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As this is a Moment of Awesome page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

    In general 
  • Training mode is a staple of many fighting games, but this one goes beyond the call with an impressive and detailed list of options, up to and including specific moves for an opponent to use. Picture the likes of Jun, Jin, Heihachi, Angel, ect showing their specific signature moves and teaching you how to counter them: Badass Teacher does not even begin to describe it.
  • One for the player when they reach the highest ranking for a character from Tekken 5 onwards.

  • Kazuya climbing out of the cliff his father threw him off, as a kid.

    Tekken 2 
  • Heihachi doing the same thing as Kazuya when he took revenge by throwing him down the same cliff he was downed as a child, then one upping his son by his reaction: sending a note stating, "You should have found a steeper cliff."

    Tekken 3 

    Tekken 4 
  • Heihachi's entrance at the start of the final boss battle. The fever-pitch audience and the pro wrestling-style entrance ramp gives the match a big fight feel that is hard to equal.
  • In his ending, Jin beating Devil-powered Kazuya and Heihachi to a pulp, at a time when he has very little idea how the Devil Gene works.

    Tekken 5 
  • Asuka jumping off a building on a bike to save a kitten in the opening.
  • Hell, the intro in general. It's the longest intro in the series (three and a half minutes), it's all in a highly-realistic CGI that still looks good even a decade later, and it really does not pull punches when it comes to content, kicking off with a truly epic hand-to-hand fight between Heihachi and Kazuya vs. a squadron of JACK-4s, followed by a lengthy title sequence introducing the rest of the cast, totaling 31 characters,note  no seconds wasted. There's a reason many fans have called it the best opening of the series, if not fighting games in general.
    • Even more awesome, this part of the intro was faithfully recreated in 7, complete with gameplay! Not only do you get to relive Kazuya and Heihachi kicking robot ass, you get to play it, taking on several Jacks in a row with the two Mishima warriors and making it clear why they are two of the biggest badasses in the whole franchise. One hell of a Nostalgia Level!
  • Bruce's ending, where he beats up a bunch of bullies.
  • Hwoarang's Tekken 5 ending. Broken and bleeding, he is still eager to fight Devil Jin. The music just adds to the whole scene.
  • King's ending. He's in a wrestling ring getting the crap kicked out of him in a tag team match, when he's able to make the tag to Marduk of all people. Marduk curbstomps them before he and King finish their opponents off with the Muscle Docking!

    Tekken 6 
  • Channeling The Motion Picture, Heihachi catching the bullet when Lars shoots him.
  • Hwoarang rejecting the Devil power in his ending, realizing he doesn't need it in addition to wanting to be different from Jin.

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 
  • Bob's endings certainly count. He dresses up as a superhero to protect innocent civilians from dangerous situations, using his SPEEED and WEIGHT!. Made even more awesome by the comic book style they're done in.
  • The most awesome thing in Tekken history... There has been no paid character, stage or costume DLC for any Tekken game, to the point where Katsuhiro Harada outright announced that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 would have all its upcoming DLC released for everyone completely free.
    • Partially subverted with Tekken Tag Tournament 2's bonus movies and soundtracks, which WERE paid, but not essential content.
  • Kunimitsu's ending. She is subdued by Yoshimitsu after a brief duel, but defeating him wasn't the goal. When he goes to sheathe his weapon after sparing her life, he finds only a twig in his hand because she successfully swiped his sword, while he was holding it, and cleanly escaped. Yoshimitsu can't help but be impressed with her newfound skill:
  • Anna's ending has her fending off assassination attempts from Nina, Zafina and Kunimitsu all at once while attending a red carpet event.
  • Jack-6's ending, reminiscent of the ending to The Iron Giant. Just as an asteroid is falling towards Earth, Jack-6 takes flight towards the asteroid and starts hammering away at it, only to have minimal effect. It looks like Jack-6 is about to fly away from it, only to fly towards it full throttle and uses all his power to break the asteroid into bits and sacrifices himself in the process.

