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More Guest Fighter guessings
If Ruby Rose was a guest, chances are they would take cue from UNIB and add several more. (Of course, this may be subject to change as Ruby may be joined by more characters from her home series.)
  • Heart Aino: Same reason why they included Under Night In-Birth, ASW only took care of its publishing so it wouldn't be impossible for them, with the mascot being in. Plus Heart used to "date" Ragna.
    • As of Evolution Japan 2019, Heart is confirmed to join the fight!
  • Date Masamune: ASW once collaborated with Capcom for Sengoku Basara X. It might have been a bomb but this is ASW's chance to redeem themselves.
  • Kenshiro: Same reason as Date above: They made a FOTNS fighting game.
  • Sol Badguy: Guilty Gear was the first fighting game they made. While the latest games use 3D effects, they could either go back to the classic sprites from earlier games, or create a new sprite based on his appearance now. And the biggest reason is, of course; BlazBlue vs. Guilty Gear. In addition, by delegating Sol to Guest Fighter, ASW only needs to convert one GG character instead of everyone, thus less work for the moment.
    • Jossed, at least for the time being. Mori is aware of fan demand for a Guilty Gear rep, but says that he has no current plans to add anyone from the series because the story of Guilty Gear has yet to reach a "stopping point" unlike BlazBlue. (And even if Guilty Gear is put into consideration for the future, ASW would almost assuredly have to make new sprites from scratch: the sprites used from GGX up to the Accent Core titles would clash greatly because they aren't the same resolution as what's seen in BB and P4A.)
  • Son Goku: Considering the Guilty Gear developers are doing a tag fighter of their own, perhaps the Saiyan hero himself would be a shocking, yet exciting cross-promotion for the game. If they needed to take sprites, they might be able to borrow from Extreme Butoden, a Dragon Ball fighter also developed by Arc System Works on 3DS.
  • Kinnikuman: As the recent Shonen Jump Crossover games lacked him appearing and if he showed up in Blaz Blue: Cross Tag Battle, then he could become friends with Yang. Imagine a large amount of Lampshade Hanging and Breaking the Fourth Wall jokes he could make in the game.
  • Usagi Tsukuno/Sailor Moon: Arc System Works did a Sailor Moon game back in the past, so why not? Don't forget to have a Sailor Moon vs. Yang match.
  • Dante: If Capcom decided to join in, a good choice would be Dante, as similar to Mega Man X appearing in Infinite, we could get Dante in the game to have Capcom remind us that Devil May Cry isn't done. Also, Dante already has appeared in a fighting game, so it wouldn't be difficult to add him in. And besides, who wouldn't want the Son of Sparda to clash with the Grim Reaper?
  • Someone from the Tales series. If Namco were to join the fight, a Tales character would be a good pick. Two options would be Yuri Lowell or Velvet Crowe. Yuri because Vesperia is repeatedly seen as one of the best Tales games and Velvet due to Berseria being the latest in the series, and because she has similarities to Raven Branwen and Ragna.
  • Riven: Combining with the WMG below about ASW visiting Riot Games HQ which could spawn a guest from League of Legends, Riven would probably the likeliest choice as she's designed to take cues from fighting games in a MOBA, so this is how the genre pays back. Not to mention, background-wise she seemed like a broken woman just less edgier than Ragna while possessing maybe similar hairstyle. And if they include English dub, it would cut cost, since Cristina Valenzuela is voicing her and she's already known to voice Noel Vermillion, who's highly likely to be in this game.
  • Jax: Another potential character from League, Jax was one of the very first champions available for the game, and is also among its most iconic. His fighting-style is very straightforward, and both his appearance and weapon of choice are highly unique. He's also a Challenge Seeker in story, fighting with his lamppost purely because he wants to give his opponents a chance to beat him. Chances are, Jax would jump at the opportunity to face off against the likes of Ragna the Bloodedge and Yu Narukami, both of which have defeated gods.
  • Joker/Ren Amamiya: An Early-Bird Cameo and a testing run for a possible Persona 5 Arena?
  • Kirito and Asuna: These two have appeared in a fighting game with similar sprite work to Under Night In-Birth. They could also be the representatives for the Light Novels.
  • Tifa Lockhart: A representative from Square Enix, as well as a Shout-Out to both Death Battle, where Tifa fought Yang, and Dead Fantasy, one of Monty's most famous works.
  • Saber/Altria Pendragon: One of the main faces of TYPE-Moon and already appearing as a guest in Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel. Her guesting here could be a Shout-Out to how Under Night In-Birth began as a pseudo-Spiritual Successor to TYPE-Moon's other fighting game, if Eltnum was the guest from the Tsukihime verse, the Fateverse rep would obviously be Saber.
    • According to an interview, Fate was actually one franchise they wanted to do. Meaning that, if they do a special DLC or sequel, we may see her as a candidate.
    • Okita Souji/Sakura Saber: This is less likely than Saber/Altria, but if you remember Eltnum... she broke the fourth wall at times. Considering how 'light' the situation of Cross Tag Battle, perhaps they'll call in the Saberface of their Gag Series, Okita Souji, instead (Koha-Ace is also known for some fourth-wall breaks). In addition of those things, she's a Badass Normal that would've stood out in the more crazier setting of all games and even the Fate franchise (and even then, she could also transform into Devil Saber/Okita Alter as a super move, because it's possible within the gag nature of Koha-Ace). Not to mention, at least Japanese-wise, they would have cut cost for voices too, since Aoi Yuuki is already on board with Platinum the Trinity (though they'll have to come up with a new English VA for Okita). Also, the sight of animated "Okita-san DAISHOURI!" (and the cough) is too tempting.
  • Sonic and Sally in her Reboot attire. Look, Injustice 2 had the TMNT, so why not? Who wants to see Roger (or alternatively, Josh Keaton) as Sonic and Tara Strong as Post-SGW Sally together in a fighting game? Sonic and Sally in a match between Ragna and Yang in the same game, anyone?
  • Steven and Connie. With the elements and the themes being fitting in a fighting game, who would like to see Zach Callison and Grace Rolek against Lindsay Jones and Arryn Zach as Steven and Connie vs. Ruby and Blake in the same game?
    • If it goes well, Cartoon Network and Arc System might do a Steven Universe Fighting game.
  • 2B and 9S. The game's producer Toshimichi Mori has publicly stated that he wants the two of them to appear in the game as DLC.
    • However, during the EVO 2018 trailer for the rest of the other 9 DLC characters officially revealed, at the end, a 5th "Keystone" appears in the middle mentioning "A new fate intertwines", so another franchise or guest to be in is fair game now.

