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Fanfic Recs: Kingdom Hearts
Proof that the remaining 10% is worth falling into darkness for here.

Let's face it: by the very nature of its setting and storyline, this series is a breeding ground for good fanfics. And it really couldn't get any stranger than a Yoda-like Mickey, right?

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Kingdom Hearts, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

Remember to warn for common triggers.

Add new examples at the bottom of the section, please.

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     Authors and Websites 

Figment Tree and Quake With Fear
  • Recommended by L Guardinal
  • Figment Tree and Quake With Fear are two great authors. Figment Tree mostly has gen one-shots, with a bit of slash/het, and one on-going (possibly dead) AU, Institution XIII. Quake With Fear has more slashy stuff, but the vast majority of her work is very dark and very gory (she's startlingly good at describing pain and guts. Not for the faint of heart, or stomach), with some one-shots and a few on-going fics (or rather, one on-going fic, and a few starts).

Shire Folk who is writing the series "The Annals of Darkness." (Divided into "The Beginning," "A Week of Troubles," and "The War."

  • Recommended by Handle2, whitesouldragon
  • Several engaging stories including a TWEWY Crossover.
    • Returning Home is a particularly excellent example of this author's work. Even if it does seem to be Dead Fic after only two chapters, those two chapters are definitely worth reading, as they are the most realistic interpretation of post-canon events this troper has ever seen.

  • Recommended by tropertea
  • Has a very interesting take on Org. 13 that you don't see everyday, particularly on how Namine meshes in in with the rest of the group, despite being rather vaguely defined.

  • Recommended by Mariko-chan, Monsta.
  • Has just a little over sixty stories about Kingdom Hearts, and focuses mainly on the friendship of Axel, Demyx, and Roxas. She also takes alternate routes about the former two Somebodies, AND covers plots that most wouldn't think of doing. She has at least two OCs that joined the Organization, but besides focusing on how one was recruited, none of her fics are focused on them. Be warned, though; a few of her fics are Tear Jerkers, and, if you're going from a happy fic to a depressing one, Mood Whiplash.

Luc Court
  • This guy's been mentioned multiple times, so let's put him here:
    • A Sorrow of Magpies by Luc Court
      • Recommended by Quillpaw, ccoa, Daikiwixep, Socrathetic, Nadrixam, Quanyails
      • Synopsis: A Sorrow of Magpies shows the formation of Organization XIII, mostly focusing on Vexen. It starts with the formation of the original six, and the formation of their base, then gradually adds on the newer members.
      • Comments: This is a truly amazing story.
      • Just the right amount of humor to leaven the drama. For a miracle, it doesn't characterize the organization as tragically misunderstood antivillains, but as truly dark individuals. Despite the fact that all of the core six cross the Moral Event Horizon, you still want to keep reading to the end. All the characterizations are spot-on and the story works with the KH canon almost seamlessly. Definitely a must-read.
      • Though A Sorrow of Magpies is a fan backstory to Kingdom Hearts, and only the main games (1, CoM, 2) are used as a guideline, it still develops Organization XIII to the point it's canon, like stated above. Likewise, Luc Court doesn't see some characters as their twisted versions in fanon, but as who they truly seem to be. One point that piques this troper, though, is the purple prose-ish writing in the story.
      • The author, though very good, does have a habit of purple prose in all his fics.
    • Pastoral Symphony in Blue Minor by Luc Court
      • Recommended by Flight
      • Synopsis: When Yen Sid gets a mischievous water spirit called Myde for a servant, he doesn't expect to actually grow fond of him, but he especially doesn't expect the whispers of shadows beyond the borders of music to stretch closer.
      • Comments: This is non-canon, but a very good story concerning the origins of Demyx.
    • Scheherazade, another by Luc Court
      • Recommended by Thinks Too Much
      • Synopsis: One-shot regarding Namine in The World That Never Was, before the start of the Castle Oblivion project. More accurately, it's regarding every member of the organization having to put her to bed, and each of their different variations on a bedtime story.
      • Fascinating, full of Mood Whiplash done right - or more accurately, a story with a lot of funny moments but told in a very wistful, tragic tone. Lyrical and oddly touching, with intriguing imagery and with hints of a tribute to stories. According to the author it's a tie in with the above-recced A Sorrow Of Magpies, but you don't have to have read the first.

  • Reccommended by BlackPearlPrincess
  • She only has 6 stories, all of which are currently completed but the quality of the writing and the length of those stories is truly astounding. Her shortest multi-chapter story has just under 75,000 words and her longest has 220,000 for gods' sake! She's also published a oneshot with 20,000 words. She has enough skill to dip in and out of different genres with each story and not make it seem like a noob writing it. She focuses on different couples also. For example, The City is at War is a crime thriller focusing on the Cloud/Leon pairing while Haunted by An Angel is a supernatural drama with Riku/Sora.

Lord Moldybutt
  • Recommended by Dommie222
  • This guy has written some of the most awestruck Mega Crossover fics ever to been created. He has written an entire saga that takes place after Kingdom Hearts II with 365,593 words combined, in there the characters makes some more awesome adventures. Here are the stories:
    • Kingdom Hearts: The Taste of Darkness: It's the very first volume of Lord Moldybutt's saga. It start out somewhat weak but around chapter 6 it quickly becomes awesome, when Sora falls into the darkness, and then it gets even more awesome when it crossovers with Star Wars Episode 1. Thats right, KH crossovers with SW and, as expected, it doesn't take long before it becomes epic.
    • Kingdom Hearts: One More Adventure: The second volume of the saga. This time, The Horned King enter the stage as the main villain who tries to claim Kingdom Hearts' power and that alone should tell you how awesome this fic is.
    • Kingdom Hearts: Shadow of an Empire: The third volume of the saga. The guys returns to the Star Wars universe, this time around the time of the original trilogy. The fic tells the heroes' advantures and struggles as they allies with the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire. The fic takes a little more deeper look into the characters than the last two fics as how the strange galaxy and the battle between the light and the dark sides effect the characters' mind, thoughts and feelings. An recommendation to both KH and SW fans. The only sad part is that it hasn't been updated since 2009.

  • Recommended by Axisfiraga
  • If you're a fan of Axel and Roxas, you should check her out for sure. You don't have to like them as a pairing to enjoy her bizarre but ever interesting characterization of the's so different, but the more you read, the more it grows on you. She also goes on to write with Larxene, and I have to say, I don't think I've ever met someone who can keep to her character so well, and give an actual realistic vibe to her behavior. Her stories do tend to be AU, but man, are they awesome. Some of her stories:
    • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: This story focases heavily on Larxene, and her characterization in a modern world. She feels as though she isn't real, like at any moment she will fade away, but she's steadily trying to keep her head above water. You see her weakness, but with her spitfire dialogue, it's hard to anchor which type of person she really is. It's a bittersweet story eventually unfolding into Larxine with sprinkles of Akuroku, but the pairings are not what drives the story. Her strong character keeps you reading, because something is pricking at your nerves like something is going to happen. A surefire recomendation to anyone who is a fan of these characters, or who wants a new view on how humanity can be seen through the eyes of someone who is sane, but is looking through broken eyes.
    • Loveology: We'll learn to love each other, if it's the last thing we do. And if we run out of time, at least we'll know what we had was real. AkuRoku. Larxiné. SoKai.: The story is viewed through three sets of eyes — Roxas, Larxene, and Axel. This isn't about pairings, it's about bonds and understanding, but I would be lying if I said this didn't have a dark undertone. Roxas sees the world through numbers that nobody understands. Larxene knows what it's like to kill. Axel knows what it's like to watch someone close die. Somehow, through it all, they found one another and live through routine. But routine is fragile, and they're slowly forced to try and cope when cracks suddenly start to form. If you want a peak into the heads of those three, this is definitely the story for you, and you won't be disappointed.

