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Memes / BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

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Well, this sums up this crossover perfectly!

Being the crossover fighting game equivalent of Avengers: Infinity War in terms of the sheer amount of characters and hype, it doesn't take long for fans to set the entire internet on fire with memes.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme. [[/labelnote]] Explanation 

  • "RIP Capcom" Explanation 
  • I'm still alive!/Yu Narukami never dies! Explanation 
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  • What's Under Night In-Birth? Explanation 
  • I'm getting really tired of your shit, Mori! Explanation 
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  • WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!?!? Explanation 
  • Jin, the filthy casual. Explanation 
  • Ruby Rose's English voice is tournament banned. Explanation 
  • RIDE TEH WEISS CARZ! Explanation 
    • Ice Queens. Explanation 
  • In a continuation of a recurring joke amongst the Persona fandom, numerous comments have been made about how Yu Narukami, user of the Pimp Arcana, will go on to steal all the girls of BlazBlue, Under Night, and RWBY. Explanation 
  • "Too many BlazBlue characters." Explanation 
    • New RWBY characters where? Explanation 
  • Team RW. Explanation 
  • You were the chosen one! It was said that you'd destroy bad DLC practices, not do it! Bring salvation to the FGC, not leave it in darkness! Explanation 
  • WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB Explanation 
  • "I can't wait for Naoto." "Which one?" Explanation 
    • Now that Naoto Shirogane has been confirmed for the game, jokes have been made about how people thought that Naoto Kurogane was confirmed instead, and vice-versa when Naoto Kurogane himself was later confirmed, despite Shirogane being in already.
  • This image of Chie from the 3D chibi lobby to represent regarding more news of the game with disappointment or anger... or both.
  • The BlazBlue characters are jokingly referred to as the "Senpais" of the Persona 4: Arena, Under Night In-Birth, RWBY characters since from a series standpoint they're the oldest when it comes to the fighting game scene. It helps that the BlazBlue characters in the game itself are almost exclusively adults in contrast to the number of high school-age characters from its contemporaries.note 
  • Button jamming. Explanation 
  • Cross Tag Battle is the Dark Souls of BlazBlue confirmed. Explanation 
  • Yukiko the Punching Bag Explanation 
  • "Blake, I don't feel so good..." Explanation (Avengers: Infinity War Spoilers!) 
  • "Go drink some river water." Explanation 
  • "MORTAL SLUT!" Explanation 
  • Flying Beyblade Explanation 
  • Blake needs to go on a diet. Explanation 
  • Yang Install. Explanation 
  • X doesn't interact with X, disappointing. Explanation 
  • Kanjibrella Explanation 
  • Kermit Flailing Explanation 
  • Lord Noodle Doodle Explanation 
  • Protect the innocent Noodle! Explanation 
  • Taco Bell/Paco Bell! Explanation 
  • Yuzuriha's motivated. Explanation 
  • TANK Explanation 
  • Sheer Heart Attack Requiem Explanation 
  • CHESTO/B-Tatsu Explanation 
  • Akatsuki is an honest character. Explanation 


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