Suit-Up of Destiny
Hey, it's better than saving the world in your pajamas.

Zed: Let's put it on.
J: Put what on?
Zed: The last suit you'll ever wear.

You just accepted the Call to Adventure, and you have everything ready. You just finished your Training from Hell, you know Kung Fu, and you have your trusty katana. But something is missing... wait, are you going to fight in jeans and a T-shirt? Hell no! That's not in The Chosen One's Dress Code! It's time for the Suit-Up of Destiny!

Many heroes are not seen in their street clothes, but you can't have an origin story without the character finding and putting on his trademark wardrobe for the first time. This moment is very important, because these very clothes will soon become a part of the hero's identity.

Common in super hero movies and video game series that involve trademark clothing. The hero putting on his trademark clothing is exciting and is actually looked forward to. Without them, the hero is not who he is supposed to be. Can lead to a Mundane Made Awesome moment. The best way to know this trope is in play is when you can say "These clothes are going to be very important in this character's life" without guessing. A Lock and Load Montage may be included if heavy weaponry is part of the uniform.

Compare and Contrast Unnecessary Makeover, where a girl may get an important makeover around the end of the movie, but no one really thought it was... necessary.

Compare and Contrast Transformation Sequence, in that there may actually be a sequence, however, it only appears once and the sequence may never happen again until a new costume is revealed.


Anime and Manga
  • This occurs in Bleach a few times;
    • Ichigo in the first episode after gaining Soul Reaper powers for the first time. Then for a second time after he loses his powers and gets them back.
    • Ishida when he reveals he's going to go to Soul Society with Ichigo to rescue Rukia (lampshaded by having Ichigo question his fashion sense). Then for a second time after he loses his powers and gets them back.
    • And finally, as part of a reveal, this is used to show that Isshin, Ichigo's father, was a Soul Reaper all along. Apparently for a second time having lost them before and now got them back.
  • Code Geass episode 4, where Lelouch first dons the iconic Zero costume.

Film — Live Action
  • Iron Man got to pull this off three times. Once with the armor cobbled together out of twisted wiring and spit, once with the prototype suit that Tony first went flying in, and finally with the first red and gold model.
    • The second film has one involving the briefcase suit.
    • The Avengers does this with the Mark VII after Loki throws Tony out of his Star Tower penthouse. Judging by Tony's expression, he's not at all worried about nearly smashing to the ground, as the armor is assembling itself around him from a flying pod.
    • Happens several times in the third film as well, as the latest model of the armor has individual pieces flying to him from half a country away.
  • Men in Black. The scene where J puts on his Men in Black uniform for the first time, provides the page quote.
    And it's even given an ironic echo in the sequel when J has to track down K and bring him out of retirement;
    J: It's time to put it on.
    K: Put what on?
    J: The last suit you'll ever
  • Dragonball Evolution when Goku finally puts on his iconic orange gi.
  • Name a superhero movie where this doesn't happen.
  • Subverted and played straight in Captain America: The First Avenger. Subverted the first time Cap appears in his iconic costume, as there's nothing dramatic about it — he's popping up on stage in a garishly bright outfit for a bond rally. Later, the trope is played straight after Cap gets his shield and suits up to raid a HYDRA base, revealing a more practical (and subdued) version of his uniform.
  • interestingly; the actual act suiting up itself has so far been averted for DC's recent film adaptations of it's two most iconic heroes. In the case of Batman- in the original run, he was already Batman when the film kicked off. For the Nolan's Batman Begins, Bruce is seen testing various elements of the suit - but we never actually see him strap in the finished product, the first clear look we get is after he presents himself to the mobsters. Same more or less applies to Superman, in Man of Steel, Clark is shown his suit and the scene immediately cuts to him dramatically walking out into the Arctic with it already on, cape billowing into wind and all.
  • In Kingsman: The Secret Service, Eggsy donning his suit for the first time signals the start of the climax.

  • In Children of the Lens, when Clarrissa Kinnison finally brings herself to wear the Gray Lensman uniform she's entitled to.
  • In the Heralds of Valdemar series, graduation from a Herald-Trainee to a full Herald is marked by a simple wardrobe change from the grey Trainee uniform to Heraldic Whites.

Live-Action TV
  • Clark Kent tried to have such a moment in the Smallville Season 10 opener "Lazarus" but it was aborted by Jor-El.
  • Almost every Doctor, from the Third onwards, in Doctor Who gets at least several moments to choose, dress, and walk around in their new Iconic Outfits to let the audience get a visual feel for exactly what kind of Doctor they are going to be.
  • The final flashback of the How I Met Your Mother episode "Game Night", aka "Barney Begins". Bonus points in that it's not only the first time Barney suits up, but also the origin of his Catch Phrase "Suit up!"

Real Life
  • This happens in Real Life military personnel put on their uniforms for the first time.
  • Graduation and Wedding gowns also count, even though they are (usually) only worn one time.

Video Games


Web Original
  • While Dr. Horrible technically already has a costume, the sequence of him dramatically donning a new darker-feeling red-and-black version of it after going from villain wannabe to full supervillain still has this vibe to it.
  • In Maximilian Christiansen's series on Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Assist Me, Wesker does a very Badass one here.
  • Linkara gets one near the climax of his "Ghost of the Machine" story arc. After reflecting that he had been doing this work for over five years, he decides it's time for a change. He discards the brown suede jacket, reddish plaid shirt, grey t-shirt and jeans that had become his Iconic Outfit and, after an awesome montage, steps out with a white dress shirt, brown waistcoat and tie, brown pants with his magic gun on a belt holster and a dark brown Badass Longcoat with a mantle, all with an overall effect of what it would look like if Harry Dresden decided to cosplay as the Tenth Doctor.

Western Animation
  • In Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, we see flashbacks where Bruce tried a normal outfit and a ski mask. The thugs weren't impressed. Later, only after the love of his life disappears, do we see him constructing and putting on the Bat-outfit. It is a moment so epic that even Alfred is taken aback and slightly frightened! Here, just watch it!