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Let's just say there's a damn good reason why Ragna is called "The Grim Reaper!"

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Astral Heats

    Astral Heats 
Astral Heats are ultra-powerful attacks available to the cast that allow them to instantly end a fight. The restrictions are steep - 100.00 Heat, a Burst Node (Continuum Shift only), the target must be in the red (<20% stamina in Calamity Trigger, <35% stamina afterwards), and only on your match round - but the sheer graphical display makes connecting them, especially the following, worthwhile. Note that any attack with a damage value listed is the base damage - the target survives all but the last blow with 1 HP, which is noted on the finishing strike.

  • Black Onslaught: Unleashing the fullest might of his Azure Grimoire, Ragna unfolds his Blood-Scythe and begins hacking away at the target repeatedly, all the while growing darker in appearance until he assumes the form of a black monster. Fully unleashed, Blood-Scythe draws in the target's soul as fuel to utterly erase their existence in one last swing. Visually astounding to behold, the fact it inflicts 30000 damage is no laughing matter, either. And on certain voice sets, he throws in a pretty Badass Boast as well.
    There is no hell... only darkness.
    • The quote he says afterwords after the finishing blow only makes it more badass no matter what BlazBlue game you're playing.
      CT: This is the power of Darkness.
      CS: This is the power of the Azure.
      CP: Rest in peace.
  • Arctic Dungeon: Jin stabs his sword on the ground with Yukianesa's full power and freezes his opponent. The ice then spreads bigger, to the point of freezing the air around him; once it gets big enough, Jin does a badass Unorthodox Sheathing as the ice shatters, killing the foe.
  • Valkyrie Veil II: Daring the opponent to strike, Noel proceeds to unload Bolverk in a flashy display of fireworks. After dumping both clips, she clangs the butts of her handguns together - and the energy spheres dispersed across the arena detonate at once, nuking the opponent. A great improvement over the original, and proof that Noel has grown a real spine in the month-and-a-half since Kagutsuchi.
  • Clownish Calendula: Our little goth vampire girl shows us the true extent of her powers. As Rachel's opponent is lifted up and helpless, the scenery changes into a graveyard on a moonlit, stormy night, as she raises her hands and booming sounds are heard from the dark skies... and suddenly BLAM!! Massive lightning strikes and the opponent is down.
  • Attack Meow Pow!: Taokaka's own Astral is both awesome and hilarious. First leaping towards her opponent from a wall, she then proceeds to knock the poor schmuck all over the place, making them a human/beastkin//Eldritch Abomination/whatever pinball. She then charges up for a final strike and then jumps upward for a Shoryuken... only for Jubei to finish the opponent off (or take them away). While she's startled at first, she quickly stops caring and just slouches in victory (while Jubei peeks from the side of the screen).
  • King of Tager: Tager grapples his opponent when using this Astral. If he succeeds, he charges up his jet boosters, flies up extremely high, and slams the opponent onto the ground. Sounds like a normal command grab, does it? Did I mention that he starts his descent from the stratosphere? And that they fall from such a height that it leaves a big crater? Oh, did I also mention he SURVIVES?!
  • Nine Gates of Heaven: Launching the enemy skyward, Litchi vaults after them, slams them with her feet 99 times, and delivers one last devastating kick to blow them back to the ground. This doesn't appear too impressive... until you realize it inflicts a whopping 20000 damage, easily more than any other Astral Heat in the original game! Not bad for a human, eh?
  • N-Infinity: Arakune had his Astral updated for Chronophantasma, and it has become the epitome of Creepy Awesome. The startup is similar to his original Astral Heat when he turns into a giant eye trying to tag you, but instead of causing instant death, being hit by the eye starts a sequence of the victim being trapped in a web with various giant eyes appearing across the screen, then four large centipedes with giant eyes on their back begin swarming the screen and devour the victim whole. Afterward, nothing remains but a void and the raining blood of the victim. Nightmare Fuel doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • The Ultimate Bang: Bang opens in a not-so-impressive manner by jabbing the enemy with his ginormous nail. He then proceeds to plow through several oriental-style doors, screaming at the top of his lungs, and slamming a fist, burning out of his sheer Hot-Blooded nature, head-on into the misfortunate victim - said flames burn so hot that even Bang's clothes are incinerated! Then again, what did you expect from the mortal incarnation of ham?
  • Deus ex Machina II: On command from Carl, Ada makes a ball of energy, but this time it isn't a bomb. If the enemy touches the energy ball, Carl drapes his cape over them, and teleports them to another dimension, where a curtain rises, revealing that the enemy is surrounded by gears and cogs - the gears encroach and proceed to grind the enemy to dust. Like Noel's, a vast improvement over the original time-bomb.
  • Empty Sky True Form: Judgment of the Sword : As befitting his reprisal-heavy combat style, Hakumen raises Okami before him with a seal between him and his opponent. Should anything strike the seal, time freezes as Hakumen unleashes the fullest of his available power, rendering slash upon slash on the foe's prone body with blood spraying everywhere until the screen is doused with it. Overwhelmed by pain and excessive bleeding, the opponent promptly collapses as Hakumen turns away from the audience and sheaths his sword.
  • Sword of Destruction: If you want an example of how dangerous the sword-spamming Murakumo cyborgs are, look no further than this. Releasing the Murakumo Unit's full power, Nu and Lambda trap the opponent in a force field. They then begin a scary chant, cast their swords into the air, and summon the BIGGEST SWORD IN THE SERIES, BAR NONE, driving into their unlucky victim.
  • Requiem Aeternam: Unleashing Izayoi's power, Tsubaki turns into an angel and charges the foe, immobilizing them in a magic circle. The scene shifts to the goddess statue in Library headquarters, which moves to form a magic spearhead in tandem with Tsubaki's Badass Creed. As if on cue, both move in sync, the spear jabbing into the victim's prone body and felling them instantly! This almost makes Izayoi worthwhile...
    White feathers for innocence... black feathers for darkest sin...! We are the messengers and hammers of God, come forth to deliver righteous justice! Let sinners be punished...! Let justice be done!!
  • Hungry Darkness of 1000 Souls: A truly badass and sinister finishing move for the world's greatest troll. Hazama summons a bunch of chains from the ground which snare the opponent, after which he summons a mass of dark snakes, which eventually form one gigantic snake, which then devours the opponent!
  • Sword of the Godslayer: Like Noel's, Mu's Astral gets a tremendous upgrade as well. After trapping her opponent in a barrier, Mu flies into the air and transforms her wings into 8 large Kusanagi swords which she then fires at the ground. The swords converge on the trapped opponent and explode, vaporizing the enemy and turning the ground into a nuclear wasteland! Person of Mass Destruction indeed.
  • Planet Crusher: It is part and parcel that Makoto's physical strength is phenomenal, but this move shows what happens if and when she cuts loose. Rushing through the onslaught, she plows a fist into the target's stomach to disorient them before letting loose with a flurry that would make Kenshiro and his ilk proud, only to finish the matter with a monster uppercut that casts the victim into orbit. That's not where it stops - said final punch is powerful enough to leave a massive fist imprint on the moon before it subsequently shatters! Between this and Nine Gates of Heaven, maybe there's room for two boobie ladies after all...
  • Blut Voltmund: Harkening back to his vigilante days, Valkenhayn flash kicks the opponent airborne. After a brief pause, he fully transforms into the bipedal werewolf that our lore has accustomed us with, leaps after the prone victim, strikes from multiple directions only to, like Hakumen, saturate the screen in blood. All under the silhouette of a full moon. How his outfit stays clean through all that will always remain a mystery...
  • Shining Layered Force: Twirling her weapon and floating into the air, Platinum fires a quick, full-screen shot from Muchorin. If it hits, the foe is then trapped in the same barrier from her grab. In true Magical Girl fashion, she then upgrades her appearance to a white dress, and vaporizes the enemy with a mighty super beam!
  • Puppeteer's Altar: On command, Ignis lunges forward and catches the opponent in a Facepalm of Doom. The scene then cuts to the nightmare house they call Relius' lab, where the opponent is bound in a very secure fashion, only for the man himself to rise, approach, and announce his intent before the doors slam shut. Each character is bound in a different fashion designed around their equipment and their powers - clear-cut cred for Relius (due to him being Crazy-Prepared in this fashion) and for the art team (for going out of their way to design all of these in the first place). They even have a unique death cry.
  • Judge of Destiny: Izayoi's Astral is a variation of Tsubaki's. She transforms once again and charges at the opponent with a lance. If it hits, a cutscene plays where Izayoi summons an even bigger lance which is propelled into space and strikes the enemy. Her own Badass Creed is just as awesome:
    Engaging Lunar Drive! ...With the blade of retribution and scales of judgement, I come to deliver...righteous justice! Atone for your sins! ...You're forgiven.
  • Jakutoku Meika: Gōhahōyō: Amane's Astral is similar to Relius', but with less Nightmare Fuel and more funny fuel. He traps the opponent inside of a giant flower, which transforms them into their younger selves, which are then revealed momentarily as the flower bursts open. Not too impressed? After the victim says their unique reactionary line, the screen is covered by a curtain, behind which they are then (possibly) unborn. Moral of the story: don't mess with an Observer.
  • Hard Kill Bringer: Delivering a hard punch to stun her opponent, Bullet lifts them up and proceeds to bombard them with fire-enhanced punches. She then slams the opponent into the ground and mounts them, revealing a Pile Bunker in her gauntlet. She then fires a blast of flame so hot that it not only torches the opponent, but craters the ground as well.
  • Patriot Apocalypse: If all the talk about slaughtering hundreds during the Ikaruga Civil War didn't convince you that Azrael was already a born badass, his Astral will probably do the trick, showing you what happens when a Person of Mass Destruction decides to show his true power. Azrael removes his Enchant Dragunov limiters and punches the opponent downwards to the ground, then pulls out the ground from underneath them and tosses them into the air. Summoning his strength and drawing it into his fist as the opponent descends, he then punches upwards at the opponent with all his power, so much that it causes a nuclear-scale explosion that annihilates the opponent completely. What's left of the scene is him laughing at the destruction with his back to the camera, all done in a way that would make Akuma weep with pride.
  • Black Dragon's Sky-Rending Blade: Handsome Lech he may be, but Kagura's Astral is a sure-fire reminder as to why he earned the title "Black Knight". Kagura swings his Zweihander upwards, and if successful, traps his enemy with tendrils of dark energy. As his opponent is bricking themselves over their immient demise, he then raises his blade to the sky and gathers dark energy around it to form a giant Laser BFS before bringing it down on the opponent, erasing them from existence.
  • Ultimate Impact: Very fitting of her "mad scientist" personality, Kokonoe first grabs the opponent, then punches the opponent repeatedly before kicking them into a magnetic device. It doesn't sound that awesome at first, but then she follows it up by summoning a colossal meteor that crushes the opponent and turns the world's landscape into a magma crater.. She practically not only Astral finishes you, but the rest of the world as well!
  • Unholy Wrath of the Basilisk: An upgrade to Hazama's Astral Finish, Terumi throws 2 chains on the ground that snare the opponent. If caught, he summons a bunch of snakes that repeatedly ravage them. Right after the onslaught, he transforms into a black version of Hakumen (complete with green Tron Lines), summons a giant sword from his bare hands and ends the opponent with a savage slash. This is followed by the most insane laughter in video game history. Heck, the laugh during the Astral could also count.
  • Atout Rilettes: Celica's Astral Finish is just as awesome as it is funny. Celica initiates the attack by healing her opponent to full health, followed by Minerva taking to the skies and transforming into a jet before ramming into the opponent and taking them off-screen! Notably, it deals a lot of damage (20000), so you can also interpret it as Minerva ramming the opponent so freaking hard, Celica has to heal them first!
  • Amatsugomori Nakikarasu/Divine Nightfall: "Raven": A Black Screen of Death move, Hibiki sends his opponent to a dark area with a moon, performing a sneak attack from both directions, and ending with a doppelganger slash. He'd make the Survey Corps proud.
  • Edge of Eternity, Naoto's Astral, is pretty much an almost 1:1 homage to Ragna's Astral above. Except instead of darkness, Naoto uses his own blood to deliver the coup de grace. It's about as visually impressive as Ragna's, which is saying something.
  • Colorless Void: Like daughter, like mother. Much like how Naoto's astral is a homage to Ragna's, Nine's Astral is a homage to Kokonoe's. Nine commands her demonic servant, Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, to devour the opponent and ensnare them in a cage of fire. As her enemy bricks themselves over their imminent demise, Nine takes to the air and summons a giant portal with a pentagram. But rather than hit the opponent with one colossal meteor, Nine summons a meteor shower to bombard the opponent, utterly destroying them and leaving behind nothing but an ocean of fire. There's a reason she's one of the Six Heroes.
  • Eternal Darkness: Izanami's Astral Heat is just as awesome as it is pants shittingly SCARY. She grabs her opponent and takes them to the underworld in a tornado of souls. Then she suddenly appears in the background with a horrific Slasher Smile complete with Glowing Eyelights of Undeath, fades away, and reappears as 7 enormous skulls crash down on the opponent and devour them, leaving nothing behind. Arakune's Astral's got nothing on THIS.
  • Type: Exterminator Artorius: Es shows us why she's the Guardian of the Azure Gate. She releases the true power of her Void Crystal Seal Blade Murakumo, then slashes the enemy multiple times in the air, ending with a diving slash that briefly leaves the enemy stunned in the air before the background shatters like glass, taking the enemy along with it.
  • Royal Crimson Sprout: New Moon Lotus: Mai's Astral, which would make Lancer smile in pride. After two spear slashes that incapacitates the foe, she jumps high to the skies and then throws her spear downward, which, after contact with the ground, releases a nuclear bomb-level explosion that leaves a massive crater on the ground zero.
  • Roar of the Mad King: If you thought Terumi's Astral wasn't awesome enough, then get ready for a new experience of unbound evil power with Susanoo's Astral Heat. He knocks the opponent away before summoning his sword to perform a vicious version of Hakumen's Astral Heat above. The whole thing is so extreme it leaves the surrounding ground in black and green flames, destroying the landscape and erasing the opponent from existence!! And if that wasn't enough, CF 2.0's Astral Heat not only do 99 hits thanks to the maelstrom of power coming from the slash, it does 99999 points of damage!!! Talk about God of Destruction!
  • Asura: Thunderbird Rising Being the smallest and promoted roster character in the game, Jubei would have the right to have his own absolute badass finishing move. He starts by using the Sekigan to force the opponent's 'soul' or true form to materialize stunning them, then quickly slashes them multiple times that juggles them like a pinball, and finally rushes quickly at the back to deliver a powerful upward multi slash, destroying the opponent!
  • Gigant of Demise: Nu trades in her Sword of Destruction with Juusan instead summoning Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi, who blasts the unlucky opponent with its cannon with Juusan then finishing them off with a slash from her sword.