Justice will be the boss of Arcade Mode.
As the original final boss of Arcsys' flagship series, Justice would be a good fit for a crossover with most of their games.
  • Jossed. Mori confirmed that the game will only feature the four series that have been revealed. However, there might be more series in future installments.

We'll get an OC to be the main character.
Castlevania: Judgment had Aeon and Namco × Capcom had Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu. This would also be a good choice, as to not show favouritism to one of the four series, or as a tribute to all the OC makers of these four series.
  • Jossed at the moment, only the 4 franchises are present, and they are existing characters in previous works.

Many more series' will be represented than what has been shown so far.
And maybe not only stuff that Arc System Works have worked on in the past. The stuff we saw in the teaser was only the beginning. We might see everything from Guilty Gear and Arcana Heart, to more unexpected additions such as main line Shin Megami Tensei and maybe even Touhou.
  • Jossed. Mori confirmed that the game will only feature the four series that have been revealed. However, there might be more series in future installments.
  • Confirmed and Un-jossed! Arcana Heart, Senran Kagura, and Akatsuki Blitzkampf have joined!

We'll get a trailer that features "The Rivals/Best Friends"
Jin REALLY didn't get much in the trailer. They may make another one featuring him, Seth, Yosuke and Weiss.
  • Jossed. The second trailer did show both Jin and Yosuke but it showed Linne instead of Seth and no RWBY characters.

Characters that might not get in.
I'm not talking obvious ones, like Nintendo or SEGA characters, but characters from P4A, BlazBlue, and UNIB who might be skipped over as to not clutter the roster (unless ASW are that much of madmen to do so). It's easy to say characters like Noel, Rachel, Taokaka, the rest of the Investigation team, and characters like Hilda and Linne for UNIB will definitely be included, but who might they skip over?
  • Considering it has the biggest roster of the three main ASW series, I feel like BlazBlue is going to take the biggest hit. I kind of feel like most of Chronophantasma and Centralfiction's cast might not make the cut, since they were only significant to the story later.
    • For BlazBlue: Amane, Bullet, Azrael, Kagura, and Lambda won't make the cut. The only members of the Six Heroes playable will be Hakumen and Hazama, with Terumi as a possibility as well. Heck, I'm not even sure Arakune will make the cut. The spin-off characters; Es, Naoto Kurogane, Mai Natsume and possibly even Celica might get cut.
    • Jossed for Azrael, and even more surprisingly, Es.
      • Relius Clover may not even make it. Simply because it may be a great pain if he has to devise the torture devices for characters from Persona, UNIB and RWBY for his Instant Kill. Amane above runs into the same problem. However, that's only if match-ending finishers such as Astrals and IKs are implemented.
      • Jossed for ***every one of those aforementioned spinoff characters,*** considering Naoto, Es, Mai, and Celica are now part of the roster. Also jossed for Hakumen and Hazama being the only members of the Six Heroes to make the cut, as Nine, Jubei, and Platinum are all in. The only heroes that are missing at this point are Valkenhayn and Terumi, though the latter is present in the form of Susano'o, who was also unexpected.
    • For P4A: I feel like the characters might just be P4 only, so possibly barring Junpei, Yukari, and the rest of the P3 crew. Marie is probably not going to be in it either, nor Elizabeth and Margaret.
      • While this may be admittedly be looking into this too much, it's worth noting that while Ragna and Hyde were revealed with the logos of their most recent appearances, Yu did not have the logo of Ultimax with him, which could indicate that the character list for Persona could be limited to those who appeared in the original game. However, during the character trailers, it showed several scenes from Ultimax (namely Junpei, Yukari and Ken, who were only in the sequel) therefore indicating that there will be characters from that game. But, like said above, it may be only the P4 cast, so the only candidates would be Rise, Adachi and Marie.
      • This was all eventually jossed since Character Trailer #7, which confirmed Aigis. Akihiko and Mitsuru would join the roster later alongside Labrys.
      • All jossed at this point; as every character from the base roster of Persona 4 Arena is in, barring Shadow Labrys. Ultimax characters are als happening as well, considering Adachi's inclusion.
    • For UNIB: Akatsuki and Eltinum, since they're guests in UNIB in itself. This troper doesn't know much about the story of UNIB to really make educated guesses though.
      • If anything, those from the Exe:Late[st] is probably a no-go; which means Phonon, Mika, Enkidu and Wagner. There may still be a chance for Chaos, Nanase and Byakuya but slimmer than the original cast.
      • However, there may be a possibility that the new characters from UNIST will make it in somehow, the game's logo has Late[st] for UNIST reps, just like it has Central Fiction with Es, to no surprise. Though it may not be all the new cast and maybe just one or 2, if possible.
      • Just one Late[st]-debut rep made it in in the form of Mika. The rest of the UNIB cast was all characters that'd been with the series from the beginning barring only Seth and Hilda.
      • Seth and Hilda are now present. Akatsuki made it in as well, representing his home series rather than UNIST.
    • For RWBY characters that might not make it (assuming that RWBY is represented by more than just Ruby, of course), there's Team SSSN (Sun and Neptunes' team), the teachers (Ozpin, Port and Oobleck), Emerald, Mercury, pretty much everyone we haven't seen fight yet, Adam Taurus, Qrow and Winter Schnee, with there even being a high risk that Team JNPR might be cut as well, if not entirely then partially.
      • Especially so for Velvet Scarlatina, whose weapon is actually energy forms of other weapons. Considering this will be a hand-drawn sprite based game, it would take an incredible amount of time, money and work to re-animate one character with different weapons, poses and moves, even if they were to consider to make her the Random Select option.
      • Maybe not. Given that Velvet's only combat scene in the franchise so far (the first 4 seasons) has had her weapon change forms repeatedly, and each form generally lasted only one attack, having her weapon change forms for every attack might be a viable method of implementing her.
      • With Weiss' reveal, it's been confirmed that Ruby isn't the only representative of her series, so other RWBY characters seem to have a chance now.
      • Seemingly confirmed, as even Blake and Yang only made the cut through DLC. It looks like nobody else aside from Team RWBY is getting in.
      • Jossed with the announcement of Neo.