  • Recommended by Wilji1090& oathkeeper85
  • If you like massive crossovers and some well written battle scenes, then I would fully recommend checking his works out. Mind you, the nature of the crossovers tends to make some of the characters seem grossly overpowered, but given that these crossovers tend to be things like Dragon Ball Z or Gundam Wing it's somewhat justified. He pays a lot of homage to ancient legends and history and adds a unique twist to them.
    • Kingdom Hearts Final Confrontation: This story is the last one in the Third Epic series; however, it byfar the longest running fanfiction that I have seen on the site. There is an incredibly dark undertone as it goes further along, but it gets incredibly interesting seeing how Sora, Riku, and the rest of the gang interact with characters from other video games, anime, and so forth.
    • Now has it's own Tropes page.


  • Recomended by Tropers/Taxima
  • Princess is a da deviant who specializes in MMD modeling for shipping. There are several pictures and one shot comics on the channel, though two stories stand out as long runners. Common ships in the folders are Sora/Xion, Sora/Kairi, Kairi/Vanitas, Roxas/Naminé, and Ventus/Fuu. I should mention; Hurt and drama are very common in the comics.
    • Vanitas' Love Story Trying to work out a Heel-Face Turn and now living with the BBS Trio on Destiny Island, Vanitas starts to show intrest in Naminé. As a creature of darkness however, things get a little twisted. This series is complete, and ends on a good note. Vanitas/Naminé/Roxas love triangle centered, Sora/Kairi on the side.
    • Part of You Roxas convinces Xion to move in with him and Sora to help her adjust and feel loved. This new introduction in Sora's daily life starts having a toll on him. Both in his relationship with Kairi and on a deeper level. Sora/Kairi/Xion love triangle centered, Roxas/Naminé on the side.
    • Nobody's Heart The prequel for the two stories above, this shows how Roxas, Naminé, and Xion have come into existence as individuals from Sora and Kairi, as well as their adapting to new life. Roxas/Naminé centered, and has only just begun.

MegaFlameHedge's "Antipode" stories.
  • Recommended by Reign
  • Mega Flame Hedge's stories mostly take place in an AU called "Antipode", which focus on Riku obtaining the Keyblade instead of Sora. While a lot of fanfictions do this, Mega Flame Hedge does it right, providing a number of twists and turns I honestly didn't expect (such as Roxas remembering his life as Sora). If I have one criticism it's that Sora is too naive and childish, even for him.
  • The series includes The Antipode, Fragmented Truths, The Year Between, and a collection of Side Stories that mostly consists of deleted scenes. Despite starring Riku, characters such as Sora and the Riku Replica undergo significant character growth as well.

     General Fics 
Stories in this category run the full range of genres and themes. If it's set in the main Kingdom Hearts continuity and the romance is not the focus then it belongs here.

Those Lacking Spines by Gexegee/Organization VI (meta, parody, crossover)
  • Recommended by fleb, Nadrixam, Quanyails, Chaosof Ages, Ellamew, gamerex27, kt-low
  • Synopsis: When Organization XIII is laid low by a new enemy called the "Gutless" that attacks its victim's... you-know, it's up to the Organization's manlies—er, surviving members to save the day. Along the way many common fanfiction plots are roasted and Organization XIII watches Moulin Rouge! It's also hysterically funny.
    • kt-low: This fic turns Xaldin, Vexen and Lexaeus into the most likeable characters I ever saw them for a Kingdom Hearts fic. Just be warned that this is a story about the 3 least used characters in fanfictions making their way through Fandom Hearts, mocking it with genious and hilarious remarks, it's a huge Take That on the writers, relax and laugh along.

