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Chick and dude magnets in western animation TV shows.


  • A lot of princesses from Adventure Time have shown romantic interest in Finn, but being the Last of His Kind means all of the girls are either dogs, elephants, slugs, cloud-like lumps, etc. The only female he is genuinely interested in doesn't reciprocate. Fortunately, after three seasons of being unlucky in love, he meets Flame Princess, who does feel the same way. Unfortunately he ends up breaking her heart and loses her to Cinnamon Bun, of all people. By the end of the series, the closest he has to a love interest is Huntress Wizard.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball:
    • The title character is a downplayed example as he had the romantic affections of two girls: Penny, who became his official girlfriend and Sarah, who stalks both him and Darwin.
    • Darwin is a straighter example, as besides Sarah, he has had four other girls interested in him at different point. Lampshaded in "The Matchmmaker" where Terri is shocked at the sheer number of girls Darwin has kissed and Gumball.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has Sokka, who has had four girls swooning during the series, only liking two of them back (the first didn't end well) and not even being aware of one, and Zuko, aside from his girlfriend, attracted two girls he has met, plus a few additional ones when he went shirtless.
  • Ben 10:
    • Max Tennyson. Bonus points in that at least two of 'em (Xylene and Verdona, the latter of whom is Ben and Gwen's grandmother) were extraterrestrials. Even better, he's still got it even as an old man, and it's implied that's not even the full story!
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    • Ben himself wasn't one in the original series, but the sequels, especially Ultimate Alien and Omniverse, allow him to get some as well. He has attracted the attention of Julie Yamamoto, Eunice, Elena Validus, Jennifer Nocturne (though for publicity), Ester, Princess Attea, and even ended up accidental fiancé to a Tetramand princess. It seems he has more luck attracting aliens than he does human girls, like his grampa (Julie even asks how many girls Ben has in his life during "Rules of Engagement", to which Ben replies he has no clue).
    • Ben is stunned to find out that Rook was one of these on his home world.
  • The title character of Bojack Horseman as well as Mr. Peanutbutter are both this. Given the nature of the show, it deconstructs their relationships.
  • In Codename: Kids Next Door Nigel/Numbuh One is an in-training Chick Magnet, with Lizzie, Rachel/Numbuh 362 and his own tree house into him.
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  • Danny Phantom: Despite having zero luck in getting dates, Danny has several girls interested in him. These are Sam Manson (his best friend), Paulina (who crushes on Phantom), Valerie (who crushes on Fenton) and, according to Word of God, Ember (a ghostly villainess).
  • DCAU:
    • Batman in Batman: The Animated Series. The amount of girls who show interest in him is astoundingly higher than any other DCAU character to list not even a percent of it: Diana, Barbara, Zatana, Selina, Talia, and even Lois Lane and Harley Quinn!. In Justice League, Batman also piqued the interest of Wonder Woman... despite having ten times his strength and being 2000 years older than him.
    • Clark Kent alias Superman in Superman: The Animated Series. He was irresistible in high school and Lana Lang even complained about his ability to attract every woman in the area.
    • The Flash in the final season of Justice League. Once he stopped hitting on practically anything that moved, girls seemed to really start going for him, resulting in him being awkwardly flustered by the attention of the superheroine Fire. He even accidentally seduced a supervillainess while in Lex Luthor's body.
    • John Stewart (Green Lantern) is yet another example, having attracted Hawkgirl, Vixen and Katma Tui. The DCAU is just very fond of this in general.
  • Valhallen, Viking God of Rock from Dexter's Laboratory is one of these. Every time he unleashes the power of his "Mighty Axe" scores of fan girls suddenly appear from out of nowhere screaming excitedly. He is also shown partying with numerous Valkyrie warrior women whenever he visits Asgard.
  • DuckTales (1987):
    • Scrooge got the attention of Glittering Goldie, Millionara Vanderbucks, Magica De Spell, Mrs. Crackshell, and Ma Beagle. Even if he is the richest duck in the world, that's still quite an accomplishment.
    • Launchpad was pretty popular with the ladies considering he attracted Feathers Galore, Sensen, and many other girls along the way (including some whose attentions he didn't want).
