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Drinking Game / BlazBlue

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Heads up, so nothing ruins your drinking: there's a couple of spoilers on this page.


  • Drink if the characters have a unique battle intro and/or their unique vs. theme plays.
  • Drink if you run out of a Drive-related resource (eg. magatama, Rachel's wind, Install charges) at a time you really need them.
    • Drink if you can't get access to something like Nirvana or Litchi's staff due to awkward positioning.
    • Drink if you don't have access to one of Susanoo's moves that you haven't unlocked yet but really need. Extra drinks if you tried to use it anyway, nothing happened and you got punished.
  • Drink for each Overdrive-enhanced Distortion Drive you pull off.
  • Drink and cry a little bit if you run out of Barrier meter.
    • Optional for Izanami, as it's much easier to do with her.
  • During Jin's Overdrive, drink for each time you get frozen per combo after the first.
    • During Kagura's Overdrive, drink for each Drive attack past the third that you chain together.
  • As Rachel, drink if you accidentally use the wind to carry yourself straight into an opponent's attack.
  • As Bang, sip for each Drive icon you light. If you get them all, your opponent takes four (full-size) drinks.
  • For hardcore Nu-13 or Lambda-11 players, sip each time you press the D button.
  • As Mu-12, drink if you have three or more Steins Gunners in place and yet Blessed Mirror doesn't hit a thing.
  • As Platinum, drink for each item you throw away trying to find one you want.
  • As Nine, drink if you can't remember how to do the spell you need.
  • Finish your glass if you land your Astral Finish.
  • In a fight between Ragna and Terumi (or Ragna and Hazama if Terumi's still possessing him), take a sip every time one of them says "shit".

Story Mode and Arcade Mode cutscenes:

  • Drink anytime Jin reminds someone that only he is allowed to kill Ragna.
  • Anytime Hakumen begins his White Void speech, raise your glass and say it with him (as if you don't do this anyway). Then drink heartily.
    • Repeating it is optional, but drink also for the activation of BlazBlue.
  • Drink if Carl stops to consult with Nirvana.
  • Drink twice if Arakune suddenly starts speaking in full sentences.
  • Drink if Hazama opens his eyes.
  • Drink if Celica's lack of direction comes up.
    • Drink if Celica refers to Nine as anything other than 'Sister'.
  • Drink twice if Noel goes into Prime Field Device mode without actually turning into Mu.
  • Sip every time Rachel insults Ragna. Drink if she insults anyone else.
    • Drink twice if Rachel slaps either of her familiars.
  • Drink if Amane remarks on how attractive someone is.
  • Drink if Taokaka forgets what she was doing or why she was doing it. Optional extra drinks if she then shrugs it off and declares that she's hungry.
  • Drink if Litchi declines Bang's affections.
  • Drink three times if Luna, Sena and Trinity all get speaking roles in one conversation.
  • Drink every time The Battle Didn't Count (ie. you win the fight, and then your character either loses or is fought to a standstill).
    • If you get a Perfect on every round beforehand and this happens, finish your glass.
  • To save time listing all possible combinations, drink anytime someone goes into Yandere mode.
  • Drink if two characters fight to music that isn't either of their themes or their unique vs. theme. You don't have to do this at the end of every CP Arcade playthrough.
  • Drink if someone refers to a Nox Nyctores by its 'full' name (eg. Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk).
  • Drink for a moment of Say My Name.
    • Take a sip, and then a drink, for 'Ragna… Ragna the Bloodedge'.
  • Drink twice if you have to fight from a disadvantage (eg. reduced HP, can't use Drive attacks).
    • ...And an extra drink on top if it's an Unlimited opponent. Maybe drink after the match - you're going to need all your faculties.