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Awesome / Tears to Tiara 2

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Lots. Special mention goes to:

  • Hamil gets an early one when, to save Tart, he cast off his idiot facade, catch and break a few fire arrows midair, calls the Canaanites to rebel, the proceeds to summon Melqart with 7 years worth of stored magic powers to wipe the floor of imperial troops and golmes single handedly.
  • First when Elissa cast off her high-class merchant persona with an Anguished Declaration of Love for Daphnis and Taking You with Me to the slavers. The Hamil and the party breaking their disguise to join the battle and rescue them.
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  • Hamil and Tart using a massive flood to destroy Izebel's fleet and her Imperial army.
  • The Lovable Coward Dion saves everyone from the Compelling Voice by winning a battle of Magic Music.
  • While scouting around the Empire's Heartland and freeing slaves, the party run into a group of gladiators trying to escape but also wishing to break their comrades out of the death matches that Abraxas planned for them. Hamil and gang then proceed to enter themselves as gladiators, fight their way through a death match that was not supposed to be winnable, culminating in defeating the Praetorian Guards in front of the Emperor himself. Abraxas acknowledge their victory, and grant the surviving "gladiator's" wish of freedom, thinking only the party survived. Then the actual gladiators, having somehow held off tonnes of soldiers and monsters and fell into the Colosseum's pit, burst out of the walls all alive. And the entire group escape through the hole in the Colosseum's wall to the cheers of a huge crowd of tens of thousands.
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  • Dion gets to play Big Damn Heroes again when he with Elissa, Daphnis' and Simon's help saves Hamil's life and teleports them out of the Pantheon.
  • The Krakens concentrate on Tartetos after sinking the entire Hispanic-Qart Hadast fleet. Kleito turns into her dragon form and kills half of them, over 20 on screen, in minutes with the flames of creation, while the Krakens are still in the water. And unlike Ogam, she shoots it from her hands. The entire party then arrive to fight off the second wave.
  • When the players realize that Izebel's plans to counteract Hamil all came from Hamil himself and that he developed these strategies since he was five makes Hamil such a Magnificent Bastard.

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