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Sam Max, on cleaning duty and making sure that things are accurate in this wiki. He may not always do a good job, but he'll at least try!

If you feel that he is not doing a very good job, please state why in the discussion board. No Troper Bashing please. That's not what this wiki is built for.

All lists he's made below. They are not important, just something he felt like doing.

    Pages he is watching 

    Shows, Movies, Games and Books he likes at the moment 

    Stuff he wants to play/see/read 

     Stuff he's looking forward to 

     Writers, Artists and other creators that he likes the works of (Links lead to what they worked on unless they have their own articles) 

     Pages he created and/or heavily contributed to 

    Things he ought to get around to 
  • Hm...

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