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Chick and dude magnets in video games.


  • BlazBlue:
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  • Marumaro of Blue Dragon, for all his faults, turns into one of these in Kelaso Village. He also manages to score the hottest chick in the game!
  • Devil May Cry's flagship badass, Dante. While he does play the role of Handsome Lech towards Lady at first, every single female lead of the first three games became a viable Love Interest for him towards endgame, Unresolved Sexual Tension and everything. It doesn't hurt that he has the air of The Charmer about him.
    • In the case of Trish and Lady, the romantic tension was dialed back for their joint reappearance in 4. Here, it's obvious that Dante sees his ladyfriends at least as True Companions; any non-platonic feelings are negated by Dante's lack of (or suppression of) perverted qualities. As for Lucia, canonically speaking, she's the last girl Dante meets (Trish's appearance in 2 is non-canon and Lady hadn't been conceptualized at that point), so the matter of Dante's love life could take one of several different directions. 5 does implicitly put the kibosh on Dante/Lady by suggesting they have a mutual understanding due to their circumstances and more of a Just Friends relationship, and the game ends with him and Vergil willingly trapped within Demon World to prevent demons from overrunning the human world, so it's hard to tell if this is a sign from Hideaki Itsuno and his team.
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  • Prince Euden from Dragalia Lost has many women vying for his attention. The most blatant are Elisanne and Mym, but Cleo has also implied a few times that she has feelings for him. Among the summonable Adventurers, Euden has also captured the attention of Philia, Malora, Ezelith, Estelle, Hildegarde, and Melody.
  • The main character of Duel Savior Destiny, Taiga, is really rather popular with girls, a fact he exploits to no end. Before the story properly begins he's having a bit of trouble getting dates. That is, getting enough dates since he's working on a plan to get a hundred girlfriends at once, which is only becoming difficult because of the rumors his clingy little sister spreads.
  • Eternal Sonata'has Jazz, who has Claves (The mole, killed off, but can later be resurrected.) as his lover, Falsetto as the envious childhood friend, and Viola, a member of the party who falls for him as they continue their journey but can't bring herself to admit her feelings out loud to him.
  • Fable I: The Hero of Oakvale's attractiveness is affected by his Renown and Karma Meter. Once he becomes a Living Legend and if he's entirely Good, he can walk through town in a nice set of clothes and have a sizable fraction of the local women (and men) start commenting about wedding rings. They'll accept if he proposes, too.
  • Fatal Fury: Rock Howard spent most of his adolescence in the company of men, thus explaining his easily-flustered nature around the opposite sex note . While this doesn't affect him much in Garou: Mark of the Wolves, he gets hit full force by this trope in The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2. He does so much as breathe, and yet Ninon Beart and Bonne Jenet all but throw themselves at him (they even fight over "custody" of Rock in their intro poses against one another). It doesn't help that he's a lovable dork in these scenes and a kindhearted young man by default.
  • By raising the bond level of their accrued Servants, the Player Character of Fate/Grand Order can gain their affection. It's actually easier to count the ones that aren't in love with their Master, which would be most male Servants, female Servants that have longer standing Love Interests (Artoria, Medea, Nero, Tamamonote ), or are just uninterested in them that way (Helena, Sheba, Irisviel). Of course, as Fate veteran EMIYA explains, female Servants aren't the most entirely sane people, meaning the protagonist tends to suffer by having all these powerful and volatile women in close proximity, to say nothing of the likes of Kiyohime.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII is a notorious offender. Despite being a jerk, nearly every woman in the game either falls for him on sight, develops a crush on him or can soften towards him if Cloud treats them nicely, ranging from romantic heroines to likeable female sidekicks to Fanservice Extra NPCs. Played for laughs in Mobius Final Fantasy where Echo is immediately (and obnoxiously) crazy about him and can't understand why anybody else wouldn't be, trying to get him to go out with her on a date, and later set Wol up with him.
    • Final Fantasy IX plays with this by casting a childlike wannabe ladies' man as the protagonist.
