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    WMG Part 1 

Heihachi DOES have the Devil Gene
It's one thing to survive a fall from a cliff. It's another to survive getting blown up by several self-destructing Jack units without so much as getting burned all over.
  • Jossed by Harada on his Twitter page. In fact, Heihachi, Lars, and Jinpachi all lack it (in spite of Jinpachi being possessed by a Devil-like monster/entity in 5); Kazuya and Jin are the only carriers (according to Harada, Kazuya's not the first Mishima to carry the Devil Gene) and Heihachi is the only person who truly knows where it all started from (Jin and Kazuya erroneously believe it to be Jinpachi, which was a deliberate Red Herring on Harada & co.'s part). If anything, this most likely means that the Devil Gene originated (via Azazel if 6 is any indication) with Heihachi's wife Kazumi, which would explain why Kazuya and Jin are the only ones to possess it in the first place.
  • The Evo trailer for Tekken 7 confirms that Kazuya got it from his mother, Kazumi. So this is pretty much Jossed.
    • Although this causes another problem because Kazumi shares the Mishima family electric effects, despite not being of Mishima blood (only a Mishima by marriage). If the electrical effect comes from her as a result of the Devil Gene, then only Kazuya and Jin should be able to do it.

Paul and Guile from Street Fighter have the same hair stylist
Self explanatory.

The P. Jack in Tekken 2 was a prototype for Jack 3
With the data of the original P. Jack in it. It could explain why he has as completely different appearance.
  • I think it's just a Hand Wave that Prototype Jack always had his Tekken 2 appearance (either that or Heihachi had the Zaibatsu scientists remodel/give P. Jack an upgrade between games). The part about it being a prototype to Jack-3 (read: Gun Jack) could be correct, as all of the Jacks following Jack-2 have the ability to fly, which originated with P. Jack.
    • Of course, P. Jack's ability to fly was originally just part of Tekken 2's thing of giving the boss characters extra moves to differentiate them from the main characters they were clones of. It later appeared in all versions of Jack because it was so much fun.
      • The Tekken 2 story actually states that P-Jack is the prototype for Jack-2 who Heihachi stole and made more powerful, but him being the prototype for Gun Jack makes far more sense.

Jin is a grown-up Lelouch
Let's see, there's a theory about Lelouch is still alive. Maybe he faked his death just in case the world is not in peace.
  • But, Lelouch and Jin are different persons, though.

A Mishima has to be murdered to awaken their Devil Form
Let's review: Kazuya was chucked off a cliff as a child when his Devil awoke. Then, we first see Jin's Devil form after he gets gunned down, followed by Heihachi shooting him in the head. Finally, Jinpachi was locked underground of Hon-Maru and possibly starved.
  • Heihachi is the only exception. I'm pretty sure either Kazuya throwing him off a cliff or surviving the Hon-Maru explosion would have killed you. Plus, the force that powers Jinpachi isn't exactly referred to as the Devil Gene. Plus, Jinpachi was possessed long after Heihachi killed him. If we take that the Gene is hereditary, then Kazuya was the one who introduced it to the Mishima clan. Still doesn't explain how Heihachi is powerful, though.

The Armor King from Dark Resurrection is the original King
Think about it; he did not recognize the second King in his ending, Marduk killed the original Armor King, and he wore a black jaguar mask just to agitate the second king after his loss in the fourth tournament. It could very well be that the first King survived his encounter against Ogre, heard of Armor King's death and saw Marduk's ridicule of the character. Sounds like a viable reason to take up the mantle; so he could avenge his master.
  • May very well be. The time gap between Armor King's death and Dark Resurrection is quite short, thus in Armor King's Dark Resurrection's ending, after he threw King II around, if that was the real Armor King, King II would recognize it in instant. However, his comment was "I think I saw that move somewhere", which means it could refer to a distant past where he used to watch King I's matches. However, there is one problem though: This new Armor King is black as shown in his second costume. And neither King I nor the original Armor King are black.
    • That could be true, but if you look at King's costume in Tekken 2, he seems to be black, if not fairly well-tanned.
  • Well, that's been jossed by Tekken 6 (I'll let those who haven't played it yet discover his true identity by themselves).

Armor King isn't human, he's either an Eldritch Abomination or a shape-shifting alien
Alright, alright, before you start chucking rocks at me, here's why this makes some sort of sense.

  1. Armour King has never been known to take off his mask at all. We know that King wears a mask, because he inherited it from the first King, but Armor King never removes his, at all. Not to mention it has a horrible scar that's too organic-looking for fabric. Therefore, that mask could be his actual face, and he can't take it off at all. The scar came from a fight with some other warrior or being. It also explains why he can't talk - he's suffering from lockjaw or something.
    • "But wait!" I hear you cry. "How did Craig Marduk get hold of the mask, then?" It's simple, really. Dark Resurrection has, for a customization option, a demonic skull "mask" for Armor King. Why is it there? Perhaps it hints at an ability to shed his own facial skin off, which is how he may have escaped the bar brawl with Marduk. Now, reach for the Brain Bleach.
      • OBJECTION! Please recall King II's ending in Tekken 3. After winning the championship belt, King rushed to his room and saw Armor King, sitting down, unmasked. So I suppose, it's really a mask, eh?
      • Ah, but you didn't see his face, did you? From what I can tell, he seems to have no face, just a disfigured lump from what I could see. To me it seems that Armor King was going through the process of regenerating a new head, to prove his identity to King. The reason King hasn't said anything is because he's been scared witless by what he saw.
  2. No-one knows Armor King's nationality, not even the game manual. Also, his style of wrestling differs from what King knows, and includes a few below-the-belt techniques. My guess is that he's either from another dimension altogether or from outer space, and only mastered his techniques by assimilating local knowledge from what so coincidentally happened to be Mexico.
  3. All this would also explain why he attacked King II in his DR ending - in order to beat Jinpachi, he had to hype himself up on some sort of chemical either naturally produced by his own body or artificially. After-effects of this drug may include hallucinations due to its composition - he attacked King II because he though Jinpachi was still alive and trying to get him.
  4. Tekken 6 states that the current Armor King is, in fact, the younger brother of the first, whom Marduk "killed." But if my theory on the mask-shedding is correct, then how were there two Armor Kings? Simple - ''The second Armor King is a clone, created by bacterium-style fission or grown in a test tube. This second Armor King would have inherited the techniques and memories of the first Armor King, who would have passed on the name of his killer before he died.

Lars Alexandersson will become King of the World at the end of Tekken 6
Specifically, Lars will defeat Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, and Heihachi Mishima, become head of the Mishima Zaibatsu AND G Corporation, merge them, then turn it into something that is truly Lawful Good. Since he's the son of Heihachi, he is technically a legitimate heir to the Zaibatsu. Also, because he was raised away from the Mishima family, he did not pick up any of their evil habits. This would effectively end the Mishima storyline as well as finally redeem their family.

Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, and Heihachi Mishima all die at the end of Tekken 6
Another possible ending is that the entire Mishima main bloodline is wiped out when Jin suicides by either jumping off a very high cliff or into an active volcano, and dragging Kazuya and Heihachi with him, going full circle from the pre-timeskip Tekken games. This would also effectively end the Mishima storyline. G Corporation and the Zaibatsu would be inherited by Lars or Lee (or Asuka if you want a joke ending). The first scenario (a high cliff) would allow for any of the three to return should popular demand allow it.

    WMG Part 2 
The Devil Gene is the result of exposure to the Soul Edge
The Soul series is known to have happened in the past of the Tekken series. When Siegfried was possessed by the Soul Edge, he turned into a demonic creature with vast physical power. With those two facts in mind, the obvious explanation is that a Mishima ancestor was exposed to the Soul Edge at some point, and unlike Ivy, had kids anyway.
  • Chipping in to say I like to think Mitsurugi is a distant ancestor to the Mishimas. The hair, the attitude, the scars; surely he's their forerunner.
  • I'd like to add to that by saying Taki is probably the ancestor of Kunimitsu. She shares some moves, stance and general attitude. Going by this logic, Taki's brother being Mitsurugi (according to the end of SCIV) means that she is part of the Mishima Bloodline. My logic here is that if Maxi and Taki were lovers, then this could have contributed to Kuni fighting with a weapon which more resembles sharpened nunchaku than a sword. Admittedly there isn't much connection between Yoshi and Taxi in Soul Calibur other than them being ninjas, but a lot could have happened during that time to cause it. Taki can even be customised with Kuni's mask in SCIV which seems to fit her slightly too well to be a coincidence.
  • Wait. When was it ever said or implied that Taki and Mitsurugi were related? Anyway, the original theory might have held up if not for three points: 1) Heihachi's involvement in SCII (where he cuts his hand by accident on a fragment of Soul Edge) is non-canon, 2) Scenario Campaign in 6 (when playing as Devil Jin) alludes to Azazel being the origin of the Devil Gene or at least heavily entangled in this mess, and 3) Harada stated on his Twitter that the Devil Gene is only carried (currently) by Kazuya and Jin (Heihachi and Lars lack it, as does Jinpachi, who was merely possessed by an entity similar but unrelated to Devil), that Kazuya was not the first Mishima to possess this power and make contact with Devil, and that only Heihachi knows who the Devil Gene originated with (see the "Heihachi DOES have the Devil Gene" at the top of the page).
  • To be fair, we don't know how long Azazel has been around and he honestly feels more like a Soul Calibur boss then a Tekken one. Heck, his stage even looks like something ripped from Soul Calibur! So, perhaps Azazel was around during those times and, at one point, came into contact with Soul Edge? BTW, the Taki-Maxi lover part from two post above this one sounds more like fanfiction fulfillment then it does anything else.
  • So... how about this: The Mishimas were the only ones capable of having the Devil Gene because of their already cursed blood, which they got from (insert Soul Calibur character here). This COULD also explain Jinpachi being possessed by a Devil Gene-like entity.
  • Regarding Kunimitsu, well, the similarities between Taki's student Natsu and Kunimitsu are quite blatant - both characters are of European, not Japanese ethnicity with red hair (Natsu's being more blond), both practice ninjitsu with kunai, and both are disobedient towards their clans, though in Natsu's case, it has yet to be seen if she leaves hers. The theory is that Natsu joins Yoshimitsu's Manji Clan and her or a descendant becomes the first Kunimitsu, leading up to the one in Tekken, who is the first to betray the Manji Clan and is killed by Yoshimitsu.

Steve Fox is the result of Artificial Insemination, Test-tube Baby, and a fragment of Soul Edge
...thus explaining the demonic-looking scar on his arm. It was supposed to be something like Nightmare's arm, only it didn't "mature" enough.
  • He was actually conceived through in-vitro fertilization. Furthermore, if his ending in Tag 2 is to be taken into account, his childhood consisted on being treated as a guinea pig by the Zaibatsu and being given injections of an unknown substance into his right arm as part of the Zaibatsu's Devil Gene program.