Story and Arcade incidents

    Ragna the Bloodedge - The Grim Reaper 
Ragna the Bloodedge - "The Central Fiction"

For all the treatment Ragna gets throughout the story, he shows just how capable he is at kicking ass and taking names throughout the True Ending. Heartwarming also ensues.

  • In the climax of CT, he activates his Azure Grimoire for the first time in the story, and proceeds to beat Hakumen of the Six Heroes.
  • Picking up from where his ending in CS left off, Ragna has just found out that Terumi created the BlazBlue and not only wields a stronger one, but has the ability to keep Ragna's on lockdown (in this case, denying his Drive attacks (the D button)), and kicks Ragna's ass. Ragna's down for the count, and Terumi is about to finish him off when Lambda comes out of nowhere and takes the hit instead. After an exchange between Ragna and a dying Nu/Lambda (in which players get to hear, for the first time, Nu speak to Ragna in a way that wasn't crazy or Yandere), Ragna gets uber-pissed, absorbs Lambda's Idea Engine, uses it to restore his own BlazBlue and render it immune to Terumi's control, then goes Unlimited. What follows is one of the most satisfying fights in the game, finally getting to beat down a guy that deserved more than a simple beatdown, set to a slightly-revamped version of Iconoclast. The only way that a three-minute period like that (maybe longer, depending on loading times) could be more awesome would be if it actually was the last fight of the True Ending. Or if you actually got to kill him. Or if it wasn't integral to his plan in any way.
    • And then he shines yet again in the build-up in the True ending to his fight with Mu/Tempered!Noel Vermillion, which actually is the True Final Boss of the story. Noel is as Brainwashed and Crazy as physically possible and talking in Robo Speak to boot, not to mention being controlled by his worst enemy to kill everything in her path. Both Hakumen and Jin are beaten half to death, and Rachel's told him she can't be saved. So what does Ragna do against the god-killing sword? Delivers the most blunt, effective, heartwarming and badass speech possible.
    Ragna: Noel! You idiot!
    Awesome Music starts playing
    Mu: ...!
    Ragna: What the hell were you thinking, going down to that level?! Kusanagi? The god-killing sword? Screw all of that! You're Noel Vermillion, aren't you?!
    Mu: Unable to identify target's emotional wavelengths. Pattern unknown... unknown.
    Ragna: You said you wanted to talk to me, remember?
    Flashback!Noel: No, it's nothing. I just... thought we could talk for a while.
    Mu: ...
    Ragna: I'm sorry about before, OK? So now, let's talk.
    Mu: Indefinable energy source detected within target.
    Ragna: But before we do... I'm gonna have to do something about that armor! Bring it on, you idiot!
  • Even his backstory is a Moment of Awesome. Granted, we can't really glorify him slaughtering Punch Clock Villains, but c'mon, it's heavily implied that he's cleared out whole bases full of well-armed and well-trained NOL personnel, all by himself. An organization that has practically taken over the world is utterly terrified of him. There is a reason he's called "The Grim Reaper".
  • Also in Chronophantasma, after curb-stomping Tsubaki, he immediately ends up fighting Hakumen after he prevents Ragna from destroying Izayoi. Said fight ends with a draw and Hakumen praises Ragna's improvement. Since at this point Hakumen is slowly gaining more of his original power (He's at least between 30-40% at this point), Ragna being able to match him without activating the Grimoire's full power like he did in Calamity Trigger, combined with Hakumen's praise, speaks volumes of how strong he became at that point.
  • Another Chronophantasma moment. Azrael has just tried to murder Celica in order to provoke Ragna into using the Azure Grimoire against him. It works...right up until he realizes he wants the strength to protect people on his own and not rely on the power that simply steals. Not only does he force it to stop from activating, but then he tells Azrael, someone who has been consistently shown forcing the strongest fighters BlazBlue has to offer to retreat at 1/8th of his full power, that he's not worth activating the Azure for.
    Ragna: *Screams as he manages to force the Azure Grimoire to halt it's activation* Could you really be that stupid? If you think I'd unleash the power of the Azure on a chump like you...*Smirks* You're out of luck!!!
    Kagura: Looks like he managed to keep it down.
    Rachel: So it does. Maybe there's hope for him.
    Ragna: *Readies his sword* Alright! What are you waiting for, huh, Azrael!? This fight ain't over yet!
  • Phase 0: Ragna is transported back in time and has to deal with... the Black Beast. Still doesn't stop him from stopping it for a year. Yep, ya heard me right. The Six Heroes have barely defeated it, preventing it from causing havoc and giving Nine time to invent the Ars Magus. Even if in the end his fate is being consumed, or perhaps he's consumed but took about a year to digest, it gave him a worthy moment to be referred as the Grim Reaper.
    • Hell, just getting back there counts - he pulls off the same trick as Makoto and Jin below. Granted, he loses his memory and his Azure Grimoire in the trip, but neither of them had to worry about a BFS gouging out their chest.
    • In Chronophantasma, it's revealed that this version of Ragna is actually Bloodedge, not from Calamity Trigger as initially thought, sent using the Tsukuyomi unit. What actually happened there was Ragna being swallowed by Black Beast and killing the heart (Nu) inside. And the disappearing act he pulls at the end of Phase 0? It's him returning to the present (again, with Rachel's aid).
  • In Chronophantasma's climax, with his Azure Grimoire activated, he defeats Take-Mikazuchi, by himself, after Jin and Noel lose to it. The weapon that repelled the Black Beast in the Dark War, capable of nuking entire cities, and he beat it single-handedly. Also keep in mind that Take-Mikazuchi is the size of a satellite.
    • Then he delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to Nu of all characters. He does this without even using his Azure Grimoire (he had decided not to rely on its power anymore due to Character Development), and while she is trying to kill him (and not in her usual way, but as in legitimately angered at him) even she can't believe how strong he's gotten, and then he tells her that she's just weak.
      • Speaking of Number Thirteen, Ragna manages to hold his ground without getting hit with hug.exe in Chronophantasma Chapter 7 , which prior to then was how matches with her always ended. Might have been more awesome if Ragna put Nu in her place early, but then Izanami intervened and turned it all to shit.
  • In CF, once he gets his memories back, he learns how the world and humanity have forced their desires upon a young girl (the girl in the Master Unit), so he goes with a new resolve and a solution: use Soul Eater to devour everyone else's dreams, including the god's own, living up to his name as "the Grim Reaper". He then proceeds to beat many characters in the cast, helped by the fact that he, not being an Entitled, doesn't have his soul being sucked into the Boundary. After being denied every ounce of full awesomeness thanks to his actions being machinated in advance by the villains, and seeing as this is his last dance ever, all of the withheld badassery is unleashed for all to see from here on out.
    • A minor one compared to the others, but Doomsday effect aside (explained below), Ragna has shown his newfound badassery after gaining Boxing Lessons for Superman, continuing from his CP True Ending moment. In the Calamity Trigger period, one of the changes in the revisit of that time period is that he defeated Nu (once again), and later he can now fight with both sealed Azrael and Kagura and stalemate them both, without using the Azure, the former finally acknowledging Ragna as his Worthy Opponent, and the latter remarks about Ragna's improvement and realizes Ragna's "true strength".
    • One noteworthy moment of awesome was his final fight against Nine. This is the same chick whose treated pretty much the entire cast, Ragna included, like an afterthought. In Ragna's last fight with her, he not only manages to equal and hold out against her, but land the decisive killing blow. Sure, Nine got distracted by a bit of her old self resurfacing when she saw her sister, but that still doesn't change the fact that Ragna managed to equal her and did way better than anyone else whose tried to fight her (and also himself in their previous fight). Keep in mind, thanks to her natural magic, Nine's one of the few cast members not becoming progressively weaker due to the Boundary draining their soul, just like Ragna.
    • Another minor one (and maybe a Negated Moment of Awesome at that), while most of the heroes were struggling against Nu that has fused with Take-Mikazuchi's core, including both Jubei and Hakumen, when Ragna came in a Big Damn Heroes moment, Ragna surprises everyone by defeating that one version of Nu. Accusing Ragna of even closer to becoming a Black Beast because of defeating Nu who, in his words, possessing abnormal power, Hakumen challenges Ragna into a fight, and he fared no better than Take-Mikazuchi Nu; actually suffering a Curb-Stomp Battle in his hands! Ragna however explains that it's not that he becomes stronger, but that the Entitled(s) become progressively weaker due to the Boundary sucking their soul, while Ragna, not being an Entitled, is exempt from this.
    • While Ragna's beatdown of Hazama in CS was both awesome and satisfying, keep in mind that it was only after he had his Azure Grimoire shut down, and his own ass kicked. That, and the whole situation ended up being a win for Hazama, anyway. In CF, Ragna finds Hazama, who has caught Rachel with an armagus trap, which is continuously binding her. Hazzie then does what he does best: piss Ragna off, leading to a battle between the two of them, with both of them activating BlazBlue. But instead of history repeating itself, Ragna utterly wrecks Hazama with no initial defeat of his own, beats him into the ground just like Hazama did to him, and after Naoto helps calm him down from his Roaring Rampage of Revenge, denies Hazama the rage he wanted. And unlike last time, Hazama gets no glory whatsoever-no shutdown of Ragna's Grimoire, no godslaying pawn, and no control over Takamagahara- meaning the greatness of the moment is intact for Ragna. Hazzie may have chose to smile and toss himself into a cauldron, but it's clear who not only won Round 2, but also got true payback. And then there's the final showdown with Terumi...
    • Near the end, Ragna raises his Azure Grimoire's level further, by removing Idea Engine's limiter and manages to match Susano'o, the God of Destruction! This is the same guy who has Hakumen's original 100% power and has utterly thrashed EVERYONE! including base Ragna himself. Not to mention that removing the Idea Engine's limiter is so insanely, out-of-his-mind dangerous that he's practically BEGGING the Black Beast to take over but knows he needs ever last drop of its power to match Susano'o. The fight itself ends with Ragna using Soul Eater to rip an enraged Terumi out of the Susano'o unit, with the son of a bitch now at his mercy. That's not even getting into the below...
    • So... if you were disappointed with the rather lackluster manner of how his nemesis Terumi was disposed in Chronophantasma, don't worry. In Central Fiction... after forcing him out of the Susano'o Unit, Ragna delivers a much more well-deserved finishing blow: A straight clash of their Astrals. You read that right, the final blows that Ragna and Terumi's will ever exchange is Black Onslaught vs Unholy Wrath of the Basilisk. Ragna doesn't even flinch after all of Terumi's trolling, and for a moment Terumi sees him as a Grim Reaper's dark silhouette carrying his giant scythe, and the final blow of Black Onslaught impales Terumi. There is no cries of disbelief or anything of the sort. Just a spiteful, almost melancholy, end to the monster that is Terumi. Ragna even tops it off with a cool Pre-Mortem One-Liner in response to Terumi's dying curse, as Terumi's passing is punctuated by one final round of maniacal laughter.
      Terumi: Heh heh heh... Suffer for eternity... Ragna the Bloodedge... Heh heh heh... Hahahahaha!!! H'yaaaaahahaha!!!
      Ragna: Be consumed by darkness... Yuuki Terumi!
      (Terumi laughs as he's consumed by green and black fire)
    • For a split second, when Ragna used Black Onslaught, Terumi froze in fear. That's right, this same guy that Terumi's nonchalantly trolled and tortured over the course of all these games was able to MAKE HIM FEEL FEAR!