The roster will be inspired by a counterpart system, a la Marvel vs. Capcom.
  • MvC had characters that were comparative to each other in some way, like Ryu and Wolverine, Morrigan and Iron Man, Chris Redfield and Hulk, etc., so this game might do the same. At the very least, this can be applied to the four main protagonists for now.
    • Ragna and Hyde are both hot-blooded, foul-mouthed main characters; but while Hyde is a Nice Guy, Ragna's more of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
    • Yu and Ruby are both the leaders of their teams in a series where unity is considered the key to strength. While Yu regularly protects Nanako and treats her like a little sister, Ruby herself is a little sister (well, half-sister) to Yang Xiao Long.
    • Weiss Schnee and Jin Kisaragi both have ice powers, and were originally rivals to the main characters of their series. While Weiss and Ruby sort things out very quickly, Jin and Ragna's rivalry never really dies out.
      • This would also lead into Ragna and Ruby. Both are scythe wielders with a red and black appearance, and have lost family and friends, and similar to Yu mentioned above, Ragna is an older brother and Ruby is a younger sister.
    • This could also mean Yang and Bullet. Heck, Arc's already acknowledged the similarities between them, as Bullet's 13th pallet choice in Central Fiction (the one reserved for references) was based on Yang.

This will be canon to at least one of the four series.
  • It's highly likely this will probably be passed off as a BlazBlue AU, since the concept of alternate universes and timelines isn't foreign to the BlazBlue world, and the game bears the title anyway.
    • Confirmed: The story is NOT continuing off of Central Fiction.

The main antagonist will be a fusion of the antagonists of all 4 series.
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is doing Sigma + Ultron, and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe did Darkseid + Shao Kahn.
  • If this happens, we're gonna get Terumi/Susanoo + Salem + Izanami + Kuon.
  • It doesn't necessarily have to be a four-way fusion, since that could easily get cluttered (and really confusing depending on who's involved in the merger). That being said, ASW would missing out on a prime opportunity to invoke Name's the Same with a Big Bad Duumvirate consisting of Izanami and Izanami. Their goals/desires are not exactly incompatible given what Central Fiction tells us about Hades: Izanami, to say nothing of their demeanor and the whole "goddess of death" deal.
  • Jossed in the sense that they are directly a fusion, however, System's characterisation is an amalgamation of traits from the antagonists from all four series.

The main antagonist is Nyarlathotep
All right, this is probably really stretching out with how many times Atlus have been avoiding on using him and Philemon. Still! In a crossover event like this, it just feels right in that Nyarlathotep may be the one behind several other Big Bads from the other series. Terumi/Susanoo or Hilda... Nyarly clearly are ranks above these guys in terms of raw power and nastiness...
  • I have a lot of doubts about this. If Atlus was unwilling to go through with it during P4A proper (which was the perfect time to bring Nyarlathotep back), how could they go through with it now? Even in the original Arena games, it could be argued that it would be unfair and confusing to suddenly bring in a character from Persona 1 and 2, which were a lot less popular and generally separate from 3 and beyond in gameplay and style. That is doubly true for this game, which is a crossover. To expect people to know about the unconnected prequels to the RPG that the fighting game that is being crossed over is based on would be absurd. It would be like Touya Kagari suddenly being a playable character, only much worse. Furthermore, I disagree with your claims that Nyarlathotep is stronger than Terumi and especially Susano’o in power. In general BlazBlue characters are stronger than Persona ones and Nyarlathotep has been beaten twice by just a group of regular Persona Users. It didn’t even require the power of the Universe or World Arcanas to do it, which are many leagues above normal Personas in terms of power, suggesting he’s physically weaker than Nyx or Izanami. Susano’o on the other hand required Ragna to remove the limiter of the Idea Engine and activate the Azure Grimoire to the point where it threatened to destroy his body just to remotely keep up with him, using the power of the True Azure. And in terms of nastiness, what has Nyarlathotep done that is any worse than what Terumi did or was trying to do?
    • On top of that, Atlus has avoided using any characters from Persona 1 and 2 due to those games having a different writer, so the characters haven't returned to respect the previous writer. If Atlus finally decides to bring back Nyarlathotep, or any characters from the first two Persona games, it probably won't be in a BlazBlue game.
      • Jossed, since its an original boss character instead.

