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Can't Escape from Crossing Fate! FIGHT!

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Awesome pages. Proceed at your own risk.

The Game

  • The fact that this game is a reality. Fans of BlazBlue can rejoice in finally having a crossover, fans of Persona 4 can rejoice in their favorite characters coming back once again, fans of Under Night In-Birth can rejoice in how it will be put out there, for more fans to get hooked on, and the RWBY FNDM can rejoice in the fact that their favorite characters will be in a fighting game!
  • The number of team-ups that can be made, with some badass team possibilities.
  • The animations. They look AMAZING, especially considering the fact that RWBY started as a 3D franchise. (So did Persona 4, but it did have animated cut-scenes.)
  • One of the possible techs shown in the trailers is to use Hazama's Hungry Coil assist to throw the opponent into Naoto Shirogane's instant death traps.
  • Astral Heats are confirmed to make a return for BBTAG, for characters from all four franchises. BlazBlue, Under Night In-Birth and Persona 4 Arena characters carry over their Finishing Move from whatever game they came from, as detailed in their respective Awesome pages, while RWBY , Senran Kagura, and Akatsuki Blitzkampf characters (barring Akatsuki himself) get entirely new ones.
    • Ruby replicates decapitating the Nevermore from Volume 1, Episode 8, only this time all on her own and in midair, with only Cresent Rose's recoil.
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    • Weiss bombards her opponent with her glyphs before summoning a giant ice sword to finish them off.
    • Blake slashes opponent into the air before driving them back down into the ground with a spinning slice, with the opponent dissolving away after the last strike.
    • Yang delivers a brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, ending in a ground punch that incinerates her opponent.
    • Neo gives a rapid all-out assault from every direction before they crumple to the ground. She then slowly walks up and draws her blade, before stabbing downward, shattering the screen and the opponent.
    • Blitztank's Astral is simple, yet awesome to witness. It starts out with the massive skull-tank drifting, followed by a small volley of B-Mines and finishing off with incinerating the opponent with a massive Gjallarhorn laser, completely annihilating the opponent in the process.
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    • Yumi's Astral is spectacular to witness, and stylish too, much like her home game, ending with a beautiful close-up portrait of her.
  • The game's main theme, Crossing Fates has four different versions for each of the franchises. Daisuke Isiwatari composed the BlazBlue version, Jeff Williams for RWBY version, Raito for the Under Night In-Birth version, and Atsushi Kitajoh for the Persona 4 Arena version. That's right, they brought in the original composer for each series to mix the song each in their own style.
  • Both of Susano'o's Badass Creeds during his Astral really sell how fearsome he is, while still adding a small hint of that Terumi flair.
    Susanoo: "I tire of this. Everything shall return to chaos! This is how the world ends! SAVOR YOUR FINAL MOMENTS!"
    Susanoo: "The end comes! You...your world...and ALL OF ITS BULLSHIT LAWS...CHAOS WILL DEVOUR YOU ALL!"
  • Remember how back in Chronophantasma, Jin and Hakumen deliver a double Yukikaze? This time around, Ragna and Naoto get to perform a Full Drive double scythe slash to finish off Susanoo!
  • Pictured above, the excellent Story Mode artwork of each series' main protagonist joining Naoto for a final showdown. The prospect of all of these iconic characters coming together is downright exciting to witness.