  • Golden Sun's Isaac has a good hint of this, having Ship Tease moments with Jenna, Mia, Feizhi, Jill (the girl who'd been transformed into a tree), and an unnamed little girl in Altin (who offers him a kiss in thanks for driving away the statue monsters).
  • One of the endings in Harvest Moon can be unlocked if you are unmarried but courted all five of the bachelorettes. It has them chasing Pete around town.
  • Infinite Space has two examples: Yuri (who apparently has Unwanted Harem) and Lord Roth. The latter often appears being surrounded by fangirls whenever Yuri sees him, something that he seems to enjoy (to Nele's chagrin).
  • In The Legend of Zelda, several incarnations of series protagonist Link are definitely this:
    • In Ocarina of Time, he has Malon, Saria (before Link grew up), Zora Princess Ruto, the Bombchu Bowling attendant and possibly Nabooru all demonstrating some attraction to him. Word of God has stated his faithful Fairy Companion, Navi, and even the titular Princess Zelda also have some feelings for him. The only major female character who doesn't express some form of affection toward him was Impa, who is more of a mentor figure and far too old for him. Not bad for someone who never speaks, and is essentially a 9-year-old in a 16-year-old's body in the second half of the game.
    • In A Link Between Worlds, he has Ship Tease with Zelda as well as a grown woman in Kakariko Village.
    • In The Wind Waker it's much more subdued given most main characters are children, but Link still has Ship Tease with both Tetra/Zelda and Medli, and the Fairy Queen outright says that he's her type.
    • In Twilight Princess, not only does he get Midna (maybe) and Ilia, but the girl who runs the fishing hole seemed to have a definite thing for him. Then there's the group of fangirls he gains by making it through the clawshot minigame in Hyrule Town. Telma also has a thing for him as shown by her flirtatious winks. Then there's Beth who also likes him — though it's more like Puppy Love, and later in the game, she seems to move on to Colin and then Prince Ralis.
    • In Skyward Sword, Link has Peatrice (only as long as Link accepts her feelings in the dating sidequest), Kina, Zelda AND Fi interested in him. In the case of Kina, not only she proclaims to be a fan of his if the player performs flawlessly in the harp minigame, but the conversations between the two also spark jealousy regarding her from another NPC.
    • The Oracle games' Link is popular, too. There's the titular Oracles, Zelda, Malon, possibly Maple, Rosa the Subrosian, the Maku Tree of Labrynna... and in the unofficial Oracle of Seasons manga, Link's own pet Cucco.
    • The plot of Hyrule Warriors is kicked off because one of the main antagonists has intense feelings for Link and just as intense jealousy toward Zelda.
    • In Nintendo crossover Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, even Viridi from Kid Icarus: Uprising (one of Pit's mission control voices) and Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros. develop feelings for him (the later was mostly in the promotional material though).
    • Taken to perhaps its logical limit in Breath of the Wild; seemingly everyone from the shopkeepers to Impa's granddaughter has a thing for Link, with Kodah mentioning having had a crush on him when she was younger, Princess Mipha of the Zora having intended to propose to him before her death, and the conclusion of Kass's subplot revealing that Princess Zelda herself is in love with Link. On top of that, you can catch several female Zoras squeeing over him. This doesn't stop when Link dresses in drag to get into the women-only Gerudo Town, since he's noted to make quite an attractive gal and several male NPCs skulking outside of Gerudo Town will flirt with him.
      • Outside of Link, Prince Sidon of the Zora has attracted his own in-universe posse of fangirls. One little Zora girl will tell Link he's handsome, but still not as handsome as Prince Sidon.
  • Roland, the protagonist of Luminous Arc 2, weaponizes his chick magnet status by using some of the superpowers of any woman he can kiss, though he's always a little embarrassed.
  • A male Shepard of Mass Effect, if you don't play him as a complete dick. Over the course of the trilogy, he can have a romantic relationship with Ashley Williams, Dr Liara T'Soni, Tali'Zorah, Miranda Lawson, Jack, Kelly Chambers, Kaidan Alenko, Steve Cortez, and Diana Allers. He has Ship Tease with Samara, Gianna Parsini, and Shiala, possibly has a (very brief) encounter with Morinth, and gets a breeding request from at least one krogan.
