above a busy street! Are you scared?
    Shego: Nope.
    Kim: Should we be?
    Presenter: Yes! Because you're about to do a bungee jump! Scared yet?
    Kim: Nah.
    Shego: Are you?
    Presenter: Why would I be scared?
    Shego: [grabs him and jumps] Here we go pretty boooooy!
    Kim: [vaguely annoyed] Oh, Shego. [jumps after her]
    • From the same episode, we have Dr. Drakken on the Puppet Pals, which is a Sugar Bowl show. After the Puppet Pals realize that Dr. Drakken is a meanie, they immediately summon Mr. Sitdown, who immediately sits on top of Dr. Drakken.
    • The entire episode is pretty funny, with highlights being Shego getting stuck in a sitcom, Kim getting stuck as a Red Shirt on a Star Trek inspired show, both of them getting stuck in ER, and Drakken getting a makeover.
    • And their version of The Hollywood Squares, with triangles (likely unintentionally referencing another show like that, Battlestars which was also from Merrill Heatter), and Drakken, in the center triangle, complains nobody picks him.
  • While Ron is searching for the book in various villain lairs, he comes across Shego:
    Shego: Where's Possible?
    Shego: Whoa-ho-ho-ho there! Never said she was. [smirks]
    Ron: [uncomfortably] Oooooh...Haha-ha-ha...sss-awkwaaard...
Rappin' Drakken
  • We find out that, instead of using the time for a project, Ron spent five weeks trying to keep a spoon on his nose.
    Ron: I was, uh...Yeah, I was working on another project...
    • He later submitted his American Idol-style video as his school assignment, and it worked.
  • The beginning, where Kim and Ron ambush Drakken and Shego's initial scheme.
    Drakken: While Shego keeps you busy, I shall launch my Hypertronic Devastator drone! [does just that]
    Kim: Wait, no countdown?
    Shego: No, no, he's actually learning.
    Drakken: You see, during the time it takes the computer voice to count backwards from ten, you always manage to defeat me. Not anymore!
    Ron: (holding out a metal piece) Uh, dude, is this important?
    Drakken: [gasps] THE GYROSCOPIC CONTROL UNIT! Where'd you get this?
    Ron: Yeah, well, we actually snuck in by climbing up your whatever-it-is...
    Drakken: Hypertronic Devastator Drone!
    Ron: Yes, and I slipped, and I had to kinda grab on to something, and it kinda snapped off.
    Drakken: Without the gyroscopic control unit, the drone will—! (alarm blares; Drakken looks up to see the drone falling out of the sky, making a dive bomb right toward his lair) ...instantly crash. YOU BUFFOON!
    Ron: Ah, I do what I can.
    (As Kim and Shego continue to fight, Drakken's goons run past them, fleeing for their lives.)
    Kim: Uh, maybe we should get outta here.
    Shego: Good call!
    (Everyone flees out of the lair and dives into the ocean, as the drone crashes on the lair. KABOOM!!!)
  • Drakken's rap. Fo sheezy; it's off the heezy.
Gorilla Fist
  • Yori's second appearance, where Kim starts "jelling" over her and Ron.
    • Ron trying to introduce Yori to Kim without giving away her identity as a ninja. Neither of them were impressed.
    Ron: Oh, sure, y'know, Yori from *thinks* seventh period history. No, no, she's an old pal, Wanaweep. *Yori glares* We've never met, actually! What do you want?! Who are you, stranger who I do not know?!
    Kim: But you just said her name is Yori.
    Ron: Yori! It's a common name, y'know, in Japan. Whai-i-i-i-i-i gotta go! Bye!
  • This line...

    Season 4 
Ill Suited The Big Job
  • Kim and Ron track Shego and Junior to San Francisco where they're planning to pull a job. Kim ends up fighting Shego while Junior searches fruitlessly for a parking space. Ron passes by a few seconds later with the same problem.
    Shego: You too??
    Kim: Yea! What's up with this city?!
    (Resume fighting)
The Cupid Effect
  • Señor Senior Senior seems to be reading a love poem to Wade's mother, but it's actually a parking ticket.
  • Wade reads a "love note for Monique" Ron gave him.
    Wade: The humble earthworm is vital to agriculture, it moves through the soil by excreting lubricating mucus.
    Kim and Monique: Ewww!
