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Tear Jerker: Kingdom Hearts
Oh, Disney, Square-Enix. You've both got reputations to uphold, tugging on our heartstrings by twisting and destroying our childhood icons and building up characters only to tear them down. And they do their job.

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Series General

  • The endings of pretty much all the games.
    • ISora seals the Door to Darkness and saves the universe, but locks Mickey and Riku in, Riku calling out "take care of her". Then Sora runs to Kairi, but the shifting worlds being put back in order separate them before he gets to her, and he calls out that someday he'll come back.
    • Chain of Memories - Sora has to go to sleep to get his memories back, and Namine, the girl who risked her life to stop the Organization's plans because she knew it was wrong even though she never knew Sora, will be forgotten by him when he awakens again.
    • IIAfter all that went down up to that point for Sora, Riku and Kairi, you'll cry tears of joy when the three of them are finally reunited and get to go home together.
    • Birth By SleepAqua is trapped in the Realm of Darkness, Ven is comatose, Terra is Xehanort's vessel, and while the worlds are happy and peaceful you know they're Doomed by Canon to be destroyed.
    • 358/2 DaysRoxas has to kill the girl who was one of his only friends, and with his memories of her already fading, he decides to fulfill her last request and heads to the World That Never Was to free the hearts inside Kingdom Hearts and destroy Xemnas, and he knows it's probably a suicide mission.
    • 3DSora reunites with his Dream Eater allies, and Ven's comatose body smiles as he senses his happiness.
  • This isn't anything that actually happened in the game; rather, it's something that didn't. The fact that Kairi never returns to the restored Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, thus never meeting her grandmother again. Then again, her grandmother might be dead by now, which is another tearjerker all together.
    • And when she is there for the short time at the end of the first game, she's home, but her home is in ruins and used as a fortress by the forces of darkness that destroyed it. Kairi may or may not even remember this is her home — either way, just makes it worse.
  • The thought of how callous the Nobodies are with life as a whole. They don't care that their two replicas are merely replacements, but if anything, it's merely showing that if one simply replaces a missing or dead person with an exact clone (or someone intended to be their replacement), that you can never replace them. They won't have the original's memories, and games like this and Persona 2 teach us exactly why a human life can never be truly replaced. (Also AI.)
    • It gets better. Consider that Naminé was able to convince the Riku Replica that it was the real Riku and make it fall in love with her. What happened to him? He went Ax-Crazy when he found out he was a clone. So even fully convincing the Replica that it is the person you are trying to replace isn't enough.
  • Think about Mickey. He starts off living, literally, as a king. Then he discovers the darkness waiting to destroy his world and, the hero that he is, he goes off to try and stop it. Things get worse from there. Of the two friends he makes, one gets locked in the Realm of Darkness and the other loses his heart. Leading to a short Heroic BSOD, which he is brought out of by Yen Sid. Then he spends a few years trying to hold off the darkness, but ends up leaving everything behind, again, and winds up locked in the Realm of Darkness himself. The friend he finds there and later escapes with nearly gets taken over by Ansem, again, and they end up separated. He bounces around the worlds some, trying to find anyone or anything that can help while keeping the Organization off of his tail, meaning that he is traveling all alone, not knowing what's happening to Riku or his home. After Sora wakes up, he gets a Hope Spot, safeguarding him as he travels from world to world. But then, at Hollow Bastion, his friend nearly dies. In the ensuing battle, everything goes to pieces and he has to go find Ansem the Wise, who (supposedly) dies at The World That Never Was. It's not until the end of KHII that he gets any respite at all, and then he finds out there's something else to worry about. In short, he watches as his entire world falls apart around him, with terrible things happening to those he picks as his friends, and all his plans to save everything being undone at every turn. And he still manages to be someone that so many people rely on. Wow.
  • Add a bit of Fridge thinking to the entire series, and you suddenly realize that the only way for everyone to meet up again and be happy is by killing all of them because you can't leave anyone behind. Short of that, the best ending anyone can get is bittersweet. Have something to cuddle or a heart of steel and some Kleenex.
    • It's either that or the Disney Death to end all Disney deaths, with everyone returning to life and their loved ones. Really, it looks like things could go either way.
      • I'm going with the mass resurrection theory, because it fits the Christian allegory that is laced throughout the plot. First comes Armageddon, and then comes the Resurrection.
  • The time Axel came to beg Roxas to come home is one for Organization XIII fans, as is Vexen's death. It was horrifying.
    • What makes it especially bad is how it is simultaneously deserved and unfair, seeing in Birth By Sleep how with their hearts they're nice people all 'round, and then seeing the apathetic and amoral stuff they did as Organization members that made killing them necessary. Not to mention the fact that they were literally kamikaze-ing and crossing the moral event horizon for a lie, that Kingdom Hearts would give them hearts, rather than the truth that it was to give Xemnas power and memory. You feel bad that they die, and at the same time also bad that you're not paying enough attention to the innocents who suffered, and also bad for the Organization for the fact that most of them were hurting innocents over a lie Xemnas and Xigbar were telling, and so on. No matter what perspective you take on them (and there are several dozen possible perspectives), it leaves the viewer depressed.
    • Putting it simple, everyone in Organization XIII deserves a huge, comforting hug. After they get their hearts back and/or are informed of having been deceived, obviously, if you did it before they'd just take it as an opening to knock your heart out and/or use you as a weapon against their enemies.
    • Dream Drop Distance makes the Organization's situation even worse: Xemnas lied to them about the whole "no hearts" thing. While it's true that Nobodies have no hearts when they are born, they can develop replacements. And more From Bad to Worse: had Kingdom Hearts been completed, all of the members would have been infused with Xehanort's heart, essentially turning them all into clones of him. Oh Xemnas, you Manipulative Bastard, you. And just in case he wasn't enough of a Jerkass as it were, Xigbar was in on the plan all along as well.
  • You know what else is sad? The fact that King Mickey and Queen Minnie haven't seen each other from a little before the beginning of the first KH to the credits of KH2! If anyone has been told to wait for someone for a fraction of that time would know the pain Minnie must of been going through. Talk about devotion.

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