    • The Shadow Broker's records suggests the Illusive Man is trying to be a bigger Chick Magnet than Shepard.
    • Garrus is seen as Always Second Best to Shepard, but the guy certainly has something the ladies like. Dr Michel sends him chocolate aboard the Normandy, Kelly Chambers finds him adorable, Tali hooks up with him if she doesn't with Shep, and his Citadel scene is him having a date with a turian lady. And of course he can romance FemShep herself - after narrating the way he let off Steam with a fellow scout when he was in the army.
  • Zero from Mega Man X and Zero had 3 girls who had been explicitly attracted to him. One became his tragic girlfriend, while another had the unfortunate luck of meeting Zero when he's both chaste and celibate at the same time. As for the third, Ciel's human. If you count the Foe Yay that comes from Fairy Leviathan of the Four Guardians (which gets dialed down into simple teasing with Model Z and Model L) and Prairie of the Guardians who's all but outright stated to be Alouette from the Zero series who had feelings for Giro because he reminded her of Zero, that makes five.
  • Mega Man Legends: MegaMan Volnutt may have the high score for this series. There's Roll Casket his foster sister, best friend, and mechanic. Tron Bonne, the cute girl of his overzealous off and on enemies of circumstance. Yuna, a flirt temporarily controlling Roll's mother. Sera a dark skinned green haired quiet girl that had given both a Naked First Impression and quite a touching near death revelation. Volnutt also has at least four NPC girls profess infatuation to him in some way beyond the trend much more predominant in the first game to have every female citizen model passingly mention that he was cute.
  • Monkey Island: Despite his nerdiness, occasionally Guybrush Threepwood falls into this. Elaine seems to initially fall for him just after hearing his name from the lookout. The ghost bride in the Goodsoup crypt starts coming onto him immediately (granted, she's been waiting a LONG time for a man). He's oblivious that Morgan seems to have feelings for him beyond typical fangirlishness. And the Vacaylian merfolk practically throw themselves at him, to his extreme discomfort, as he can't tell what gender they are.
  • Persona, which from the third game onward has given its protagonists the option to romance their female friends through Level-Up at Intimacy 5, Visual Novel-esque vignettes. The earlier games lack the social sim aspect, but their protagonists are definitely chick magnets too.
    • The protagonist of the first Persona has at least three girls known to be interested in him. The two that get to appear in the second game are still into him despite the time that has passed.
    • Tatsuya Suou from Persona 2 is explicitly shown to be a chick magnet. Almost all the female cast wants him, major or minor characters. Even some of the guys want him.
    • Persona 3:
      • Protagonist Minato Arisato/Makoto Yuki/etc. starts off all his relationships with girls as just friends, but they quickly move things along and, whether he likes it or not, he becomes their boyfriend if their Social Links are maxed. His "harem" includes the popular girl, the rich girl, the nerdy girl, the bookworm, the tomboy, a robot, and a transdimensional elevator attendant. He also attracts the affections of both a little girl and his homeroom teacher (with the former even proposing to him).
      • Akihiko Sanada, who as the "cool upperclassman" type is frequently swarmed by fangirls at school. Unlike the protagonist, Akihiko is mostly annoyed by the attention and proves to be shy and awkward when trying to approach girls directly, to his detriment.
    • Persona 4
      • Main character Yu Narukami/Soji Seta/etc. is just as popular as the P3 Hero with girls (maybe even more popular). And unlike in Persona 3, he can max out his female friends' Social Links without having to become their boyfriend. His "harem" (if you choose to gather it) includes the tomboy, the old money rich girl, the new money rich girl, the Idol Singer, the Sweet Polly Oliver, the two underclassmen girls who are mutually exclusive, and (in Persona 4 Golden) the Apocalypse Maiden. However, romancing all of them in Persona 4 Golden will net you a scene on Valentine's Day where you have to break all but one of their hearts, and the implication that they know you're cheating on them, You Bastard!.
      • Naoto Shirogane is this to many girls at school both before and after she is revealed to be a girl.