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  • ''The Radiant Garden Tourism Committee by midori tsuki
    • Recommended by Hobgoblin
    • Synopsis: Sometime after the fall of the Organization, Yuffie and the Gullwings are sent to collect munny for the rebuilding of Radiant Garden from other worlds. Hilarity Ensues.
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  • Thir13en Ghosts by Charles Xavier
    • Recommended by Hobgoblin
    • Synopsis: While Sora and Riku deal with the looming threat of the Organization at Castle Oblivion, Kairi and several of Sora's friends find themselves fighting for their lives against thirteen evil spirits.
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  • Pain in the Axel by Dragonnova
    • Recommended by Minkette, Reika
    • Synopsis: Axel decides to get revenge on the other members of the organization by playing pranks on them in the middle of the night, starting a snowballing night of chaos and roping Roxas into the "fun".
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  • Am I Heartless by Jazzerman
    • Recommended by Finalhazard Jones
    • Synopsis: Takes place after Kingdom Hearts II. Sora, Kairi and Riku are back on Destiny Islands when they come across a newcomer who bears some similarities to the Heartless. The questions of who he is, how he came to be, and what happens next make up the rest of the plot.
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  • Kingdom Hearts by hikaranko
  •  1 reviews
  • Jumping at Shadows by Alyssa2
    • Recommended by Pata Hikari, whitesouldragon, Meteor
    • Synopsis: Riku's fall to darkness didn't begin with a raft or a storm.
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  • The Mouse Who Would be King by Lynx
    • Recommended by Pata Hikari
    • Synopsis: The story of King Mickey, and how he became the person he is by the time of Kingdom Hearts.
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  • Kingdom Hearts I:Seeker of Darkness by Marsuvees
    • Recommended by Shaorai217
    • Synopsis: The Epic of Kingdom Hearts begins on a small group of Islands, with a boy and his two best friends. But when beings of darkness known as Heartless attack, the boy is thrust into the adventure of a lifetime.
  •  1 reviews
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 by Ry Senkari
    • Recommended by Pikawil, Ingonyama, Deadbeatloser22
    • Synopsis: Described by the author as "part fanfic, part prediction, part wishful thinking", this is essentially his own vision of Kingdom Hearts 3, featuring Sora and the gang fighting new enemies named the Dreamless. Unlike most fics, it is more like a walkthrough for a fictional game, going into detail about game mechanics and setting details, with an additional emphasis on bosses.
    • Ry Senkari: Note from the author, the parts of the story concerning Xion were Jossed by Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. Just a bit of a warning there.
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  • Other Halves and Other Tales by Vulpes Lapis
    • Recommended by Pata Hikari
    • Synopsis: An two-part, old series that predates Chain of Memories, best described as a Slice of Life series that happens to take place in Traverse Town.
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  • The Interference by Newbie-Spud
    • Recommended by Shy Tenda, Anthem, gamerex27, TheMeddler
    • Synopsis: An average boy gets pulled into a video game. He has the power to change the story, but can he take that chance? And what is this mysterious "Lockshield?"
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  • A Match Made In Hell by Ri2
    • Recommended by Unspeakable Villain, Edrobot, Guitarfreak.exe, bleachedsnow
    • Synopsis: A short time after the conclusion of Kingdom Hearts II, Sora, Riku and Kairi are summoned to attend Maleficent's wedding to Pete, where they must contend with hilarious guests, difficult allies and a truly fiendish plot.
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  • In Memoriam
    • Recommeded by Mew24ever
    • Synopsis: Set just after the end of KHII. There were things that Sora himself remembered, and there were memories that were not entirely his own. And he decided to honor one of those memories. An Axel/Sora friendship fic with implied Axel/Roxas friendship as well, though the fangirls can interpret it as more if they wish.
    • Comments: Like every good Kingdom Hearts fangirl, I frikkin adore Axel. And this WAFF with just a hint of melancholy thrown in gives me the warm fuzzies everytime.
  •  2 reviews
  • Kairi GaidenBy Xavon Wrentaile
    • Recommended by Halinmonk
    • Synopsis: Set in the middle of KHII it tells a story centered around Kairi after she is half forced into a epic adventure all her own, and chooses to stand against Axel rather then run off.
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  • Bitter by Suzaka
    • Recommended by Pepper-Jak, Landscape
    • Synopsis: Sally had a big brother once. His name was Lae. A short and dark story based on the idea that Axel was originally from Halloween Town.
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  • The Yaoi Problem by Ultiman92
    • Recommended by SapphireBlue
    • Synopsis: The Author Avatar walks in on a Yaoi Fangirl writing a new fanfic, and decides to show her what not to do when writing Kingdom Hearts slash. Hilarity ensues
  •  1 reviews
  • Disorganization by Esse
    • Recommended by: Saviour Seph
    • Synopsis: A lot can happen in a year. Very silly fic that covers the what the Organization does in the year they spent waiting for Sora to wake up. Heavier on the Disney love than a lot of Kingdom Hearts fic.
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  • Choices by SilverLocke980
    • Recommended by AngelForm
    • Pairing: Riku/Kairi
    • Synopsis: One-shot. The Keyblade waits, in the darkness of Between, for Riku to make a choice. And when he chooses Darkness, the Keyblade lets a few tears drop... because it can see the future Riku could have had, if he only had the courage to grasp it.
  •  1 reviews
  • But That Was In Another Country by Guardian1
    • Recommended by Solle, Meteor, moooomoooo
    • Synopsis: Sometimes the good guys don't win against unstoppable odds. Yuffie Kisaragi and the last stand: before Traverse Town, there was the Planet, and before Sora, there was AVALANCHE.
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  • The Axelerate Series, Kingdom Hearts: Axelerate!, Kingdom Hearts: One More Vacation, and Kingdom Hearts: The Fallen Kingdom by Sulhadahne
    • Recommended by Ditto*The*Dee
    • Pairings: Sora/Kairi, Roxas/Namine, Leon/Rinoa, Vincent/Tifa, Yuffie/Demyx, Xigbar/Paine, Tidus/Yuna, Marluxia/Larxene, Cloud/Aerith. Many, including some not listed here.
    • Synopsis: It’s a trilogy that begins with “Kingdom Hearts: Axelerate!” The Organization XIII have been revived(And what’s this? Kairi can control them!), who are given a second chance by gaining what are known as ‘heart pieces’. With these heart pieces they can regain their lost hearts by relearning a given emotion, such as trust and bravery. However, Axel is separated from the group, with a strange being, and through many tests to save the lost friend the group learns to be human again.
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  • Just A Nobody by Random One Shot
    • Recommended by Meteor, Xire, whitesouldragon
    • Synopsis: During his first attempt to capture Roxas, Riku gets into a bit more trouble then he expected.
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  • Disciples of the Keyblade by Divine Wolfe
    • Recommended by starstuff99, whitesouldragon
    • Synopsis: A series of connected one-shots. The training of Ventus, Aqua, and Terra under Master Eraqus's watchful eye.
  •  1 reviews
  • A Noble Truth by sharky-chan
    • Recommended by crackersdon'tmatter
    • Synopsis: The first noble truth is that life means suffering. Auron makes a choice that leaves him in a very dark place. Spoilers for Final Fantasy X and for Auron in Kingdom Hearts 2.
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  • Ego Sum by Hakurei Ryuu
    • Recommended by whitesouldragon
    • Synopsis: "I'm what's left. Or... maybe I'm all there ever was." Xemnas talks to his "friend" in the Chamber of Repose.
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  • One More Chain To Reconnect
    • Recommended by LoveIsWeird
    • Synopsis: .:Krissey:. Sora was never a normal child; perhaps having an imaginary friend proved it, or even furthered it, considering what "VenVen" taught him and essentially was in his life. Now it's time to return the favor. .:HEAVY SPOILERS FOR BBS:.
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  • Kino no Owari By CaideSin
    • Recommended by Person With Many Aliases
    • Synopsis: A traveler stays at the end of the world for three days and two nights.
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  • Cooking Mama By Lily Silver
    • Recommended by Adamante
    • Synopsis: Due to an unfortunate incident caused by the Organization's newest member, Demyx, a few of the members have been transformed into kids! With Vexen busy trying to find a cure, it's up to Mama Saix to take care of them in the meantime.
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  • Time Left Behind by Tabitha Dornoc
    • Recommended by Suspiciouscookie
    • Synopsis: Oneshot. Post KH2. Glimpse of a final ending for the once children of the Destiny Islands. Failed potions and failed letters trapped in bottles. But there will always be a door to the light. And to him.
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  • Best Friends by kairiwilson1
    • Recommended by Elemiel
    • Synopsis: Isa should get an award for being Lea's best friend. Naturally, all he gets is a constant headache and a very crack-filled life. 100 Challenge Themes
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  • A Few Adjustments by osmandias
    • Recommended by Animenutcase
    • Synopsis: Sometimes even the greatest pieces of work need a few changes to make them that much better. Oneshot.
  •  1 reviews
  • Old Faithful by ''Lunamaria''
    • Recommended by Watashiwa
    • Synopsis: Goofy didn't like war. Goofy didn't like fighting, even. But his friends and his king are all fighting a war against the darkness, and Goofy is nothing if faithful in his duty to both.
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  • Air and Stars by Lunamaria''
    • Recommended by Watashiwa
    • Synopsis: Seven Princesses of Heart were captured and had their hearts stolen. While they slept they remembered their lives before they were captured, but it's hard to dream happy dreams when you're trapped in a nightmare.
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  • Cradle Me With Thy Heart by Arcadia Silver''
    • Recommended by Watshiwa
    • Synopsis: Kairi was in Sora's heart in the time between the Destiny Islands and Hollow Bastion. She remembers its warmth strength, but mostly she remembers the lights...
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  • the Truth Hurts by rarmaster
    • Recommended by Keyseeker, Link Season Master
    • Status: Complete
    • Pairings: Riku replica X Namine, Sora X Kairi
    • Synopsis: "Life on Destiny Islands is normal, until a battle-worn boy named Riku shows up, unable to remember anything. But if he does start to remember his past, how much will the truth hurt him? find out what happened to the Riku Replica after the events of CoM."
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  • All the Pieces Lie Where They Fell by Forevermagik13
    • Recommended by Keyseeker, Link Season Master
    • Status: Complete
    • Pairings: Riku X Namine, Sora X Kairi, Roxas X Xion
    • Synopsis "Sora and Riku are called to take their Mark of Mastery exam. But after that's over, there are hurts to be mended, forgotten things to be remembered, and lost people to find. It's another adventure! Oh, and all of those people you thought were dead-aren't."
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  • Mommy's Medicine by WitchyElphaba
    • Recommended by Stargirl93
    • Synopsis: A post-KHII oneshot. Sora gets sick one morning and while his mom takes care of him, they start discussing the recent past, and the near future...
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  • Thorns by Cold Soda
    • Recommended by: MiniBull
    • Synopsis: A pre-KH oneshot that details a possible backstory for Marluxia, from the point of view of Maleficent. For over a decade, the two use one another to achieve their own goals, destroying a world and crushing its people in the process.
    • Pairing(s): Dashes of Other!luxia/Maleficent. In any case, it's hinted to be just another part of the game rather than a display of affection or lust.
    • Comments: Words cannot do it justice. It is dark. It is beautifully written. It stays true to the characters and blends seamlessly with canon. Its conclusion is both abrupt and haunting. And, upon reflection, it nicely parallels the relationship between Riku and Maleficent in the original Kingdom Hearts. A true gem of a oneshot that really Needs More Love.
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  • Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts by Star Tours Traveler
    • Recommended by: Keyseeker
    • Synopsis:Sora embarks on a mission to reconnect with the people who were separated years ago. But in order to do so, he'll need the help of Aqua, one of the lost souls and the last Keyblade Master. They must try to work together in order to fully restore those who were lost. Spoilers for all KH games, especially Birth by Sleep.
    • Pairing(s): SoKai, Venqua.
    • Comments: A suprisingly good story and a well done one. Continues where KH2 left off and mostly stays as close to canon as it can. Obviously, this story ignores Kingdom Hearts 3Ds: Drop Dance Distance, but it is still very well done.
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  • Thrones of the Four Pillars by Thaeonblade
    • Recommended by: pulsor93
    • "Synopsis:" One year after the end of KH2, Sora, Riku and Kairi prepare for the journey that King Mickey's letter spoke of just as events outside of their world catch up to them. Meeting friends new and old, these friends will have to entrench their strengths and learn new ones as the Darkness once more gathers upon the world... All orchestrated by a familiar foe.
    • Comments: Thaeonblade once again proves to be a master of crossovers and characters study as he gives the reader a look at a darker take on Sora's adventures post-KHII. At the moment of typing, the gang has only just left the island, but big stuff is most likely on the way.
    • Now has it's own page: Link

    Kingdom Hearts Legacy by storykeeper03
    • Recommended by: PMiller1
    • Synopsis: After Dream Drop Distance, Sora, Riku and Kairi find an another Keyblades wielder name Deker, where thay set for another Adventure.
    • Comments: A good story. Crossover with TWEWY for a bit, stars an OC and some others.

