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Quotes: Kingdom Hearts
"You never know who you'll run into next."
Original US TV ad for Kingdom Hearts I

"That's not true! The heart may be weak, and sometimes it may even give in. But I've learned that deep down, there's a light that never goes out!"

"This world is just too small."
Master Xehanort

"You're wrong! I know now, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts... is light!"

"Take a look at this tiny place. To the heart seeking freedom, this island is a prison, surrounded by water! And so this boy, sought out to escape from his prison! He sought a way to cross over into other worlds, and he opened his heart to darkness."
"Ansem" about Riku and himself

Hades: Let's cut to the chase. Here's the deal I'm gonna offer you. I'll let you out of the slammer - no strings - you'll be free as a bird. And all for one little job: fight Hercules, in the Coliseum, to the death!
Auron:...This is my story. And you're not a part of it.
Hades: Did you forget who you're talking to?! I am the LORD OF THE DEAD!
Auron: No wonder no-one wants to die.
— Auron reminds everyone how badass he is in just two lines

"We look forward to understanding that."
A Famitsu interviewer and the entire rest of the fanbase

Sora: Look, THIS is Ansem. You know, the guy we all worked reaaallly hard to defeat?
Mickey: Oh, that's right, I never finished explaining. Well, the man in the picture is definitely the one who tried to take over Kingdom Hearts - the one you fellas defeated. But, what you actually fought was his Heartless. Ya see, he wasn't really Ansem. He just went around telling everybody that he was.
(extended pause while the others consider this)
Sora: You mean...
Sora / Donald / Goofy / The Fanbase: Whaaaat?
— The exact moment the plot gets really weird

Don't tell me there's more! I'm lost enough as it is!
Sora, once again speaking for the fans

Mickey: You see, it all makes sense!
Sora: It...does?

By ourselves, we’re no one. It’s when other people look at us, and see someone — that’s the moment we each start to exist. All they needed was for someone to see them, connect with them.

"Well, Mickey Mouse is a king and a wizard, and Sephiroth is there, and sometimes Cloud, and you can ride a Light Cycle with Jack Skellington and I don't know WHAT THE FUCK ELSE YOU WANT!"

"Maybe he can set things right. A boy like him who touches so many hearts—he could open the right door, and save all those people whose lives I managed to ruin. So many are still waiting for their new beginning, their birth by sleep. Even me... and even you."
Ansem the Wise to Aqua, about Sora

"When he sees the heart in something, it then becomes real. When a connection seems broken, he may have the power to mend it. He has touched countless hearts, he has accepted them, and he has saved them. And some of those hearts have never left him- whether they fell into darkness or were trapped there- whether they sleep in the darkness of Sora's heart, or were welcomed into its warmth- they can be saved. All Sora needs to do is be himself and follow wherever it is that his heart takes him."
Ansem the Wise to Riku, about Sora

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