Sergei Dragunov is mute because he has a funny voice.
Dragunov has a voice actor, despite his complete lack of dialog. The only sound he makes is when he gets hit- but instead of merely grunting, he makes noises like he's vomiting up pudding. It's very likely that Sergei merely has a nasal Nerd voice which he hides to keep up his creepy image.
  • Word of God states that he is a great singer. Since it is possible to tell if someone is a great singer from their speaking voice, my guess is that they couldn't afford a voice actor with that sort of talent, especially for a relatively minor character. For a more story-related reason, he could be clamming up to save his voice.
    • Related, given that he's a great singer looking at Dragunov who does it remind you of? It's Michael Jackson.

Kazama Jun died... but not at the Ogre's hands... er... claws...
Whenever Jin lapses into his Devil state, it ends with him (a) in normal phase; (b) waking up with little-to-no recollection of what Devil actually did; and (c) in the midst of some very impressive wreckage. Notice that this is exactly what he wakes up to after the Ogre's attack on his mother. This implies one very scary possibility. Namely, that Jun successfully drove off the Ogre, only to be obliterated by the newly-manifested Devil-Jin. Jin was essentially the weapon that slew his mother. Even worse, since the Devil Gene doesn't take effect until its carrier first dies, there's the possibility that this was preceded by the Ogre succeeding at killing Jin. Of course, this means that Jin died twice as of the close of 3. Kazuya only revived from death #2 (the volcano) because of the G Corporation's agents—Devil wasn't able to restore him from that. So how did Jin revitalize from Heihachi's gunshot? Does the holy Kazama force have it's own one-time resurrection quality?
  • I might be wrong, but I don't think Jin could transform into Devil Jin back when he was 15, i.e when himself and Jun first encountered Ogre. I think it was at the end of Tekken 3, when Jin was 19, when the Devil Gene activated. Having Kazuya's genes wasn't enough for the Devil Gene to be active anyway, Devil clearly brands Jin in the Tekken 3 intro, and Jin appears to look 19 in it. So I think his Tekken 3 ending, when Heihachi shot him, was the first time Jin actually died and transformed. It's a shame though, I like the idea of Devil Jin being Jun's true killer.
  • Age has nothing to do with it. Kazuya gained the abilities and awoke in his devil state at age five.
  • Read what he said, Devil brands Jin in the Tekken 3 opening sequence. Jun was already dead by this point. Jin's Devil Gene was not activated when Ogre attacked Jun. No, age doesn't have anything to do with it alone, but it's silly to think Jin transforms into his Devil form BEFORE it's actually activated.

Ogre is a demonic or otherwise altered form of whatever alien race Yoshimitsu hails from.
They both have a very similar power set: teleportation, energy stealing, Super Speed, attack deflection and replication of techniques. They're both aliens...duh. And somehow, Bosconovitch (thinks he) knows how to use Ogre's blood to revive his daughter. Note that Yoshimitsu can heal his opponent as well.
  • Or it could just be that Ogre attacked Kunimitsu, and absorbed the abilities from her.
  • Yoshimitsu IS NOT AN ALIEN!!!!!! He is human it's just the stranegly made armour that makes him look alien and his invisibility and teleporting abilities are ninjutsu techniques CASE CLOSED.
    • This is pure fanon, based on the (incorrect) idea that the references to Yoshimitsu being an alien are mistranslations of a word meaning "void." As stated, this is incorrect; the word used is uchuu (as in, karakuri uchuu ninja, or "mechanized space ninja") which solely means "space" in the sense of the cosmos. Furthermore, a piece of artwork from Tekken 5 depicting the fighters in their natural habitats (so, say, Lei depicted in a Hong Kong city) displays Yoshimitsu on what appears to be the moon. Yoshimitsu is absolutely an alien.

Lili possesses the Devil Gene
Via character customisation, it is possible for her to gain black wings identical to Devil Jin's, albeit smaller. They are clearly not just decorations, you can see them move! Take a look at her character, a teenaged girl who, despite all efforts to raise her as a respectable young lady where not able to stop her uncovering an insatiable battle-lust and improbable fighting prowess. She takes out would-be kidnappers by accident (!), and is able to effortlessly adapt her gymnastics training into a competent streetfighting style, allowing her to go toe-to-toe with outright supernatural forces. The only reason she doesn't go axe-crazy is that she lacks the deep-seated hatred embedded into the rest of the Mishima bloodline.
  • Which, if correct, adds even more layers to her rivalry with Asuka (who bears the same holy power that Jun does/did). Although I'm not seeing Lili learning the truth without... breaking down.
  • Connecting to the Soul Edge theory above, Lili may be a descendant of Ivy. Maybe Ivy gave up on celibacy and instead instilled values of non-violence in her family to avoid being taken over by their tainted blood.
  • As far as we know (and according to Harada), the Devil Gene is strictly hereditary among the Mishimas, with the only (playable) carriers being Kazuya and Jin. Consider this one Jossed.
  • I would also say her witch DLC outfit in SF X Tekken josses this as well. She CLEARLY can afford some really high tech props.

Tekken is the future of both the SimCity series and some fighting game series
Think about Heihachi is the owner of a huge business, however unlike Sim City, it has a militia, robots, scientists, etc.

Leo is transgender.
Specifically, he is a FTM transgender.

The "newcomer" in Tekken Tag 2 is Julia Chang.
Not this troper's personal opinion, given how wildly different her character is, but it should be noted that her medallion is identical to Julia's.
  • And HOW is it possible? If that was Julia, when did she take lessons for Lucha Libre?
    • Simple: going by Tekken 5 and her attempts to dissuade King, they obviously know each other. It's simply a matter of saying something like King trained her. It's also a non-canon game that's also using a young Heihachi and human Jinpachi so luchadora Julia isn't that impossible.
  • It's probably safe to say you can stop speculating. The first footage that has emerged of Tekken Tag 2 during live gameplay has players using Jaycee and she's got Julia's moves (such as her signature elbow) while gaining a new stance system.
  • Confirmed by Harada. Apparently, Julia is filling in for an injured friend.

Nina is named after the "No Irish Need Apply" sign.
It may be possible... She is Irish. Although the signs never existed in America... Supposedly.

Jun was waiting for Duke Nukem to return before she did.
Tekken 2 and Duke Nukem 3D came out about the same time. Tekken Tag Tournament and Manhattan Project both came out the same time, the last time they were in a game. For the next nine years there's teases and suggestions of both returning. Then in 2010 there's the big news of Duke Nukem Forever developments, so Jun appears in the movie. Then the game becomes official for this year. Just who should happen to be one of the characters in TTT2? Jun. She said that hell would freeze over before she was in a game again. Well Cue the Flying Pigs, Duke Nukem is back, and true to her word she makes her return as well.

Heihachi is a Jack series robot, or at least of a similar creation
In the first Tekken game, Heihachi had no unique and independent voice, and instead shared exactly the same grunts and cries as the Jack series (Jack, P.Jack). Admittedly Ganryu had this as well, and because of limited memory all the bosses shared voices with the main 8 characters (sans Wang). But more clues seem to hint: Heihachi cannot seem to infuse Ogre's blood into his being, he has unnatural strength for a human (just like the Jack robots), waves of Heihachi clones appear in Tekken 5's bonus game Devil Within, Heihachi's mental state and fighting prowess seems unaffected by the effects of old age. Maybe his hair grayed because of realistic skin, blood and hair, this allows him to bleed blood and for his hair to grow and change like a regular human. No mention is ever made of Heihachi's mother/his father Jinpachi's wife... maybe she never existed? Maybe Jinpachi was so determined to rebel against his Mishima instincts when running the Mishima Zaibatsu as its CEO, so that he ran it in a dignified and kind way, that it took up all his efforts and time. Maybe he never met the right woman, and instead ordered to have an heir "manufactured" instead. But as expected, the creation rebelled against him. Jinpachi built it to be "too durable", much to his misfortune. Most Mishimas, Jinpachi, Kazuya, Jin, they all started out as kind souls until the Devil Gene made its move. Granted the youngest we ever see Heihachi is 50ish, so we never see a flashback of him when he debatably was a "kind soul". But then, maybe that was deliberate, because there was no need to show Heihachi younger, because his personality wasn't at all different. This seems to be bypassed as Heihachi being the "black sheep" of the family, but maybe there is more to it. In addition, although non canon, Heihachi appears as a much younger (although admittedly still middle aged, just not bald on the top) self in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, rather than the aged version of him last seen in Tekken 6, with no mention of why this new Heihachi has appeared, or where the old one vanished to. Reason... a new model? So what about Kazuya? Who fathered him? Two things, Heihachi acts like a cyborg, and being part organic can still breed... or Kazuya's father is actually Jinpachi. Now, it's probably easy to read this and be stunned, confused, or even shocked at how bizarre it is to even assume it. But if you really take the time to be really open minded, there is a possibility it's not really that farfetched.
  • Hell, it's not like the rest of Tekken makes much sense as it is, especially the battle interlude cutscenes where fighters speaking in different languages understand each other perfectly (even more ridiculous where Kuma and Mokujin understand each others roars and wood clunks). And anyway, it's not like a status quo being established in Tekken, shortly to be knocked down after, is out of the ordinary or anything. We were led to believe Kazuya and Jin would be stereotypical "good guys" when they were both introduced, they later become corporate tyrants. We were led to believe characters like Jun, Baek and Bruce were dead, they're later confirmed as contrary. Once people understand that logic means absolutely nothing in Tekken, it becomes perfectly possible that Heihachi is a robot.

In Tag 2, Harada said Sure, Why Not? to the Jun = Unknown theories.
Ok, so the videos have been leaked and thousands of fans are triumphantly proclaiming I Knew It!. I'm not surprised either, given the circumstances, but I'm going to have to ask you all to hold your horses anyway. Compare Unknown in Tag to Junknown in Tag 2. If you look at the former, it's very clear that the intention of Unknown being Jun's sister was the angle the dev team was going with before Tag became a non-canonical spin-off. There are several discrepancies between the two, such as Unknown being two inches shorter than Jun, having tanner skin, a slightly different hairstyle (even before she was possessed by the wolf demon, as indicated by artwork), and dressing in dark clothes (as opposed to Jun's preference for white). Unknown's Mama Bear moment in Ogre's ending can still work if it's an aunt protecting her nephew, considering that we know little about Jin's childhood besides him living with Jun; it could even simply be Jun's sister spurned on by an urge to avenge Jun's possible death at Ogre's hands. Now, look at the latter. Throughout Tag 2's promotion, Jun has been hyped in the exact same way Kazuya was back in the original Tag. If I'm not mistaken, more focus has been placed on Jun's return than the appearance of Young Heihachi or characters like Jinpachi and True Ogre coming back. It was fan intervention that helped bring back Kazuya in 4 after Tag, and since Jun has this massive Ensemble Dark Horse thing going for her, it's possible that the same kind of publicity could work in Jun's favor. Thus, we have Junknown (who, unlike her original incarnation, looks exactly like Jun). Keep in mind that Jun's official status in the series is simply "missing", as opposed to the Killed Off for Real King I and Armor King I. Instead of trying of work in a plot point for a character who technically doesn't exist, Harada probably just went with the flow and confirmed what was most likely the most prolific Epileptic Tree in series history. After all, the man's been bombarded with messages asking for Jun to return to the series and Harada easily received the six thousand tweets for Jun's return here. Perhaps this was done in order to justify and lay down the groundwork for Jun should she come back for real in the next installment.
  • Confirmed in that he would bring her back as a character if enough fans voted for it. Well they did, and since they wanted her so bad Harada tweaked the character so fans get what they want... but not.