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Edd has had the most girls crushing on him in the length of the show, compared to everyone else. Other than his usual Stalker with a Crush Marie, there's also Sarah who develops a Precocious Crush on him, and it's revealed that he is the only boy that Nazz really likes besides Kevin. In the school dance episode Marie, Sarah, and Nazz are all interested in him. There's also the Ship Tease with May in the Valentine's Day episode, although she only fell in love with him (and vice versa) because she was under a spell.
  • Mark Chang from The Fairly Oddparents in his human disguise. His saying that any affection from him would cause him extreme pain, not knowing he's serious the girls just sigh dreamily.
  • In Futurama episode "The Butterjunk Effect," Fry gets sprayed with pheromones from a male alien Butterfly and becomes irresistibly attractive to women who take the "performance enhancer" known as "nectar," since it causes them to emit female butterfly pheromones. It's so strong even Amy — who is technically married to Kif — tried to have sex with him.
    • Fry alone isn't that bad, seeing as how he had an on and off relationship with Leela, dated Amy (and claimed to have slept with her), and unintentionally seduced his own grandmother.
  • Rex from Generator Rex has so far attracted the attention of at least four girls that were significant to the plot in one way or another.
  • Get Ace: Goth boy Tyson woos girls effortlessly, though he mostly seems apathetic to girls who are interested in him. In "Fast Food and The Furious", he tells Ace that's exactly his secret; acting apathetic and saying "Meh" is what gets girls interested in him. Ace later takes his advice and briefly becomes a Chick Magnet himself; attracting a flock of girls, including his crush Tina.
  • In the Gravity Falls episode "Roadside Attraction", Dipper manages to attract four different girls while practicing for a girlfriend. It ends up blowing up in his face. In one episode, he travels back to the past and Wendy as a toddler seems to think he's cute. He even gets an Implied Love Interest with Pacifica.
  • Corey Riffin from Grojband, as a result of being the leader of a popular garage band.
    • Corey completely pales in comparison to "Hunky Nick Mallory", who has hordes of girls swooning over him almost every time he appears on-screen. In fact, the only female character who has never shown interest in him is Laney (who has her eyes set on Corey instead).
  • Arnold from Hey Arnold! being an All-Loving Hero seems to attract the ladies. Helga (to the point that she's a Stalker with a Crush), Lila (at first), and Gerald's younger sister Timberly. Big Patty even called him cute once and the snobby Rhonda wasn't too repulsed by the idea of kissing him in Romeo and Juliet.
  • The lead singer of The Stingers in Jem is one of these. Riot is very attractive to the point where his introduction shows that his concerts are full of howling women. He has (mostly) unrequited feelings for Jem, though he is apathetic towards her alter ego Jerrica.
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Tony briefly dated Whitney and Pepper also harbored a crush on him for most of the show.
  • Jorel's Brother: Jorel is a popular Long-Haired Pretty Boy who's loved by almost every girl in the town. There's a group of four girls that appear in the episodes mostly to cheer for him and admire his beauty. In fact, their obsession for him can reach creepy levels, as an episode shows the girls collecting stuff he's touched such as his dirty headband, or even a piece of grass he's stepped in. As shown in the first episode, the older brother Nico was also loved by the same girls, until a day when he fell of his bike and lost all his popularity, being considered a "loser" since then. Their younger brother (the titular character) also briefly attracts the girls in his class in the episode "Sedoso Cream Double Cream", after he comes to school with silky, long, smooth hair instead of his usual curly hair, though it only lasts a few seconds, as afterwards his hair comes to life and attempts to be this too.
  • Kaeloo: A downplayed example with Mr. Cat, who is supposedly very good looking. Out of the three female characters on the show, two of them have major crushes on him (one is reciprocated, the other is unrequited).
  • One episode of Kim Possible has Ron become one of these thanks to a hand full of hair gel and some stylish clothes.
  • The The Legend of Korra episode "A Leaf in the Wind" introduces young pro-bender Bolin, who has "crazy fangirls." As his team enters the arena, one can be heard in the audience screaming his name.