    Novis Orbis Librarium - The Knights of the Blue Flame 

Noel Vermillion - "Successor of the Azure", aka Mu-12 - "Sword of the Godslayer"

  • Noel gets one in Calamity Trigger, when she fights flippin Nu, endures that beatdown, and still manages to save Ragna from falling into the Cauldron, thus ending the century-long time loop that has spanned countless continuua up until that point. Here's hoping she can rock this hard again in the near future.
    • At the end of her CS Story Mode, for coldly confronting Hazama, calling him out on his bull and trying to kick his ass. Granted, it doesn't go well for her, but if you know how Noel usually acts, that's ballsy as hell. Meek little "Moel" has changed quite a bit, and early reports of Chrono Phantasma seem to confirm a much more assertive and confident Noel.
    • In Chronophantasma, when trying to regain her Murakumo powers, she fights herself and Mu. She accepts that she isn't a normal human, but her feelings make her an individual. Terumi shows up and tries to taunt her over the fact that she's a mere 'doll', but Noel (Now dressed in her Mu garbs, completely in control) tells him she doesn't care what she is as long as she can save Tsubaki. Character Development is a wonderful thing.
    • In Mu's Arcade Mode ending in Chronophantasma, Mu/Noel actually succeeds in beating the crap out of Nu, forcing Nu and Terumi to withdraw. This is a drastic change from every other battle involving Nu in which Nu simply tanks all the enemy's damage, repairs herself and then curbstomps her opponent. The image of Mu standing over the defeated Nu is pretty damn satisfying, and also implies how powerful Mu/Noel could become now that she has mastered her powers.
    • Also in Chronophantasma, in Chapter 14, after Makoto is done with her, Noel steps up against Tsubaki and draws her aggression squarely on her, as part of the plan to Observe the Zero-Type Izayoi for Tsubaki to evoke. This deserves mention as, while Rachel and Kokonoe are both accomplished Observers, neither of them had to Observe an alternate state of something while said something was making an active effort to kill them. Even Jin notices this is better than her usual fare.
      "Not bad, for a scrub. Now stand back. It's my turn now."
  • Though not a moment to glorify, Central Fiction shows how dangerous someone referred to as "Godslayer" can be when left unchecked. When Mu was split from Noel's soul, she's also got absorbed into the Embryo, but was sent to a different world from the others. In that reality Mu (temporarily) returns to her default evil persona. She went full Person of Mass Destruction mode by murdering many people including her friends, Ragna and Jin included (if the Arcade artwork is any indication, she used her Astral Heat!). She also then mowed down every opposition in her way (which consists of her former friends there), from Makoto, to Izayoi, to Kagura. She was finally sent back to the real world by Es, but she was able to make Es feel her power.
    Es: This power, as expected from the "Sword of the Godslayer". However...
  • In the climax of CF she proves the title of Godslayer had all the merit it warranted: She and Ragna has figured a way to defeat Izanami - By virtue of her and Izanami being halves of the same being, she (as Mu) decides to absorb Izanami into herself. After an intense fight, she finally beats her and manages to do just that (with a little help from Ragna).

Jin Kisaragi - "The Hero of Ikaruga/Hero of the Ice Blade"
  • Jin's true path in Continuum Shift has him being unable to use Yukianesa because it doesn't want to be used. Ragna points out that a Nox Nyctores either controls its user or must be completely overpowered by willpower to be used. He states that Jin needs to be stronger if he wishes to win. When he confronts Tsubaki, who is eventually mind controlled by Hazama, Jin states that if she stands in his way, she will be his enemy and activates Yukianesa against its will. This is awesome for gameplay reasons as well - since Jin was locked out of all of his ice attacks up to this point, being able to unload with Unlimited Jin was extremely cathartic.
    Jin: I am the cold steel, the blade that will restore balance to this world. Nox Nyctores: Yukianesa, Activate!
    • Jin's entire CS story is one long ode to his grinding in badass. After escaping from a hospital ship, he manages to fight off Hazama while protecting Makoto, freezes Hazama in his tracks when things start going south, fights Rachel at full power and holds his own despite being too badly injured to stand up straight, receives a painful healing treatment, challenges Hakumen and gets stomped on, holds off Ragna without Yukianesa, has that lovely little tiff with a Brainwashed and Crazy Tsubaki (read: she's trying to kill him) and fends her off despite being unable to use his Nox for most of the fight, encounters Hazama and fights well enough to make him retreat, fights the powerful magic user Phantom (later revealed to be Nine) offscreen and apparently wins, and then tells Hakumen to back off so he can take on Mu all by himself. Would you believe this is the same Ax-Crazy sissy who obsessed over Ragna in Calamity Trigger? Jubei wasn't kidding when he said Jin had grown.
  • And lest we forget, surviving a trip through the Boundary on determination alone and becoming the legendary hero Hakumen. And he may top it yet.
  • Chronophantasma definitely continues Jin's rise in badassery. After he reluctantly accepts help from Makoto and Noel in saving Tsubaki, he comes up with a plan that involves all three of them fighting her in sequence; First is Makoto to bring her to her physical limits, then Noel to use the Power of the Eye and observe Izayoi's true form and make it real, and finally Jin to finish the job himself. When it comes time for Jin's fight, he proves just how much he cares about Tsubaki by claiming that if he can bring her back to normal, his life is a small price to pay and that he intends on keeping their childhood promise. The now Izayoi-possessed Tsubaki prepares to use Immortal Breaker, a power which is capable of even killing the likes of Rachel. Makoto, Noel, and Tsubaki are all fittingly worried, but Jin takes the blow anyway. The thought of killing someone so close to her caused Tsubaki to break the "Mind Eater" spell on her. Jin later survives his near death experience, claiming that the power behind Immortal Breaker is to implant the idea of death in the victim's head, but since he possesses the Power of Order, death cannot be implanted in him. He may be an aloof jerk most of the time, but Jin proves without a doubt he goes above and beyond for those he cares about.
  • In Chronophantasma, Hakumen has to destroy a monolith, but doesn't have enough strength to do so after his fight with Terumi. Then Jin arrives and together, while Blood Pain is playing, the two use Yukikaze to destroy the monolith. That's right. Both Jins perform a double Yukikaze!
  • You get a taste of his Power of Order to a peak extent in Central Fiction.
    • He was able to stabilize Luna and Sena's existence, using his willpower alone from Power of Order. Normally, only an Observer can do that.
    • In his second fight against Susano'o, mind you, the guy who had 100% Hakumen power, he can last long enough to perceive Susano'o as a separate entity from Noel (who was fused with Susano'o that time) with Power of Order, while his body is dangerously approaching its limits, no less!, a far cry compared to his first confrontation with Susano'o where he effortlessly defeated every heroes there, Jin included.
  • In Central Fiction, he defended Noel (who has become Saya from the Fusion Dance) from Ragna attempting to erase himself from her memories. You heard it right, the Hero of Ikaruga who has been nothing but a Jerkass towards her for the entirety of the series has come to her defense.