    WMG Part 3 
7 will extend the Devil Gene/Azazel elements to encompass a good chunk of the Nephilim legend

In some understandings of the Nephilim disaster as described in 1 Enoch and Jubilees, Azazel was one of the renegade Grigori (it may even be possible to equate him with Gadreel, depending on whether you think Azazel should be equated with the serpent of Eden, although that may easily be stretching on this Troper's part). In addition, it seems to have been established that Azazel is the reason why the Mishima are afflicted with the Devil Gene. This parallels how 1 Enoch describes the Nephilim, as Half-Human Hybrid children of angels... and apparently Always Chaotic Evil. (Note: Genesis uses "Gibborim" not as a particular class of beings, but just to signify how powerful the Nephilim were. Various mighty and heroic humans also get called "gibbor".) While any series worth its salt is going to include some sort of Shrouded in Myth element, there shouldn't be much doubt to how much the Mishima lived up to that element of nastiness post-Jinpachi. There is the question of how Seth... er... Azazel could have mated with humans, though. A case of Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke?

Another element relating to Azazel in apocryphal lore is worth noting. According to the Sibylline Oracles, there are five angels who are tasked with bringing souls to God's judgement. Azazel's one of them. The others are Samael, Uriel, Ramiel, and Araqiel—the last two being counted among the renegade Grigori. Meanwhile, if playing Julia in the last area of Scenario Campaign, her dialogues strongly imply that Azazel is the same kind of being as the Ogre. Looking at the qualities associated with Samael (simultaneously good and evil) and Uriel (Mr. Playing with Fire, which isn't the Ogre's main schtick in-story), and recognizing that Ramiel may have been accepted back among the holy angels, elimination suggests that the Ogre is actually a heavily Shrouded in Myth Araqiel. So, with Araqiel and Azazel both out of the picture in this scenario, is there a chance that Ramiel will enter the equation, whether or not he wants to? (I'm looking at you, Heihachi...)

Meanwhile, echoing from this...

The Kazama are also angel-human hybrids.

The distinction here would be that whereas Nephilim like the Mishima's ancestors were genetically engineered to desolate the world, Gibborim like the Kazama's ancestors ("nephil" means "fallen", and it's pretty doubtful one could describe the Kazama that way; "Gibborim" is a good replacement term for now, despite its only-descriptive use in Genesis) came from natural, spontaneous love between human and angel. And not being engineered may make it that much more difficult for Azazel & Co. to influence them (think in terms of there being no blueprint to refer to). Of course, this also makes Jin even more of a prize for the Azazelic crowd (a Gibbor they can control?! PERFECT!)...

Jun was chosen, all right, but not for any holy plan.

There's a question of how the Kazama, particularly Jun's deceased father, came to the conclusion that she was chosen. One moment of carelessness could be all it took for some Devil-sympathetic person/entity to dupe the line into thinking someone like Jun was chosen by the holy. The point is not that she was designed for an unholy plan (maybe one should think of not Jun specifically, but the Kazama family in general as the genuinely chosen-by-the-heavens unit; the deceit was to the effect that instead, only one individual would ever classify as "chosen"), but rather that the infernal crowd was waiting for someone like her that they could aim towards a Nephil like Kazuya. Just make it look like their dummy prophecy was specifically anticipating her. Result: Super-powered living weapon that only the mating of the holy (Jun) and the unholy (Kazuya) could result in. Jun and her father were had.

Leo speaks English over German because German has gender specific personal pronouns
Hence why TTTT has her speaking it now that there is official confirmation. No idea on the in-universe explanation.
  • Well there would have to be similar in-universe explanations for Miguel, Christie and Eddy speaking their languages too instead of English too in addition to German... it's more likely they just decided to standardize the multilingual dialogue except for the justified examples of Lei and Josie (and the sort-of unjustified Lars one).

Tekken Tag Tournament 2's "story"
Since there is some form of story in TTT2, I decided to make up a theory. Spoilers abound.
  • TTT2 is set in as an alternate interpretation of Tekken 6.
    • Jin's motivation in 6 is to create as much chaos as possible to summon Azazel. However, in here, Azazel is either inexistant/was Put on a Bus. Besides, the roster is still the same as 6, with the additions of Jinpachi, Ogre, Jun and Jaycee, plus a younger Heihachi (thanks to whatever Fountain of Youth magic he has).
      • You mean, besides the whole Dream Match Game thing? I'm not sure if you should look into this more than "an Excuse Plot to get most of the old cast back together." By the way, the story has Heihachi creating some youth elixir drug that rejuvenates the body and testing it on himself, thus resulting in him de-aging.
      • He might've chugged the same elixir to Michelle or she accidentally drank it herself, since last time she appears in 3, she looks actually far older than Julia. Would be a better explanation than "chunking her from the timeline in 2" even for Excuse Plot. That and Julia seems not really disturbed with her age-down. (Jun at least had the excuse of below to looking the same as she ever did).
  • Jun "died" or ascended into a higher plane of existence.
    • This goes hand in hand with the below theory.
    • Also, see Jun's ending.
  • Jun, Jinpachi and Ogre were brought back from the dead, instead of Azazel.
    • We all know that Jin handed Jinpachi and Ogre their asses on a platter, but what about Jun? Her backstory states that Jun was attacked and supposedly killed by Ogre before the events of 3. However, given her supernatural ability to repress the Devil Gene (hell, Asuka did it), she may have ended up ascending into some otherworldly realm (look at her stage in TTT2). Given the fact that she's also Unknown, this might be the reason why she returned to the series.
      • Many have actually speculated something along of the lines of this, namely that the Junknown thing note  was done to provide Jun with a backdoor of sorts back into the series, should the need arise.
  • Heihachi is the host.
    • The boss/sub-boss of the Tekken games have always been the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu CEO, so Heihachi must have decided to break that rule or overthrew Jin as CEO.
      • I think he's just a regular competitor this time around (like in 5 and 6), seeing as Heihachi hears word of the tournament instead of announcing it himself. He then decides to seek out a partner (which, as logic would dictate, would be Jinpachi).
      • Alternatively, Jin could be the host to test whether the Jun=Unknown theories were true. He hadn't heard that it had been confirmed. And when he found out she was... BOOM!! Pissed off Jin.
  • Goals?
    • Considering the power-hungry natures of the Mishima clan, Heihachi must want to gain Unknown's power. Ergo, he sets the tournament to attract Jun (he knows she's Unknown for some reason) and decides to make it a team tournament so he can work with Jinpachi (and betray him) to gain her power.
      • Actually, it's only Kazuya whom seems to be after Unknown's power as he absorbs it in his ending and subsequently transforms into his "true" Devil form from Blood Vengeance.

Where did Kunimitsu go?
Kunimitsu's one of the few characters not to have made a comeback or received a true successor. In-universe, Yoshimitsu defeated and killed her during the events of Tekken 2, and the real-life reason for her non-return is that she was considered an unenjoyable character for the Tekken staff to work on.
  • The main reason Kunimitsu existed was because Yoshimitsu needed a sub-boss and when the idea of sub-bosses was done away with she was no longer needed.
  • Meh, let's not dwell on it. SHE'S BACK FOR TAG 2.
    • It seems to be implied that in Tag 2 that Kunimitsu is not dead, but could no longer compete in tournaments because she was blinded by Yoshimitsu.
    • Possibly blinded. Her reaction to True Ogre in the console intro certainly doesn't look like that of a woman who's been missing the use of her eyes for over two decades. At any rate, the scars on her face could have alternatively been inflicted by Ogre (if you take the use of her moves as evidence for Ogre attacking her between 2 and 3), and the official word is that, at least in Tag 2's canon, she was excommunicated by Yoshimitsu and went into hiding (probably to live with her grandfather who Kunimitsu attempted to steal Yoshimitsu's sword for in the first place).
  • Jossed, Kunimitsu has retired from being a fighter and a thief. She has started a family and passed the Kunimitsu identity down to her daughter.

    WMG Part 4 
Tekken 3's mimicry character Mokujin is replaced with Combot in Tekken 4, but then comes back as Mojukin for Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 because...
No, not because Mokujin was a fan favorite, and Combot wasn't very well received by fans. It's because all the games with Mokujin in follow a very distinctive pattern, of which Tekken 4 stands distinct. Tekken 3 boasted the supernatural presence of Ogre, Tekken 5 boasted the supernatural presence of Jinpachi, Tekken 6 boasted the supernatural presence of Azazel. What supernatural presence did Tekken 4 boast? None, nothing. The final boss was Heihachi as the king of iron fist, and then the story mode usually ends (unless you're playing as Hwoarang, Lee, Jin or Kazuya) with no super powered demon afterwards, something that had not been seen in the Tekken franchise since the first installment. Why would Mokujin be there? He was replaced by Combot for that game for a reason, because it was expressing technology over sorcery. With Mokujin coming back for Tekken 5, it's to show that the show went back to its supernatural theme, and that supernatural wins over technology.
  • Actually this has been confirmed in his opening to 5, Mokujin is a wooden doll that awakes when a great power shows itself. 3: Ogre 5: Jinpachi 6: Azazel TTT 1-2: Unknown
  • Devil Kazumi doesn't seem to count so far, because Mokujin is absent in 7. (For now. Time release may be a thing.) Then again, Tekken 1-2's Devil Kazuya didn't count either.

Mokujin's mimicry powers are becoming greater
Not because there happens to be more characters playable with every new game, so Mokujin has more characters to mimic... but because Mokujin only gains consciousness because of the supernatural force empowering him. Each new game where there is a supernatural force, sans Tekken 4, that demonic force is more powerful than the previous. Tekken 6's Azazel is seen as the most powerful force in Tekken up to date (creator of the Devil Gene, and the ultimate evil) and is more powerful than Tekken 5's Jinpachi Mishima (original CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu thought to be lost forever, possessed by some kind of demon), but even Jinpachi is greater than True Ogre (Jin didn't even need to have his Devil Gene activated to wipe out True Ogre). It makes sense why Mokujin is able to mimic more people.
  • Meaning that if the supernatural boss of a hypothetical Tekken 7 is weaker than Azazel or Jinpachi, or Mokujin returns for a game that lacks such a demonic final boss then... Mokujin won't be able to mimic the entire character rooster unless it was really small?
    • This has kind of already happened with Tekken Revolution. Jinpachi doesn't have his demon anymore, and True Ogre is the supernatural boss (as established, is the weakest one so far, in fact Ogre is a pathetically easy boss fight now). The result? Mokujin doesn't even mimic like he used to, he has one consistent moveset of borrowed moves.
    • So far, Mokujin hasn't showed up for Tekken 7. (For now. Time release characters could be a thing.)