  • Looney Tunes: Despite being a Handsome Lech, Pepé Le Pew typically sent the female cats he fell in love with running for the hills, partly because of his skunk smell and partly because he just comes on too damn strong. On the other hand, when his odor is neutralized (on one occasion, the female cat's nose became clogged after an allergic reaction, which made her lose her sense of smell) or he gets black paint on his back which covers his white stripe (the female cats typically have white stripes painted on their backs, which makes them look like skunks), the female cats fall head-over-heels in love with him and the whole formula is gender flipped as they fall madly in love with Pepe and begin chasing him.
  • While any crushes in The Magic School Bus are only hinted at, geeky guy Arnold seems to get Ship Teased with other female characters the most, including Phoebe, Wanda, Dorothy Ann, and a one-shot character named Tiffany.
  • Adrien Agreste of Miraculous Ladybug ends up attracting a lot of female attention, being a handsome, sweet young man who partakes in a lot of photo shoots and charity events for his rich father's fashion empire. Sadly, the kinds of attention he attracts is almost all negative, since aside from Marinette (The Heroine), he also has the attention of Consummate Liar Lila Rossi and Alpha Bitch Chloe Bourgeois. This was balanced out when he attracted the attention of Kagami Tsurugi, the school's resident Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Bob from ReBoot. He attracts Dot, Mouse, and Hexadecimal along with other minor female characters.
  • Mordecai from Regular Show was involved in a Love Triangle with Margaret and CJ, attracted a praying mantis princess and in the last episode he finally gets with an unnamed bat woman.
    • Thomas mentioned having had four girlfriends at one point.
  • In one episode of The Replacements, it is revealed that Sheldon instantly (and involuntarily) turns into a middle-school version of one of these whenever his Nerd Glasses are removed.
  • The Simpsons:
    • As an adult, Homer Simpson has attracted a shocking number of beautiful women, with Mindy Simmons and Lurleen Lumpkin being some of the more prominent examples. It's become a plot point on several episodes, ones that focus on Homer and Marge's marriage. However, by his own admission, he was rejected by most women before he met Marge.
    • Bart himself has had a few girlfriends, one of them fifteen years old. In the episode "Moonshine River", Bart revisits five of these ex-girlfriends.
    • Kirk Van Houten is usually portrayed as an unattractive deadbeat, but when he was unfairly thrown in jail for kidnapping Bart, it makes him an idol to many ladies.
    • Milhouse briefly when his parents were lost in the sea and presumably deceased, the kids at the school were impressed by Milhouse's stoicism and the girls became attracted by him, including Lisa.
      • Even disregarding this event, Milhouse won the affection of at least three attractive girls at differing moments in his life: Angelica, Samantha, and Taffy. And in "Lisa's Date with Density" it's implied Janey may have a crush on him (although it was just part of a quick gag).
    • Apu becomes one after making a fortune at a bachelor auction — until he got married.
  • The Sonic Boom incarnation of Tails manages to woo two girls in the span of two episodes, the first being the sweet Girl Next Door Zooey (with a bit of help from Eggman) and the second being the sassy and down-to-earth Perci. The last few seconds of the episode have Perci admiring Tails' workshop skills and flirting with him. Not bad for a kid.
  • Marco Diaz in Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He has a lot of Ship Tease with Star Butterfly to the point that she has developed a crush on him. It's implied Janna might like him given her vague flirting of him. Jackie has also shown interest in him as well, which only increases after "Sleepover". And there's also his Foe Romance Subtext with Hekapoo. The "FanCo13 LIVE" chat held after "Starcrushed" aired also had Starfan13 calling Marco very handsome in his prince costume from "Face the Music". He also comforts Kelly after breaking up with her boyfriend, Tad and they eventually become breakup buddies for awhile. He even has Belligerent Sexual Tension with Higgs.
  • Much to the surprise of everyone, Dizzy Devil from Tiny Toon Adventures had a knack for attracting beautiful women, even when he wasn't trying.
  • In Tom & Jerry Kids and Droopy, Master Detective, Droopy is considered extremely good looking and every woman swoons over him, Miss Vavoom on top. Even his son describes him as a "Babe Magnet".