Nu-13 - "Sword of Hades"
  • There's a reason why she's dubbed as the Calamity Trigger. She's one of the main reasons the BlazBlue world is as hellish as it is. In the first loop she probably done things similar to what she done in Calamity Trigger, up to impaling Ragna and trying to fuse with him as the Black Beast. Except that one time, she's successful. Cue Black Beast appearing in the past and terrorizing the world. In every other loop after they are both killed before the fusion is complete when Take-Mikazuchi nukes Kagutsuchi, however.
  • After she's Back from the Dead in Chronophantasma, she almost completed the villains' objective. First, she battled against Noel as Mu-12 to Observe and synchronize with Noel's status as the Eye of the Azure, but was only partially successful. Then she went to Wadatsumi to further synchronize with Noel, completing her objective that time. She returned to Terumi above Ibukido to open the gates on Nemesis Horizon (a Cauldron that floats in the sky) using her newfound Successor of the Azure status gained from Noel, and the rest is history. She became the one to summon Amaterasu Unit into the world.
  • After fusing with Take-Mikazuchi's core in Central Fiction, she became even more powerful. She was able to fight Jubei and eventually defeat him. Even Hakumen and Izayoi arriving later didn't improve the situation. Hakumen even described her power that time as "abnormal".

Relius Clover - "The Mad Puppeteer"
  • In the True Ending of Continuum Shift, after getting the shit torn out of him, Terumi is left to bleed by Ragna the Bloodedge out of Cruel Mercy. However, he managed to pull his plan off anyway, and the manner is revealed in Relius' Arcade mode ending - Relius, per his coherence with Terumi, sics Ignis on him, tearing his body to shreds to free Terumi's ghost. Shows that these two are a different breed of villain when they cooperate so willingly and efficiently! Chronophantasma ultimately revealed that their cooperation was merely the cover story to mutual exploitation, but the point still stands.
  • Makoto's bad ending, and Relius' hand in it, is said by many to be either an utterly terrifying scene or a Tear Jerker, and they'd be right. However, one thing that tends to be glossed over is that it serves as Relius' Moment of Awesome, a testament for his villain caliber. Why? Makoto serves as a massive Spanner in the Works for Hazama's plans. She thwarts him several times during her Story Mode, something that no other character has really done - the significance of this is listed in Makoto's section. Relius, understandably, will stand for none of it. He successfully leads her into a trap using Jin as the bait, and proceeds to... ahem, put the spanner back in the toolbox, shall we say. Also, if what he says is any indication, he smelt Makoto's soul into a Nox without using a cauldron. Succeeding where goddamn Hazama of all people failed, succeeding spectacularly at that, and leaving little doubt he could repeat it in a canon path? Maybe Hazama isn't the one to fear after all.
  • On that note, while he loses his battle against Valkenhayn in Hunting Dog, he does manage to collect enough combat data to make the ordeal worthwhile. Whereas gambits of any stripe and/or level of complexity require defeats to be planned for, battle data with which to study the opponent is always welcome, and it shows that Relius is flexible enough that :a non-critical defeat can be turned into a possibility of victory at a later date.
  • Bang's arcade mode in Chronophantasma has him facing Bang and soundly defeat him, even managing to snatch his Rettenjou while telling Bang that said weapon, given from his master, is a potential Weapon of Mass Destruction. Sadly it doesn't happen in story mode, but still, kudos for Relius.
  • He's still up and running in Central Fiction, despite spending most of the plot watching from the sidelines, but his sole direct action is implied to have long-term consequences: he bests Carl and manages to instill his insights into the kid, likening Carl after the experience to "a time bomb". Oh, and there's also the fact that he may well be the only villain to have gotten away without so much as a parting beatdown.

Tsubaki Yayoi - "The Red-Headed Valkyrie"
  • Tsubaki gets one in Heart to Heart, for delivering a particularly badass Kirk Summation on some Jerkass noble students, calling them out on their bigotry and arrogance, and causing them all to turn away in shame. Badass Pacifist, much?
    • Tsubaki also gets one for defeating the immensely powerful Jin in her Story Mode. Even she is shocked.
    Tsubaki: "I... I won? I actually beat Jin!?"
    • In CF Arcade Mode act 1, she as Izayoi manages to beat Ragna - yes, that Ragna - into submission. She even almost executed him before Nine interfered. Granted, it's where Ragna is still amnesic, but the thought still counts.
    • In CF Arcade Mode act 3, she's one part of the faction that chooses to protect Noel, which puts her against Jin, who wants to kill Noel. Does Tsubaki relent? No, she instead is willing to stand in Jin's way in order to protect her friend. As much as she loves Jin, she still has her sense of justice and she'll keep it in any way she can.
      • Even better as Izayoi, she stands up to Hakumen (her idol) for the same reasons. Even as Hakumen beats her, she manages to make him relent by telling him to kill her if he really wants the Izayoi to kill Noel.

Kagura Mutsuki - "The Black Knight"
  • Kagura Mutsuki comes up with the idea of hosting a tournament with Ragna as the prize to draw out both Tsubaki and Azrael. All well and good until Azrael shows up, flattens Bullet like a steamroller, and fights Ragna to the point where he has to fight back his own Azure Grimoire lest Azrael unleash a higher level of Enchant Dragunov and the resulting clash cause untold collateral damage. This leaves Kagura up against the Mad Dog, and how does he fare? After catching Azrael's eye by putting up a decent showing, Kagura just stops fighting and goes on defense - this drives Azrael flat-out bonkers, demanding that Kagura go back to fighting him and leaving him prone for Kokonoe to teleport him to his new extradimensional cell (with a brief lapse so Tager can punch him in the face for what he did to Bullet). Womanizer and potential sex offender though he may be, there are reasons the Black Knight is a Colonel, and this is one of them.
    • In Chronophantasma, Arakune breaks into Noel's room and attempts to consume her while she's asleep. Arakune would have very much succeeded if not for everyone else bursting into the room at the right moment. While Makoto and Celica free Noel and treat her, Kagura absolutely flips his lid at Arakune, delivers a furious verbal beatdown, and then shows him why he's known as "The Black Knight".
    • It's relatively small, but his first fight could count too. He pretty much makes a fool out of Ragna, and forces him to nearly use the Grimoire to even stand a chance. Kagura keeps his cool the entire time, completely unhindered by Ragna's threats and even tosses out a few one-liners of his own. In the end, he knocks out Ragna and brings him and tosses him in jail. The infamous Grim Reaper of Kagutsuchi finally defeated and apprehended, the story finally brought full circle, by this one man.
    • Also a small one: He manages to resist the effect of Phantom's Infinite Gravity, something that not even Rachel can manage, though Rachel has lost her Onlooker powers.
    • In Central Fiction story, during the latter part, Kagura meets Azrael again, and this time he fights him with his full might. Kagura even gets an edge this time, due to fighting with a purpose (to protect Noel) and being the more skilled one, managing to make Azrael get worked up more than usual. This even gets Azrael to release more of his limiters until Jin comes in cue to freeze him, leading Azrael to admit defeat!
      • Let's remember something, Kagura is one of the entitled getting his strength sapped out by the Embryo and previously, Azrael beat the shit out of him in act 2. Here, in act 3, while even weaker due to the Embryo's effects, he becomes the only person in the series to defeat Azrael!

Imperator Librarius AKA Izanami - "The Goddess of Death"
  • Wheel of Fortune and the end of Continuum Shift heavily implied that the Imperator was a tool for Relius and Hazama to fulfill their plans. But by Chronophantasma's end, a whole different picture is painted: Hakumen and Trinity slay Terumi via a binding trap and the Time Killer power of the Susano'o, and Relius is left a broken shell of a man entirely at Carl and Litchi's collective mercy, and how does she fare? Saya/Izanami writes Hazama and Relius off as acceptable losses, takes Phantom with her and leaves them both to their fates. After being established as a puppet ruler, watching her pull the strings from the other end, only to sink the knife between their shoulders at their most vulnerable moment, is a sight to behold.
    • She even manages to tank the Time Killer, Hakumen's attack that killed Terumi and erases all of the victim's time, with no effort.
  • In CF Act 2, once she joined the battlefield, it's shown why she's the (former) Imperator and the "Goddess of Death" - she has rather powerful and tricky attacks, some of them involving her Yasakani-no-Magatama and all of them charged with power of darkness. She can even stop time itself, Dio Brando style.
    • Also in Act 2, she pretty much anticipated that everyone would come and try to kill her, so she manipulates them all by giving them a piece of Azure to make their wish come true... only for it to be negated by the "highest Entitled", Noel. This pretty much drives Act 3 into a civil war between many characters at once, with those who want to kill Noel and those who want to protect her, while she (Imperator) can still proceed with the Doomsday.
    • Act 2 also has her winning her fights most of the time; Kagura's attacks merely pass through her and she shrugs off the Immortal Breaker attack by Izayoi without any harm. Her most awesome and terrifying moment, though, is in Ragna's route where she willingly stabbed herself with Ragna's sword, then tells him that the Doomsday won't be stopped just by defeating her alone, along with her creepy smile and having her blood sprayed all over the place. All just to teach him the meaning of "futility".