Game predictions for Tekken 7, Tekken 8 and Tekken 9
The games have followed a very distinct pattern throughout it's time, that if played right will probably repeat themselves in some format for later games. Tekken 1 had a boss system of a sub boss on round 8 (depending on who you start the game with), followed by Heihachi Mishima as the final boss on round 9. It had an in-game fight gimmick, the clever angle change option during a match, that has been abandoned in future titles. Tekken 2 kept the sub boss system to an extent, but expanded it to follow a middle boss -> sub boss -> final boss structure. Tekken 2 also brought in a more supernatural element, by introducing a new devil form of one of the current establishing characters as one of the standard bosses (Devil Kazuya) and with Heihachi being defeated in the prior tournament leading to a new C.E.O of Mishima Zaibatsu to take the position from him (consisting of someone to have been wronged by Heihachi in the past, in this case Kazuya), as well as introducing a female Kazama who plays an importance regarding the final bosses in story mode, and serving as a fixed opponent herself when you choose to play the game as the devil boss (Jun Kazama). So with an extended boss system, a new devil character, and a 2-way Mishima clash giving rise to a new "Mishima family" character, Tekken 2 had more going on. When Tekken 3 comes around, the middle boss structure is taken away in the main story mode (save for the Tekken Force side game only) and there are 2 big boss fights never seen in previous titles before (Ogre and True Ogre, if you count them as different characters in terms of models), and it gives rise to Jin Kazama taking after his father's routes (with the Mishima karate style).
  • After Tekken Tag Tournament, we had Tekken 4, Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 that followed the same pattern. Tekken 4 had a sub boss system reintroduced from Tekken 2, consisting of a specific sub boss for certain characters on round 7, followed by Heihachi Mishima as the final boss on round 8. It had an in-game fight gimmick, the uneven platform and revamped throw system, that has been abandoned in future titles. Tekken 5 kept the sub boss system to an extent, but expanded it to feature a story fight on stage 4 as well as an extra final boss on round 9. Tekken 5 also brought in a more supernatural element, by introducing a new devil form of one of the current establishing characters as one of the standard bosses again (in this case Devil Jin) and with Heihachi being defeated in the prior tournament leading to a new C.E.O of Mishima Zaibatsu to take the position from him (consisting of someone to have been wronged by Heihachi in the past again, in this case Jinpachi who consequently in his demon form introduces a further supernatural element not seen before), as well as introducing a female Kazama who plays an importance regarding the final bosses in story mode, and serving as a fixed opponent herself when you choose to play the game as the devil boss (Asuka Kazamaa). So with an extended boss system, a new devil character, and a 3-way Mishima clash giving rise to a new "Mishima family" character, Tekken 5 had more going on. When Tekken 6 comes around, the middle boss structure is taken away in the main story mode (save for the Arena side mode only) and there are 2 big boss fights never seen in previous titles before (Azazel and NANCY-MI847J), and it gives rise to Jin Kazama taking after his father's routes (becoming C.E.O of Mishima Zaibatsu and the new antagonist).
    • So, after Tekken Tag Tournament 2, we can expect to see Tekken 7, Tekken 8 and Tekken 9 reuse a few gimmicks. This is what I think is going to happen. Tekken 7 will reintroduce the middle boss system that Tekken 6 dropped, consisting of a specific sub boss for certain characters presumably on round 6 (and probably one on round 3 and 4 too), followed by Heihachi Mishima as the final boss on round 7. It will have an in-game fight gimmick, yet to be confirmed, that will be completely abandoned in future titles. Tekken 8 will keep said middle boss system to an extent, but expand it somehow (maybe reintroduce round 4 as a story fight if not done already, or bring in a round 3), as well as an extra final boss on round 8 (that will probably be a previously unseen supernatural transformation of a past Mishima character, likely another Devil form for a character who hasn't got one yet... maybe we'll see a Devil Heihachi at last). Heihachi will see defeat in the prior tournament which will lead to a new C.E.O of Mishima Zaibatsu to take the position from him (consisting of someone to have been wronged by Heihachi in the past again, probably Lars Alexandersson for argument sake and lols), as well as introducing a female Kazama who plays an importance regarding the final bosses in story mode, and serving as a fixed opponent herself when you choose to play the game as the devil boss (Asuka's mother? Who knows? Maybe she'll pull a Michelle Chang on us and adopt a daughter). So with an extended boss system, a new Devil character, and a 4-way Mishima clash (for argument's sake we'll assume Asuka gets more involvement, or Jinpachi rises from the grave... Kazuya did it after all) giving rise to a new "Mishima family" character, Tekken 8 will certainly have more going on. When Tekken 9 comes around, the middle boss structure will be taken away in the main story mode (save for the side mode only) and there are 2 big boss fights (Ultimate Ogre and Omega Heihachi... god knows, could be anything at this point, probably something completely unrelated to anyone we've seen before), and it gives rise to Jin Kazama taking after his father's route again (taking over G Corporation, or even... fathering a new Devil Gene holder himself).
      • Actually, that made me think of something...

If Tekken repeats gimmicks, then Jun will return as a canon fighter in Tekken 7, the same way Kazuya did in Tekken 4
I was thinking about all the Jun hype for her returning in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and how the game treats it as if she has actually risen from the dead and returned, but then realized that the Tag games aren't canon to the main Tekken storyline, so Jun is still missing and not yet part of the main Tekken plot since Tekken 2. But then I went back and thought about what I was feeling when I first saw the trailers for the first Tekken Tag Tournament after the latest released game was Tekken 3. We had Kazuya as a fairly central character in Tekken 1 and Tekken 2, then he was killed off. Throughout Tekken 3, and with his son Jin replacing him at the time, we were led to believe he was gone for good, and dead forever, and that upset many fans at the time. Then with the Tekken Tag Tournament promotion, Kazuya seemed to be the most promoted character despite the fact that many Tekken 2 characters were returning (Jun and all, who we were also led to believe was dead even back then). But no, the arcade/PlayStation intros, the box art, it was all about Kazuya. Non-canon of course, but THEN Kazuya is resurrected in Tekken 4 and back into the main canon storyline, and him and Jin were kept with distinct movelists to stop them both being clones. With Jun so heavily promoted in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, what with her surprising reappearance in the intro, as well as being the final boss and all, it seems perfect to set it up for her grand return to the canon storyline in Tekken 7. Exactly the same way they did with Kazuya. Given that Kazuya was seen as a villain protagonist in Tekken 4, and given that all of the Mishimas (Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin) are all so corrupted now that none of them can barely pass as a protagonist in any shape, Jun may be the new main protagonist of Tekken 7 (her or Lars anyway).
  • So when Tekken Tag Tournament 3 rolls around, they'll heavily promote a Mishima character believed to have passed on previously, but it will be non-canon, and Tekken 10 will bring that character back to life.
    • Probably Jin, maybe he'll be killed off at the start of Tekken 7, and we'll have to wait till Tekken Tag Tournament 3/Tekken 10 to see him again, in a similar fashion to his parents.
    • And to stop her and her "replacement" Asuka being clones, they'll have a distinct movelist each. Probably an inversion of what happened with Kazuya and Jin, because Jin as the replacement was given the new movelist, where as Jun as the original will probably get the new movelist.
      • Well, that's what more or less happened in TTT2. Jun kept her "signature" moves (her reversals, her White Heron Dance/Cartwheel Kick sweep combos, her Dragon Wheel Kick to Demon Slayer combo, etc.), but Asuka is one who retains the majority of Jun's Tag moveset (as well Jun's Tag stance).

The reason Ogre doesn't transform into True Ogre like Jin/Kazuya do with the Devil, and tags in and out like normal characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 1 and 2, is because they aren't the same Ogre
In other words, there are multiple "Ogres" in the Tekken universe. The one in Tekken 3 was just one that happened to be left behind that Heihachi discovered. After Paul beats it, it later transforms into True Ogre. In Jin's ending, he completely destroys True Ogre.. Yet in Tekken 5's Devil Within, True Ogre is apparently back, after we see it completely dissolve back in Tekken 3, but looks different even before he transforms into Monstrous Ogre. It's possible this isn't the same Ogre at all, but only attacked Jin because he thought he was an intruder. Now in Tekken Tag 2, True Ogre looks even MORE different, his body is much darker, fur is more white, and the single snake for one arm has been replaced by many snakes, leading to the possibility it isn't the same Ogre as before either. It's even named "Ogre" rather than True Ogre (because "True Ogre" is only used in context when comparing it to the pre-evolved stage of Ogre as he was in T3, suggesting this is an entirely different Ogre that just looks similar to T3's True Ogre).

Then you have the return of T3's pre-evolved Ogre, but it's called Ancient Ogre instead, as in "this is an Ogre from a long time ago." And just like in the first TTT they do not transform into each other when partnered, they tag in and out as if they were still different characters. Then you can take into account that, when playing T3 and TTT, Ogre and True Ogre have costumes that don't resemble each other's given appearances at all (it's worse for True Ogre, even his mouth and physiology changes). For this reason, it's possible to assume there are many different "Ogres" and "True Ogres", but we've only encountered a few. Extra/new costumes are just to allude to the possibility of more.

  • Ancient Ogre's Ending just adds more fuel to the fire that is the "Multiple Ogre" Theory.
    • He could be using his powers to multiply.

    WMG Part 5 
Angel is Kazuya's Mother, and Heihachi's wife Kazumi Mishima
I don't have anything to support this, I just think it's a nifty idea. Kazuya's mother protecting him, and trying to suppress his Devil Gene, in a similar matter to how Jun Kazama, as Jin's mother, tries to suppress his devil gene through her angelic presence. Plus it's implied by Tekken: The Motion Picture that Kazumi died either during, or shortly after Kazuya's birth, meaning she's dead, and that she was kind hearted which implies she's in heaven, ergo angel.

Unknown is Jun's sister as originally planned, but also Jun herself at the same time
Ok, I'll break it down. Namco originally intended for Unknown to be Jun's sister in TTT1, but this concept was scrapped it seems, and she remained rather ambiguous. She shared a few similarities with Jun in appearance, and even started off with Jun's movelist by default, which led people at the time to think she was a possessed/Devil Jun. However she was a different height to Jun, which suggested they were different people, meaning she could be Jun's sister because this explained why she defaulted to the Kazama martial arts moveset, and looked sort of similar. When Jun, and consequently Unknown, return for TTT2, Unknown becomes a new form for Jun, we even see her transform into her, and they are now the same height.

It's likely the Unknown of TTT1 isn't the same as the one in TTT2, and that the former is Jun's sister, and the latter is Jun herself. It's likely that the Kazama have a curse too, and that Jun met the same fate as her sister. The reason the characters are both referred to as "Unknown" because it's left ambiguous for a reason, as in no one (even characters in the Tekken universe) knows who she is/they are or what she's/they're called... because her name is literally unknown, so she's called Unknown. If she finally features in a canon game, and is integrated into the storyline, Namco will be forced to reveal her name as "Demon Jun" or something.