    Ron: Oh, wait! That's my biology report. Oh, that means...!
    (cut to Mr. Barkin reading Ron's report)
    Mr. Barkin: Well, that's a very nice thought. A-Plus, Stoppable, (sniffs) A-plus!
  • When Kim asks what the Seniors have stolen from Wade, Ron cracks up under pressure.
    Ron: Wade invented a bun-warmer that makes girls fall in love with him!
    Beat as Kim tries to process all this.
    Wade: IT WAS RON'S IDEA!
    Ron: WHAT?! Not intentionally!
  • Wade's suggestion to infiltrate Junior's show is to grapple to the top of the building and enter through the roof with Kim and Ron's grapple guns and his own grapple belt, but Ron reminds him that Monique wouldn't be able to follow them. She suggests just walking through the front door.
    Kim: Right, good idea. Just one problem: ladies only.
    Beat. Wade and Ron look at each other a moment before the implications hit them
    Ron: Oh, no you don't!
    Wade: They did.
  • Ron distracts Junior.
    Ron: (rips off wig) Give me back my girlfriend!
    Junior starts snickering
    Ron: Dude, what is so funny?
    Junior: (laughing) I thought you were a lady!
    Ron: Well, you are no gentleman.
  • Later in the episode, Señor Senior Senior introduces Wade to his bodyguards Evil and Treachery.
    Senior: You genius cannot beat my evil or my treachery. Have you met my bodyguards, Evil and Treachery?
Car Alarm
  • Ron does some lampshading twice in this episode. Once about a Noodle Incident...and the other about the crows that kept attacking him for no apparent reason.
    • The Noodle Incident lampshade-involves Kim trying to fix up a hand-me down, broken down car her father gave her. Things aren't working out at all...somehow Ron is entangled in wires, he wasn't even doing anything to help fix the car.
      Ron: Wait a minute?! I wasn't even helping! How did this happen?!
      • The second lampshade was the 3rd time the crows came and attacked him, the third time in particular came literally out of nowhere!
        Ron: (getting pecked) AAAHH!! THIS IS JUST SO RANDOM!!!!
  • The misinterpretation Kim and Ron initially give the 'magno-rings'...
    Rufus: (imitates Wedding Bells)
    Ron: [flustered] I...I had nothing to do with this!
Grande Size Me
  • Another spoofed Aesop, "Grande Size Me", the episode was outright a parody of "Super Size Me", but it was hilariously making fun of the healthy eating aesop that the Executives pushed onto our creators, by having Ron-at the very end of the episode-delivering the "I learned something today" speech to camera (and getting the wrong moral, telling us to stay out of mutating chemicals instead of eating healthy food), while a growing crowd behind him wonders who on Earth he's actually actually addressing.
    Barkin: (just after the fade out) Stoppable! Office, NOW!
Mad Dogs and Aliens
  • Ron tries to grab a part of a wind chime to copy a move Kim just did, succeeding only in brushing the bottom part of it enough to make it move.
    Ron: Failure has never sounded so soothing.
Big Bother
  • The Running Gag with Monkey Fist letting one of his monkey ninjas drive, followed by their running into something and Monkey Fist saying, "That's what I get for letting the monkey drive."
  • By the end of the episode, Ron is at Sacky MCMXXXIIII. He's gone through 1934 bags, bought all the flour bags at Smarty Mart and still got a F- because Sacky MCMXXXIIII was sugar.
Fashion Victim
  • Mr. Barkin slowly becomes crazy during his time in the crate.
    Mr. Barkin: (stir crazy) Why do you keep calling me Mr. Barkin? (grabs a cow) HE'S MR. BARKIN!
Stop Team Go
  • This part:
    Hego: Electronique?! You broke out of the specially constructed non-conductive plastic prison?
    Mego: No. She's still there. Of course she broke out, you big dolt!
  • Also from that episode, the discussion of:
    Electronique: And bring Go City to its knees!
    Hego: Technically, cities don't have knees.
    Mego: That a whadda ya call it, a simile.
    Wego 1: It's not a simile.
    Wego 2: It's a metaphor.
    Hego: The topic here is geography, not English. Or is it anatomy?
  • The subplot was about Drakken's miserably failed attempts at opening a pickle jar, even getting help from all the henchmen but Shego and resorting to his evil genius.