    • In Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, Ken Amada from Persona 3 seems to have stepped into his upperclassman Akihiko's shoes in this regard. His opening cutscene shows a sizable, dedicated fanclub of girls cheering for him during a soccer match... who he politely acknowledges and dismisses. Though he's not as awkward with girls as Akihiko, Ken doesn't seem to pay them much attention—he clearly has more important priorities on his mind.
    • Persona 5:
      • The protagonist can simultaneously attract the attention of every last female party member and most of the female NPCs, for a total of nine women he can romance (ten in Persona 5 Royal). This includes a Student Council President, a model, a rich Ojou, a shogi player, a recovering Hikikomori, a former political reporter, a fortune teller, a medical doctor, and his homeroom teacher (plus a gymnast in Royal). However, date more than one, and no amount of charm will stop them from beating him up for it (but even then, it's implied he's still able to salvage his relationships afterwards thanks to some excellent wingmanship from his guardian).
      • Said guardian, Sojiro Sakura, heavily hints that he used to be Chick Magnet in the past. Though the loss of his adopted daughter's mother has disheartened him from his old womanizing ways, the fact that he knows what to say to convince nine different women (ten in Royal) to give his ward another chance ('he loves you, it was a misunderstanding,etc' ) in less than a day (even if one of them is the aforementioned daughter) speaks for itself.
      • Goro Akechi is a Bishōnen Great Detective and an celebrity who happens to have a massive in-universe fanbase of mostly women, including those in law enforcement. Despite this, he's never shown to have any interest in women implied of otherwise. Or anyone except the protagonist for that matter.
  • Puyo Puyo: It's strongly implied that many a female student at Suzuran Junior High are crushing on Maguro quite hard. In addition, he's one of the few people that Ess tends to be somewhat less aggressive towards, with Jay and Elle even playfully mocking them both for their "romance" even though it's ambiguous as to if it's actually a crush or not.
  • The Hero from the Quest for Glory series. The Fairies in Quest for Glory I tease one of their number for having a crush on you (she denies it) and he can flirt with the Centaur farmer's daughter. Dinarzad the Money Changer from Quest for Glory II flirts with him heavily, and if the Hero is a Thief so does the entire Raseir harem. Quest for Glory III has the Leopardwoman Johari, with whom the Hero can share a kiss (though she agrees to marry Yesufu at the end of the game) and the Welcome Woman who runs the local inn in Tarna flirts very heavily with you, even though she's married. Not even dead women are immune to the Hero's charms in Quest for Glory IV, namely Erana, the Rusalka, and Katrina, and it's implied that Magda, leader of the Gypsies, finds the Hero quite attractive, though admits she's much too old for him. Quest for Glory V manages to top them all: Erana, Katrina, Elsa von Spielberg, and Nawar are all courtable love interests, the Hero also gets a lot of flirting from Nawar's fellow ex-harem girl Budar, Gnome Anne shows a bit of an attraction to the Hero, and Rakeesh admits he would consider marrying him if he weren't already married.
  • Clank, Ratchet's Robot Buddy from the Ratchet & Clank series has a strange habit of attracting various women, both robotic and organic. This starts with Edwina the RoboShack owner and the HelpDesk Girl in the first game, then a pink robot fangirl spends the next game chasing him over the galaxy in the next game, then in the third game, he gets to play a James Bond-esque secret agent surrounded by adoring women, has pop star seductress Courtney Gears move in on him, in the fourth game, he begins a relationship with a robot called Venus (who is never seen again), in the Secret Agent Clank spinoff, all women in the game are in love with him. Meanwhile, the only definite love interest Ratchet has ever had is Sasha (Talwyn from the Future series seems to be on her way to becoming one, too, though).
  • Hunk-y Arthur from Red Dead Redemption 2 certainly gets a lot of female attention throughout the game. Especially if you keep him well groomed. It's in a All Girls Want Bad Boys way. He's got an official Love Interest (his recently widowed ex) but some of the side quest characters and even a couple of the girls in the gang seem to have a crush on him and random women on the street will call him handsome too. Just don't call him a Pretty Boy.