  • It doesn't help that in Scenario Campaign in 6, if playing Lee in Asuka's stage, it sounds like he thinks it's the Kazama who have cursed blood, rather than the Mishima (or at least he doesn't think it's just the Mishima whose bloodline is cursed). On top of that, when he actually confronts Asuka, he notices the familial resemblance with Jun and/or Jin, and comments that by beating her now, he's probably doing the world a favor. Beyond that, Unknown may properly refer not to the woman, but to the wolf-spirit/ooze, with the Kazama as its hosts/weapons of choice. Meaning that it would have traveled between Jun's sister and Jun, after... depleting... the former.
    • Okay, here's my take on this: According to the old plot, Unknown was Jun's sister. And if Jun was The Chosen One, that would probably make Jun's sister The Unfavorite of the Kazama family. If The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry escalated to outright Cain and Abel levels, Jun's sister may have tried to get Unknown's power, only for Unknown to completely control her. But in Unknown's TTT ending, it appeared that Jun's sister had a Faustian Rebellion, and killed Unknown... and presumably stole its powers for her own. Now that Jun is conveniently "dead" at the hands of Ogre, her sister is masquerading as her, out to conquer the world under her "destiny."
    • That... actually makes a lot of sense. Until Tag 2 Jun really is nice, here, not so much. It would explain how Lars sees her in his ending if he knows of Jun and it's really her sister, and it would also explain that quote that makes Jun Mishima like, you know the one, "You dare defy fate?" If what you say is fact then it would make a lot more sense for Jun's sister to say this and not Jun herself according to how nice she had been before in the games.
      • I think the sister idea was probably an early idea for a Jun expy, which would later be explored fully in Tekken 5 with Asuka. Unknown was hardly given any backstory because it was a non-canon game. By Tekken 4 they were hardly using any recurring characters. It was only by Tekken 5 that they decided they weren't going to bring Jun back and used her Moveset Clone niece Asuka instead. When Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was announced by the creator Katsuhiro Harada, he was bombarded with requests for Jun to come back. He decided to go with the fan theories because they were better than anything else he could come up with.

Jun stopped using the German Suplex...
... because of the Chris Benoit murder/suicide. As Darker and Edgier as she may be she didn't want to use a move that is linked to someone who killed his family.
  • It's a good theory except that Asuka still has it, so was probably an attempt to further differentiate them. In a strange way, the fact Jun isn't using her early moveset makes sense - she is older and has developed more style.

Snoop Dogg will become a DLC character
Remember how Snoop appeared in a fighting game, namely Def Jam: Fight For New York? This is all an elaborate set up to let him return to the fighting game scene. For all we know, Namco could be in talks with EA right now to bring Snoop and his Def Jam gimmick as Crow to Tekken. Ah... I can just smell the Broken Base when that happens.
  • Place your bets. 1600MP for the Snoop Dogg pack which will include him, his stage and several of his songs to use in game. Count on it.
  • Somewhat unrelated, but the lowest-ranked Tekken Force members (at least in Tekken 3) were codenamed Crow and one of them made an appearance as a playable character in Tekken Card Challenge. Maybe the Doggfather will be included in his new reggae persona, Snoop Lion?

Unknown is Dark Is Not Evil.
  • The first Tournament game takes place after Tekken 3, where Ogre attacks and possibly kills Jun. Unknown was believed (later confirmed) to be Jun. In one of the endings Unknown fends off Ogre when it tries to kill Jin. Why would Unknown do that? Probably because of Jun, but it might also be because Unknown is not exactly evil. Why join with Jun in the first place? Or for that matter with you if you lose to her and don't continue? When she reaches out to you the screen goes black. Does she absorb you? Help you? If the former given how powerful she is there was ample time to do so, that purple ooze gets everywhere and quite likely she could have killed you if that was her intent.
    • Unknown might also be the reason why we have some of the characters. Jun of course. Michelle. Young Heihachi.
    • The problem with that theory is that, as of Tag 2, Unknown has been depicted to be much more murderous than she would've been in the original Tag. It has been speculated that Jun, herself, has turned dark, with the opening video. Jun, in her Continue? screen, is shown to be conflicted to whether she should care about the player. But ultimately, it ends up that she turns away. Especially with the fact that Unknown may be absorbing you out of her own free will.
    • Let's go into detail of Jun's and Unknown's characterisation shall we? In the games she had been portrayed as pure until Tag 2, I'll get to that in a minute. The animated movie on the other hand she seemed a little grouchy, a little removed from the way she was in the games. While this might seem to be inaccurate and it quite likely is the movie had more scope to show her character than the games had at this time. Then we get Tag 2 where we do see her character better than in other games and yep, Darker and Edgier. Can it passed off as not having fight quotes before? It could. However Jun seems more aloof that you'd expect. I pair a custom Asuka with a custom Leo and they seem a lot better together (tag finishers and such) than Asuka and Jun. As far as Jun being the Game Over Woman how would other fighters react? Jun being Jun maybe she should help them up and dust them off but some seem surprised that she doesn't.
    • With Unknown we run into some of the same problems as Jun in that there wasn't as much character development in the first Tag. She was the final boss, she might have been Jun, she was dark, in her ending she breaks free of that wolf spirit, in Ogre's ending she saves Jin. Murderous? In Tag 2 her stage is dark, she's an even more brutal version of Jun, lose to her and she seemingly absorbs you. What we can extrapolate from this is since Unknown had joined with Jun it had made Jun Darker and Edgier. However one thing I wonder is if Unknown wants to absorb you why does she wait? If you are beaten wouldn't she just go for it? What if absorbing you is her way of helping, so to speak? The story with Kazuya is Devil gave him the strength to fight on. Could this be the same with Unknown?
    • Another possibility is that Jun's been using her own body/essence to keep Unknown bottled up. When she fights you the first round, she's just trying to remove the intruders to the Heavenly Garden. Unfortunately, when you defeat her, you weaken her to the point where she can't actually contain Unknown anymore, and it takes control of her. This is also why she's more aloof than usual; she can't afford to pay that much attention to others while she needs to keep constant watch on the loopy horror she's a living(?) prison for.
    • Also a possibility. It would be a nice way to delve into her and Unknown without falling back on the Mishima storyline. As stated above Namco might be going the same way with Jun as they did with Kazuya in bringing him back in the first Tag then going into more detail in the next game. Rest assured there will be a Tekken 7. Maybe we'll get some answers then. It just might be given how Harada chose to bring Jun back they might not be the answers we expect. I suspect he might have a surprise or two in store for this particular storyline.
    • While nothing really comes out of it, it should be noted that Unknown's ending has Angel seemingly removing the evil essence (that dark goo on her body, which is possibly linked to the wolf spirit(s) associated with her) from Jun as she sinks further down into the sea. Additionally, the arcade ending had Unknown smiling after the wolf spirits attacked her and she laid in Fallen Garden, slowly being submerged by the pool of water/goop. A Dying as Yourself moment, perhaps?
    • Another theory is the Devil/Angel story with Kazuya is also apt for Jun, except in this case Devil is Unknown. In retrospect this might not be surprising, given some of her history.

Ogre corrupted Jun into Unknown
  • Well this is almost entirely based on Devil Jin's ending in TTT2, where I presume he is pissed off that Jun is Unknown. When Jun fought with Ogre she WAS beaten, but Ogre sort of infected her with the purple ooze. However, Ogre didn't count on the wolf spirit which possessed her and allowed Unknown to fight off Ogre. When Unknown appears to fight Ogre in TTT this could actually be a grudge match.
    • Alternatively, Unknown possessed Jun to fight off Ogre. Why would she/it save Jin?
    • Because Jun's Mama Bear tendencies (and possibly her supernatural purification powers) were strong enough to at least subconsciously influence Unknown? Heck, Unknown's Tag ending had her breaking free of the wolf spirit's influence twice. Also, I had assumed that Devil Jin's intense anger in his ending (which picks up where Jin's left off) was due to Jin's emotional turmoil over his mother essentially leaving him... again. Jin's separation from Jun is pretty much the crux of his problems, as it's the reason he found himself dealing with his father's side of the family in the first place.

Somewhere along the line, Jun and Jin watched Sons of Anarchy.
  • Jun has crows on her outfit, the emblem of the Sons. Her son is into motorbikes. Furthermore, Jun has been something of the woman behind the man in Tekken 3, 4, and going by her appearance in the latest game could well be this judging by Jin, just like Gemma to Jax.

Jin is the latest reincarnation of Ivy.
  • Conception incited by a supernatural force (we still don't know whether it was Devil or something more hallowed)? Check. Unholy trace in blood? Check. Obsessed with erasing an associated infernal force (Devil, Soul Edge)? Check. Determined not to have equally-tainted children? Check. Willing to accept universal vilification if that can't be avoided in the quest? Check! The only problem? Their personalities don't match that well. Jin's melancholic, Ivy's bilious. But maybe in-between reincarnations are to blame...
    • Except that Ivy is immortal, and even if she somehow dies, the artificial soul she possesses is unlikely to be subject to normal reincarnation rules. Technically, she actually has two souls running around, further complicating what would happen if she were to reincarnate. However...

Ivy Valentine will appear in the Tekken games.
As an ageless entity, living that long is well within her capabilities. The only question will be why it took so long for her to involve herself in the affairs of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

    WMG Part 6 
Lili's "Devil" add-ons are the result of a failed experiment...
Lili, somehow, managed to find out about Lars by doing "research" on him, despite it being established that all records of him were basically wiped. Lili, obviously has INCREDIBLE resources and connections. So, she contacted a major organization (possibly G-Corp, or perhaps a subsidiary of her father's company) or start one herself dedicated to making a power suit that mimics the Devil Gene powers so that she and Jin could battle on even ground. The parts on Tekken 6 are either a prototype, or a failed model.
  • Furthermore, her 3rd Tekken 6 outfit is another attempt at the project that went horribly wrong because someone thought drills for hands was a good idea, basically completely missing the point.

Steve and Leo will team up to take down Kazuya in the next TAG game
This is just an idea, since Leo's mother was involved in Steve's upbringing, they're striving for similar goals. Leo wants revenge and Steve wants to confront the Zaibatsu on his cloning from Nina, not that he knows yet. Following that....
  • Steve's not a clone; he was conceived by means of in vitro fertilization, although he's a "creation" of the Zaibatsu in that he was one of their Devil Gene program guinea pigs. But yes, that is plausible. It could even lead to some heartwarming moments where the two bond over how great a person Emma was. This doesn't necessarily have to be regulated to the next Tag (whenever that is), though; with all of the plot hooks TTT2 has thrown our way, that could just as easily be done in Tekken 7 proper.

Nina will be the one to reveal all to Leo and Steve

The creators of the Avatar franchise got their inspiration for Korra from Asuka Kazama.