The game won't have any other guests.
To further cement this, RWBY is going to be more fully represented in the same manner as the other three universes. To nail this in more, note how the X logo seen in the reveal gives equal prominence to the represented series through their main protagonists, in addition to said logo makes for four equal divisions.
  • Confirmed. Mori has said they will be focusing on only these four franchises but they might include more in future games.
    • However, the Evo 2018 trailer at the end confirms another possible franchise to the mix, so this is slightly jossed.

If Yuuki Terumi is playable, he will be a Composite Character of Hazama and Terumi gameplay-wise.
His Susanoo form will then be a temporary Super Mode or be the Final Boss.
  • Jossed. Hazama is confirmed playable, but no sign of Terumi.

There will be new remixes for the character themes.
Some themes may not be remixed at all, the ones that have the biggest chance of getting a new remix are;
  • "Rebellion" (Ragna's theme)
  • "Reach Out to the Truth" (Yu Narukami's theme, and Persona 4's original random battle theme)
  • "Scraper Sky High" (Hyde's theme)
  • "Red Like Roses Pt.2" (Ruby's theme)
  • Potentially Jossed. Trailer 2 has Jin, Yosuke, and Linne's original themes playing. note 
    • Double Jossed, for now. The NYCC build includes the original versions of "Red Like Roses Part II," "The Hero From Junes," and "Scraper Sky High." "Lust SIN" is also present, but it's the original version as opposed to the CP remix.
      • All the songs from Blaz Blue, Persona 4 Arena, and Under Night are their original versions. However, most of BB's rearrangements are short versions on a loop point, and the RWBY cast are remixes of their respective songs from their home series mashed together.

There will be Gag Reels.
This game is a crossover, and it's under the name BlazBlue, and are a series staple. If we don't get Gag Reels, that would be a HUGE waste of opportunity.
  • Of course, that'd require a visual novel-like setup within the story to run smoothly, though ASW admittedly does have a precedent for that kind of storytelling.
    • Somewhat confirmed, possibly, in the English Persona 4 Arena character trailer, Chie quotes a line about Ragna having the Yasogami High uniform, which is a sublte hint. However, a Famitsu scan does have him in said uniform with the other franchise characters in a school setting, which highly hints gag reels are still a thing.
      • This was actually the Episode P 4 A ending.
    • Some bits of the story might as well be Gag Reels, like the curry debacle in Episode UNI and Episode RWBY's ending..

We'll get spin-offs of this game and/or and anime adaptation.
Persona 4 had spin-offs in the form of Arena and Dancing All Night. There's no point to not make a BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Dance Rhythm Game. And an anime adaptation would not be necessary, but it would be nice for the fans to get a better animated version of the BlazBlue cast considering the negative reception of Alter Memory...

There will be a League of Legends guest character.
Guys from Arc Systems recently visited Riot Games HQ. There are photos in their Twitter. This can only mean one thing in my opinion.
  • Jossed. Mori confirmed that the game will only feature the four series that have been revealed. However, there might be more series in future installments.

RWBY characters will have the option to use Japanese voices.
Considering that BlazBlue had that option to switch between English and Japanese voices it's possible that it can be applied her too. That and the fact that Ruby shares the same Japanese voice as BlazBlue's Mai and Under Night's Orie which would open a lot of Talking to Herself jokes.
  • Confirmed. The Japanese version of the second trailer showed that the respective actresses will reprise their roles from RWBY.
    • Further confirmed that anyone can be toggled to use their Japanese or English voice.

If Adam and Yang enter the game...
Adam's Astral Finish, if used against Yang and it's the last hit, will end up amputating Yang's arm like in the show.
  • That's if, however, match ending finishers (Astrals/IKs/etc.) do get implemented.

Ragna's reaction at the end of the second trailer...
... was to Hazama or Terumi.
  • Well, Hazama was just confirmed.
  • At the end of the second character trailer, Weiss says, "I suppose this was to be expected." It's possible that at the end of each character trailer, they hint the next characters. When Ragna said "It can't be..." is probably due to the fact that Rachel and Hazama were announced before a more obvious choice. Weiss's reaction may indicate characters that nobody would be surprised for; such as Noel, Hakumen, Chie, Yukiko, Orie, Seth, Blake or Yang.
  • And now with the 3rd reveal trailer, to the mentioned above, Noel and Chie are in, but surprisingly Waldstein as well. No new RWBY reveal yet, however. Jin was the one narrating this time, and says, "So YOU have wandered into this world..." Judging from his tone, it's most likely Hakumen.
    • However, in the 4th character trailer, Hakumen wasn't announced, and instead Gordeau, Yukiko, and Azrael appear instead, with Noel at the end mentioning "You guys are... also into this?", which should suggest her friends Makoto and Tsubaki, but if it's anything like the 4th trailer so far, expect bait and switches.
    • And essentially, the 5th character trailer was just that, with only BB character reveals. Although to the above, Makoto did get in, but not yet for Tsubaki.
      • However, speaking of Tsubaki, in the 9th reveal trailer for the rest of the 9 DLC characters, its Izayoi instead.

