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Nightmare Fuel / Tekken

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
I will teach you the meaning of fear!
  • Work your way through Tekken 2 to Kazuya and you get the usual battle intro screen of his face before the fight. Beat him to meet Devil and you get a dark version of his face with glowing eyes, elongated ears and a blood red background. And because of how fast the game loads, at best this is on the screen for a second, and shorter than that on arcades, creating something of a surreal Jump Scare since this was the first truly supernatural fight in the series.
  • Alisa. Sure, she's cute, but when you realize that parts of her moveset is her having her head gets detached (and sometimes exploding) and she's taking it like nothing happened... she might've been a robotic female dullahan (an unseelie faerie who carries his detached head around and acts as Death's messenger). In the CGI movie Blood Vengeance, she gets torn in half, but remains functional.
  • The continue screens of bosses in TTT2 offer you a first-person view of your character being left at the mercy of the bosses. Jun's screen is harmless, as she simply ponders at you before leaving, but that's not the case with Ogre and Unknown:
    • Losing to True Ogre is... disturbing to say the least. Probably the most disturbing Continue screen in fighting game history. The camera may not show it but it is still pretty obvious what he's doing, not to mention what you can imagine is actually going on if you listen closely.
    • Unknown has a similar one, but... you be the judge.
  • Ancient Ogre's ending in Tekken Tag 2. Includes creepy music, art style dissonance, and Ogre calling his buddies and ending the world as we know it not unlike Evangelion's Angels.
  • Kazuya's Tekken 4 ending, where the Devil does take control of him...only for Kazuya to regain control and apparently integrates him into himself. After defeating Jin, he takes the other half of Devil in him, and laughs maniacally as he willingly transforms into his Devil form all to creepy music. Upping the ante is the last caption which all but states that he destroyed the compound with his father and son inside, and disappeared.
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  • Bryan Fury's ending in Tekken Tag Tournament is this coupled with Adult Fear. Even the most hardened policeman would shake in their boots after seeing a man shrug off three gunshots. (One of which was aimed at his face.)
  • The entirety of Unknown's ending in Tekken Tag 1 consists of this, reaching its peak at the end when she stares into the camera. It doesn't help that her ending is the only CG ending in the game.
  • The loser-incorparated winposes in Tekken 4 and onward can count as this. Lose, and you might end up becoming Anna's plaything, held up by the throat by Kazuya, getting your face slammed into the ground/floor by Heihachi, choked out by Devil Jin and viciously and violently beaten by Bryan.
  • Devil Jin's T5 ending (as pictured on the right). He absorbs Jinpachi's power, changing him into a beastly Humanoid Abomination with Glowing Eyes of Doom.
  • The evil spirit that possesses Jinpachi not only makes his skin decay, it grows him a Belly Mouth too. Dark Resurrection is even worse, as it transforms him into a literal Man on Fire.
    • On another note, the evil spirit itself. Thanks to Retcon, there's now an additional unnamed spirit to add into the supernatural gallery, accompanying the Devil Gene, a lupine spirit, and whatever creature Ogre is supposed to be. The world of Tekken really is screwed up.
  • If you choose not to continue after losing to Jinpachi in the final battle of Tekken 5, what follows is a short, but effective CGI ending where he laments that no one was able to put him out of his misery, thus making his efforts in vain. Jinpachi sheds a single tear of blood and the evil spirit finally consumes his consciousness as he transforms further into a Humanoid Abomination, screaming as he grows more spikes out of his body, then flies away to obliterate all of existence. The brief note at the end does not make it easier:
    Jinpachi's mind is consumed by the devil as he reaches his final transformation. The world will never be the same.
  • The Reveal of Devil Jin at the end of Jin's own ending in Tekken 3. Beating down Ogre was one thing, but then Jin is effortlessly gunned down by Tekken Force troops and a bullet put through his head personally by Heihachi. What follows is an awakening off-screen as every Tekken Force member is downed in seconds, one gets tossed into a wall like a ragdoll, and Heihachi has a massive Oh, Crap! moment as glowing red eyes come into view just past his shoulder. For how fast this goes by due to being the arcade game that it is, it still plays it for every ounce of Surprise Creepy it can muster, and almost makes it seem like Jin's glaring at you.