    Islands Like Glass Towers by Organization VI
    • Recommended by Keyseeker
    • Synopsis: On a world made for children, sometimes the hardest thing to do is be a parent.
    • Comments: This is a very well-written story about Sora's parents shortly before Sora's birth and shortly afterwards. It has two one-shot sequels, The Locked Room, which is about what Sora's parents using the year that everyone forgot that Sora existed, Home Beyond The Sky, which is about Sora's return home at the end of KH2, and his departure. Organization VI also wrote "Those Lacking Spines", so fans of that work may want to check out this story as well.

    The Road to Light
    • Recommended by soundlessMion
    • Page here
    • Synopsis: After a brutal fight, an amnesic Aqua wakes with nothing but her name and a masked boy claiming to be her friend. 100 Theme Challenge.
    • Comments: The writing language used in this fic is beautiful. The plot is extremely intriguing. The fact that this fic is written in 500 word chapters gives it a Just One More Chapter feel. Near daily chapter updates, and cliffhangers at the end of each chapter always leave the reader wanting more.

    Fathers and Children by Person4
    • Recommended by Animenutcase
    • Synopsis: Ariel might be his friend, but Goofy can understand how King Triton feels.
    • Comments: An adorable one-shot featuring a conversation between Goofy and King Triton about their kids.

    Prisoner by Zeldahearts1337
    • Recommended by lolgurl
    • Synopsis: Sora didn't know what Saix was going to do that moment. Unfortunately that moment ended up with him getting kidnapped... Dark, AU, What if scenario, from post/mid/?-Battle of a Thousand Heartless onward. R&R please.
    • Comments: That one, brave, valiant decision that Sora makes in KH2 to bow before Saïx in an attempt to see Kairi ends up hurtling him into a world of trouble this time around. So now our hero is captive of Organization XIII and struggling to maintain his sanity. Which he doesn't.
    • Triggers: Rape, abuse

    Kingdom Hearts of an Eastern Wonderland by Frost Matrix
    • Recommended by Naal2
    • Crossover with: Kingdom Hearts
    • Synopsis: Kids do their best now and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready. The boundaries of light and darkness are in disarray. A hero and a miko are the ones who will open the door.
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  • Remember the Tides by Regiss
    • Recommended by Dorked, SanDemonMax
    • Synopsis: The Replica Program was a complete success. Xion has absorbed Roxas's power, and with it gained his heart. Fleeing Organization XIII, Xion finds herself on a familiar island. With Axel pursuing her and Xigbar plotting something behind everybody's backs, Xion and Sora will need to work together. But can he trust her? AU splitting off from the end of 358/2 Days.
    • Now has its own page.
    • Comments: A very fun AU story that still feels like a proper Kingdom Hearts tale. There were worlds based on Lilo and Stitch, Epic Mickey, and the World Ends With You and friendship remains a recurring theme, especially between Sora and Xion.
      • SanDemonMax: RTT is now finished at 52 chapters plus the epilogue. Regiss plans for the first sequel, Remember the Tides 2: The Tides Go Out, to be posted by Single People Awarene-Valentine's Day. It really was a fun read and I second Dorked's claim of it reading like a real Kingdom Hearts story; one could easily see this being how KHII would play out had Xion won the final fight in Days.
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  • Kingdom Hearts: The Antipode by MegaFlameHedge
    • Recommended by Reign, yazooairspace
    • Synopsis:: Riku always longed to see the outside world. When his dream is finally realized, it's not without a cost. He opened the door and destroyed his home. Now, wielding the Keyblade, he must learn to look outside himself to save the worlds and his friends. AU
    • Status: First and second fics are complete, part of an ongoing series
    • Sequels: Fragmented Truths, The Year Beween. There is a series of Side Stories and an upcoming third "act".
      • Pairings: Nothing explicit yet, but there are strong hints of Riku x Kairi in the second fic and there looks to be some Replica x Naminé in the current story.
      • Comments: The series starts in the timeline of the original Kingdom Hearts and diverges through Sora and Riku's actions. The following stories do not adapt subsequent games and instead tell new tales including worlds based on The Sword in the Stone, the Great Mouse Detective, and others. There's a lot of shameless Disney love in this series.
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  • Cannot Be More Than a Lady by Rahmi
    • Reccomended by wittyhandle
    • Synopsis::Seven times the Princesses of Heart weren't Disney Princess, and the consequences therein. Plus the one time they all were.
    • Status: Complete
    • Comments Basically a half-dozen For Want Of a Nail Drabbles. Ten minutes to read, but definitely worth it.

        Alternate Universe Fic  
    Stories taking place in a different setting than canon.