The game will have its own version of "The Wheel of Fate is turning..."
And it'll be "The time to intersect is nigh!"
  • Confirmed, but it's "Can't Escape From Crossing Fate."

Ruby is going to fangirl over all of the weapons.
Let's start with Ragna's: a giant sword that rivals Cloud's Buster Sword in size, that can extend for extra reach, can increase his soul drain abilities, and can turn into a double-edged scythe, with one blade of steel and another of dark energy. The only thing Ruby would be annoyed by is the fact it isn't a gun.
  • Confirmed! Look at Ruby fangirl over Ragna in all its glory!
    • Further confirmed with characters like Mai, Aigis, and Labrys. She also gets very fangirly about Yuzuriha and curious about Vatista.

The main antagonist of the game will be an Original Generation character that possesses elements from all four series.
Being that a Fusion Dance between four main antagonists would not make much sense, it is possible that an alternative could be an original character made for the game to serve as a middle man/woman to all four series. As a result, he/she could be an In-Birth, has unlocked their Semblance/use Aura, and possess a Persona. Unsure where BlazBlue could fall into this, though.
  • The use of a Drive or some other form of seithr manipulation, most likely.
    • Confirmed, as the main antagonist is an OC and is an anagram of the four keystones.

Joker will be a playable character.
To promote the newest game in the Persona series. For more fun, his appearance will be to the tune of "Last Surprise" (because it's a surprise he's playable).
  • Jossed, though Yu has a Joker-based color palette.

Characters who are not playable upon launch will still appear in this game as NPCs in Story Mode.
It would be weird if only the playable characters appeared in the Story Mode as there are may roles that they simply cannot fulfill (for example on the BlazBlue side, you cannot expect them to have an exposition dump without, say, Kokonoe regardless of her status) so it is possible that we may see characters who are not playable appear in the story one way or another. That way, their fans can still see them engage in the crossover even if they are not playable. In addition, some of them can even be Promoted to Playable in future DLC if fan demand asks of it.
  • Confirmed. Only characters from the first three DLC packs are NPCs in Episode Mode.

The game will be rated M
And it will be rated M for Mara!
  • This is obviously a joke WMG

There will be an Anime Intro Opening for the game
Just like how all previous Blazblue games have an anime intro opening, Cross Tag Battle will have one as well but this time will also featured the casts of Persona 4, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY. The latter will be a great fanservice for RWBY fans since the joke of if RWBY is now an anime will become a reality.

Yang's themes are going to be I Burn and Armed and Ready
So far, Ruby, Weiss and Blake have two songs as their themes. These two are natural choices, as they're Yang's themes from Volume 1-3 and 4-5 respectively.
  • Confirmed, however, Armed and Ready starts first, then goes into I Burn. (However, I Burn can also be triggered if Yang's health is within the Danger point)

Kanji is going to scare the pants off of most of the BlazBlue cast... at first.
Think about his Persona's name, and what significance that name has in the BlazBlue universe. Most of the cast will think he's about to summon a giant attack satellite!
  • And in a similar vein, the Persona 4 characters will be scared shitless if the BlazBlue version of Izanami appears. (Though they have ALL the reason to.)
    • Sadly, and unfortunately, Jossed.

Theoretical English Cast Members
With the confirmation of an English dub, this will mark the first time the casts of Under Night In-Birth, Arcana Heart, Akatsuki Blitzkampf and any BlazBlue characters who have debuted in previously undubbed works like BlazBlue: Central Fiction and XBlaze Code: Embryo, will be dubbed in English. Possible voice actors (along with hypothetical ideas on how they would sound) for could be the following: ((**): Unconfirmed Characters (Switch Leaks))

Interactions between the new characters/characters from Pack 7.
We know from the trailer that all the characters that are coming to 2.0, as well as Naoto Kurogane, Teddie, Seth and Heart, will get new interactions, so the question is, what would be the new interactions? Let's propose a few, shall we?
  • Ruby fangirling over Blitztank. Bonus points if she faints from how awesome it is after the battle.
  • Yumi, a believer that cuteness is justice, asking cuter characters like Platinum, Heart and Mika tips on how to be even cuter.
  • Neo taunting Yang in every interaction she has with her.
  • Akatsuki and Hyde's interaction would basically be a nod to the former's being a guest character in Under Night In-Birth.
  • Teddie trying to flirt with any of the girls...and promptly getting rejected.

     Post Release 
Future franchise additions for future installments
In this case, if the game is successful enough to inspire a Cross Tag Battle franchise in the future, here's the possible franchises that ASW could take next (Reasons for it can be applied as well):

However, after the Evo 2018 reveal for the last 9 DLC characters, a teaser shown with a 5th keystone suggests a new franchise will be added in the near future, with the hint of "A New Fate Intertwines".

Nine or Izanami may be involved in the story somehow, possibly appearing as DLC.
The game is said to take place in the "Phantom Field". Nine's stage in Central Fiction is "Purgatorium", and is located in the Phantom Field as well. That also being said, CTB's story could also take place in an alternate Embryo.
  • Sadly jossed at the moment, while Nine is confirmed to be officially in, there is no sign of Izanami. However, Nine does not appear in the game's current story (Episode Mode, at least).