Pre-Battle Quotes

  • Ragna and Hyde's team quote.
    Ragna: Cut straight through and take em down. You got a problem with that?
    Hyde: Not at all, that's what I always do!
  • Ragna and Yu's special intro deserves some recognition too.
    Yu: Izanagi!
    Ragna: Hmph, I guess that's one idea...
    Yu: Let me work with you. Won't be able to do this otherwise.
    Ragna: Oh do whatever you want, just don't fall behind.
    Yu: Then we're a team! Well...
    Both: Let's go!!
  • Yu and Hyde make the terms of engagement clear with each other quickly.
    Hyde: I don't pull my punches. No promises you won't get caught in the crossfire.
    Yu: No problem. Don't hold back on my account. Persona!
  • Normally Ruby's intro dialogue is more hilarious, but she gets a cool moment finishing fellow scythe user Gordeau's Badass Boast:
    Gordeau: My Devourer will carve out your spirit.
    Ruby: And my Crescent Rose will claim our victory!
    Gordeau: Now let's get this party started.
  • Ruby sassing Hyde in their special intro:
    Hyde: If you're scared, you can just stand back and watch.
    Ruby: Same to you, Hyde. You don't have to fight if you're scared of me showing you up.
    Hyde: Roger tha-! W-wait, hold on!
  • Yu shows off his leadership chops in his intro with Ruby:
    Ruby: Our opponents look pretty tough this time, don't they, Narukami?
    Yu: No worries! [draws his sword] With my Persona and your Semblance combined, no enemy can stand against us!
  • Gordeau is in disbelief that Yukiko's a fighter:
    Gordeau: A pampered lady like you is gonna fight? Are you jokin'?
    Yukiko: Just watch me and see if I'm joking.
  • Linne and Waldstein have a combined boast of their own.
    Waldstein: Hah! They dare tread into the path of the Night's Blade?! How reckless!
    Linne: Let's send them home with their tails between their legs.
  • Makoto and Noel, on the other hand, pep each other up, and it clearly shows on Noel's part.
    Makoto: Let's go, Noel! I'll leave you behind if you don't move quick!
    Noel: You too, Makoto! Keep up with me!
  • Probably an unintentional one from a generic win quote matching upright, but if Weiss is the one to land the finishing strike on Gordeau, she throws his famous Badass Boast back at him:
    Weiss: "Shall I teach you how to fight?"
  • Blake proves in her special intro with Hazama that a cat can smell out a snake a mile away:
    Hazama: Let's see, which of us should go first?
    Blake: I am not turning my back to you.
  • Blake also shows a lot of self-control in the face of Jin's hostility.
    Jin: Stay out of my range when I'm fighting, or I might cut you, too.
    Blake: Don't worry about me. I'm used to fighting with people who use Iaido.
  • Jin and Orie get along very swimmingly with yet another Badass Boast of their own.
    Jin: Let the hammer of justice fall...
    Orie: ...On all who would disrupt order!.
  • Carmine bites off more than he can chew in his outro against Yang:
    Carmine: Weak! You're too weak! If I were as weak as you, I'd want to di- OW! The hell was that for!?
    Yang: Sorry, my hand slipped. Now come on, I'm your next opponent. Once I'm done with you, you'll REALLY wanna die!
  • Now that Yang is in the game, you can bring all four of Team RWBY together in a friendly sparring match which gets in a unique four-way battle intro:
    Ruby: Helloooo! How's everyone doing?
    Blake: Team RWBY is back.
    Yang: Alright, let's make this a good one!
    Weiss: Then I'll count us down: Three... Two... One...
    All: FIGHT!
  • Just because Hyde and Vatista are going to spare you doesn't mean they aren't about to kick your ass:
    Hyde: Guess I've gotta hit you with everything I've got!
    Vatista: No worries, I assure you will survive.
  • The 2.0 update has brought us arguably one of the best intros in the entire game, featuring both Hakumen and Susanoo reciting their Badass Creeds:
    Hakumen: I am the void, I am steel, I am the sword!
    Susano'o: I am might. I am power. I am EVERYTHING!
    Hakumen: I am Hakumen...
    Susano'o: You stand before Takehaya Susano'o!
    Hakumen: The end has come!
    • Their outro is nothing to sneeze at either.
      Hakumen: This is the sword that destroys evil...
      Susanoo: And this is the god blade that will end existence.

Post-Battle Quotes

  • Platinum initially underestimates Linne for her size in their shared interaction. Linne, in response, decides to "shut [her] up with skill" and let a century's worth of experience and agility do the talking. If both of them survive the battle, Platinum is shown to be stunned by the latter's prowess, a sentiment that continues in their post-battle quotes.
    Linne: So, have you got anything to say to me?
    Platinum: W-well... You did pretty good, for a pipsqueak! I-I guess I can take pity on you and let you fight with us again.
  • Terumi/Susanoo may be Ragna's Arch-Enemy, but the pair's outro quote truly gets across how much of a threat the both of them can be combined.
    Ragna: This is the power of the Azure!
    Susanoo: And the rage of a god.


  • If you've ever questioned how faithfully Mori can bring Team RWBY to life in a fighting game then rest easy, as someone did the leg work and has shown that many of the girls' attacks were pulled straight from the show and do an excellent job of showing just how much of a fan Mori is of RWBY since even before having the opportunity to have them throw down with the BlazBlue crew.
  • Just Ray Chase's performance as Susanoo is enough to send shivers down your spine. The guy really kills it as the mad god!

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