Kunimitsu is Transgender
Kunimitsu underwent a drastic change between Tekken 1 and Tekken 2. In Tekken 1, her voice is identical to Yoshimitsu's, and although with the in-game models it's difficult to tell (since, you know, mid-90s 3D graphics...), in the small amount of CGI art showcasing Tekken 1 Kunimitsu, she has a very masculine figure, and does not have pronounced breasts at all. In Tekken 2, her figure is much more feminine, with visible breasts and a slimmer waist, and a new, female voice. Assuming that she started taking estrogen shortly after Tekken 1, with Tekken 2 taking place two years later, this would've been enough time for her body to change into a more "female" form. As for her voice, presumably she simply had lots of practice over the previous two years, and so by Tekken 2 she is able to speak in a female tone relatively comfortably. This would also explain her height - 5'8" is extraordinarily tall for a Japanese woman, but about average for a Japanese man.
  • This theory has been Jossed - the developers wanted to make her female all along (as seen in early sketches) but the graphics did not allow her to be depicted the way they intended. Kunimitsu is also not ethnically Japanese - she has naturally red hair.

Asuka will become increasingly involved in the Mishima and Devil Gene affairs.
Despite not being all the consequential to it so far, combined with the supposed, and demonstrated, ability to negate the Devil Gene, and Jun's passing on, whether she's here to stay since Tag 2 or not, means that one way or another she may have to involve herself in her aunt's place to help mediate the tense relationship in her usual way, which her hobby of doing so between people in her hometown may even have been building up to, not even mentioning her status as a Kazama, and what kind of connections that alone puts her in. Whether she succeeds or not in mediation is another thing entirely, but if this turns out to be the case, Asuka as a character will find herself with a great deal more spotlight in the future.

Jinpachi was possessed by an entity, that resulted from a fusion of the genes of Devil and Ogre
In a way, pretty much exactly what Heihachi was trying to achieve between the third and fourth tournaments. Jinpachi's purple aura suggests Devil blood, but his fire attacks and demon form's stomach mouth suggest Ogre blood. It could be possible that Ogre DNA that Heihachi collected and stored at the Mishima Zaibatsu labs, as well as Devil DNA from Kazuya that G Corporation were storing too, came into contact at some point. Creating the "vengeful ghost", it's reasons for revenge somewhat unclear, that needed a host that had the blood of a Mishima to carry out its objective. Heihachi, for some reason, cannot seem to be possessed. Kazuya and Jin already had possessed blood, and Lars had not been outed as a Mish-ma yet. But when the Jack-4s destroyed Hon Maru in vain attempt to kill Heihachi, and Jinpachi was freed, the entity finally had a Mishima it could possess. Additionally, it was said that the ghost that possessed Jinpachi told him to "destroy all people", which was what Azazel wanted to do, and Julia Chang makes a reference in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign on how similar Ogre and Azazel are, and Azazel has Jinpachi's stun attack. If Jinpachi does have Ogre blood, then that's why Devil Jin takes on an "Ogre" appearance in his T5 ending after absorbing Jinpachi's demon.
  • Leading on...

Mokujin in unaffected by a Devil Gene presence, only an Ogre presence
Hence why he's not in Tekken 1, 2, 4 or 7. If we buy into the notion that Jinpachi's vengeful demon, Ogre and Azazel are related somehow, then it's that common presence they all share that activates Mokujin. Devil Genes clearly do nothing, Kazuya and Jin were both kicking around prominently in Tekken 4, and Mokujin wasn't anywhere. Hell, Kazuya's Devil power was at the max in Tekken 2, and that still did nothing.
  • It's also possible that Mokujin's body simply wasn't carved out of that two millennia-old oak tree until sometime during the interim between 2 and 3. Playing as Mokujin in Scenario Campaign reveals he's been privy to a lot of supernatural powers over the ages (including Azazel and the spiritual nature of the Kazama family), suggesting he was sentient to some degree even before Ogre's presence awoke him, but while his Tekken 3 backstory states he (i.e. the wooden training dummy) was on display in a museum for quite some time, that's a very vague measurement of time. For all we know, that could simply be seven or eight years.

Jin fought Jun in Devil Within
The boss of Stage 4, the glowing white orb, looks remarkably similar to the one Jun turns into in her TTT2 ending. Granted, both of these are non-canon (well AT THE MOMENT anyway)..
  • Well she shows hostility to Jin in their Tag win poses, and given Jin's ending in Tag 2... Jun obviously engaged him in a fight. So yeah, Jun has a problem.
    • If we're going by the more universal poses where they basically ignore each other (or Jun crosses her arms in a huff), then maybe. If we're going by their specific Tag pose where mother and son slightly turn their heads in the direction of each other and fondly smile, then probably not.

An epic final boss will be planned for a Tekken Revolution update
I mean why else would Mokujin, Tetsujin AND Kinjin be knocking about?
  • Considering that there have been numerous reported hackers who have managed to exceed 200/200/200 (suggesting that, at some point, the level cap may be increased enough to allow for that many skill points), who knows?

Angel is Leo's mother
Seriously, look how similar they appear.

The demon that possessed Jinpachi is called Enma
His fireball attack is called Enma's Fury, go figure!

Jun was the one who manipulated Kazuya into sleeping with her, and allowing Kazuya to be killed by Heihachi
Kazuya never wanted a son, or heir (because, mirroring his relationship with his own father, that would mean more competition). With the Devil Gene, he was quite contempt with living forever and/or basically destroying humanity. And given his current frame of mind, sexytimes was probably the last thing on his mind. Jun had a mission to weaken the devil spirit, she sensed strongly within Kazuya. To do that, she made Kazuya sleep with her, knowing full well that his DNA would pass through, infusing half of Devil's DNA into her womb, thus making Kazuya's Devil weaker. Thus, allowing Heihachi to overcome and defeat Kazuya (where as, before, Kazuya had the edge over him). That Jun is rather crafty!
  • Except Kazuya didn't lose his half of Devil until his death in the volcano. The Devil Gene only means that someone is more susceptible to being taken over by entities (although this isn't entirely clear) that stem from Azazel. It's likely if Kazuya hadn't died that Jin could possibly have gone his whole life as a normal person.

Based on the previously Jossed theory about Lili having the Devil Gene...
  • A new character in Tekken Revolution is this vampire/succubus... thing. It's still in development as of now, but based on the few confirmed details, it was "imprisoned in a wing of the Rochefort Estate, where Lili was raised." It probably doesn't have the Devil Gene, but likely has something similar... something that may have been passed onto Lili somehow...

Jun, Michelle and Kunimitsu will all return in Tekken 7.
  • Jun's the main boss from TTT2, with a (respectively) large role in the game, and plot hooks about her and Unknown. The endings make it seem like maybe she isn't dead after all, and of course she has a huge fan following. If not Jun, it will be Unknown. Michelle's story was pretty negligible, but the fact that Julia's undergone a makeover with both appearance and moves, seems like a big effort just for a small character in one game. It seems like it'd be a permanent feature for her, with Michelle filling in her old role. Kunimitsu meanwhile, well, she's had a full makeover, and there has to be a story behind her eyes/face that needs telling.

The reason why Heihachi is the way he is to Kazuya is...
  • ... how he grew up. Think about it, Jinpachi applied The Spartan Way when he trained Heihachi. Because of that, Heihachi believed Might Makes Right, and hoped to instill this towards his children. Problem, Kazuya ended being too soft and nice, and Jinpachi mellowed out a lot, thus making him a Broken Pedestal to Heihachi, and what does Heihachi do, imprison Jinpachi beneath Hon-Maru, take over the Mishima Zaibatsu, then throw Kazuya off that cliff.
    • I do wonder about this. Because Jinpachi himself is a honorable man in the way he runs the Zaibatsu and I don't think he would even apply The Spartan Way to anyone. But if this is true, then maybe Jinpachi committed the mistake that he thought that The Spartan Way will make Heihachi see the errors of his way, that is, his greed. He thought of a benevolent version of The Spartan Way, but it backfired horribly.

Hall of Judgement is limbo, Naraku is hell, Heavenly Garden is Heaven, and Fallen Garden is purgatory
The protagonist is kept ambiguous deliberately through Tekken Tag 2, and there are limitless options for the first time to create pretty much any character you want. Tekken Tag Tournament 2's story reflects your players characters quandary with the afterlife.

Alisa's Chainsaws will become Laser Chainsaws.
Thereby finding a happy medium between the regular versions of the games, and the Korean versions. Also, said saws in Street Fighter X Tekken do seem to have a slight glow to them, which lends towards this theory... at least to me.
  • As of 7, they are still laser blades in Korea and chainsaws everywhere else... though honestly, I wish they added that a customization so I can have my laser blades which I prefer over the chainsaws.

    WMG Part 7 
Nina Williams is a plot device that Namco uses, to show clearly who is the antagonist and who is the protagonist
That is, she is ordered and sent by the antagonist, to defend them from the protagonist, which is handy in a series where every Mishima family member has dodged back and forth through the alignments a couple of times, and it's difficult to know who is what anymore. This WMG has happened twice already. First of all in Tekken 3, Ogre as the antagonist brainwashes Nina to help defend itself against the protagonist Jin Kazama. Then interestingly, in Tekken 6, Jin's role and dynamic completely shifts, and now he is the antagonist using Nina in the very same way, to defend himself from the new protagonist, Lars Alexandersson. So you see, there's more to her than "Nina vs Anna again."
  • The problem with this theory is that Nina also spent time hunting the antagonists, specifically in Tekken 1 and 2, where she was contracted to assassinate Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima, respectively. Likewise, even when she doesn't explicitly hunt an antagonist, she doesn't go working for them (i.e., the whole Jinpachi debacle in Tekken 5).
  • Nina is (as of July 2015) not yet in Tekken 7, does it mean that Tekken 7's antagonist is not so obvious they don't need Nina to hunt it/him/her yet. Also, Villain Protagonist can be a thing in Tekken 1-2 making the theory kinda work?

Gon will be written into the canon storyline
... and will be the son of Mama Roger, and Alex.
  • I never knew I wanted this until now, licensing hurdles be damned.

Each Mishima is based off a Dragon Ball Z Saiyan
Kazuya is Vegeta, Lee is Trunks, [young] Heihachi is King Vegeta, Jinpachi is Broly, Jin is Gohan, and Lars is Goku.
  • Some of the older Heihachi's customizations in T5DR, along with the lightning, make him look alot like Nappa.
    • Non-Mishima example, but Ogre is very much like Cell. Green, powerful, absorbs others techniques.
    • The Jack series are like Android 16.
    • Feng Wei's item move in Tag 2 is identical to the Nimbus cloud. In fact, his "Monkey" themed customizations allude to Journey to the West, which the original Dragon Ball was actually based on!
    • A problem I can see with this setup is why the writers would take forever to add "Goku" a.k.a. Lars into the story if they were indeed referencing saiyans. You would think that among the first things they would ever add when referencing a whole cast would be the main protagonist? What if Heihachi was Goku? (And coincidentally, Heihachi got de-aged just like Goku in GT.) That'd make Kazuya Gohan, Jin Goten, Jinpachi Bardock, Lee Vegeta, and Lars Trunks.

Marshall hates Lili in his TTT2 Netsu chart, because Lili previously beat Forest.
You can clearly see Forest's attire on the opponent Lili grounded in her DR prologue. Marshall is annoyed because someone harmed his son.
  • What if the damages Forest sustained from Lili, somehow led to his "motorcycle" accident before Tekken 5, and the reason Marshall was in debt in medical bills, in the first place? Hmm... Lili being the daughter of a wealthy tycoon in Monaco probably made her untouchable in the eyes of the law. I'd be pissed at her too.