Ruby and Nu will form some kind off Odd Friendship.
The EVO trailer pairs both Ruby and Nu-13 together as a pair. Assuming it was not just for the sake of the trailer; it is possible that Ruby may actually be someone who befriends Nu within the story mode. Bonus points if allusions to Penny are made considering the similarities between her and Nu.
  • Sadly, and unfortunately, jossed again. There are no interactions between Ruby and Nu in-game, unsure of Episode mode yet, if this troper is to be believed.

Some guesses on the silhouettes presented in the latest trailer...
  • For BlazBlue: I've heard people suspect Kagura and Izayoi from the sight of someone with a rather broad weapon. There's also one silhouette that looks like it has some sort of spiral surrounding it, which could imply Amane Nishiki. There's also a silhouette that looks like someone with large clawed arms raised up, which could imply Taokaka or a user of a Nirvana-esque weapon (Carl, Relius, Celica).
  • For UNIB: To the "large clawed arms raised up" point, this could potentially be Merkava.
  • For Persona 4: Once again, to the large clawed arms one; the top of the silhouette is reminiscent of Teddie's head. Additionally, one silhouette has a leg protruding outward in a similar manner to Labrys's idle pose, hinting at her being one of the characters.
    • Confirmations on Izayoi, Merkava and Labrys, as they were officially announced at Evo 2018. (Along with Nine, Mai, Mitsuru, Akihiko, Yuzuriha, and Mika) Jossed however on everybody else though.

We'll get a Teach me! Miss Litchi and Help me! Professor Kokonoe x RWBY Chibi x Persona Q shorts.
  • Sadly, jossed at the moment.

Terumi and many other villains will be in the game as Unlockable Content
Considering the voice talking at the end of the overview trailer sounded like him, assuming he's not in habiting Hazama and thst he's not thr sole villain present; it could be possible that he and the other villains from the other three series are in the game itself outside of the 40 charactets. Possibly unlocked by finishing the corresponding Episode Mode of their home series or can be bought as DLC if you don't want to play the story.
  • Jossed, as sadly, this doesn't seem to be the case, as there are no unlockable characters in-game, however, finishing all of Episode Mode unlocks the Boss's theme, System.

What caused this "Possibility".
Recall that at one point in Central Fiction, Hazama fell into a Kiln and is not seen for the rest of the game. Is it possible that him falling into it somehow resulted in this crossover happening?

Possible Palettes

If Ragna and Yang have a team intro...
...Yang is gonna ask about Ragna's arm as a reference to what happened to her in RWBY Vol. 3
  • Sadly Jossed, however Ragna does talk to Yang in the Episode mode, but probably no reference about the arm, considering Yang has both of her arms intact pre-volume 3.

If Teddie is confirmed and has an intro with Yang...
They will recite in unison... "I hope you're bear-y pre-beared for this un-bear-able bear of a battle!"
  • Jossed, Teddie is not in.
    • Un-Jossed, Teddie is confirmed for the Spring 2019 wave of DLC.

Unconfirmed and Possible VS/Team Themes
  • Unconfirmed Themes
    • Sector 7 (Tager/Makoto/Bullet/Azrael/Kokonoe/Celica/Lambda VS Theme) - Tager, Makoto and Azrael are already in the game so it's only a matter of time of hearing it.
      • Confirmed, actually. And it does play with the three known characters.
    • Black and White (Ragna vs. Hakumen) - Both Ragna and Hakumen are already in the game.
    • Six Heroes Theme (Hakumen/Valkenhyn/Terumi/Nine/Jubei VS theme) - Hakumen and Jubei are already in the game. Also if Nine or any other Six Heroes character gets in, this theme will play for them too.
      • Confirmed for Black and White, and Six Heroes.
  • Possible Themes
    • Memory of Tears (Noel vs. Tsubaki) - Depends if Tsubaki gets in or not and whether it's as herself or as Izayoi (though they could always give her themes from both her incarnations)
      • Memory of Tears might be in the game, but it's been told it's for Noel/Makoto (though sadly, its not).
    • Childish Killer (Jin vs. Tsubaki) - See Memory of Tears above.
      • Jossed for Memory of Tears, and Childish Killer, as only Izayoi, herself being in.
    • In Justice (Hakumen vs. Izayoi) - See Memory of Tears above.
      • Confirmed, as Hakumen and Izayoi are in.
    • End Gazer (Es vs. Nine/Celica) - Es is already in, now all there is to do is wait and see if Nine and/or Celica get revealed next.
      • Confirmed, As Nine is now in along with Es, however, no Celica.
    • Mutual Situation (Hyde/Seth) - If Seth gets in.
      • Jossed, Seth is not in.
      • Un-Jossed, Seth is confirmed for the Spring 2019 wave of DLC.
    • Cross Thought (Gordeau/Chaos) - If Chaos gets in.
      • Jossed, Chaos is not in.