    • John Marston is also popular with ladies in the first game and the second. Mr. Geddes' wife even tried to invite him into the bedroom to cheat on her husband. Despite (or perhaps even) being mauled by a wolf in II and left with facial scars and a blind eye.
  • Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil has considerable Ship Tease with just about every woman he interacts with, and seems to be partnered with a different female protagonist for just about every adventure. These are mostly of the Bodyguard Crush variety, while the one consistent woman in his life is the mysterious spy, Ada Wong. Their relationship is officially summarized as "complicated".
  • Ein from Riviera: The Promised Land, who develops five love interests throughout the game.
  • Shining Resonance: All of the playable female characters fall for Yuma for various reasons and he's free to date as many of them as he wants, without consequence. If the player chooses, Yuma can Marry Them All. The game even encourages it to facilitate seeing all of their character endings.
  • Shin Super Robot Wars: Despite being a mecha otaku with no knowledge on romance with women nor interest in them, Ryusei Date has managed to make no less than three girls seriously fall for him in the Original Generation series. In the scene where the Londo Bell meets Ryusei Date during the Space Route in Shin, he manages to make Kouji Kabuto jealous of Sayaka Yumi for once instead of the reverse. This is considerably more than most other characters with the exception of Masaki, who is himself a Chick Magnet.
  • Vyse, the hero of Skies of Arcadia is a real hit with the ladies. Over the course of the game he attracts the affections of his redheaded partner Aika, the Mysterious Waif Fina, the Valuan admiral Belleza, several minor characters such as all three of the Ixa'ness Demons and various barmaids and shopkeeper NPCs, the butterball moneylender Osman... Heck, even Daikokuya likes him. Being a gentleman rogue, he never acts on any of them.
  • The title character of Sonic the Hedgehog is somewhat portrayed this way in the games, even getting a human character to fall in love with him, however this isn't to the extent of the Archie Comics. As he says in Sonic Battle: "Got enough girls chasing me as it is."
  • Suikoden:
    • Random women hitting on Flik is something of a running gag. In the first game, one character only joins the group on the condition that he'll go on a date with her, and in the second he gets several more fangirls; one even has a Unite Attack with him where she breaks out in a Luminescent Blush.
    • In Suikoden IV, the hero recruits an awful lot of women, and at least two cliques of three get together to gush and giggle over him. One of said cliques even declares themselves his personal bodyguards.
    • The Prince of Falena, in Suikoden V. Several characters and NPCs comment on the large number of attractive women in his army, to the point of it being a Running Gag. The more lecherous characters seem almost offended that he never takes advantage of the situation, or even seems to notice.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Mario in the Paper Mario games is treated as such. Any female character who has something to say about him that isn't a villain is mostly likely to regard him as handsome, charming or both. Even outside Paper Mario, Peach is his Implied Love Interest, Pauline was formerly his girlfriend, and Daisy took a shine to him post-rescue before she started being Luigi's answer to Peach. Toadette is sometimes shown to have a crush on him. Even Wendy O. Koopa thinks he's cute. Just about the only main female character who hasn't shown any real interest in him is Rosalina.
    • In Super Paper Mario, not only Count Bleck is Star-Crossed Lovers with Tippi, but each of his female lieutenants, Nastasia and Mimi, expresses some level of affection toward him.
  • Both Celric and Hopes fall for Amari Aquamarine on her route in Super Robot Wars X. On both routes, the Library entries confirm Iori's been interested in her even since before they came to Al-Warth.
  • Despite being a self-professed women-hater, Crowe Broust of the Super Robot Wars Z series has a ridiculous amount of women who are interested in him. Esther, Marguerite and Kravia all have obvious crushes on him, Traia appears to be invested in keeping him around, if only for trolling value, Marilyn has a pet nickname for him, and Suzune even swoons briefly at how 'cool' he is when he first appears in Tengoku-hen, even previous protagonist Setsuko falls for him.
  • Tales Series:
    • Guy from Tales of the Abyss. Unfortunately he also suffers from severe gynophobia and thus ends up freaking himself out every time he accidentally manages to charm a girl to take interest in him.