    The Six Heroes - Old Legends 

Hakumen - "The End has Come!!"

  • Hakumen's origin cements him as an absolute badass - basically, Terumi's being his twat self, and since the Six Heroes (down to two due to Terumi turning traitor, Nine dead, Valkenhayn guarding Rachel, and Trinity MIA) are in no shape to take him out, Clavis and Jubei use their combined abilities to open a gate to the Boundary - and Hakumen tackles Terumi through it. Ninety years of confinement in the Boundary later (felt like ten to him), much of it composed of pursuing Terumi until he was paroled by Takamagahara, Kokonoe drags him out at 20% of his former power - and that's still enough to beat the shit out of Ragna. So, basically, he executes a Sealed Evil in a Duel Heroic Sacrifice, their shared prison a nexus between all timelines that fucks up anyone who enters it, carries on the hunt through sheer force of will, and survived the experience. While many others would challenge the Boundary (with one total success and a few partial successes) afterward, Hakumen did it first; Hakumen did it best.
  • In Wheel of Fortune, Hakumen wills himself out of the Boundary at a mere 15% of his power, and absolutely destroys Hazama AND Ignis at the same time EASILY before being dragged back into the Boundary while Hazama is kicking and screaming for help. Turns into a Tear Jerker when you realize why he was there - and what happens next.
  • Hakumen's Continuum Shift story has him slice time itself so he can view another timeline where he was defeated by Arakune.
    • His "alternate truth" path in Calamity Trigger. "I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. My past incarnation is no exception! I am Hakumen. The end has come." He then proceeds to beat Unlimited Jin silly.
  • There are protagonists who are not horrified or otherwise startled when Hazama unleashes his Azure Grimoire in Arcade Mode. Unsurprisingly, Hakumen is one of them, and while he's not completely suppressed, he makes it clear it will take more than the Azure Grimoire to cause him to lose his cool.
    Hazama: "Blah, Blah, Blah BlazBlue, activate!"
    Hakumen: "It was you, then! You created the Azure Grimoire!"
    Hazama: "What of it, H-man? You're going to die!"
  • A relatively small moment, but cancelling an attempt to teleport him by re-affirming his own existence has got to count for something.
  • During Phase 0, a time-displaced Ragna meets several people that he would later meet in his life, like Jubei. Each time, he comments that they lack something compared to the ones from his time...until he comes across Hakumen, at which point he hides in instinctive fear, because not only is Hakumen exactly the same, but this is him in his Glory Days, with the Hakumen that Ragna knew being only a pale echo.
  • Three words: He. Kills. Terumi. Nothing more really needs to be said. Though it becomes a Negated Moment of Awesome when you find out Terumi survived by self-observation. You heard that correctly. Terumi survived Time Killer.
  • In his Act 1 arcade mode in CF, he faces his old comrades, who for some reason are all scolding him for what he did in the past. He would have none of it and proceeds to find the real problem - Nine - by cutting his way through the Embryo to her.
  • When everyone is battling an Ax-Crazy, Mind Eater-afflicted Nu near the end of Central Fiction Nu finds an opening to throw everything she's got... at Tsubaki. Unable to dodge she can only brace herself, shut her eyes, and prepare for the worst...only for the blow to never come. She opens her eyes and finds Hakumen has thrown himself in front of the attack and taken it himself. Hakumen finally got the redemption that he wanted, and then proceeds to beat the living hell out of Nu for retribution.

Yuuki Terumi, aka Hazama - "The Dark Serpent" aka Takehaya Susanoo, the "God of Destruction"
  • His final moments before he was sealed away (until released by Takamagahara) was filled with awesome. When Nine afflicted Terumi with the Mind Eater curse, Terumi mentally separated himself from Kazuma so that while Terumi was affected by the curse, Kazuma would remain unaffected. After the Black Beast was defeated, Kazuma, whose personality was twisted similarly to Terumi's, tricked Trinity into lifting the spell from Terumi. Terumi immediately killed both Nine and Trinity shortly after, both being fellow members of the Six Heroes, tossing their bodies into the Boundary. Then Terumi fought both 100% Hakumen AND prime Jubei at the same time and winning. To stop him it would take the fall of yet another Six Heroes. Jubei used Tomonori's Sekigan to force the materialization of Terumi's body, and while Terumi is surprised, Hakumen grabbed him and jumped to the Boundary. With his cunning and the help of a massive power boost when he's near Boundary, Terumi managed to single-handedly ruin the Six Heroes, and was the reason why Hakumen was left at 20% of his power.
  • In the True Ending of Continuum Shift, Terumi gets the absolute hell beaten out of him by Ragna the Bloodedge, having restored the functionality of his Azure Grimoire courtesy of Lambda's Idea Engine. You'd think this would be the moment where the villain crumbles, but no - he proceeds to infiltrate Takamagahara via a minuscule blind spot during Ragna's encounter with Mu-12, boast outright that he calculated every single possibility of the Continuum Shiftnote , and infect them with a magical virus that cripples their ability to influence the timeline permanently. To get his ass handed to him and exploit the defeat to succeed in his plans anyway - especially against an allegedly omniscient supercomputer - proves his status as a Magnificent Bastard.
  • Hazama vs Ragna in Arcade mode (both of theirs) is suitably epic. Ragna activates his Azure Grimoire, thinking he can easily trash Terumi, but Terumi just laughs in his face, shuts down Ragna's Grimoire (Ragna's Arcade only) and tells him he invented the stupid thing - and his version is better.
  • Hazama scores one in general when he unleashes the Azure Grimoire, as he manages to catch a sizable portion of the cast - from Carl and Taokaka to Noel and Tsubaki to even Tager and Kokonoe (via Lambda) - by total surprise in the process! With one exception, the only characters in control of themselves are those who lived before the Dark War.
  • Hell, the entire Continuum Shift plot is one for Terumi (and Hazama). No matter what anyone else did, he still succeeded in his plans!
  • Four words: He. survived. Time. Killer. Yes, you heard correctly. He rendered Hakumen's most awesome moment thus far null and void. How did he do it, you ask? HE OBSERVED HIMSELF, just like he did with the church incident. All despite this being an obscenely risky maneuver which has left him even more weakened and vulnerable, just like Hakumen.
  • In CF, Terumi chooses to spend his time laying low and try to get a vessel for himself. Except that Hazama is no longer an option due to 1) Trinity's magic in CP prevented the two from merging, and 2) Hazama himself is revealed to not want to merge anymore. So what does he do? He falls back to his most secret plan: he goes after Hakumen and his Susano'o Unit ("his", wink wink nudge nudge). After taking the soul-cutting Hihiirokane from Clavis' grave (which involves him fighting an apparition of himself first), he uses it on Ouroboros to cut out Alternate Jin's soul from Hakumen, leaving the Susano'o Unit empty for him to take, and to unleash his true self: Takehaya Susano'o no Mikoto - The "True" Susano'o.
  • Susano'o's arcade has him pretty much being a Jerkass God Smug Super, talking trash to Amaterasu and beating the copy of Valkenhayn and Nine as he taunts "his sister" further. He proclaims that he exists to make Amaterasu suffer and destroy "her" every creation, and he even has a Badass Creed based on Hakumen's, only sounding more grandiose and corrupted.
    "I am strength, I am power, I am everything! My very being is the sword of the god that will destroy all! I am Takehaya Susano'o! ...The end has come."
    • Once he becomes Susano'o in the story mode, as he knows everything that the thing can do and is at full power, by regaining his true form he manages to effortlessly mow down everyone on sight (read: incapacitating Ragna, Jin, Noel, Izayoi, and Jubei at the same time with few low effort hits), while carrying Noel so she can open the Azure Gate and fused himself with her so he won't be affected by Phenomena Intervention. Even Es, the no-nonsense, BFS wielding guardian of said gate is Observed by Amaterasu Unit to have no possibility of winning against him. He's only stopped when Ragna removes his Idea Engine limiter and rips his soul out of the unit.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing - "The Silver Wolf"
  • The final act of Hunting Dog shows that Valkenhayn's fangs have not rotted out after ninety years. Valkenhayn's third match is against Hakumen, and after the two of them finish, Hazama shows up and summons Phantom, who dumps "Fido" into Izayoi's domain - an extracontinuual pocket into which observation is impossible. When Valkenhayn realizes where he is, he notes that Relius is experimenting on Ragna the Bloodedge, proceeds to intervene and send the Grim Reaper on his way to Rachel, facing the Mad Puppeteer's wrath alone in his place. That's part of what makes it awesome - the other part is that Valkenhayn actually wins against who is otherwise the Game-Over Man, and who would have experimented thoroughly on Platinum were it not for the combined efforts of Bang and Hakumen. It would have been more awesome if Valkenhayn defeated Relius thoroughly enough to derail the gambit, but alas.
    • Also worth noting that Relius, the monster who views nearly everyone else in the game as either a tool or a specimen, views Valkenhayn as a Worthy Opponent. That speaks volumes. This is elaborated in the Bloodedge Experience novels where the two were partners; Relius has known Valkenhayn's strength since before all the time loops.
      • Even Hakumen acknowledges his strength.
    Hakumen: "You have still not lost your edge."
  • In the bad ending of Tao's CS story Journey, Tao gets beaten down by Noel, who is under Hazama's control. Just as he's about to finish Tao off, Valkenhayn and Torakaka show up, the former parrying Hazama's killing blow. Valkenhayn stares down Hazama as Torakaka whisks Tao away to saftey, completely nonchalant and calm, only losing his cool when Hazama insults Rachel, to which he responds with a savage blow. All throughout the conversation, Valkenhayn is talking down to Hazama like a parent scolding a disobedient child, and it is awesome.
  • In Chronophantasma, he performs a Big Damn Heroes moment and fights Relius in Bang's place so the latter can activate the lynchpin. He then proceeds to beat the living shit out of him, and would have succeeded in killing him had it not been for Carl saving him. Never before has anyone given Relius such a beatdown; it was so devastating that his ego was completely shattered afterward. Whilst only slightly mitigated in that it was offscreen, it doesn't change the fact that Valkenhayn can still kick some massive ass in his old age.

