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Awesome Music: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
  • All three of the game's remixes from The World Ends with You: "Twister", "Calling", and "Someday".
  • As the tradition goes, a new and amazing version of Dearly Beloved just as beautiful as all the others. Especially when it's played when Sora and Riku save Mickey in Symphony of Sorcery.
  • Xigbar's own leitmotif, debuting in this game. It's the Organization XIII theme, only with a faster rhythm - a waltz, to be correct - and a creepy violin theme playing underneath. This is meant to invoke an unpleasant effectnote ; and while it'd be spoileriffic to say why, this theme fits Xigbar and Braig perfectly, summing up his prominent role in the formation of the rest of the Organization.
  • Link to All is very upbeat theme that very well emphasizes Sora's ability to link so many hearts.
  • As usual, the game features several awesome remixes of "Destati", including the two themes of Ansem, the last Dive into Sora's heart, and the theme of the final battle with Armored Ventus Nightmare.
    • For added awesome, the final battle theme is orchestrated in a style reminiscent of Vanitas's battle theme.
  • Sora's theme gets a remake that still keeps on rolling.
  • Shimomura still knows how to make great credit music.
  • "Distant From You" has a sad and nostalgic theme to it. Perfectly suiting the scene it plays in: Meeting Xion and Namine.
  • "Broken Reality" starts cheery, but slowly descends into a song that personifies a very childish madness.
  • Traverse Town's new theme, "Traverse In Trance", sounds really sweet and relaxed. Even more than the original.
    • "Hand To Hand", its battle theme, is a really sweet remix of Hand In Hand!
  • While it may not be a Disney-related song, "La Cloche" and "Le Sanctuaire" are very ominous and suiting of one of the darkest Disney movies.
  • "Sweet Spirits" is sugary elevator music.
  • "Majestic Wings" is pretty awesome.
  • "Even After" is a brighter "Distant From You".
  • "Rinzler Recompiled". Pure essence of EPIC.
  • "UNTAMABLE", the most recurring Dream Eater boss themes, gives off a fun fair vibe, inviting you to enjoy the fight, while being fairly epic! This is in contrast to a good part of the other KH boss themes which are usually ominous and foreboding, while being epic.
  • Ice-Hot Lobster, like many Dream Eater boss themes, invites you to just enjoy the fight and have fun!
  • Gigabyte Mantis gives a techno feel to the usual Dream Eater music, and works you up to excitement as you battle the boss!
  • While Chernabog kept "Night On Bald Mountain" as his boss theme in the international and Final Mix of Kingdom Hearts, Some argue that the version used is pretty much inferior to the original. Thankfully, 3D remade it into something much more awesome to listen too, and it makes the fight ten times more epic!
  • "All For One", Country of the Musketeers' battle theme, is very energetic and cheery. The playful and peppy runs are what really sell the piece.
    • "One For All", its field theme, is similarly energetic and cheery, but in a way more fitting of running around and exploring, rather than battling.
  • "L'Impeto Oscuro", a truly epic remix of Dark Impetus.
  • "L'Oscurita dell'Ignoto" is a truly amazing rearrangement of Darkness of the Unknown. The violin gives off a very ominous, urgent vibe which really suits the fact that it plays during the fight that shatters Sora's heart.
  • There's also "L'Eminenza Oscura", the new battle theme of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Interestingly, it's what's missing from the song that makes it creepier than previous remixes. It starts off much like the first game's final boss theme, but then shifts into part of "Dismiss", the song from Aqua's fight with Terranort. Except Terra's Theme is missing from this part of the song. There is also the second part of the song which plays during Ansem's second phase. With extra emphasis on the "Dismiss" part of the song.
  • "The Nightmare" and "The Dream". When the former comes up, you know that something bad is going to happen, and the latter is a soothing playful melody that calms your soul.
  • "Sacred Distance", the haunting theme of The World That Never Was.
  • "Prankster's Party" is very energetic, and becomes just beautiful once the violin kicks in.
  • Deep Drive's remix, "Deep Drop". Note that it also has some parts which resemble "Fragments of Sorrow".
  • Xehanort the "Early Years", aka Young Xehanort's Theme. It sounds like a mix of Xehanort's Theme and Katz motif.
  • "Shaded Truths", one of the suspense themes.
  • The normal fantasy party-like Dive theme "Storm Diver", and the boss Dive theme "Wild Blue".
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