Similarily to the WMG above, Bob probably hates Ganryu for similar reasons
I found it strange that Bob and Ganryu's special win pose has them doing a belly five, and showing pride in each other's girth (and Slim Bob's win pose with Ganryu has him being jealous because he doesn't have that weight anymore/wants it back), but yet according to the Netsu system Bob hates Ganryu storyline-wise, and that's why it takes longer for rage to be activated. But I realized that Bob first decided to put on weight, because his storyline told of him constantly losing to opponents of bigger weight, and that's what gave him the incentive to put his weight on, so he could win the type of matches he previously lost. It hit me, Ganryu was one of the "larger" opponents Bob lost to when he was slim before.

The next Tekken game will be a retelling of Tekken 1-3
Simply because Namco is following exactly the same format for Tekken, that Midway Games has done for Mortal Kombat:
  • 3 games on one generation (Tekken 1-3, Mortal Kombat 1-3)
  • a trilogy of the first three games combined but based on the 3rd game's engine (Tekken Tag Tournament, Mortal Kombat Trilogy), which themselves are based on earlier updates to the 3rd game (the arcade version of TTT1 was more like Tekken 3, UMK3 was more like MK3)
  • a fourth installment during the same generation (Tekken 4, Mortal Kombat 4) followed by "half" games (Tekken 5 not being the final version of T5, and Mortal Kombat Gold simply being an updated MK4)
  • a fifth and sixth installment on a new generation (Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and Mortal Kombat: Deception)
  • on the same generation you get the second trilogy covering the characters of all six main games plus the first trilogy (Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon)
  • a crossover game with another franchise (Street Fighter X Tekken, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe)

Mortal Kombat's next game was a reboot, and bringing past characters and costumes to updated graphics. A chance to have Tekken bring back Kazuya in his t-shirt and sneakers, as well as P.Jack's old form, Nina's green jumpsuit, pimpin' King the First, and probably even gender bending Kunimitsu, into HD, could be seen.

  • Hell they could even make a prequel. Seems silly to give characters like Jinpachi defined movesets, if they're never going to appear in a game again.
  • Jossed, although Tekken 7 may still delve into events set before the first game, as seen with Kazumi's conversation with the mysterious figure (possibly Jinpachi) in the trailer. If so, there could be flashback battles, such as Jinpachi vs. Heihachi (the battle leading to Jinpachi's imprisonment underneath Hon-Maru), that would ensure the new movesets don't go to complete waste. Also, Kunimitsu is and always was female.

The Noh Theater stage in Tekken 6, is the same location as the Hall of Judgement (TTT2)/Tiger Dojo (T3/TTT)
The tide is high, because of the global disaster, and environmental chaos Jin has engineered.

Unknown's spirit has been manipulating all of the main Mishima events of Tekken, since before the first game, in order to resurrect itself into Jun's body
Basically, it somehow curses Kazumi (Heihachi's wife, Kazuya's mother) to die during childbirth, beginning Heihachi's initial hatred of Kazuya, which eventually leads to Heihachi tossing Kazuya off a cliff. Knowing Kazuya will give into Devil's offer, and become resurrected to kill Heihachi, it arranges for Jun Kazama to investigate Kazuya at the same time, forcing the two to meet, predicting their eventual meet (attraction, impulse, or however you want to interpret it), which will lead to the conception of Jin. Jun presumably "died" before Tekken 3 (at the hands of Ogre, or ironically Devil Jin if you believe the fan theories), and her soul passed on, but the "thing" (Unknown) was able to claim her lifeless body as a host for its spirit, but it needed the world to be full of chaos, for Kazuya and Jin to clash, and for Azazel to be resurrected, for there to be enough spiritual energy. It is eventually able to reanimate Jun's body, and walk around in it as a vessel.
  • So the Jun in TTT2 isn't the real Jun. Well, apart from her ghost in Devil Jin's ending.
  • Likely it persuaded Heihachi to dispose of Jinpachi early, because Jinpachi could have posed a threat to its plans.

Unknown stole Jun's appearance
As an expansion or alternate way to put the above WMG, Unknown appears to be some unknown Kazama woman, assumed to be a sister of Jun. Actually, it's the wolf spirit, using the form of Jun, but it's heavily flawed, and it's forced to use mimicry of those it sees to attempt to recreate her. The tranquil oasis we see as Jun's stage WAS where Jun went to hide, and Unknown was able to fully create a facsimile of Jun Kazama, who is the one we fight as a boss, the real Jun being the one who is playable.

    WMG Part 8 
Kazuya is going to betray Kazumi and throw away his love to her

C'mon, he's been the shining example of Bait the Dog, and starting with 5, whatever 'good' deeds he might sprung up with would turn out to be nefarious in the end, even if they usually fall into non-canon territory. Case in points: 5: After reminiscing the good memories with Jinpachi, he killed him in cold blood (eventually non-canon because Jin won). 6: Took over G Corporation to oppose Jin's world war? No, he still has no standards, he's still a Villain with Good Publicity through and through. Tag Tournament 2: Ignores Jun's attempts to "save" him, and in his ending, absorbs Unknown (Jun) and gleefully laughing. So what's stopping Kaz to backstab his mom and crossing the grandest of all Moral Event Horizon?

So, the plot for Tekken 7

So far, Harada has confirmed that Kazumi was the REAL origin of the Devil Gene, and that she didn't die in childbirth, but was murdered by Heihachi, shortly before he threw Kazuya off the cliff. Likewise, Harada confirmed that Tekken 7 was going to solve some of the big questions of the Tekken-verse, including "Heihachi's reasons for killing Kazumi, throwing off Kazuya and hunting Jin down, the Devil Gene's origin and the final conclusion among the Mishima's blood battle."

My guess, based on the Tekken 7 trailer, was that Kazumi and Jinpachi (who I assume is the "mystery man" of the trailer) both feared what Heihachi would do with the Devil Gene if he realized Kazuya had it, and both set out to stop him - first Jinpachi, and then Kazumi when Jinpachi was defeated (and presumably imprisoned within the Hon-Maru Temple). However, Kazumi's Devil Gene powers got out of control during the battle, and Heihachi was forced to kill her while she was in her Devil form. Needless to say, he doesn't take it well, and it was BECAUSE of this trauma that he threw Kazuya over a cliff in the first place.

As for the present events, that's still anybody's guess. Presumably, both Kazumi and Jun/Unknown will come Back from the Dead (and 9 out of 10 odds that they'll SERIOUSLY Come Back Wrong, especially if Kazumi has the Devil Gene and Jun has Unknown), and whoever was responsible for the Devil Gene (assuming it somehow isn't Kazumi) will end up being the True Final Boss. As for "the final conclusion among the Mishima's blood battle" - knowing this series, this probably will NOT end well.

