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Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]

  • "Dearly Beloved", as always, is lovely. This time taking on an adorable music boxy sound, to go with the adorable look of the game.
  • Daybreak Town's Field Theme is a sweet, optimistic little number that captures the innocence of the setting.
  • Daybreak Town's Battle Theme, meanwhile, is a catchy, upbeat track that has a modern Sonic the Hedgehog vibe to it.

Drammatica and Memória!

  • "Destati" got worked over, adding much more brass and giving a much more epic feel, making the original, once one of the greatest songs in the series, seem meek in comparison.
  • The theme associated with Roxas, the Other Promise, also gained its own orchestral version. Most of the song is spent building up, but the final climax brings both chills to the spine and a tear to the eye.
  • There's also "Twinkle Twinkle Holidays", an orchestration of the theme used in Christmas Town. While not epic in the same way as the others listed here, it is still worth mentioning.
  • What takes the cake, though, is the masterpiece known as "The 13th Anthology". Yoko Shimomura took every single track within the games that had used Another Side's central theme (and The Encounter), and worked them together into one goosebump-inducing song.
  • Yoko Shimomura's second compilation album, Memória!, has a new arrangement of "Vector to the Heavens", Xion's theme. The 1:30 preview needs to be heard.
  • Memória!'s version of Dearly Beloved is a simple but stunning rendition of the classic theme.

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