    Kingdom Hearts III: Brotherhood of Dark
    • Recommended by Eric W
    • Synopsis: A few months after Xemnas's defeat, the trio recieves a letter from the king. Of course, things aren't over yet! My version of Kingdom Hearts 3.
    • Comments: A saga following all the heroes of light against a new empire of evil controlling both heartless and nobodies. It's not always the most complex story, but it's fun, and captures the feeling of playing the game. Also, the boss battles are epic! Just be prepared for a few odd moments.
    • Status: Ongoing
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  • Everything Nice by Dualism
    • Recommended by EigenLocke
    • Synopsis: And the financial aid office said unto Roxas, "Go, child, and earn money. Only then will we allow you a place in our distinguished university." So Roxas got a job. A steady job. A square job. He now spends every evening singing show tunes at a bar. AkuRoku.
    • Comments: A fun one-shot guaranteed to make you smile. It is incredibly well-written and the characters are real in a way lots of Kingdom Hearts get-together fics often aren't. If Kingdom Hearts was a sitcom, this would be the reincarnation it should take.
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  • Kingdom Hearts III: Trials of the Keyblade by Darius Almighty
    • Recommended by The World of Fantasy
    • Synopsis: Join Sora in his new adventure, as he tries to stop the Keyblade War from consuming the worlds in darkness once again.
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  • Lux Aeterna by Zellarius Burvenia
    • Recommended by Vorel Laraek
    • Synopsis: Post-KH alternate timeline where Riku killed Sora. Organization XIII is now free to conquer all; with darkness and nothingness at war for control of the universe, is there still hope?
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  • There Wasn't by Tabitha Dornoc (character death, sort of)
    • Recommended by RK Ryune
    • Synopsis: Wonderful story exploring what would happen if Axel had gotten his way and succeeded in turning Sora into a heartless during the events of Kingdom Hearts II.
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  • A New Light By Kee Blayd
    • Recommended by Jazmyn
    • Synopsis: About an OC named Kevin, and his adventures with other OC through different worlds.
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  • Harvey Birdman Versus The Organization XIII by Tinyrocket
    • Recommended by NotJMKeynes
    • Synopsis: Harvey Birdman, along with his faithful sidekick, Peter Potamus, goes to The Castle That Never Was to arrest the leader of Organization XIII, Xemnas, alleging copyright violation, since his Weapon of Choice reminds a lightsaber from Star Wars.
    • It was meh.
  •  1 reviews
  • All The Roads We Have To Walk by Ginger Ninja
    • Recommended by Comartemis, Watashiwa, Suspicious Cookie
    • Synopsis: Several months after Ansem's defeat, Sora is sucked through a keyhole into a world that is strangely familiar yet completely different from the realm of light. As Donald and Goofy rally the supporting cast to try to get Sora back, the keybearer himself must contend with strange new Heartless on another quest to seal the keyholes and unlock the secrets of the strange realm he is trapped in.
      • The fic was taken down by the author, you'll have to ask her for a copy. Totally worth it, though.
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  • Birds of Paradise by Crossover Queen
  •   add review 
  • But You Have Heard of Me by Splat on the Floor
    • Recommended by Mew24ever, whitesouldragon
    • Synopsis: A series of hysterical drabbles, based on the 'what if' premise of Jack Sparrow being the one the Keyblade chooses.
  •   add review 
  • Court of Souls by Rem-chan
    • Recommended by Ultra Sonic 007
    • Status: Complete
    • Synopsis: Two years have passed since Kingdom Hearts. Sora, along with Ranma Saotome and the spirit known as Yami, must face a darkness both old and new as they at last find the source of their new enemies. But there remains a secret Sora cannot face...
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  • Of Many Hearts by Rem-chan
    • Status: Complete
    • Recommended by Ultra Sonic 007
    • Synopsis: Riku's sidestroy to 'Court of Souls'. Riku searches for Sora's lost Key Chains in worlds closely related yet far apart, and hiding a life-changing secret.
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  • Kingdom Hearts III: Hearts of Gold by Mrfipp
    • Status: Complete
    • Recommended by Nightelf37
    • Synopsis: Sora, Riku & Kairi, must travel the worlds to deliver the Hearts of Gold, items that will give people to wield Keyblades. They must also do this while under the threat of a new and powerful group. The Incompletes.
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  • Kingdom Hearts IV: All's End by Mrfipp
    • Status: Complete
    • Recommended by Nightelf37
    • Synopsis: One year had passed since the business with the Golden Hearts and Incompletes. Sora and co. have sensed a great evil and must now gather the Keyblade warriors and stop it.
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  • Another Side, Another Story by Kay Willow and Libek
    • Recommended by Mechwar, Meteor
    • Pairings: Hints of Roxas/Namine and Sora/Kairi.
    • Synopsis: At the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2, Roxas ended his summer vacation and existence as a separate entity from Sora so the Keyblade master could awake. But what if something changed? What if the Nobody became the Somebody ?
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  • The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun by Scribbler
    • Recommended by whitesouldragon, moooomoooo
    • Pairings: Cloud/Aerith/Zack, Yuffie/Leon, Yuffie/Lea, and a handful of side-pairings tossed in
    • Synopsis: Zack, Cloud & Aerith. Before Sora was born, others fought the darkness, but even the greatest love stories can become tragedies in a heartbeat.
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  • Broken Shield by BrokenRepublic
    • Recommended by whitesouldragon, stupidcracker, darkwisp
    • Synopsis: After sacrificing himself to save Sora, Axel passes into a strange realm where an old man in a bowler hat offers him a second chance at life.
    • Comments: It's so hard to find an Axel-fic that isn't a) a slash-fic or b) completely out of character. THIS story, on the other hand, is neither of those. It's wonderfully written, set in a fascinating AU-verse that doesn't just ignore the events of the main storyline, and keeps Axel so brilliantly in-character that I am continually awed by Broken Republic's skill. Not to mention that its comment section Needs More Love, seriously. This is an amazing piece of literature that deserves more than it's getting.
    • To be honest, words cannot give this fic justice. It has a great amount of detail, and at the time of writing, the fic has at least 100k words and Sora and gang has just left Traverse Town, when most other Fics would have finished, and Sora would have already locked the door. Mind you, by this time they have already fended off a global heartless invasion and a freaking doomsday weapon able to blow the crap out of any planet, and Sora just got on the gummy ship for the first time. How awesome is this going to get?! This story is incredibly immersible and it hits EVERYTHING on the mark. I'm serious. Don't believe me? Read it. I dare you. And you'll thank me for it. Trust me.
    • A must-read for all Axel fans. This story is beautifully written and keeps everyone masterfully in-character. It's that little gem of Axel goodness you've been looking for all this time. Read it! You'll be glad you did.
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  • White Knight by The Dani-Chan Replika 2.06
    • Recommended by Zero Potential
    • Pairings : Ventus/Namine, Terra/Aqua
    • Synopsis : Ventus is the lowly servant of Naminé, The Master's curiously insane ward, and yet, she's become dangerously attached to him. With the secrets Terra is hiding from him, and the secrets Aqua is trying to hide from the Master, it's hard for Ven to be Ven.
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  • Reverse by RamaLlama
    • Recommended by CelestialPuppet, Ellamew
    • Pairings: Axel/Roxas. [However there is also Roxas/Namine, Sora/Kairi, Marluxia/Larxene, ect.]
    • Synopsis: Roxas just wanted a sea-salt ice cream. He didn't plan on dying. And he definitely didn't plan on having his life rewound like a cassette tape. AkuRoku
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  • Paths of Our Fathers by IluvAUs
    • Recommended by FarisV
    • Pairings: Sora/Kairi, Riku/Kairi, vaguely implied Sora/Riku, referred to Vincent/Lucrecia, implied Sephiroth/Rydia nonconsensual and implied Cloud/OC
    • Synopsis: After the destruction of each of Xehanort's remnants, Sora thought he was finished saving the world. He thought wrong. Sephiroth, who until now has bided his time, has started to act. When Riku discovers his shocking past, can Sora keep him from the dark?
  •  1 reviews
  • How to Become a Nobody by Junipertree
    • Recommended by Mrc Hen
    • Pairings: Axel/Roxas, Sephiroth/Cloud
    • Synopsis: "Sora goes to the perfect school, has the perfect girlfriend and the perfect life... but sometimes he just needs to let go and become someone else."
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  • Beating Drum Heart by Tuna Salad Sonnet
    • Recommended by Nal
    • Pairings: none
    • Synopsis: "You know, Lex, there's a reason we call you the Silent Hero. Maybe you'll finally find it out there." (This story mostly takes place in the universe of the movie Pocahontas.)
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  • Maid Service by SoraxKairi7
    • Recommended by one Rytex
    • Pairings: Plays with Genesis x Sephiroth, Riku x Namine, Zemyx, Akuroku, and a lot of yaoi pairings. However, the only true pairings seem to be Clerith, Sephaerith, Tifaroth, and Roxine.
    • Kairi and Namine are poor, and live with their aunt Tifa, a binge drinker. One chance encounter with Sora and his brother Roxas change their lives forever, as they go to live with their "Chief," who takes care of them until they are grown. Also, everyone else seems to be mildly psychopathic.

    AM Static by owlpostagain
    • Recommended by Keyseeker
    • Pairings: AkuRoku, SoRiku, Zemyx, and XemSai.
    • Getting the summer internship as a talk show host on W104 was Roxas' dream come true. His new favorite caller is just an added bonus.

    Kingdom Hearts: Balance of worlds by kingdommad
    • Pairings: Sora/Kairi, Riku/OC
    • Recommended by: Dragonium99
    • Synopsis: Pre-Birth By Sleep. After the defeat of Xemnas, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald and Goofy have to join with Goofy's son Max and the OCs Brian and Hikari to save the king and the queen and face the new enemies that threaten the worlds: the Endless, and the Unbirths under their control.