    WMG Part 9 
A devil gene holder grows more monstrous and mindless the further in the devil transformations they go. But must have their horns specifically pulled off, while in devil form, for them to have access to a form where they can control the devil gene rationally
In akin to Dragonball Z style transformations with very exact and odd criterias, and as hinted at in the Tekken Blood Vengeance movie, Kazuya and Jin duke it out in their full powered devil forms (with help from the M cell). Kazuya being the representation of Devil himself, Jin being the offspring cursed with the leftover DNA. Kazuya being in control with little change in personality (apart from being far more sadistic), were as Jin turns into a chaotic, rampaging, unintelligible monster with no personality at all. The previous Devil Jin behaved like a soulless demon, and was far different to Jin normally, but was at least it was still capable of speech and thought. Anyway, part way through the fight, Devil Kazuya rips off Devil Jin's horns just For the Evulz to cause pain, but it ends up backfiring, as Jin emerges in a new devil form. One where he finally controls the devil gene, and retains the personality of his human self when transformed. Hence why the normal Devil Jin as he is seen in Tekken 6, is not canonically there. Jin doesn't need that transformation anymore. Kazuya never needed to do it, because it isn't really Kazuya. Just a resurrected clone of Kazuya animated by Devil himself.
  • It's likely not even Jin knows this though, and probably still thinks it was 'reason' alone that helped him control it.
Both the video games, and the Lucky Chloe controversy exist in the Tekken universe.
Here, she was the one who found out about the tweets, and actually burst into tears after seeing them. It was then that she requested that she be removed from the North American release thinking that no one in America loves her. On the other hand, if Katsuhiro Harada was trolling after all (as some have claimed), that would mean she may have changed her mind...
Josie Rizal is a descendant from Talim.
There is enough evidence in the series that it happens in the same universe as Soul Calibur (Yoshimitsu being a descendant to the SC Yoshimitsu), and I always thought some characters had counterparts in the SC roster. That being said, I find highly likely that the new Filipino character in Tekken 7 is a descendant from the Filipino priestess Talim of the Soul series.
  • In a similar vein, I always had this headcanon that Hwoarang is descended from Yunseong.
Gigas is Craig Marduk
Having some moves lifted of Marduk's move list, I think it goes beyond "these scientists just watched Marduk's Tekken and MMA fights" and taught this to this random new bioweapon they made. They actually captured the poor guy and turned him into... this. Who could've done this to him? Granted, this series does have its Evilutionary Biologist minor characters or even whole companies, so it's not far off that G-Corp or Mishima Zaibatsu or even Dragunov's buddies could be the culprits.
  • Marduk is not the type of person who wants more power and would readily submit himself to experiements (like some of them Dead or Alive final bosses) so I am inclined to believe it was kidnapping or worse and the transformation to Gigas was unwilling.
    • Or, to Take a Third Option, Gigas is NOT Craig Marduk, but an Evil Knockoff of him.
    • Well, Steve is a thing, so cloning Marduk to make Gigas also seems to be a plausible idea. There are a lot of opportunities to get DNA, like Marduk's time at the hospital after Tekken 4, maybe even random blood samples after Tekken or MMA tournament matches.
Ogre shall return!
All these Devil gene users, will bring forth the god of fighting once more, and His new form... Perfect Ogre/Toshin which will be a golden skin version of Ogre base form and bright burning red hair. All the power of Ogre's monster form refined with the skill and precision of his base. Also eye lasers.
Kazumi healed Akuma from what could have been a Game-Breaking Injury
Akuma's defining trait is his love of battle, so he wouldn't take too well to being unable to reach his full potential, or worse, being unable to fight at all. It follows that he might really appreciate anyone who healed him of such an injury. Maybe. It's a bit hard to tell with him.
Akuma has been watching the Tekken Tournament since Day 1.
When he wasn't training, fighting, or perusing Ryu, it's likely that Akuma might have watching the past six Tekken Tournaments from the shadows, waiting for the right time to make his move.
Josie Rizal has anxiety issues
This would explain why she's so...worried sometimes. Harada described her as "a bit of a crybaby", and this could be why. And hey, sometimes people with anxiety issues can have a bit of an energetic front to themselves, so this would make sense.
  • It's been officially stated that Josie is such a crybaby because she has a Dark and Troubled Past. What exactly this entails and whether it just caused her to develop anxiety issues or something much worse is unknown.
    • Well we now know her hometown was destroyed by a natural disaster, so she could very well have been somewhat traumatised by the experience.
Claudio Serafino will become the new protagonist
Jin's Face–Heel Turn in 6 may have been false, but engulfing the world in conflict is kinda hard to let go. That same game pushed our anime haired half-Swede Lars as our new protagonist...but like a lot of the other characters Tekken has introduced since 6, he's received...more than a bit of scrutiny from the fanbase, and while some people have warmed up to him, there's still a lot of people who really don't like him. As far as this Troper knows, Tekken 7 debutant Claudio hasn't succumbed to anywhere near as much hate, and he might actually tie into the story quite well with him leading an organisation out to take out all carriers of the Devil Gene (Kazumi, Kazuya and Jin). So making him the new protagonist would work quite well.
Oni will appear in Tekken 7 as a Bonus Boss
Considering Akuma's roots as a secret boss character, and that Oni is his One-Winged Angel form, this would make a lot of sense considering how Akuma is being presented in the game.
  • For what it's worth, Akuma himself is a Bonus Boss in the arcade release of Fated Retribution.
Akuma is a dimensional traveler.
Harada, or someone higher up in the dev team, claims that while Akuma himself is canon to the Tekken 7 story, Street Fighter as a whole isn't necessarily.
The story mode of Tekken 7 will invoke Anyone Can Die, possibly crossing over into Characters Dropping Like Flies
With it being made clear this is the end of the Mishima Saga, and the idea that several characters may not return for future games in mind, it does seem likely that some characters could get Killed Off for Real in the story mode. Obviously, Kazuya and Heihachi could end up getting offed, but this Troper can also see a few other characters dying at different points.
  • Confirmed, although only one (or perhaps technically two) of the actual characters die: Kazumi (in a flashback), and Heihachi (at the ending)
Jin will become The Atoner
It only makes sense. His declaration of war in 6 was all part of a Batman Gambit to take out Azazel, and that didn't rid him of the Devil Gene. All that death being for naught, Jin will feel immense guilt for his actions, possibly feeling he's let his mother down. Wanting to redeem himself, Jin will set out alone to deal with Kazuya, Heihachi and Kazumi once and for all, with the motivation to cleanse himself of the Devil Gene being his only guide.
Tekken and Street Fighter are still not the same universe, and the Akuma that exists in Tekken 7 is an alternate universe counterpart.
Much like the situation with SNK's The King of Fighters and Fatal Fury series, we have two different incarnations of the same character in two different universes. Whether any other SF characters exist in the Tekken universe or any Tekken characters exist in the SF universe at all remains to be seen.
Tekken 7 Guest Fighters
Guesses on the two Tekken 7 guest fighters? Please note that they will only be from "other videogames’ licenses." However, fans wanted more beyond that.
  • Geese Howard
  • Talim
    • The Soul Calibur series is pretty close with Tekken, what with Heihatchi being a guest fighter in Soul Calibur 2, and the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur cameos in Paul's Tekken 3 stage. Talim has been voted to be the most popular character in North America. If it's SC's turn to have a guest character, it would makes sense to have one of the most popular. Plus, unlike say, a sword, her tonfa aren't too different then beating up opponents with your fists, right?
  • Kazuma Kiryu
  • CJ Johnson
  • Marie Rose and Honoka
    • Given Sophitia's guest appearance in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, Namco and Koei Tecmo have become much more co-operative than they used to be, so this could be possible - and it would make sense.
  • 2B
    • Tekken is no stranger to having the odd weapon user, so 2B could easily fit in there, as much as she'd be a better fit for a potential SCVI.
    • Jossed - she was indeed saved for Soulcalibur VI's DLC.
  • Josuke Higashikata
    • This could be a great opportunity to not only promote the English dub of Diamond is Unbreakable coming to Toonami, but also Jump Force and any more films based on the part. Plus, how awesome would it be to have Josuke against Heihachi or even Akuma?
The Story Mode of Tekken 7 will have a branching storyline
Simply put, the story will pan out differently depending on the outcome of certain fights. For example, in the climactic encounter between Kazuya and Heihachi, we can all agree that it's going to end with one of them dying. So how about we have it depend on which one the player controls? There are a few other situations that could pan out differently depending on how certain fights go, like Hwoarang's encounter with Devil Jin and Nina's fight with Heihachi, which Harada seems to be foreshadowing a potential Character Death there too. On top of that, it makes sense for them to have a branching storyline when the player can play each fight from either character's perspective, like was shown with the Akuma and Heihachi demo at E3.
Gigas is Katarina's missing step-father
I mean, why else would he protect Katarina from the Zaibatsu/G Corp after realizing it was her? I believe that Mr. Alves was kidnapped by G Corp and experimented on as part of the Gigas project, turning him into the freakish bio-mechanical abomination we see in-game. I feel once Katarina realises the truth about the Gigas project, she'll encounter him and an "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight will ensue, after which Kazuya will order for them both to be killed. Gigas/Mr. Alves will then perform a Heroic Sacrifice against the G Corp soldiers, allowing Katarina to escape. Possible Tear Jerker right there.
A guess on the next step of Eddy's storyline, actually linking with Lucky Chloe
Nobody knew where she originated from, she just had an interest in Japanese pop-idol. However, from nowhere did it say that Lucky used to have a fighting skill or sudden lust/hidden talent like Lili. And seeing that she was picked up by G Corporation under Kazuya... I think I can guess where she got that fighting style and incorporating some Capoeira...

To get her in fighting state, just in case, Kazuya needs some fighting data but he has to do it without attracting big attention while the skill should be 'normal-leveled', not too high on level, but enough for a newbie like Lucky. Because of Eddy trying to pry in about his father's death, Kazuya ends up finding an ideal target: Christie. He sends some G Corporation men to kidnap Christie and then put her in an experiment (mostly just fighting a lot of test robots that can prove deadly) so her fighting data is gathered and then transferred to Lucky Chloe, transforming an idol with zero experience in fighting into someone who can hold her own and able to incorporate some of Capoeira style into her original breakdancing style.

Eddy not mentioning Christie or her grandfather may be because he's kept in the dark about her situation, focusing on his father's death, which is something he didn't want to get Christie or any orphanage kids he left in Brazil to even know. However, if Eddy already has experience with Christie, he'd know that she'll usually be stubborn enough to pursue him anyway... but when she didn't, it will tip him off that something is wrong and there is more at stake than his father's honor. But by this, Kazuya would have probably an efficient hostage to shut Eddy up and attempt to dissuade him from digging deeper to his father's issue. But before that, he's probably content with just sending Lucky Chloe to bar Eddy.

The Jack-4s, Jack-6s, and other story opponents will become playable as DLC.
They will be palettes swaps of other characters, for example Jack-4 and Jack-6 will be palettes swaps of Jack-7.
Devil Kazumi and Devil Kazuya will be some of the playable DLC characters.
Either as new characters (like Jin Kazama and Devil Jin or palettes swaps of Kazumi and Kazuya (like Lee and Violet).

The current-day Manji Party has/had ties to the Fu-Ma clan or consists of its remnants.
In Soulcalibur V, the new Yoshimitsu (and presumably the second to date, chronologically speaking) uses another sword in addition to the Yoshimitsu blade. While this was presumably done in order to incorporate some of the new moves the Tekken Yoshi gained after his rehaul in 6, the sword is known as the Fu-Ma Blade, which is a partial translation of Fumaken, the katana Yoshimitsu adopted in 6 to seal away the cursed properties of his Yoshimitsu blade, only rendered slightly differently to reference the Fu-Ma clan (which may be defunct as of Tekken). The Fu-Ma clan specializes in exorcising demons, not to mention that Yoshimitsu II was born in their village, so it's possible that the Fumaken Tekken!Yoshi obtained is the same as the Fu-Ma Blade Yoshi II brandishes. The Fu-Ma ninja can slay and seal away demons and Taki is shown to be a talented blacksmith on the side, so it's plausible that they could've been responsible for forging Fumaken. In canon, the Fu-Ma Blade was picked up by the second Yoshimitsu (who is technically one of the Fu-Ma clan's own) in SCV to keep the Yoshimitsu blade in check, hinting at a connection. This could also explain the similarities between the fighting styles of Taki/Natsu and Kunimitsu, as suggested above (see the "The Devil Gene is the result of exposure to the Soul Edge" WMG); they either bled over throughout the ages or were incorporated into the Manji Arts. To further illustrate this point, the second Yoshimitsu is (at least) acquaintances with Natsu, as they were raised in the same village, so it's likely that he's familiar with Taki as well.

Tekken 8's story will revolve around the non-Mishima related characters.

Leo will eventually be confirmed to identify as non-binary, or at the very least be referred to with "they/them" in future appearances
This will serve to finally put the Viewer Gender Confusion at ease while still maintaining Harada's desire for a character that can be loved by the community regardless of gender.

Paul is Steve's biological father.
For their Devil Gene experiments, the Mishima Zaibatsu required the genetics of strong individuals in order to create test subjects that could survive the experiments. This is why Nina was chosen as the mother, but they needed the father to be a strong individual as well. Paul has proven to be one of the strongest fighters in the world, his failures often having more to do with bad luck and circumstance, so he would be a prime candidate.

It's not unreasonable that Paul, who is always strapped for cash, donated sperm for some easy money, and this wound up in the hands of the Zaibatsu. This is the real reason Steve teamed up with Paul and Law in T6; he found out Paul might have been his dad the same way he discovered Nina may have been his mom. Steve wanted to get to know who his biological dad was, and used the team up as a pretense. Seeing the kind of man Paul was, and that Paul probably had no idea what had happened, Steve decided that was good enough and not to burden Paul with the knowledge of his parenthood.

Paul is also the only male fighter from before the timeskip that even looks like he could be Steve's dad; both him and Nina are blond, so that trait would naturally pass on to Steve. Even in the case of Lars, who is blond in spite of being half-Japanese, Lars still has other Asian features while Steve doesn't, so it is unlikely any of the other men from 1 and 2 are the father.

The hypothetical "muscled skinhead" character mentioned as a joke by Harada will become a future character.
As a further joke, he may be revealed to be a relative of Lucky Chloe.

Heihachi will return in Tekken 8... as a ghost.
Ala Nightmare Geese. Because come on, do you seriously think a little thing like death would keep one of Namco's most iconic characters down?

Heihachi has a hetrofore unknown daughter...
Natsume Akiko.
  • Nuku-Nuku is part of the same program that created the Jack series, Combot, and NANCY-MI 847 J.
    • Hey, Square Enix now owns manga magazine where All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku was published in the first place. If Namco-Bandai can get a hold of Noctis, Nuku-Nuku and a grown-up Ryunosuke as playable fighters in the next installment should be a snap!

All the legacy characters will get custom outfits based on their predecessors outfits
King II will get an outfit based on King's outfit, Asuka will get outfits based on Jun and Unknown.