YMMV: Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama

  • Fashion-Victim Villain: After taking over Bueno Nacho, Drakken trades his lab coat for a business suit — a light blue business suit with a silly-looking print pattern.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A redheaded Disney heroine falls head over heels for a seemingly perfect guy, only for him to crush her with a Wham Line revealing he was Evil All Along, prompting her to hook up with the blond guy whose affection she'd been completely oblivious to. Worked so well, Disney decided to use it again.
  • Idiot Ball: After successfully playing Kim and Ron throughout the entire film, at the last moment, just before he's about to take over the world, Drakken grasps this by forgetting to confiscate Kim's gadgets after capturing her, specifically the Electromagnetic Scrambler.
  • Memetic Mutation: The phrase "Out there, in here" has become synonymous with Kim and Ron's romance among the fans.