    Organization XIII: Fangirl Extermination Squad by Mr. Garbanzo
    • Pairings: None
    • Recommended by: thezogg, DarkLiterati
    • Synopsis: In an alternate universe very similar to our own, a group of black-cloaked superheroes is the world's last line of defense against a threat that makes the Heartless look rather cute and cuddly in comparison...Fangirls.
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  • Kingdom Hearts: The Third Epic by Lord Cavendish
    • Recommended by oathkeeper85
    • Synopsis: It had been two years since Riku and Sora had returned to Destiny Islands and peace had been restored. However, a new threat arises as a great evil makes itself known. A power that shames both the Heartless and the Organization.
    • Comments: Really long fanfic and contains a lot of characters ranging from many Disney, video games and anime. Contains THREE long sequels!]''
    • Review here

    Organization XIII: We Fit Because We Misfit by BlackChain14
    • Status: In Progress
    • Recommended by Nightelf37
    • Synopsis: Basically, a different take/behind-the-scenes Look At Organization XIII and Kingdom Hearts as a whole. Contains O Cs, crack, non-canon chapters, etc.
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  • Oblivion by Gabriel Seraph
    • Status: Parts one through four are complete, with a part five in progress.
    • Recommended by DarkLiterati
    • Synopsis: A multi-part story which takes the Organization XIII characters and places them in a real-world type setting, in the fictional dull suburb of Blancoville. The members of the Organization (including Xion) move into a row of four adjacent townhouses, where Ansem Nemo (Xemnas) has some evil plans in mind. The central character is Tim Nemo (Demyx), adoptive son of Ansem, who isn't terribly happy about moving into a new town and new school, but soon figures out how to make the most of it - especially when the rules of physics start going out the window, as he learns he can make clones of himself with water, and his guitar suddenly gains the ability to change into any stringed instrument - and that's just for starters.
      • Comments: This series of fanfics is published in "episodes" of nine chapters each. It really takes the phrase "alternate universe" literally - Seraph prefaces each episode by stating that he takes "great liberties...with names, places, etc. in order to create as original a story as possible." Among these liberties include characters being given more "realistic" names (for example, Demyx becoming "Tim"), and in some cases gender flipped (Xaldin gets renamed Linda, Marluxia is now a Bifauxnen "Marley," and Vexen is Ansem's wife). However, the series nevertheless gets a lot of details right about appearances and personalities (Jerk Jock Axel, despite being naturally dirty-blond like his twin Tim, dyes his hair red to match his canon counterpart, and at least once he utters his catchphrase, "Got it memorized?") It's also highly serialized, so definitely make sure to read the episodes in order (although Episode 2, which mostly consists of flashbacks, may be read out of order with Episode 1). And it's surprisingly Troperiffic, with enough pop-culture references to turn the heads of Joss Whedon or Dan Harmon, which really adds to the fun. It really Needs More Love.
    • Review here

    Lost Boys by Zeldahearts1337
    • Status: Complete, with a pair of sequels, Broken Heroes and Shattered Saviors.
    • Reccomended by: Lolgurl
    • Synopsis: Ventus and Vanitas forged the X-Blade at the Destiny Islands. Sora and Riku lose their parents, are hurtled into Traverse Town before they're even ten, and then struggle to survive for the eleven years between BbS and KH2. Riku is still very much like his canon self at that point, brooding but with a hopeful streak, but Sora... he's not doing so hot. He's been absolutely traumatized by the event, and is now a complete mirror of his Canon self: bitter, angsty, antisocial, and depressed to the point of multiple attempts at suicide. Both are found by Donald and Goofy, who bring them to King Mickey so they can help with the Heartless that has plagued the multiverse, since KH1 never happened. Soon, they meet Kairi, and then go on their way through the worlds, and, well... Destiny is never left to chance...
      • Comments: Okay, not exactly the happiest of fics, as it's filled with (w)angst and a generally depressing tone, but a VERY unique take on what could have happened. Sora alone is interesting since he's become everything he ISN'T supposed to be. It still follows plot points of canon events, such as the main trio meeting up and becoming friends and Riku betraying Sora and giving into the darkness so he can save Kairi, forming a Mirror Universe of sorts, but manages to have its own plot to follow with Sora's own struggles as he tries to cope with his traumatized psyche.
      • NOTE: The whole thing is currently being rewritten and compliled as "Broken Souls", and can be found here

    Kingdom Crossovers by HVK
    • Recommended by: Hubbin
    • Status: In progress.
    • Synopsis: A mainly comedic retelling of the Kingdom Hearts series with Zim and Dib in the roles of Sora and Riku, Calvin and Hobbes in the roles of Donald and Goofy, Garfield in the role of Mickey, and characters from tons of other series.
    • Comments: Even though Sora and the games' other O Cs aren't in the story, it's still a fanfic of Kingdom Hearts more than it's a crossover fanfic. The story, characters, and worlds are much more fleshed out than those in the games, but it still follows the general story and we still have things like Destiny Island, Traverse Town, and the Heartless. The author is also a troper and lampshades many of the tropes listed on this site.
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  • Bad Alert: The Extreme by Gastrodon Amy
    • Recommended by Mysterious Zorua 1994
    • Synopsis: A musical horror, set during the events of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, that is a crossover with Ratchet & Clank and Crash Tag Team Racing. A rare fanfic that happens to be a video, but indeed a fanfic. Technically a Take That to Lady Tremaine (and her daughters) and Courtney Gears, as they are portrayed as nothing but cold, heartless villains.

    • Love Sick by Jomatto
    • Recommended by Lolgurl
    • Status: In progress and updates about once a month, though there is the occasional schedule slip.
    • Synopsis: "Girls make me sick. Literally." That, my friends is the sole line in the summary on and that is solely what this story revolves around. Sora Hikairi is suffering from a very interesting malady: he can't get near girls without literally throwing up, and it gets worse with girls his age and ones who are attractive. He's deduced that it's purely psychological (did I mention he's extremely intelligent from reading so many psych books?) but unfortunately he's been spending most of his time barely surviving the social scene and dreaming of the day he'd be cured, accepting the fact that this "Love Sickness" will never really leave. And just as his cousin Roxas arrives on the scene, things start getting screwy and then pretty much snowball into the point where Sora is finally forced into actively pursuing a cure: the arrival of Kairi, who drives his illness up the wall to the point where just a blurry phone picture triggers it.
    • Review: It's extremely well written, with Sora being an interesting POV and protagonist who knows the social scene and himself very well yet still gets (reasonably) surprised by his cynical predictions going different ways thanks to the capricious natures of people. It's obvious the writer spent lots of time researching, and also pretty clear they have secrets and plot details that still need spilling that leave a lot in suspense. The entire cast are KH originals, or from Final Fantasy's long, long history, and are woven in with subtle shout outs and gags concerning their canon roles. They might retain some of their characterization, or- like Sora -end up completely their own character. Either way they're written fantastically, which is key with a story that hinges so much on relationships. TL;DR: If this page is for the 10%, this one sits at the 1%.