    (the jar is under a death ray)
    Drakken: will learn...the PRICE...of DEFYING ME!
    (Drakken fires the death ray, then looks in the crater: the jar is intact)
    • At the end of the episode Shego has returned, and Drakken presents her with the jar:
      Shego: This is Operation Gherkin?!
      Drakken: Seriously, I've tried everything.
      [Shego opens the jar with absolutely no effort, gives it back to Drakken and walks away]
      Drakken: Oh, sure! After I loosened it!
  • Kim's reaction when Ron gets turned evil again. It's barely even worried, just exasperated with a bit of 'of course that had to happen'.
Mather and Fervent
  • The credits:
    Mr. Barkin: Interesting report you turned in, Stoppable. Your dad, AKA, "Hero", is a member of the Middleton Search and Rescue?
    Ron: Yep.
    Mr. Barkin: Also volunteers at the local fire department?
    Ron: Affirmative.
    Mr. Barkin: And while in the confines of a certain infinity-dome he can convert pure mathematical thought into blasts of energy that fire out of his skull.
    Ron: Yeah, it's an actuary thing.
    Mr. Barkin: I see. Your dad rocks! A-plus!
Clean Slate
  • Every amnesiac Kim moment.
    Kim: Kim? Kim who?
    Ron: Possible!
    Kim: What is?
    Ron: You are.
    Kim: Am what?
    Ron: Kim Possible.
    Kim: That is so not a name.
    Mr.Possible: Well, anything's possible for a Possible!
    Kim: That's a name.
    Mr.Possible: That's the spirit!
    Mrs.Possible: [holds a mini-flashlight to Kim's eyes] Well at least she remembers how to speak.
    Kim: Ooohhh! [takes the flashlight] Light, bright!
    • Of all things, what restored Kim's memory about dating Ron is the latter losing his pants again.
    • When they try to stop Shego from robbing a bank and Kim doesn't recognize her.
    Kim: Are you sure I know her?
    Shego: Sure, sure, I was a senior when you were a freshmen. Oh, and you owe me ten bucks.
    Kim: Oh, I'm sorry, here. (pulls money out)
    Ron: (stammers) Don't give her money. And she's older than that (shudders) a lot older.
    Shego: (defensive) So I like the sun. Back off, sidekick.
Homecomung Upset
  • Kim and Wade are seeking clues for a kidnapped programmer. They reach his gated community, and Kim asks Wade how good he is at fence jumping. Wade replies that he's terrible at it, but doesn't usually find it to be necessary, opening the gate with a remote. Kim mock pouts.
    Kim: But I like jumping over stuff.
Graduation - Part 1
  • Two words: Marigold Drakken.
    Drakken: I look like a kid playing a flower in a school play!
  • Barkin screaming, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES PEOPLE! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!" then doing a nose dive into the audience, during the first part of the Grand Finale.
Graduation - Part 2
  • The ultimate Drakken-Shego Ship Tease moment in the series finale, Played for Laughs, of course. After being reunited, Kim and Ron run over and hug each other. Nearby, Drakken and Shego run to each other and stop dead when they realize what they were about to do.
    Drakken: SHEG—(stops, awkwardly puts his hands down and turns around) Uh, 'bout time you got here!
    Shego: (plays with her hair, also sounding awkward) Yeah, yeah, I-I've - I've got a lot on my plate now, so y'know, just...(clears throat)
  • In the credits scene of "Graduation", we see Drakken about to tell the story of how his skin turned blue. It cuts before we even hear the beginning.
    Drakken: Funny story - not funny "ha-ha." It was a Tuesday...

  • Everything with Drakken's mother, who honestly believes that her son is a Talk-Show host and not a mad scientist.
    Mama Lipsky: Drew? What does this button do?
  • From the video game What's the Switch:
    (Kim and Shego are both going in for Dementor's lair; Monkey Fist is going to deal with Shego while Dementor wonders what to use against Kim)
    Dementor: Now what to use that is unnecessarily evil... Yes! My Tectonic Seismic Disinhibitor! [spoken with increasing giddiness and joy]
    Monkey Fist: Your what?
    Dementor: It's a doomsday device you IDIOT!
  • Meta example: This show's creation stemmed from the creators exchanging the following sentences: "Kim Possible, she can do anything." and "And Ron Stoppable, well, he can't."