Funny / Kid vs. Kat

  • In "Beware The Were-Coop" Dennis believes that Coop is a werecat. So what does he do? Throw silver spoons at Coop.
    Dennis: See, they hurt because they're silver! Werecat!
    *He throws another spoon at Coop, landing directly on his head.*
    Coop: They hurt because they're spoons!
  • "Flea Brains" has Coop using a Baseball Score Machine to keep track of how often he's humiliated Kat... and then after Kat turns the tables with robot fleas, he also uses it to score himself.
  • Mr. Maid... just, Kat as Mr. Maid from "Trash Talking."
  • The episode "Rebel With A Claw" begins with Coop, Dennis, Lorn and Harley staragazing. Dennis hands the star chart to Lorn and asks him to study it, but he says he can't read it. Coop isn't surprised.
    • After a "meteorite" (actually an alien spaceship) lands in Lorn and Harley's garage, when they notice the damage done, they call it awesome.
  • When the robot from "Tickled Pink" rebuilds itself, the head accidentally lands on its crotch, causing Coop, Kat, and even Kat Commander to wince.