Gag Reel Ideas
  • Someone confuses Weiss and Ragna as siblings because of their white hair and affinity for swords.
  • Rachel's Gag Reel features Ragna & Jin reenacting the prologue for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (WITH Narm Charm from the original PSX dub, of course). Knowing Symphony Of The Night, this can only end in one way... note 
  • A repeat of Relius' Gag Reel Ending from Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend, with bodyswaps such as Ragna & Ruby. Just imagine Ragna-in-Ruby going "OH SON OF A BITCH!" while Ruby-in-Ragna fangirls over Ragna's weapon.
  • The Spectacles of Eros. No explanation needed.
  • A repeat of the infamous "King's Game" from Persona 4.
  • Noel, Chie and Yukiko cook up a meal for the cast. This time, even HAZAMA can't stand it. Mai still thinks it's heavenly, though.
  • A weird High School A.U. where the entire cast attends Beacon Academy, Yasogami, the NOL Academy or another school. Ragna, Jin, Noel, Makoto, the Investigation Team, Aigis, Hyde, Orie and Carmine are Team RWBY's classmates and re-enact a few RWBY gags, like the dance before the Vytal Festival (basically a way to further all the popular Ship Tease theories) or the Volume 2 food fight. Adults like Tager, Jubei, Hakumen and Gordeau take the role of faculty with crazy personalities of their own.
    • The above might be a possibility, but probably a little different from the paragraph, considering Chie's subtle quote in the English P4A character trailer about Ragna having the Yasogami High Uniform. However this High School AU setting will be handled is up to guessing.
    • A Famitsu scan depicting one of the Story Mode scenes seemingly gives context to Chie's line, as Ragna, Noel, Hyde, and Ruby are all seen attending Yasogami High, much to Yu's confusion. Probably Gag Reel material judging by the previous BlazBlue installments, but currently unconfirmed.
  • Yosuke as "Junes-Man" - or rather: "Junesu No Eiyuu". Optional Pizza Time, of course. A fight with Merka-Venom IS mandatory.
  • Platinum drags the other girls into becoming magical girls with her. Again.
Main Series Color Palette References for the DLC characters
((**) = Unconfirmed Characters (Switch Leaks))
  • Platinum: May, Azrael, Nanako Dojima, Mika, Oscar Pine, Madoka Kaname, Star Butterfly
    • Confirmed for Azrael and Nanako. Guilty Gear palette is Jack-O', Under Night's is Chaos, RWBY's is Pyrrha, and the last is Princess Bubblegum's.
  • Jubei: That Man, Nine, Morgana, Yuzuriha, Taiyang Xiao Long or Qrow Branwen, Thomas "Tom" Cat
    • That Man jossed, he keeps his Jam color from CF. Nine confirmed as a returning color. The rest are all jossed, and are Teddie, Gordeau, Ozpin, and BMO.
  • Hakumen: Answer, Susanoo (Blaz Blue), Susanoo (Persona 4) Merkava, Raven Branwen or Adam Taurus, Genji
    • Answer jossed; they're reusing his Leo palette from Central Fiction. Both Susanoos are confirmed. Raven and Adam jossed; it's Volume 4 Blake.
  • Izayoi(**): Rachel Alucard, Metis, Wagner, Weiss Schnee (carried over from Central Fiction), Mercy
  • Nine(**): Celica A. Mercury, Elizabeth, Hilda, Cinder Fall, Maleficent
  • Mai(**): Kayjun Faycott, Rise Kujikawa, Nanase, Velvet Scarletina or Ruby Rose, Mei
  • Kanji: Iron Tager, Akihiko, Waldstein, Cardin Winchester, Frank Castle "The Punisher"
    • Tager and Akihiko confirmed. Waldstein, Cardin, and Frank jossed; it's Gordeau, Jaune, and Yusuke from P5.
  • Aegis: Mu-12, Metis, Vatista, Penny Polendina, Mega Man
    • Mu and Mega Man jossed; her Blaz Blue color is Nu-13, and her 13th color is Justine/Carolina from Persona 5. Metis, Vatista, and Pennny confirmed!
  • Naoto: Hazama, Ken Amada or Sae Nijima, Byakuya, Coco Adel, Jotaro Kujo
    • The last three are jossed, they're actually Chaos, Pyrrha, and Morgana.
  • Mitsuru(**):
  • Akihiko(**): Bang Shishigami, Enkidu, Sun Wukong
  • Labrys(**): Mu-12, Aigis, Vatista, Penny Polendina
  • Orie: Milia Rage, Tsubaki Yayoi/Izayoi, Yukiko Amagi, Wagner, Weiss Schnee, Joan D'Arc, Asuna Yuuki
  • Millia, Tsubaki, Yukiko, and Wagner Jossed; it's Elphelt (Xrd SIGN), Rachel, Mitsuru, and Vatista. Weiss confirmed.
  • Carmine: Axl Low, Naoto Kurogane, Tohru Adachi, Byakuya, Tyrian, He-Man
    • All jossed. It's Venom, Terumi, Sho Minazuki, Merkava, Roman Torchwick, and Morrigan in that order.
  • Vatista: Ramlethal Valentine, Nu-13, Aigis, Linne, Penny Polendina, Neptune/Purple Heart
  • Merkava(**): Susanoo (Blaz Blue), Waldstein, Grimm Beowulf, Lion
  • Yuzuriha(**): Izayoi, Mitsuru Kirijo, Gordeau, Raven Branwen
  • Mika(**): Platinum the Trinity (Carried over from Exe:Late[st]), Nanako Dojima, Orie, Neon Katt, One of the Powerpuff Girls
  • Blake: Chipp Zanuff, Taokaka, Chie Satonaka, Linne, Lie Ren, Felicia or Elektra, [1]
    • Some of these are Jossed, she has Ramlethal Valentine, Kokonoe and Yosuke Hanamura as her Guilty Gear, Blaz Blue and Persona palettes. Her Under Night and RWBY palettes are correct, and her #13 is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
  • Yang: Baiken, Bullet, Yukiko Amagi, Waldstein, Nora Valkyrie or Raven Brawnen, Captain Falcon or Guan Yingping, Tifa Lockhart
    • Baiken confirmed. Bullet, Yukiko, and Waldstein jossed; it's Makoto, Chie, and Yuzuriha. Nora and Raven confirmed.