Trinity Glassfille - "The Platinum Alchemist"
  • While Hakumen's shining moment in Chronophantasma is glorious indeed, Trinity deserves some credit for the setup and for helping fixing the problem she foolishly created.
    • In Terumi's Arcade, while he mocks how easy it was to bag Hakumen, Trinity confesses her own weakness and how she can only help others solve the world's problems. Sounds well and good, but then Terumi finds that he was in the real world all along, and that "Hazama" is speaking to him from behind - Trinity and Rachel orchestrated everything as a trap so Terumi and Hazama's consciousnesses can be switched between his body and soul! Listening to Terumi freak out that Jubei can kill him now must be seen to be believed.
    • In the Six Heroes story, Trinity does the exact same thing, with Terumi becoming increasingly irate with every simulacrum he hacks down, only to end up in the real world and simultaneously stare down Hakumen, Jubei, and Celica. Terumi and the audience both know fully well that without Phantom, all he could do is stand there and await his end. At least, temporarily.
    • In the Chronophantasma story, when Hakumen is busy setting up Time Killer, Trinity uses a gap set up by Terumi's own arrogance to bind Hazama in place, leaving Terumi prone to Hakumen's blade and bricking himself over his imminent demise. Hazama doesn't take this sitting down, though, and stains the moment by shanking Platinum after the deed is done, shattering Trinity's soul in the process, and leaving her to fall into the water below. If Luna and Sena somehow survive this, they have a lot of work to do...
  • She gets another moment of awesome in Centralfiction: She's still alive. She now resides within Jin's Yukianesa, with his Power of Order helping to sustain her existence, but still, the fact that she can cheat death a second time in the same vein as Terumi is an incredible feat. One has to wonder what her capabilities in battle will be...
    • And then she one-ups her above moment of awesome by successfully maintaining Platinum's fading existence with Jin's help and Platinum using Muchorin to give her a new body, which means Trinity Glassfille is Back from the Dead for real. While her body doesn't stick for long and she reverts back to a spirit and dies for real at the end, she does even more awesome things than in CP - she gives valuable assistance to our heroes, especially for Jin, even in the final battle with Susanoo.

Jubei - "The Strongest Being Alive"
  • No mention of Jubei, who despite being one of the smallest characters, was the physically strongest of them all, surpassing even Hakumen? The guy is almost as small as Platinum and can block one of Tager's punches with no difficulty, even after becoming a Handicapped Badass.
  • In Central Fiction, even when grievously injured, he was able to protect a mortally wounded Nine against a Take-Mikazuchi infused Nu-13. While he eventually lost, he was able stall that version of Nu for a very long time until Hakumen and Izayoi arrived.

Nine - "The Great Magister", aka "The Phantom of Vengeance"
  • Remember when Hakumen thought he couldn't defeat Jubei even when going all out with his full power? Feeling that the only way to end the war was by sacrificing Celica to the Lynchpin, Jubei (as Mitsuyoshi) fought against Nine. She was able to fight him to a complete standstill, neither could land a blow on each other until the fight was stopped by Ragna and Celica.
    • As Phantom, she's the one to gave Jubei his Game-Breaking Injury, putting an end to his trait of being 'the strongest', to the point that each of their encounter onwards (CP's True Ending, CF's Story Mode) have Nine winning against him.
  • Before the whole war starts, she was appointed as the one in charge of matters regarding the Black Beast, showing her considerable intellect and knowledge on the stuff, while she was still a student to boot. She was the one to invent the Ars Magus and many things that are derived from it, allowing humanity to stand up against the Black Beast. Being awesome is one thing, but it takes a certain kind of awesomeness for helping others to be awesome.
  • She finally shows up in CF, becoming the boss of Act 1 arcade. She has a lot of powerful magic spells, and it shows: her "spell stack system" gives her 20 special moves, and that's not counting her regular special moves. She also commands a living weapon named Hi-no-Kagutsuchi that aids in her attacks. And she does all this without having a Drive, unlike others in the cast. Not that she'll need it considering what she already has. Not having it is also her way of staying strong compared to others, because those who use Drives (except for Ragna, who isn't an Entitled) are having their souls slowly sucked into the Boundary, becoming weaker as a result.
  • A minor one; Azrael usually goes Willfully Weak against his opponents. His fight against Nine in Act 1 however, had the scenario flipped around. She's the one who went Willfully Weak against him and still appeared unscathed in the aftermath.
    Azrael: Why do you hold back!? Fight me!
  • She's got an awesome moment (and funny too, in a way) in Terumi's Act 1 play. She gets bound by Terumi's Ouroboros while he mocks her... only for him to find out that what he fought was a "phantom" for her while the real Nine has been watching from the sidelines the whole time. She knows that fighting Terumi is tricky, so she decides to troll him back instead.
  • Her final moments in the story mode is also an awesome one as a Call-Back to the Dark War (where Bloodedge 'sacrificed' himself to buy everyone 1 year against the Black Beast, giving Nine enough time to complete Ars Magus). After she's mortally wounded by Ragna and makes peace with her husband and sister, Izanami sneaks into her place along with Nu. Seeing that the whole group is in danger, she activates her secret Nox Nyctores, Requiem, for one last time, to halt Izanami and the Doomsday for a week so Ragna and the group can find a better way to stop Izanami.
    • Another minor one, but she was able to give a Curb-Stomp Battle to Ragna in their previous fight, especially worth mentioning that Ragna had undergone Character Development and Boxing Lessons for Superman in Chronophantasma. Since then Ragna can both defeat Nu and stalemate with base Azrael, without using the Azure (read: the Bloodedge). While some others also gave Ragna The Worf Effect to show off their power, Nine did it best, at least until Susano'o's first appearance in the story, because the Ragna that Nine defeated has reached the peak of his fighting capabilities, having most if not all of his weaknesses (such as being Unskilled, but Strong and his Azure Grimoire being shut down) removed.
  • After nine years, all of them are finally playable on the roster.

    Sector Seven - The Power of Science 

Kokonoe - "Daughter of Strongest and Greatest"

Makoto Nanaya - "Ratatosk"
While Makoto is more augged than Bang, being a squirrel beastkin, there is still much that is unknown about her. And yet, as her relevance to events increases, so too does her popularity (unfortunately, there is always an antimatter). The following list of deeds show that Izanami, Terumi and Relius' game of destiny was never the same once she hit the board.