    • Flynn from Tales of Vesperia has women throwing themselves to him for as long as his childhood friend can remember. The party's Chivalrous Pervert takes him to pick up girls only to find that girls swarm over Flynn, ignoring him. Yuri isn't too bad in this regard either, with at least half of his female companions expressing various degrees of interest in him: Patty fawns over him relentlessly, Judith isn't shy about flirting with him, and there are strong hints that Estelle has feelings for him.
    • While it's rather downplayed in Tales of Symphonia (only really gaining the affections of Colette and Sheena), Lloyd Irving definitely counts in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (as every female variation of the Flanoir event is romantic, even with his teacher, as well as the actually 28, but looks 12 because of stunted growth Glacier Waif).
    • Tales of Symphonia
  • In the Trails Series, Joshua Bright, Lloyd Bannings, and Rean Schwarzer have a lot of women attracted to them in their respective arcs.
  • Mike Munroe in Until Dawn has three girls after him over the course of the game: Emily, Jessica, and Hannah. Josh suggests Ashley might also be after him if Chris shows interest in her, plus all that Ship Tease with Samantha.
  • Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends with You is also no slouch in this department. Throughout the game, he ends up attracting a rather large variety of older women, ranging from pharmacists, cute gothic-lolita girls, fast-food cashiers, snobby high-class clerks, etc. And that’s not even getting into his Ship Tease with Shiki Misaki, who acts as his Morality Chain.
  • Shulk wins the affections of Fiora and has Melia crushing on him in Xenoblade. When he is shot in the back by Dickson, literally every woman in the party are the first to react and cry out his name in unison as they rush to his aid. Cut to a shot of Melia kneeling beside him as Sharla performs CPR on his chest, Fiora overlooking.
  • Adol Christin of the Ys series tends to get a good deal of female attention. One expects a wave of red-haired kids to cause trouble throughout Eresia in a couple decades.


  • The Duchess in Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle has multiple possible love interests, is the subject of numerous crushes, and is pursued by more Abhorrent Admirers than she cares to remember.
  • Ayumi Tachibana of the Famicom Detective Club games is said to have the admiration of the male student body at Ushimitsu High School, the high school she attends, and one of the male passersby you try to talk to while desperately trying to search for her after she drugged you to look for Tazaki on her own regarding Ayumi refers to her as a "cute lil' chickadee".
  • Pamela from Mana Khemia Alchemists Of Alrevis. She's a very moe, very Cute Ghost Girl. The ghost part doesn't deter guys (even the principal!) from courting her.
  • Mass Effect:
    • A female Shepard almost matches her male counterpart, who can have a relationship with Lt Kaiden Alenko, Dr Liara T'Soni, Jacob Taylor, Thane Krios, Garrus Vakarian, Kelly Chambers, Samantha Traynor, and Diana Allers. She has Ship Tease with Tali'Zorah Vas Neema, Samara, Mordin, James Vega, and Shiala, Zaeed Massani admits that he's 'always thought [she] was beautiful', possibly has a (very brief) encounter with Morinth, gets a breeding request from at least one (female) krogan, a geth clearly has a crush on her, and the Citadel DLC makes it possible for her to have a one-night stand with Javik.
    • Surprisingly, Tali gets almost as much attention from the guys as female Shepard. She's a potential love interest for a male Shepard , one of only two recurring squadmates who can end up with a love interest who isn't Shepard (namely, Garrus, the other squadmate), and she draws positive attention from Joker, Kenneth, Kal'Reegar, Jack, Kelly, and even Javik in a way, in addition to the above Ship Tease with a female Shepard. Also, if Shepard romances Tali, Liara comments in the Shadow Broker DLC that she saw Tali as competition for Shepard's affections back on the first Normandy- notable because Liara is a member of a species whose Hat is being ridiculously attractive.
    • Liara too. In addition to a Shepard of either sex, she has Ship Tease with both Feron and Javik, Kaidan calls her "easy on the eyes", Grunt develops a crush on her, and Garrus starts giving her the eye after drinking a lot.