Gag Reels shall be DLC
DLC seems to be a perfect way to add a Gag Reel that BB is famous for. Unless the whole game's story is counted as being some kind of Gag Reel.

Predictions on what could be the next "fate" introduced
  • Arcana Heart: Pink is a color closely associated with the series, and Arc System Works publishes the games.
    • Confirmed as of Evolution Japan 2019! Now that Arcana Heart was confirmed, ASW also teased that there's going to be a 6th fate. Pool your guesses there.
  • Senran Kagura: While pink isn't a color that is specially tied with it, Asuka and Yumi's names were called out by the announcer in the same data leak which revealed the remaining 9 DLC characters.
    • Confirmed as of Evo US 2019, (along with Akatsuki Blitzkampf as, suprisingly, the 7th fate/franchise.)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: With Arc System Works being interested in making fighters based on popular anime franchises (DBZ and Kill la Kill) then chances are Jo Jo's is also a possibility. Pink is also a color featured on the logo.
  • Sengoku Basara: ASW once collaborated with Capcom to make its fighting game spinoff even if it bombed. ASW can see this as an attempt to redeem themselves and also a way to bring Basara back to the crowd while Capcom has stopped making games about it (the series only living via an anime high school spin off Gakuen Basara). Its majorly male-dominant roster may also serve as a good counterbalance to Arcana Heart's exclusively female roster.
    • Sadly, Jojo or Sengoku Basara aren't future fates/franchises at the moment.

BBTAG is the good future of the Blaz Blue series.
BBTAG's canon, at least for the BlazBlue side of things, represents a good future for the series, in which Ragna never had to erase himself from existence for the good of the world, Terumi does not reside within Hazama (possibly) making him less of a Manipulative Bastard, Trinity Glassfille can still live on through Platinum, Noel is her post-CP self meaning she potentially has control over her Mu-12 powers, and Nine, despite using her Brainwashed and Crazy appearance from Central Fiction is much more benevolent and stable and can fight alongside her beloved husband. Tsubaki is also still her normal self, despite showing up to the battle as Izayoi, and gets along with her friends as well. One of the only real issues they have to face is System trying to assimilate their world, but all four of the endings end with System defeated for good. The others are Nu and Azrael, but there are a few characters still capable of taking him down.

Predictions on future "fates"

Blitztank and Neo Politan will have an 'interaction'.
  • They were both in the same reveal trailer, and both of them are silent (techincally, Neo is, but Blitztank does make noises and actually had text dialouge from his home game). They could have some funny animations instead.
Akatsuki or another one from his franchise will be dubbed by Dan Woren.
Because Woren dubbed Rudol von Stroheim in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Akatsuki's voiced by Kaiji Tang, so we'll see if any other characters from his game becomes playable.
Celica will not be a Posthumous Character and instead will either just be alive by default, or not doomed to disappear.
In Chronophantasma, the playable Celica was just a clone of her past self's soul. Now take Nine into consideration, and how in Central Fiction, she was fueled with revenge and hatred, and had Black Eyes of Crazy to show for it. In BBTAG, Nine still has said eyes, but is a lot more like how she's supposed to be; loving to Jubei, playfully sassy, and hot-tempered. Celica in TAG will either be portrayed as never having died in the first place, or still a clone, yet free to live as long as she wants.
Season 2 Color Palette guesses...
Considering the usual themes color palettes have followed (8th being Guilty Gear, 9th being BlazBlue, 10th being Persona, 11th being UNIST, 12th being RWBY, and 13 being Persona 5 for the P4A cast and misc. media for everyone else, barring Ruby and Yang) here are a few guesses as to which colors the 2.0 newcomers will receive. It's confirmed there will be more colors apart from the 16 present, but I'm still making my guesses based on how it's been done since release.
  • Yumi: Ky or Anji Mito, Jin, Yukiko, Yuzuriha, Weiss
  • Akatsuki: Sin Kiske, Ragna, Yu, Hyde, Jaune
  • Blitztank: Faust, Takemikazuchi, Merkava (counts as a Stealth Pun), Nucklavee Grimm, Thomas the Tank Engine (honestly, you never know)
  • Neo: I-No, Rachel, Sho, Hilda, Roman
  • Celica: Has Zappa, Nine, and Rise in her home series. Her UNIST color could be Linne, her RWBY color could be Summer Rose, and to match Nine's Marceline color, she may get Princess Bubblegum.
  • Elizabeth: Has Relius in her home game at least, may get Chaos or Hilda for UNIST and Glynda for RWBY. Her P5 color could be Morgana or even Igor.
  • Adachi: His P5 color will be based on Goro Akechi at least.
  • Hilda: I-No, Izanami, Elizabeth/Margaret, Vatista, Cinder, White Diamond
  • Susano'o: Kum Haehyun, Hakumen, Takehaya Susano'o (P4G), Grimm, All Might

Sera from Code Shifter will be added in as a Playable Character
While it probably won't be for promotional purposes (Code Shifter will release on January 30, 2020, 21 days after its announcement, which just sounds too soon to announce one new Character for Cross Tag Battle), she could still be added later down the line. Plus, think of the potential fun of her moveset allowing her to summon 8-Bit sprites of Characters throughout Arc System Works' library.


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