  • Total Drama series:
    • Trent. Aside from Gwen, Lindsay and Beth also seem to be interested in him during Island, and after the break-up Katie and Sadie quickly start fighting over him. He also notes that he's "met a ton of chicks" since the relationship ended.
    • Justin, the resident Mr. Fanservice in Island and Action. And not limited to female.
    • Alejandro. To the point where he was able to manipulate virtually every female character in his debut season.
  • Caleb, the young Rebel Leader in W.I.T.C.H., spends at least one episode with a gaggle of girls swooning over him. His good looks are commented on by the main girls in the second episode, before they've even spoken with him, and he ends up dating one of them too.


  • 6teen: Caitlin has a new love interest in pretty much every single episode where her love life is a plot point of some kind (in one episode, she had two love interests). In an episode from the fourth season, Jonesy outright states, "Caitlin's dated more guys than I've had jobs." Caitlin also once claimed that there were even a few women who asked her out.
  • Adventure Time: Princess Bubblegum has main characters Finn and Ice King (and possibly Marceline) vying for her affections, along with all the wizards competing for her kiss in "Wizard Battle" and all the suitors in "The Suitor" (which reveals that at least one Candy Kingdom family have been trying to court her for generations). Lumpy Space Princess points this out in "Bad Timing" and is furious, because while LSP tries to be this PB succeeds without any apparent effort, and isn't interested in any of them.
  • Animaniacs:
    • Hello Nurse has men lusting after her constantly, especially the Warner Brothers.
    • Minerva Mink, as revealed in the comics, has an extremely hard time doing ordinary things like grocery shopping and filing taxes, because every male of every species in the area is panting and hooting at her.
  • As Told by Ginger: Despite supposedly being an unpopular nerd, Ginger catches the eyes of no less than eight boys over the course of the series. That's more than the 'popular girls' like Miranda and Courtney.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Katara has had two characters romance her (Aang and Jet), as well as two other Ship Teases (Zuko and Haru).
    • In "The Beach" episode, Ty Lee had five guys trying to get with her at the same time (as seen at the end of this clip), whereas Princess Azula couldn't even land one.
  • Beast Wars: Blackarachnia has Quickstrike, Silverbolt, Cheetor and Waspinator trying to get with her.
  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers: Chip and Dale were constantly competing for Gadget's affection, and many guest characters fell for her charms, too, not that she noticed. It helps that she was the only regular female character.
  • Code Lyoko: Sissi is stated to be one, but it's really more of an Informed Ability. Yumi, on the other hand, definitely qualifies, having (in addition to her Belligerent Sexual Tension with Ulrich) William, Johnny and Theo Gautier expressing interest in her.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: Kuki Sanban aka Numbuh 3 has caught many boys' attention — such as Wally/Numbuh 4, Numbuh 30C, The Kid and Sandy (before seeing her sister Mushi) — it's even implied that Numbuh 1 has a crush on her as well.
  • Daria: Quinn is dating a different guy almost every episode, although she mostly limits herself to rotating between the same three guys, who are utterly smitten with her. Her Dude Magnet ability is taken to almost goddess levels easily winning over most adult men and little boys without trying. She's been declared Keg Queen at her parents' alma mater early in her first year at Lawndale and with some help from Daria, she charms a group of cowboys and rednecks into giving the girls enough money to bail their friends.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Nazz is definitely this (it's even a plot point in "Boys Will Be Eds"). The only male characters who have never expressed a romantic interest in her are Jimmy (who probably sees Nazz more as an older sister) and Rolf (who's probably more interested in girls from his home country).
  • The Fairly OddParents: Trixie is considered the prettiest girl in the school by many boys, including Timmy.
  • Family Guy: Lois Griffin. Not only her own husband finds her hot, but so does Brian, Glenn Quagmire, and many other men. Even her son Chris and his friends have shown attraction to her.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Frankie Foster. Mac, Bloo, Prince Charming, two geeks, a pizza delivery guy, and many more have fallen in love with her.
  • Hey Arnold!: Almost every boy in Arnold's class has a crush on Lila, including Arnold himself.
  • Jem:
    • Superstar singer Jem catches the eye of many men, but she's only interested in her childhood crush Rio (though Riot brings some competition in one episode of Season 3). Her alter ego, Jerrica, doesn't quite have as much luck.