  • Starting off is Slight Hope, which takes places Jan. 3, 2200 - three to four days before Continuum Shift proper. While Makoto did achieve a number of feats in the main story, this puts weight behind all of them, and shows why she is not to be ignored in the future.
    • The story takes place in the Wheel of Fortune timeline - what this means is that Makoto was dragged into the Boundary, tossed into this timeline, and found her way back with aid from Rachel, all unscarred both mentally and physically both ways. Pretty impressive, considering Lotte "Roy" Carmine became the aberration known as Arakune within moments of his one entry, and only the aforementioned Hakumen managed this feat as well. So how did she pull that off?
      Rachel:The moment one is pulled into the Boundary, their consciousness in their original world is usually snuffed out forever, rendering them inert. But you... you have an unyielding will, and you cling to something... something you hold very dear. Thus, you've never lost sight of your true self.
    • Once Makoto arrived, in a reversal of Jin's story, she parries a coup de grace from Hazama and fights him immediately (this is Makoto's first fight in Story mode). Sure, Hazama "wins" and Jin has to bail her out after she gets paralyzed from a Death Glare, but what makes this awesome is that later, when Hazama shows up while Makoto's chatting with Tsubaki, Makoto decides to interrogate Hazama - the same guy who almost knifed her for messing up his hit on Jin - and sends Tsubaki ahead to meet with Jin. The sheer moxie of this catches Rachel's attention, and Makoto survives a second paralyzing glare due to her involvement.
    • In the interim between those two, Makoto also met with Tager and Kokonoe and explained her objectives to them, and when Relius helped Jin away from Ronin-gai as bait for Makoto in her absence, she instead asked Bang to look for him while she "put out some other fires". As a result, Relius was indisposed with Bang and his posse, and that chat with Tsubaki took her mind off of Hazama's mindrape as she pondered just what kind of girl Noel Vermillion is (in this timeline, Noel was obliterated in Ibukido) - the collateral damage from Continuum Shift Makoto's involvement in Wheel of Fortune, coupled with Hazama's inability to understand friendship and trust, sent his local plans tits-up! Long story short, Makoto earned that "Ratatosk" nickname - she's the only person to date to render Hazama's schemes "fair-to-middling FUBAR", and with everything she learned, she can willfully do it again!
  • At first glance, Friendship is Makoto going about doing her thing, with some heartwarming moments mixed in. But look back on it after playing Slight Hope, and it shows that detour paid off.
    • Makoto's designated fights in Arcade mode are, in exact order, Tager, Tsubaki, Noel, U.Hazama. This is not coincidental - defeating Tager allows Makoto to pass off her disc and bail, thus leaving Sector Seven off her tail; defeating Tsubaki means she won't attempt to kill Noel; and defeating Noel snaps her out of her mindrape-induced trance, only for Hazama to show up and pull the poor girl away. Look back on Slight Hope, and the truth is clear: Makoto Nanaya was one pep talk away from pretzelling Hazama's schemes again, and Hazama had no choice but to act at this time. Makoto's abilities as a Lieutenant in the Intelligence division and a spy for Sector Seven are the genuine article.
    • And when Makoto finally fights Hazama, her state of mind is clear, even while he's barely holding himself together. No amount of feigned compliments from Hazama, and especially not the Azure Grimoire, are going to convince Makoto that Hazama is anything other than a menace that needs to be put down - and even afterwards, the only trolling she doesn't shrug off with a retort inquiry is his mashing of her secondary Berserk Button, which cues a loud and clear "Shut the hell up!" Hazama does get some props, though, for invoking this much of a reaction at all. All of the above explains why Rachel put Makoto back on the board - it is a testament to her abilities and her potential.
    Hazama: "Blah, Blah, Blah BlazBlue, activate!"
    Makoto: "Just as I thought."
    Hazama: *laugh* "Let's go, you little bitch!" *laugh*
  • Also, a minor CMOA in Arcade Mode if she loses to Hakumen. It seems Bang isn't the only one who impresses Hakumen:
    Hakumen: To refine untainted power to this level... You are truly impressive.
    • Inversely, if she takes him down, it turns out the respect is mutual:
    Makoto: Dear god, you're strong...! And it was almost like you could predict my attacks... Don't tell me... you've mastered the power of your mind's eye?!
  • With Chronophantasma coming to light, Makoto's continuing to build her impressive resume of achievements, both in Arcade and Story mode.
    • At the end of her Arcade run (Bonds), she has a run-in with Tsubaki, who succumbs and engages Izayoi - which Makoto then proceeds to fight as well... and win. While defeating someone wielding the true power and form of the Murakumo prototype would be awesome in itself, what's more so is that this defeat actually caused Mind Eater to lapse without invoking the power of order! Granted, Izanami seizes control soon after and tries to continue the fight to the death, but it says enough about Makoto's combat prowess and strength of will to do this much herself. That it's enough for Amaterasu to notice and eject Makoto from that lost possibility is icing on the cake.
      • A small bonus to the Badass Boast before the match with Izayoi. Not only does she abort a breaking line, but given how Tsubaki is clearly being controlled, it may be aimed at Izanami herself, whether Makoto herself knows it or not.
    Izayoi: I'll kill you... then Noel... and then Jin. I am a judge, appointed by the Imperator herself. Evil must be eradicated... That includes those that obstruct justice. Oh, right... but you are already a traitor. I'm sorry, it seems like I need to kill you after all. To die for the sake of your friend... That's what you always wanted, right?
    Makoto: No... my friends are... You're... You're not Tsubaki! Give her back to me! [...] Then I'll just have to beat her out of you... no matter what it takes, I will get her back!
    • You would think, given how Arcade stories worked in the last two games, that this wouldn't apply to the main story. Think again. After the tournament trap for Azrael runs its course, Tsubaki decides to investigate the arena at Kagura's request, only to be sealed in an Eclipse Field with Makoto, Noel and Jin to keep her company. The conditions are set: Tsubaki has free reign over all three of them if she can defeat just one, but if she loses she has to defect on the spot. Makoto is first, and after confessing how similar she and Tsubaki are, she gives a warning that her fists have a lot of weight behind them this time. The fight makes one thing clear: Never Break Your Heart (Tsubaki's Arcade play) and intervention by Izanami notwithstanding, Tsubaki doesn't stand a chance in heaven or hell of defeating Makoto, and that makes Noel's job relatively easy. Sometimes you don't need magic to make a difference in this world...
      • Izanami's intervention with Tsubaki in Chronophantasma Chapter 9 also requires a look considering it was a direct result of the aforementioned moment in Bonds, as it was one of three times Izanami explicitly intervened (another being Bonds itself, with the third centered around both nemesishorizon and Chronophantasma Chapter 7). How badly was Izanami rattled by Makoto nearly saving Tsubaki? She was cool with Tsubaki and Jin's Arcade Mode encounters, no matter who won. She didn't bat an eye at Bang and Valkenhayn's early encounters with Relius. Not a single care was given when Amane and Rachel danced. She was completely okay with every other CP Arcade moment on this entire page, and yet she's not okay with this. Considering Takamagahara was the reason neither of Makoto's Arcade moments did lasting damage, and that Izanami had it destroyed before the climax of Chronophantasma, one has to wonder how much damage Makoto will inflict next time, but if there was any doubt she's a badass, it's gone now.
  • A lesser moment in comparison, but there's her appearance in Relatives, Carl's Continuum Shift story. She interrupts a fight between Tsubaki and Carl during one of his Ax-Crazy moments, leaping in, creating a huge crater by punching the ground, and effortlessly hoisting the injured Tsubaki over her shoulder and leaving him and Nirvana in the dust. Doubles as heartwarming given she had both Tsubaki and Carl's best interests in mind.
  • Ever wonder just what a Makoto unleashed upon causality can accomplish? Central Fiction gives the answer, and it does not disappoint.
    • In Arcade mode, Makoto scores two decisive victories regarding Relius Clover. The first is in Act 2, where she faces off against him personally, she manages to stand her ground despite near-crippling fear of him (the causality crunch inside the Embryo means the events of her CS bad ending are known in full to her), and while he gets away without lasting injury, he muses to himself that she could very well be emulating the power of order — the same power that lets Jin pop the bird at phenomenon intervention with impunity. And then there's her Act 3 finale, where she faces off against a parallel Izayoi, which Relius oversees with occasional commentary. When she wins despite almost boring him prior, he asks what she plans to do — save Noel and doom all instances of Tsubaki, or save even one Tsubaki by killing Noel — at which point she makes her intentions known. The reward: Relius reveals to Makoto — and Makoto alone — that creating a new possibility from sheer force of will is the first step in the birth of a god. Like the pawn promoted to queen, suddenly the edges of the board seem to be within her grasp...
    • In the CF story, she dulcineas over Naoto and travels with him, up to and including a trip straight into the depths of the Boundary. Es finds them not long after, but she's there as a bouncer to kick Naoto (a rogue element) and Makoto (an Entitled with her desire taken by Ragna earlier) out of the game of destiny. It's at this point that Makoto finds a new hill to die on (the old one being her friends), and has Naoto escape to find the others while she stops Es' advance. At that point, it's a three-way fight between Makoto, Es and the Doomsday aftermath, and while Makoto had no chance of victory, she stalls out enough that the bell catches up to her first. Amane is legitimately impressed that Makoto held out as long as she did; this is made impressive all the more as, while most other Entitled kicked out of the game were removed soon after Ragna seized their desires, Makoto held out this long and openly rejected the allure of the Azure when Es inquired her about it.
  • For those who only paid attention to slivers of this section or had more interest in other characters, Makoto Nanaya has a single, massive instance of Fridge Awesome when tallying up the end result of all of her actions. Slight Hope had her learn where the fault lines in Terumi's schemes were both short- and long-term (not to mention enforce, if not instigate, the series of events that locked Terumi out of the Susano'o unit) and give Rachel ideas on how to deal with other lingering problems; Friendship broke Terumi's patience enough that he focused too hard on removing her from the board at the expense of other, more damning developments while entangling her with other powerful players; Bonds spooked Izanami enough that she focused on her enough to lose sight of Noel, in addition to exploiting the third eye poke to save Tsubaki too, depriving Terumi of his anti-Hakumen shield when he needed it most; and Central Fiction saw her set up the final chain of events that would cement Terumi's demise at Ragna's hands. Yes, it is true that Ragna saved the world; that Naoto saved Ragna when he needed it most; that Jin and Noel saved Tsubaki and helped Ragna save the world in the end; that Rachel guided these heroes and many more towards their messianic destinies. But it is far removed from hyperbole to say they literally couldn't have done it without this one little squirrel acting entirely of her own free will. Such unfaltering resolve, boundless compassion and love of life, and keen insight into the nature of the world meant that Makoto's true desire, above all else, was for a better world than the one they lived in... one which became very real after her herculean efforts, seeing as hers was the first Ragna took. If you ever wonder why her emblem is that of Yggdrasil, well... now you know.

Azrael - "The Mad Dog"
  • Speaking of Azrael, he pretty much deserves a spot on here just for the sheer fact of how much of an Implacable Man he is. His introduction has him sleeping in a chamber of a temperature at damn near absolute zero, and then he easily breaks his bonds before being given his assignment of tracking down Ragna and taking his Azure Grimoire. He pretty much spends half of the plot shrugging off most of the protagonist's best attacks. His Arcade Mode has him tracking down Ragna, and going through most of the cast to do so including Valkenhayn, Tager, and Jin before finally finding Ragna himself. He gains the upper-hand on Ragna pretty quickly, forcing him to use the Azure. Azrael welcomes this because it means he can release his own power as well, which had been restrained up to that point via Enchant Dragunov. Azrael reveals that he's been holding back the entire time and he's glad that he finally has a Worthy Opponent he can use hi on. Ragna & Azrael are about to engage in Round 2 of their fight, with the latter going full Large Ham with excitement...and this where the Arcade ends.
    Ragna: You damn hunk of muscle, don't you dare look down on me. You're gonna be dead meat. Idea Engine Linked! BlazBlue, ACTIVATE!
    Azrael: Excellent! So that is the BlazBlue, huh? I shall sink my teeth into it UNTIL I CAN FEAST NO MORE!!
  • In the story proper, he pretty much steamrolls over many of the cast, from Tager, to Bullet, to Ragna (though he's crippled with Celica nullifying his Azure Grimoire), forcing each of them to flee or go all out. In one gag reel, not even burning, freezing or electrocution could harm him.
  • In CF Act 1 arcade, it's shown that he somehow escapes from his interdimensional prison. The end of his route shows how: He simply tore through dimensions with his bare hands. This is revealed after he tears through space to get to Nine's place, again with his bare hands.
    • In his Act 3, he becomes another one on the list of those that can beat Terumi (okay, he was weakened, but still). What's more awesome is how he tells Terumi his ambitions: to fight the "gods on the other side" and the Black Beast itself. While he's being covered in his Growler Field and showing off Glowing Eyes of Doom and a Slasher Smile.

    Kagutsuchi Vigilates - Unsanctioned Justice 
Bang Shishigami - "The Pride of Ikaruga"
Bang Shishigami is the least augged person in BlazBlue history, bar none. He makes up for it by being Weak, but Skilled, utilizing the fullest of his ninjitsu training to engage, trap, and overcome his opponents. His endurance is nigh-unrivaled, surviving the worst the rest of the cast can throw at him, and even Hakumen - the Hero Antagonist who exemplifies Good Is Not Nice - speaks very highly of his undying spirit.
  • In Calamity Trigger, Bang triggered a calamity in the upper levels of Kagutsuchi and survived despite being at the epicenter of that incident. Pardon the pun, but to come out from that means that Bang is clearly hard as nails.
  • Bang only gets two fights in his CS story, the last one against Hazama. In what can only be described as "Did you just cockslap Terumi?", after colliding head-on with Hazama's plot armor, Bang decided it was in his best interest to bail - and take Carl and Tao with him! Two kids Hazama had just torn the hell out of (one to soften up for Relius, the other because mindrape isn't an option), and while Bang was ready to break Thou Shalt Not Kill, he was wise enough to temper himself and live another day. So far, Hazama hasn't been bested in combat completely, but considering Rettenjou is inactive and therefore Bang's power comes entirely from his training and skill, it's damn impressive he was able to survive the encounter at all - even Hazama concurs.
    • Taking things even further, Platinum's story ends with a battle against Relius Clover, of all people, and while there's a hell of a stand, Luna and Sena lack the power needed to subdue the Mad Puppeteer. But before Relius can act upon the opening, Bang Shishigami drops in and engages Relius himself. The awesomeness doesn't come from the fact that Bang fights Relius, but the fact that it happens after the above moment, and that he manages to stall Relius long enough for Hakumen to show up - at which point he believes it's in his best interest to conclude his experiment. To wit, Bang got his ass handed to him by Hazama, escaped with Carl and Tao, occupied Relius long enough for Hakumen to arrive, and got Platinum out of harm's way as well. Coupled with the Dare to Be Badass Trinity gives him, it's clear that Bang's relevance to coming events is on the up-and-up and the example below shows he made it work. Godspeed, Bang Shishigami...
  • Hell, even in his bad ending (despite it meaning he crosses a personal Moral Event Horizon by fighting someone who's well below their peak), he beats the crap out of Jin (who, might I remind you, decimated entire armies at Ikaruga), though Jin was still injured from his confrontation with Ragna at Calamity Trigger (gameplay-wise he's unable to use C or D-attacks and specials).
  • In a cutscene for Chronophantasma, Bang goes into Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan mode to fulfill Tenjou's wish. By jumping into the sky and throwing the Rettenjou into the Lynchpin from a great height! Here it is in all its glory. But beforehand, he had to suffer a massive Et Tu, Brute? moment when he was being beaten down by two people he appreciated the most aside of Tenjou; Litchi and Carl, both of them siding with Relius for their own purposes. Despite facing a massive Jade-Colored Glasses moment with them not as his fantasies decreed, Bang managed to stand his ground, work with Tsubaki and Makoto to fend them off, without seemingly losing respect on those two (he still uses the pronoun '-dono' for them), and then succeeds at the mission above, leaving Valkenhayn to beat the crap out of Relius. And know what? It was because of these actions that fortune turns around for both Carl and Litchi that they're able to put Relius under their mercy in the end, and more importantly, helps our heroes defeat Take-Mikazuchi and thwart the baddies' plans. Talk about being an Ascended Extra.
    • Let us not forget the amazing moment that proceeded this one: When Ragna, Noel and Celica arrive at the Linchpin, they meet up with Bang, who challenges Ragna to a fight to test his resolve and see what exactly it is that he's fighting for. For a few moments during the fight, Bang manages to completely hand Ragna his ass! Ultimately, the fight ends in a draw. Bang acknowledges that Ragna is not the murderous criminal that he thought he was, but rather a very good person, and declares him worthy of using the Linchpin. In turn, Ragna comes to respect Bang, and trusts him with protecting the Linchpin while calling him by his full name, as a sign of respect. Bang has come a long ways from the days of Calamity Trigger, and it shows.
  • Bang manages to pull off two rather impressive moments in his Chronophantasma Arcade Story, KUSHINADA. The first is that he's set up to fight against Azrael, who has been shown capable of trashing Valkenhayn, Tager, Jin, and Ragna while not even close to his full power, as well as giving Hakumen and Rachel trouble. Bang not only manages to fight him to a standstill, but also impresses him to boot, to the point where he asks Bang for a rematch if they cross paths again! The second is when he gets to the end of his Arcade path, with his Final Boss being none other than Relius Clover. Bang doesn't win, but he does get Relius to think of him as "interesting" rather than another "thing". Considering that the only other two people that Relius acknowledges as such are Valkenhayn and Makoto, that says a lot.