  • Ogre's TTT2 ending, a homage of Godzilla and Cloverfield.
  • Unknown in general. In Tag 1 she has creepy glowing eyes, and her soundbites are Nina Williams' grunts but with the audio distorted to make it sound like she's growling or moaning. Then we head into Tag 2 where her poise in her intros and win poses look like she's staggering along almost like a zombie. And while she has Jun's voice, there's a lot of distortion that makes her sound like she has one or two more voices along with her normal voice, not to mention the creepy chuckling. And the fact that a pure-hearted character that was at one point considered to the The Hero could have a Superpowered Evil Side this scary is nightmarish in itself.
  • The utterly sociopathic mindset Heihachi has throughout the series, which trumps any kind of monster and devil the series has to offer. Word of God even confirms that Heihachi's douchebaggery represents the evil that lurks in men's hearts. At first, you can chalk it up to his being a (rather fundamentalist) "Well Done, Son!" Guy, but then the series progresses and you find out that his problems extend deeper, deeper, and deeper. To sum it up on just how serious it is: had Heihachi not exist, the series would not too.
    • He offed his wife, Kazumi, possibly because she possessed the Devil Gene, despite the fact that she's a Martial Pacifist. The Story Mode of T7 does show that he's very reluctant to do it, and he did it mostly because of self-defense.
    • He imprisoned Jinpachi just to make sure that he wouldn't be a hindrance to his quest to Take Over the World. Kazuya lost another good person in his life again, and this time, there's no one to stop Heihachi from corrupting him.
    • He threw his son, his 5-year-old son, down the ravine. And the reason for it? He wanted to prove that Kazuya possesses the Devil Gene, which would save him if it exists. Which means that if he doesn't possess it, he wouldn't survive, but Heihachi wouldn't take a fuss. Before the event, Kazuya Used to Be a Sweet Kid, but afterwards, he Jumped Off The Slippery Slope and became the series' second recurring antagonist. Had it not happen, the history of the Devil Gene might turn out very differently indeed. Later, he makes sure that he stays dead by throwing him into a volcano.
    • He shoots his grandson because the latter has outlived his usefulness. This event is what triggers Jin's hatred of his family and the Devil Gene which eventually leads him to pull a Face–Heel Turn and plunge the world into chaos in order to destroy the progenitor of his curse.
    • Finally, he lures Kazuya and Jin into a trap so he can kill two birds with one stone and take both Devil Genes for himself. Thankfully, it bites him in the ass hard as karma swiftly catches up to him, eventually ending up with the loss of his company for a while.
  • Devil Kazumi's CG render that appears if you choose to retry after losing her in the final stage of Arcade Mode. Here.
  • Take a look at True Devil Kazuya, who appears as the final boss of Tekken 7's story mode. He's gone from a purple, winged recolour of himself from Tekken 2 to a truly abominable creature at the end point of his feud with Heihachi. He gets more nightmarish the more you look at him. For one, there's a massive scar spanning his entire torso, under which muscle and tendon can be seen, he has a giant, spiked tail like a scorpion, his hands have grown into claws, there's a third eye on his forehead and he no longer resembles anything that could have at any point been a human being, let alone one like Kazuya.
  • All the atrocities committed by Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin? You have the Hachijo Clan to thank for that as they were the ones that ordered Kazumi to kill Heihachi. It is unknown if there are any more members around let alone see them answer for their actions.
  • Regardless of whether he's canon or not, Negan carries over every bit of menace he had from his home series and arguably makes it even worse. Even in a series with very little blood, you can feel the brutality of every single one of his attacks. He always intends to kill, and in his reveal trailer he performs his signature "Last Day on Earth" execution that he did to Abraham on Paul.
  • Zafina's return in Tekken 7 is certainly a sigh of relief for fans who thought that she performed Heroic Sacrifice in 6 to seal Azazel away. However, as seen in the Season 3 trailer, she seems to suffer a cursed state where her left hand is taken over by Azazel. All the wars that Jin instigated, all the people he killed to incite hate from people, and all the sacrifices he had to endure, it's All for Nothing. Azazel survived. The only good news to come out of this is that Zafina still has some control over her body, though she is struggling hard. Better hope Jin takes notice of it while busy taking care of Kazuya, or else.

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