    • Jerrica's teenage sister Kimber has many boyfriends and dates over the series.
    • Minx is known for her ability to attract men (and maybe even a few women if one of Eric's lines means anything). She, however, can't make Jem's boyfriend Rio budge.
  • Justice League: Wonder Woman. Many men have commented on their attraction to her throughout the series.
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Pepper and Whitney had their fair share of guys crushing on them.
    • Pepper, the female lead, was pretty well-liked. Tony had feelings for her for most of the show, Happy liked her and went out with her a few times, and even Gene cared about her to the point where she was the only person he didn't want to hurt to achieve his villainous goals.
    • Tony, Rhodey, and Happy all harbored crushes on Whitney, but Tony was the only one who got the chance to date her.
  • Kim Possible:
    • The titular character. Besides her Childhood Friend Romance with Ron, Kim has gained the attraction of popular Josh Mankey, Junior at one point, and all of the members of a popular boy band.
    • Bonnie, the resident Alpha Bitch. She is very popular with boys (even Ron, despite Kim's rivalry with Bonnie, is attracted by her in early seasons). She dates Brick Flagg, Hirotaka in the episode "Exchange" (winning over Kim and Monique) and Junior in "Homecoming Upset" and they remain together for the rest of the series. In the same episode, when Ron try to find a new boyfriend for her, many boys show up including Kim's cousin Larry who attempts unsuccessfully to flirt with her.
    • Monique mentions having a lot of first dates, but wants to be in an actual relationship. At the end of "So The Drama" movie, it appeared that she and Brick were becoming somewhat attracted to each other. Wade developed a crush on her. And Ned is apparently interested in her.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • Korra is an Amazonian Beauty, who has had both Bolin and his brother, Mako, being attracted to her. Rival pro-bender Tahno tried to pick her up with a cheap come-on, by offering to show her how a pro "bends." In Book Four, Prince Wu makes repeated passes at her, though she shoots him down every time. She also ends up being the Closet Key for Asami.
    • Asami is a tall, elegant, and just plain nice Honest Corporate Executive, capable in and out of combat. Mako falls for her at first sight and they end up dating, Meelo refers to her as beautiful, and Prince Wu is as eager to hit on her as he is Korra. She's also the Closet Key for Korra.
  • The titular character from Miraculous Ladybug, Marinette Dupain-Chieng aka Ladybug, attracting a number of young men, either in her civilian or superhero identity.
  • My Dad The Rockstar: Serenity Zilla, as a combination of her looks and being very public about the fact that her father is a world-famous millionaire rockstar.
    Serenity: All I can tell you is that there's not a boy in that school who won't want to date Rockzilla's daughter.
    Willy: 'Til they get to know you, that is.
  • Producing Parker: Parker Kovak. Men, women, infants, robots, computers, and more have all had at least some romantic interest in her.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Mrs. Krabappel appears to be desired by many men (and in one case even women, when Patty Bouvier once had a sexual fantasy with Edna), as seen in Sideshow Bob's outrage (in "Brother from Another Series") wherein his romantic date with her is ruined by a spying Bart: "You only get one chance with Edna Krabappel!"
    • Marge herself has many men attracted to her, like Moe, Mr. Burns, or her high school classmate who is still obsessed with her after 20 years. She's considered a Lust Object by a majority of male characters.
      [Marge enters Moe's Tavern, and is immediately bombarded with catcalls]
      Larry: Look, a chick!
      Moe: And it's not even Ladies Night.
      Homer: Hey, hey, guys. Knock it off! It's just my wife.
      Barfly: Well, hello.
      Marge: My name is Marge.
  • Teen Titans: Starfire. Robin wasn't the only one who had noticed her good looks.
  • Teen Titans Go!: Strangely, as Starfire's status as this had lessened, Raven is the one who gets the treatment. Beast Boy, Aqulad, a group of men, and even Robin had showed interest in her. Then there was her whole stint as Lady Legasis...
  • Total Drama: Gwen has three guys (Duncan, Trent and Cody) who like her, and a couple more who have commented that she's good looking.