Carl Clover - "The Prodigal Vigilante"
  • At the climax for Chronophantasma, Relius shows up to ruin Ragna, Noel, Celica and Bang's day, with the explicit intent of seizing the Lynchpin for his own devices. The group tries to strike back, but Litchi and Carl deny them, triggering a brief breakdown for Bang. But Carl makes it loud and clear throughout that he is not doing this for Relius' sake, and is only onboard to get Ada uninstalled from Nirvana. Even when Izayoi and Makoto show up to relieve Ragna and Noel, the group continues to hold, up until Valkenhayn arrives to shift the balance and allow Bang to activate the Lynchpin with Rettenjou, denying Relius his prize. That's not Carl's magnum opus; what is is that, after denying Valkenhayn the privilege of finishing Relius (with the latter not attempting to avert his doom) and getting them out, Carl makes his intentions loud and clear - he intends to keep Relius alive long enough to get Ada restored, upon which Relius will be made to atone for his myriad atrocities. So while Carl did get on the bad side of a lot of people (however long that's going to last), he stalled out two of his closest friends, blocked an attack from one of the Six shaggin' Heroes, and tied the Mad Puppeteer up by his own strings, cutting Litchi loose in the process! TL;DR: while earlier in the story Relius goaded Carl into supporting him in exchange for getting Ada back, Carl is now in the position to hold him to his end of the bargain. Best of luck, kid.
    Carl: Do understand, father: I have no intention of becoming like you. And when this is all over, I'm going to make you pay for what you've done.
    Relius: And I look forward to it.
  • As of Central Fiction, Carl becomes nearly just like his father, inheriting his genius and his twisted ways of experimenting. While he doesn't end up bringing his sister back, it's still admittedly awesome to see Carl become a badass villain just like Relius. Watch out world, you might have another villain to deal with now...

Taokaka - "The Defender of Kaka Village"
  • Even though she does precisely jack and shit in Story Mode worth notice, Taokaka of all people gets a moment to shine in CP Arcade mode. Round 7 has her up against Noel, and after she wins, she gives her a place to go to they can meet Ragna together. This has the side effect of royally pissing Hazama off, as Noel dodged a trap he set for her, but whereas Makoto had a plan going into Slight Hope, Tao did this entirely by chance. But that's not what's awesome - what is is that Tao holds her goddamn ground against the son of a bitch until Phantom shows up, at which point Hazama leaves on the Imperator's orders. This is a considerable turn-around in comparison to Continuum Shift, where Hazama handed Tao her tail on a silver platter. Tao's CP Arcade is titled Growth for a good reason.
  • A surprising one happens in her Act 2 arcade play in CF. She has a desire, like many others, in her case it's to make the Kaka clan prosper and live happy. But then she encounters Izanami and then gets offered the Azure to realize her wish, and when it fails, she's told to kill Noel Vermillion. Tao's response? She decides that the prosperity of Kaka clan should come from her own efforts and refuses to kill Noel. Kitty's got resolve.
    • In Act 3, she manages to come to Ragna's rescue when he has a problem fighting Hazama and proceeds to fight the latter while Ragna runs away. Hazama's allergy also allows Tao to overpower him.

    Neutral/Other - Unsung Heroes 
Rachel Alucard - "The Scarlet Onlooker"
  • Her handling of a noncombat Hazama encounter in her Continuum Shift bad ending. The guy chooses to drop her partway into the ground so she can listen to his usual rant about how the world is lies, how it needs to be purged, how Rachel can do squat to stop it. Since she's in no position to argue on a physical level, she just snarks back at him, countering every point she can or at least making his blood boil, especially by invoking his inner Green-Eyed Monster. Sure, he kicks her teeth in in the end, but points for putting on a brave front anyway.
  • Even earlier in Calamity Trigger, as a testament to her sheer power, she deploys the Tsukuyomi unit to deflect a city-destroying blast from Take-Mikazuchi. She does it again in Chronophantasma when Izanami brings Take-Mikazuchi down from orbit and opens fire with it against Amaterasu, blocking every shot in turn no worse for wear. Talk about commitment.
  • She gets another moment in her CP Arcade. One of her matches pits her against Azrael, the Mad Dog himself. The two battle, but neither can defeat the other. So what's Rachel's response? Does she cower in terror? Run off screaming? Nope! She delivers some Trash Talk and... casually teleports him away. Not bad, Little Miss Badass.

Litchi Faye Ling - "The Good Doctor"
  • The ending of Relatives is one for, of all people, Litchi - and it doubles as a heartwarmer. After Litchi manages to calm Carl down, Relius comes along and the Clovers proceed to throw down. Even though she was supposed to be working with the now-corrupt NOL, she insists on calling Relius out for his poor parenting - this after Carl and Ada are left broken. Granted, things would have ended poorly if Ada didn't evacuate them both, but it is proof enough that political allegience hasn't dulled her morality - and if she has the nerves for this, there may be hope for her own recovery yet.
    • Extra bonus points: If you consider that Relius is usually nonchalant and doesn't kill or fuck with people unnecessarily unless they're of interest to him (unlike Hazama), the fact that Litchi made Relius drop everything (as much as you can say that) and try to kill her even if she's not 'a person of interest' or even worse, used to praise in the past as seen in the EX Story of Sector Seven, does speak a lot of how much her kind heart is capable of doing something that awesome (Relius is probably only stopped once he is told off-screen that she was supposed to be his ally, from Hazama). What's more, the early reports of Chronophantasma also showed that she still retains her sanity and kindness, when the corruption, by all means, should've stolen that from her. Yes, we probably could see recovery in both terms for her.
  • Early in the Chronophantasma story, Litchi gets one when Hazama approaches her... and starts flattering and molesting her. She just stands coldly and tells him to let go until he does, and coldly snarks back at Hazama. Yep, even with Hazama's mental penis or threats with Mind Eater, Litchi remains standoffish and unfazed, convinced that he's scum undeserving of her 'special attention'. In fact, in the Arcade and Versus modes, during their match intro, Litchi also gave us this gem to show her defiance:
    I have no intention of co-operating!
  • In the Sector Seven story, when she manages to meet up with Tager, she finds herself set upon by Azrael and Nu at the same time, and both are out for blood. Kagura and Kokonoe realize the two of them are utterly screwed as is, so Kagura asks Kokonoe to trans him over... and then asks Litchi to hold Nu while he stalls Azrael (this way, Tager can charge in peace and teleport all three of them back to base). Litchi obliges, and (offscreen) stalls out Nu long enough to pull this off, leaving them alive and Azrael hungry. Do we need to remind you that Nu is the kind of girl who gives the likes of Ragna trouble? That should say enough.
Litchi: It doesn't matter who you are... there's a mission which I need to complete. I will never give up... ever.

Amane Nishiki - "The Uzume"
  • A small one, but in CF Arcade Mode Act 2, he becomes another one on the list of those Azrael considers a Worthy Opponent. Azrael finally got a taste of how strong an Onlooker is because by the time he appeared in-game, Rachel's already stripped of that position.
    Azrael: Yes... YES! This is the power of an Observer! I can't remember the last time I've felt this way!
    • Then, in Act 2 he's evenly matched against Izanami herself, judging by her words. In inverse to Terumi, he's also the one to reboot the Takamagahara System.
  • In Central Fiction Story mode, Amane is approached by Valkenhayn in an attempt to save Rachel by killing the current Onlooker so that she may be chosen again. He even mentioned that he'll keep killing the next chosen Onlooker until Rachel gets chosen again. Amane, however, is completely unphased by this and just played along with Valkenhayn's actions. He No-Sell-ed Valkenhayn's attacks as an Onlooker and then calmly explained the truth of the world and Rachel's situation.

Naoto Kurogane - "Eye of the Hunter"
  • In Central Fiction Story Mode, when he arrived at the Cauldron, he saved Rachel from being tossed into the Boundary by Hazama, then he fought against a Ragna that was losing control to his Azure Grimoire to calm him down, using their Identical Stranger traits to make Ragna felt as though he was punching a mirror. Keep in mind that Ragna just beat Hazama with BlazBlue activated to near death, yet Naoto managed to fight until Ragna regained his senses.
    • This moment also had a side effect of completing his goal, he managed to save all possibilities as Raquel had requested.