         Shipping Fics 
    Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

    Het Pairings

    The Old Life, Alive Again by XionRoxas1314
    • Recommended by Very Melon
    • Pairing: Roxas/Xion with Axel/Larxene
    • Synopsis: Roxas wishes everything in Organization XIII would go back to the way it was...but he never expected that would actually happen! Now he has to keep himself sane as he goes through all the trials that his wish brings.
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  • Sweet and Salty by swaswj
    • Recommended by Trollbez
    • Pairing: Sora/Yuffie
    • Synopsis: After losing to Sora twice in a row, Yuffie decides to train with him out in the woods as she struggles with her feelings and a not so little secret.
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  • Those Without Hearts by The Lionheartless (AU)
    • Recommended by Pata Hikari
    • Pairing: Sora/Kairi
    • Synopsis: An AU story taking place all on one world, a world being ravaged by the Heartless. King Mickey adopts Sora, the young wielder of the Keyblade. However, there's a problem, his heart is missing.
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  • You Don't Miss It Till It's Gone and You Don't Miss It Till It's Gone: Nobody's Perfect by numina
    • Recommended by Zagreus. Seconded by Pepper-Jak, Suspicious Cookie
    • Pairing: yes
    • Synopsis: Sister fics set post KH2. Sora leaves Kairi behind on his newest adventure, setting off a chain of events that pit Sora, Kairi, and Riku against each other and ressurrect Organization XIII. Events unfold from the perspectives of the Nobodies in Nobody's Perfect and the perspective of their Somebodies in the original, creating a unique reading experience.
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  • Heaven Help Us Now
    • Recommended by Corben Cypher
    • Pairings: Namine/Zexion
    • Synopsis: An AU fic with an alternate drastically different setting where certain original members of the order, Ansem, Xaldin, Saix, and others, are called "Lords" and rule a kingdom, follows the story of Namine through this world and her search for her brother Roxas.
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  • Omega Dawn
    • Recommended by Mysterynovelist2010, NotJMKeynes
    • Pairing(s): Implied Riku/Kairi, Kairi/Sora (but he's dead in this fanfic until the last chapter)
    • Synopsis: After the events of Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora and the gang return to normal high school life, until one night Sora is viciously murdered by a Nobody named Ruxik; Kairi becomes the new Keyblader and with Riku and a few of their friends from the games, they battle Ruxik, who is determined to plunge the universe into darkness and make himself king of the darkness.
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  • Incandescence by Arcticwaters
    • Recommended by KingSonnDeeDoo
    • Pairings: Axel/Larxene
    • Synopsis: A series of one-shots (with occasional dashes of AU) featuring the frienship/relationship of Axel and Larxene, during their time in Organization XIII.
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  • Boys Will Be By Lizzie Rebel
    • Recommended by Outsider, whitesouldragon
    • Pairings: Sora/Kairi and some Roxas/Namine
    • Synopsis: oneshot, dark, Sora/Kairi — it's like little boys in the summer, young and covered in blood
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  • Reaching the Understanding By Varanus
    • Recommended by Exceptional_Chocolate, Comartemis, CCIB, moooomoooo
    • Pairings: Ven/Aqua/Terra
    • Synopsis: Before the journey, through their days laughing together, they finally found an... understanding. Oh, but let's be clear, the Master must never know. Seriously. Has a half-related follow-up called As I Remember It.
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  • The Lion In The Meadow By Guardian1
    • Recommended by Unlucky Normalcy CLO, moooomoooo
    • Pairings: Leon/Yuffie, mentions of Aerith/Cloud, Leon/Rinoa, and Vincent/Yuffie
    • Synopsis: Yuffie, Leon, and the fine art of how to disturb the dead. A one-shot.
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  • Birthday_Massacre by Skitts
    • Recommended by: Ronasokily
    • Pairings: Roxas and Namine.
    • Synopsis: Roxas tries to solve the mystery of who killed Namine and how she died. A horror story, but not because of gore.
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  • Knight of Flowers by Zachere
    • Recommended by Animenutcase
    • Pairing: Goofy/Aerith
    • Synopsis:: Goofy buys a flower from Aerith and the story flows from there.
  •  1 reviews
  • The Law of Proximal Attraction by Redeeming Endeavor
    • Recommended by Hollownerox, foreverfriendsg
    • Pairing: Roxas/Namine with a bit of Sora/Kairi
    • Synopsis: Set in an alternate universe where there is no Keyblades, darkness, Disney characters and whatnot; basically an ordinary life fic focusing on the relationship of Roxas and Namine who at the beginning hate each other with a passion. In other words this is an opposites attract fanfic, very well written and the humor is well delivered as well as the character development and dialogue.
  •  1 reviews
  • Yaoi and Yuri Pairings

    The Renegades by abby_sarajane, chigrima and silvestris. (slash, explicit sex in some versions.)
    • Recommended by L Guardinal, Pepper-Jak, Nenja, and Quanyails
    • Pairings: Lexaeus/Zexion, Vexen/Marluxia, Axel/Larxene - also cases of Marluxia/Larxene, Vexen/Larxene, Lexaeus/Larxene, Lexaeus/Marluxia, Marluxia/Zexion
    • Synopsis: The Plot-Bunny of Doom/The Renegades, by three different authors, is the story of the Castle Oblivion Nobodies. I can't summarize to save my life, but essentially, they messed up. They messed up bad, and so the six Nobodies fled the castle and Organization XII VII, hopping from world to world in a paranoid dash to save their hides.
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  • Deceitful Above All Things by Quillslinger (slash, M-rated [though the explicit material is about two paragraphs out of a 18,000-word fic], AU due to being written prior to 358/2 Days)
    • Recommended by Rocha, whitesouldragon, moooomoooo
    • Pairings: Axel and Roxas.
    • Synopsis: Contrary to popular beliefs, most of which were disseminated by Axel, he did not meet Roxas in a life-or-death situation involving a million Heartless and gravity-defying acrobatics. That part really did happen, just not on the day they met. Way before that, there was this summer day in Twilight Town.
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  • Hourglass by Kuko-chan
    • Recommended by Anderling
    • Pairings: Sora/Riku
    • Synopsis: "Sora's life was going fine until an older version of himself literally falls from the sky bringing news of a horrific future and a mission to turn back the hourglass. Now Sora must fight fate to protect the one he loves. Post KH 2 Riku/Sora."
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  • Marigold by Falaphesian
    • Recommended by thebutterflyeffect, Ellamew
    • Pairings: Axel/Roxas
    • Synopsis: "He never knew what not to do. But he always got it right. Up until The Lightning, The House, and The Kid all came crashing down. Now he just can't stop doing it wrong."
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  • The Violet Room by Sarehptar
    • Recommended by Meteor, Kris Mahai, Landscape
    • Pairings: Demyx and Zexion, except it's not there yet in the story.
    • Synopsis: While working a psychology internship, Myde is given the challenge of analyzing Ienzo, a mysterious patient who spends his days writing on the walls of his hospital room. But when the story of 'Zexion' and 'Demyx' starts to sound familiar...
  •  1 reviews
  • Come Home by Lady Karai
    • Recommended by Mademoiselle Anime Amour. Seconded by BlackPearlPrincess
    • Pairings: Cloud/Leon, Axel/Roxas, Zexion/Demyx, Riku/Sora, Vincent/Yuffie, Mild Kadaj/Kairi
    • Synopsis: A single night's mistake separated them for six years. When chance throws them back together, it will take more than love to heal the wounds and bring them home.
  •  1 reviews
  • Binary by Lost Forevermore [Warnings: Contains strong language, slash, het, and lots of references to gang activity]
    • Recommended by Mokyn
    • Summary: It all starts with a motorcycle accident, a missing blond, and a stolen computer disc. Detective!fic, featuring Riku/Sora and Axel/Roxas among various other scattered pairings.
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  • Butterfly Kisses By Pikachumaniac
    • Recommended by bickazer
    • Pairings: Riku/Zexion
    • Synopsis: As DiZ and Riku prepare for Sora's awakening and the defeat of Organization XIII, Riku finds himself being haunted by a familiar figure. For even with no powers left, Zexion still knows his every weakness. Riku x Zexion.
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  • Valiant Hearts II By Kuugen the Fox
    • Recommended by WeirdRaptor
    • Pairings: Aerith/Tifa, Kaira/Namine/Olette, Olette/Yuffie
    • Synopsis: An AU, Shipping fic about Kairi as the Keyblade Master instead of Sora. It's her struggles against the Organization XIII together with the Radiant Garden Restoration Commity and her fellow Keybladers, Olette and Namine. A far darker take on the story than the original. Takes place during the story of Kingdom Hearts II.
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  • The Unfamiliar By the.israel.project107 (slash, rated M)
    • Recommended by Ellamew, fanfictor, and generalwinter.
    • Pairings: Axel/Roxas, Riku/Sora, Zemyx, Leon/Cloud
    • Synopsis: Roxas leads a semiperfect life. He's a good person, with reasonable grades, friends he's growing out of, and a regular home environment. Until Axel comes along. Roxas doesn't realize just how much of a sham his whole existence is...
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  • The 'C' Word by Demon's Halo
    • Recommended by: Lililedger
    • Pairings: Akuroku and Zemyx
    • Synopsis: Four teenage boys. Four different types of cancer. One journey.
    • Comments: Wonderful story, if a bit rough around the edges. The author manages to write yet another 'It's AU and they are high school students' fic without falling into the cliches that litter most other 'normal' A Us. The author is the son of a PA, and it shows with the amount of research that has clearly been done. He manages to handle a sensitive subject without being unbelievable or over the top.
    • Warnings: It would be hard to write a story with four cancer patients without including at least a little character death.
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  • Darkness Rising by Chibi Nataku
    • Recommended by: ittybittybot
    • Pairings: Cloud/Sephiroth (although it's implied, it actually takes awhile to get there)
    • Synopsis: Cloud made a deal with Hades to search for someone, but he may have taken off a bit more than he expected. There are some in the world that wish to control him for more than his fighting ability!
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  • Boys by Casey V
    • Recommended by: suadela, moooomoooo, Golden Dragon 326
    • Pairings: Sora/Riku, Roxas/Axel, and Sora+Roxas friendship
    • Synopsis: It's about growing up, mostly. Sometimes it's about the guy you totally didn't kiss in the locker room and sometimes it's about the guy who climbed in your window. Sometimes it's about hockey. But sometimes it's about the difference between what's real and what's fake, between what you own and what you fight, between being a boy and being a man.
    • Comments: I'm not usually a big fan of AU high school stories, but this one is honestly one of the best pieces of fiction I have ever read. I would pay money to buy this in book form if it were available.
      • I second the motion. Anyone who likes Sora/Riku and Roxas/Axel should definitively give this story a shot. It's extremely enjoyable, and is very deserving of both its humor and romance tags. It will definitely have you coming back for re-reads. It's plain to see it was well-planned out, and is just as well-written as any published book out there.
    • Warnings: Rated Mature for language, drug use and sex.
      • The author's 'warnings:' Rose-tinted 90's nostalgia, boy/boy situations, the use and abuse of several cliches, excessive presence of flannel, Riku driving, Sora expressing badass-ocity, grunge rock, recreational drug use and references to stoner culture, language, conveniently placed trees, cheerleaders in glitter makeup, people who know the alma mater, teenagers, smoking in the boys' room, fistfighting in the boys' room, and more to be added, probably.
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  • The Laws of Motion by owlpostagain
    • Recommended by: vampire_scooby
    • Pairings: Zemyx, AkuRoku (Which seems to be bigger than the Zemyx at points), Sora/Riku
    • Synopsis: Closeted band geek, Demyx, suddenly gets the urge to join the high school marching band when he sees Zexion, a member of the drum line. This story details his adventure though the marching season, and how all the relationships grow and change with band drama.
    • Comments: One of the best AU's I've ever read for this paring. Not only are the characters all very in character, but it really captures that marching band feeling: including the drama, friendships, after parties, cheesy speeches, and why people do love the marching band.
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  • Yellow Zinnias by A Crimson Evil
    • Recommended by: Axisfiraga
    • Pairings: AkuRoku
    • Synopsis: A story of loss, and coping, and remembering. It's not easy to die, but it's also not easy to be left behind. It's hard to smile when you want to cry, and it's hard to move on like nothing happened. This is a story about acceptance, and how hard that one word can weigh on the soul, but at the same time allow it to fly.
    • Comments: A Tear Jerker if I've ever seen one. It's one of the best AU stories I've read, and it's bittersweet until the very end. It's stories like this that shows you how your world can come crashing down, but you'll still be able to pick up the pieces.

