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Compile Co., Ltd. 『株式会社コンパイル』 was a Japanese computer software and game developer. They are best remembered for numerous fast-paced Shoot Em Ups featuring varied arsenals and multi-turreted bosses, and for creating the Puyo Puyo series of competitive Falling Blocks games.

From 1988 to 2000 Compile published the magazine Disc Station, whose issues came with disks of games and game demos for the MSX2, PC-98 or Microsoft Windows 95/98.

Compile was not primarily a video game publisher, at least before Puyo Puyo made it big. Many of its games were never distributed outside of Japan, and its official website was Japanese-only. Even within Japan, many of Compile's games were distributed by such companies as Sega, Hudson Soft, Naxat Soft, Pony Canyon, Tokyo Shoseki and Toho; sometimes they gave no credit to Compile.

Compile's ports of games created by other developers often came with extra content: R-Type for the Sega Master System added an original Secret Level; Taiyou No Shinden Asteka II and Dragon Slayer Jr.: Romancia for the NES significantly expanded on Nihon Falcom's originals; and the original Xevious was attached to newly developed sequels for the MSX2 and PC Engine.

Not to be confused with Compile Heart, another Japanese game developer.

Around 2000 Compile faced dire financial troubles, and was forced to sell its cash cow Puyo Puyo to Sega. Compile was dissolved in early 2003. A new company called Aiky took over much of what had been Compile's, including founder Masamitsu "Moo" Niitani and the rights to many of Compile's games. Aiky has dedicated itself to Casual Video Games, which had made up a significant portion of Compile's output. Eventually, the rights to all of Compile's former properties (except Puyo Puyo) and most of its former staff (including Masamitsu) would find its way to Compile Heart, a subsidiary developer of Idea Factory.

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