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    Persona 3 
  • Demonsead: Near the end of The Answer, a Playable Epilogue included in Persona 3 FES, after finally getting through the hell that was The Abyss of Time, each member of SEES(except Metis) is given a key that would allow them to either leave the dorm(which would make the Abyss disappear) or use the door the the Main Character's dorm room(which is impossible to open normally for some reason) to travel back in time to the date of their final battle against the Nyx Avatar. Everyone is in agreement to leave....except Yukari, who wanted to use the keys to save the Main Character's life. This leads to a disagreement about whether it was right or not to undo his death, both for ethical reasons and for the possibility of fighting the Nyx Avatar again, and possibly losing. Yukari ignores all of this, says Junpei is just afraid to die, Calls Aigis out on not saying goodbye with the rest of SEES to the Protagonist after he died, says everyone else only cares about themselves, and single-handedly causes SEES to fight for the keys with the winner having them all. All of this unnecessary drama could have been avoided if she just accepted the past and the action of the Main Character like everyone else and just left the dorm, goddammit Yukari.
    • Hoki : For me, it was not Yukari's decision to fight for the keys to go back in time and save the Main Character's life that was the moment of suck (her grief was partly understandable). It was the fact that the supposed smartest person in the group backed her up for no apparent reason (other than probably having an even playing field) knowing full well of the possible implications of going back in time. So much for being an honor student.
    • DemonGodOfChaos2: For me, it was earlier at the Love Hotel where The main protagonist is under the influence of a spell from the shadow, as is everyone else. After everyone snaps out of it, Yukari slaps the protagonist. It's bad enough already, but just before regrouping instead of apologizing for the misunderstanding, she says, and I quote. "If you ever say anything about this, I will never speak to you again." If it's one moment that cemented Yukari's scrappy status before The Answer, it's this one.
    • Animeking1108: What I found to be annoying was how Easily Forgiven Yukari was for her actions in The Answer. She was acting spiteful towards Aigis because she wanted to be the Wild Card, acted completely disrespectful towards Junpei and Akihiko's deceased loved ones, and wanted to risk the End of the World as We Know It just to see her dead boyfriend again. Despite all that, everyone is quick to forgive her for how she acted. This is especially angering since Yukari was my favorite female in The Journey.

    Persona 4 
  • Dr Zulu 2010: While I still consider Persona 4 to be my favorite RPG ever, there is one scene who really ticks me off. And that scene would be the buildup to Nanako's kidnapping. Long story short, Dojima sends your MC to the police compound for interrogation because he thinks you're suspicious. Ok, nothing bad there. But this is where those two grab the Idiot Ball and never let it go. First, one of the answers that you can tell him is that you can enter the TV. Dojima, of course, doesn't believe you. Now, it's not like there is a TV where you can stick your hand in and prove him that you're right- oh wait, there is. In Dojima's case, it's even worse. Now, there is a murderer in Inaba and he has sent threat letters to you and your family. What is your course of action? Why, leave your daughter alone, at home, thereby increasing her chance to get kidnapped, of course! Not only that shows how Dojima is useless, but also how he is a terrible parent. Seriously, he is almost The Scrappy for me if it weren't for his character development.
    • Calamity2007: Agreed on the part that Dojima doesn't believe you. Made even more frustrating is that, if prior to this, you have been working on his Social Link, where a good majority of his character development takes place, and actually makes it a little more understandable his rash reasoning that led to Nanako being kidnapped. It would have been nice to see a potential change to that scene, that if you maxed out his Social Link, he would at least believe you a little, but due to the events that happen afterwards, never really gets the chance to talk to you about them except for maybe the ending. But other than that, it's just a single misstep on an otherwise great game.
    • Luca Earlgrey: The hot springs scene. So Yuu and his male company walk into the hot springs for a relaxing soak, sincerely believing that the spring is empty and is now on males-only hours, only to accidentally walk in on their female friends still splashing around. Chie and company immediately strike back at the guys, interpreting it as an act of perversion. After the guys flee, the girls then realize that they had stayed too long and were bathing well past their timeslot into the men's timeslot...then scoff it off and continue to bathe anyway. Easily the worst and dumbest scene in the entire game, and a sterling example of Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male, and I was so pissed off that the next day I went into the TV and committed the Shadow equivalent of Suicide by Cop.
      • Ecclytennysmithylove: I agree. To drive the DMOS further, let's compare the Persona 4 hot spring episode with a similar hot spring episode of Persona 3, in which the P3 boys stayed in the spring past their timeslot into the women's timeslot. In that episode, the P3 boys receiving Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male from the P3 girls (that is, if you fail the stealth-action minigame) actually works because of Ryoji and Junpei's dumb idea for the P3 boys to stay in the spring passed the allotted time for men, and therefore the P3 boys got punished for their actions. In the Persona 4 hot spring episode, however, it's gender-reversed and since no reasonable adults (i.e. Yukiko's parents because they're the owners of, y'know, the Amagi Hot Spring Inn) informed the P4 girls that their time in the spring is up, there is no reason as to why the P4 boys deserved abuse from the P4 girls.
      • jake38: I have to admit, I love persona 4 and consider it one of my favorite JRPG'S, but I found the entire Amagi Inn scene to be the worst scene in the entire game, as it just made the whole group look like a bunch of assholes.
      • Animeking1108: While I don't agree with how the girls acted in that situation, the boys weren't much better. Instead of doing the intelligent thing and reporting the incident to the staff at the Amagi Inn, they decide to retaliate by sneaking into their rooms to sexually harass them. Remind me why we're supposed to root for these assholes again?