    Tekken 7 
  • The fact that Akuma is a guest character in the update.
    • It's also a meta example for Namco Bandai as NO ONE saw this coming as many were too focused on Akuma not having been revealed in the most recent game in the Street Fighter series. That and the Wham Shot that revealed he was the mysterious figure seen in the past trailers Kazumi was asking to kill Heihachi and Kazuya in case of her death. Again, no one saw that coming.
    • The E3 2016 trailer depicts the battle between Akuma and Heihachi within a burning dojo, ending with Heihachi seemingly claiming victory... only for Akuma to get up and use his Raging Demon. Heihachi takes the full brunt of it, but still gets back up from it! Keep in mind that only two others besides Haihachi survived this attack: M. Bison and Akuma's brother Gouken, but M. Bison transferred his soul into another body and Gouken was put into a coma.
    • When you fight Shin Akuma in Tekken 7, one 'correction' was done to his move set, in that the Raging Demon is finally LITERALLY a One-Hit Kill.
    • Also, for anyone that knows Akuma knows how much of a badass he is by literally name alone. His backstory in Tekken 7 is that he was indebted to Kazumi because she had saved his life. Whatever she did to save Akuma's life that he would be indebted years later says wonders about Kazumi.
  • The final boss fight of the story mode. After absolving to let his sins be known to the world after confronting the painful memory of killing Kazumi, Heihachi sets one last fight with Kazuya in the middle of an active volcano, complete with it being broadcast to the world. What follows is one hell of a showdown, though it's also Heihachi's Last Dance.
    • In addition of this, this scores one clean victory for Kazuya, who has been suffering The Worf Effect since the first game. He outlasted Heihachi at his fullest and the final blow is done not by Devil Kazuya, but Human!Kazuya... with his usual gloves already destroyed, it's just his bare fist that finished Heihachi off. And this didn't tire him, he's ready for Round Two with Akuma after such grueling battle.
      • That being said, it's clear that Heihachi made him work his ass off for the win, as throughout the fight, he stands in absolute defiance of Kazuya ramping up his use of the Devil Gene, choosing to use his rage in a clear, concise manner rather than lashing out with overwhelming force. It allows him - a normal, mortal man - to trade blows with a far younger, supernaturally powerful man with his skill and grit alone. By the time Kazuya's dealt the final blow, he's not just angry - the fight has retraumatized him, and in that moment he felt just as helpless as he did when Heihachi first tossed him off a cliff.
  • The Character Stories may be a bit too short, but there's something awesome within some pieces. For instance, King, after having all his moves read by Jack-6, decides to unleash some other skills he learned from Marduk and Armor King (by just looking at them fight in the past), scoring victory.
  • If you ever thought they couldn't top Akuma as a Guest Fighter, you thought wrong. Geese Howard is coming to Tekken 7!!
  • Akuma and Geese have a new contender to worry about, and his name is Noctis Lucis Caelum!
  • You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell, you're going to be doing all that because Negan from The Walking Dead has joined the roster of Tekken 7 as part of Season 2!
    • Negan's proper reveal trailer mirrors the infamous scene from The Walking Dead's "Last Day On Earth" episode, showing the cast of Tekken 7 kneeling before Negan as the Saviors watch on. Then Lars, similar to Daryl, actually tries to fight back, getting to his feet and slugging Negan in the face. The rest of the Tekken 7 fighters rise up against him only for Negan to single-handedly beat them all back down to their knees before delivering his final attack to Paul, who "Takes it like a champ", just like Abraham.
  • Tekken 7 is getting two new characters for Season 4— wait, is that... Kunimitsu?! Hold on... it's not the same Kunimitsu, but rather her daughter?! Nice!! Oh, what's that? She's voiced by Saori Hayami?! Alright, now we're talking!
  • But wait, there's more! Who's the other character that comes with Season 4? Lidia Sobieska- the (in-universe) Prime Minister of Poland herself! That sounds pretty cool and all, but... Oh, Crap! She's a Shotokan karate practitioner? Like Makoto and Hitomi? Get outta here, surely that can't be it, right? Wait, what is that? IS THAT POOLSIDE FROM TEKKEN 5?! It got a remix?! No way!! It's so good to see Lee chilling in the background just like in the Tekken 5 original. Oh, hold on. It's got a Balcony Break. Wha— KITSCH?!? FROM TEKKEN 4?! A BEACH STAGE?! YES!! Meh, it's quite a ways out— MARCH 23RD?!? Boy, does it feel good to be a Tekken fan now!

     Tekken 8 
  • The trailer for the upcoming sequel has Jin and Kazuya squaring off in the same area where Heihachi met his end at the hands of the latter. During the fight Jin taps into the Devil Gene and delivers a powerful blow to Kazuya. That's right folks, Jin has finally managed to take full control of his darker half!

  • In Tekken: The Motion Picture as Heihachi gives his speech Michelle throws an axe at him. He grabs it in his teeth, bites it apart, then jumps down with no ill feelings towards her and challenges her should she make it to the final challenge.
  • Kazuya Mishima was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! For once, Kazuya gets to be the main representative of the series that had him as its first protagonist after years having to relinquish that spot for either his father or his son (furthermore, his father was featured in a similar game that unfortunately didn't have such widespread fame as the game he's guest-starring, so that's another thing Kazuya can claim to be 'one-upping' his despised father.). And what's more is that he can duke it out with Ryu, Ken and Terry Bogard, some of the most iconic fighting game protagonists, of which he's already able to fight their respective Big Bads in Tekken 7, and the former two of which he's already met before (and by extension, Pac-Man and the actual Mega Man). Better get ready for the next battle!