    The Life Left Behind by Neriede
    • Recommended by istolethecheese
    • Synopsis: "What if…" he pauses, trying to find the right words, "What if there is a life after this one? What if we've already lived a hundred lives before this one?" Isa shrugs easily, "I wouldn't know the difference."
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  • Track Season by The Wykkyd
    • Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
    • Synopsis: Sora has always been an unidentified mystery. But when when the spring track season starts and Sora’s friends begin to delve into his secrets, Sora finds that no matter how fast you run, you can never leave your problems behind. (taken from
    • Pairings: Sora/Riku, Roxas/Axel, Cloud/Leon, past Cloud/Sepheroth, Kairi/Selphie and Zexion/Demyx

    Hollow Bastion Museum of Science by Metal Chocobo
    • Recommended by PKMN 37
    • Synopsis: There are a lot of benefits to working at a prestigious museum. Kairi hadn't realized meeting Yuffie was one of them. It's a Sliceof Life story.
    • Pairings: Kairi/Yuffie

    Kingdom Hearts of an Eastern Wonderland by Frost Matrix
    • Recommended by Naal2
    • Crossover with: Kingdom Hearts
    • Synopsis: Kids do their best now and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready. The boundaries of light and darkness are in disarray. A hero and a miko are the ones who will open the door.
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  •      Crossovers 
    The Empty Sea by KingofZeroX
    • Recommended by Shadow Arisato
    • Crossover with Persona 3
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Synopsis: Minato has lost everything, reduced to an empty being in a universe that's not his own. But he will regain everything. And he will return home. No Organization or Shadows will get in his way. But why, oh why, must he go through this Journey with this optimistic trio of an anthropomorphic dog, a magic casting duck, and an overly positive kid? Why can't life ever be simple?
    • Comments: This story takes place after Persona 3 and after gaining control of Sora in Kingdom Hearts II.
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  • Kingdom Shinigami by ElementalL'Cie
    • Recommended by ultimomant
    • Crossover with Bleach
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Synopsis: Dragged from his world by darkness, Toshiro Hitsugaya must figure out how to get back home by traveling with the famous Keybearer, Sora, and his cartoon companions. He goes from world to world with the trio to find his way home and finds he's not the only one who was kidnapped from his world...
    • Comments: Hitsugaya joins the party at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, and his advanced powers make most of the fights a lot easier, but the plot starts to differ from the game with the reveal that Demyx's Somebody was a former Soul Reaper, and several characters are aware of the Soul Reapers and Soul Society.
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  • The Open Door by Tigrin
    • Recommended by: Animenutcase, Ellamew, oathkeeper85
    • Crossover with: Silent Hill
    • Status: Complete
    • Synopsis: On the edges of light and dark, Sora and company crash-land on a bizarre new world. Sora catches a glimpse of a figure, and the search for Riku begins in the nightmare realm of Silent Hill. Guided by a mysterious dark figure speaking in riddles, Sora, Donald, and Goofy must battle their way through a horde of horrific creatures. The farther they move through Silent Hill, the further they move from reality.
    • Comments: Very well written, author has a very good perspective on turning this family-friendly series into a psychological-horror thriller.
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  • Guardians of Magic by Shire Folk
    • Recommended by: Reterusu
    • Status: Incomplete
    • Crossover with: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    • Synopsis: When dark creatures begin appearing in Equestria, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna summon the bearers of the Elements of Harmony to Canterlot. Before the six ponies can arrive, though, four strange ponies are expelled from a portal that appears in the throne room, and they explain that Equestria is not the only place at risk from these creatures.
    • Comments: A crossover that manages to carve out a place for itself in the heap.

    Realms Untold: Seekers of Light by FedoraChar
    • Recommended by: Darth Taco
    • Status: Incomplete
    • Crossover with: Various Nintendo games
    • Synopsis: The borders between worlds have become blurred as a particular un-named franchise has grown overly complicated. Now it's bleeding into other realms, leaving Pit and the lost characters of Nintendo to deal with the increasing problem of the Heartless. But will finding a Keyblade really solve matters?
    • Comments: Though still quite unifinished, it already features characters from Kid Icarus, Pokémon, and Fire Emblem, with more to come. It is extremely well written and definitely worth reading and following.

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