  • The female protagonist of Persona 3 Portable. Junpei (the only male in SEES she cannot have a romantic relationship with) notes that a number of guys he talks to are interested in her. At least two of her Social Links develop feelings for her, although she can't have a relationship with them, another one calls her beautiful, and she is able to (optionally; the game developers have realized that it is possible for boys and girls to just be friends) romance Akihiko (himself a Chick Magnet), Ken, Ryoji, and Shinjiro who is implied to have fallen for her whether the player chooses to become lovers with him or not. Then there's Theo and Aigis...
  • Asellus of SaGa Frontier is a rare video game example of this (still attracting girls, not guys), and there's a in-story reason for it to boot. She has the blood of the Charm Lord in her, which makes her half-mystic, but also gives her the Charm Lord's Innate abilities of seduction and attraction to females. If you see the Easter Egg, you'll understand more.
  • In Super Heroine Chronicle, the Infinite Stratos girls still have their harem hijinks, but because Ichika isn't present, they have to go for the next best thing. Players would think it would be Claude, but a cutscene reveals that the girls would swoon over Hibiki Tachibana. This makes Aria H. Kanzaki warn them not to kiss her, or else they might get pregnant.
  • Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros. is also a major Dude Magnet. TEC, Francis, Bowser, Wario, numerous Toads, Booster, Lock, Mario, and to an extent, Luigi are all crushing on her. But there's only one suitor this princess has got her eyes on, and that's her hero, Mario.
  • Dragon Quest:
    • Dragon Quest I: Throughout his adventure, there will be at least one female NPC in any given town who'll either be attracted to the Hero or at the very least make comment on his attractiveness. Most notably are the cases of the Princess Gwaelin, a smitten girl in the first town who will actually follow himnote , and the lady in Kol who will offer him a Puff-Puff — an actual one, making him one of the only characters, let alone protagonists in the series' entirety where this isn't a scam or a fake-out.
    • Dragon Quest V:
      • The Hero can marry one of three different women, and various other NPC's have shown an interest in him, to boot.
      • Bianca has several people head over heels for her and others comment on her beauty. Should Bianca not get married to the Hero, she actually gets herself a number of would-be suitors.
    • Dragon Quest VI:
      • Plenty of ladies show interest in the Hero throughout both worlds.
      • Girls all over the world are pining for Terry. Even dragons, apparently.
    • Dragon Quest VII: It's heavily implied through both party chat and throughout the game that Maribel has feelings for the hero Auster. Queen Michaela/Euphonia of Mardra/Hubble also falls in love with the Hero throughout the story, even attempting to make her own marriage proposal to him at the end of the game. There's also Aria/Aishe who he gets some teasing with (the novels even explore it more). At the story's end, the Hero has also gained the admiration of several female NPCs.
    • Dragon Quest VIII: Many NPCs are attracted to Jessica including Angelo and even the Hero, and her sex appeal can even distract enemies. On top of all that she's probably one of the (if not the) most attractive females in the Dragon Quest universe according to fans, to the degree that her ability to attract men is a running gag in other materials.
    • Dragon Quest XI:
      • Apparently receiving love letters is a common occurrence for Erik. There's practically one female NPC per town who swoons over him.
      • After the defeat of Mordegon, Hendrik attracts the attention of several women in Arboria.
      • Several female NPCs gush about Jasper's looks, and his pretty face alone was enough to manipulate Krystalinda into assisting him with his plot.
      • Two of Gallopolis' citizens are Prince Faris' adoring fangirls, who gush over everything he does regardless of how pathetic or cowardly it may be.
      • Golden Boy was always followed around by two adoring fangirls. Becomes double-subverted after his loss to the Luminary in the arena, where they turn on him and his mounting obsession with Sylvando and begin lusting after the Luminary instead, only to go back to cheering him on when he gains the confidence to perform without his mask.
    • Dragon Quest Builders 2: The only man in Khrumbul-Dun who doesn't show some level of romantic attraction for Babs is her father. She takes advantage of this, using the promise of both a Playboy Bunny suit and a dance routine in order to motivate the miners to work harder.


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