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Tropers: The Dog Sage
The great and eternal DogSage is Here! Master of all he surveys, greatest warrior of all time, capable of destroying cities with but a look!...

Did I mention that I'm more than a little delusional?

But seriously, I'm really a quiet, unassuming guy, with several phobias, including Autophobia, Mysophobia, and Nosophobia... In fact, I do believe I'd suffer from Panphobia without my helpful little pill friends.

I enjoy comics, manga, video games, and cartoons (like many on the sight), So I'm pretty much a nerd... But I'm OK with that, because that's simply who I am.
Has been known to edit (amongst others):
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Anime/Manga:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Video Games:

Favourite Flavour of Ice Cream:
  • Neopolitan

  • Suzie the German Shorthair
  • Mary Jane the half Chihuahua/half Beagle

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