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Shout Out / BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

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    Color Palettes 
A tradition of ArcSys fighters. In general, the references follow a pattern. The 8th palette is more often than not for Guilty Gear, the 9th for BlazBlue, the 10th for Persona (specifically Persona, Persona 2, Persona 3, and Persona 4), the 11th for Under Night In-Birth, the 12th for RWBY and the 13th and 18th for Shout-Outs to various other media. Color 17 for most characters is a returning color from a previous title, and in some cases, is a shout-out as well. Let's go through the list, shall we?


Persona 4 Arena

Under Night In-Birth


Arcana Heart

  • Heart Aino: Ky Kiske, Ragna the Bloodedge, Yu Narukami, Hyde, Ruby Rose, Saki Tzusura

Senran Kagura

  • Yumi: Baiken, Amane Nishiki, Yukiko Amagi, Orie, Weiss Schnee, Asuka, Hikage, Homura

Akatsuki Blitzkampf

Lobby Avatars

As of the 2.0 update, lobby avatars can also have their colors changed between five different colors. The fifth color for most of them is usually the respective fighter's eighth palette, though there are some exceptions, such as Blitztank. There are also avatars of non-playable characters as well, some of whom have also received Guilty Gear shout-out colors like the playable cast.
  • Linhua: Anji Mito
  • Pakumen: Leo Whitefangnote 
  • Kajun: Jam Kuradoberi


  • Makoto goes full Kenshiro when performing Planet Crusher, complete with shouting "You're already dead!!" on the final punch.
  • Weiss and Blake's pre-battle quote is a reference to Muhammad Ali's famous quote; "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."
  • One particular move of Blake has her throwing her Gambol Shroud at her opponent while shouting "Get over here!"
  • Yang activating her Semblance when her health goes red is very much reminiscent of Jin Saotome's Saotome Shine Hyper Combo from the Marvel vs. Capcom series, which also immediately activates and powers him up under similar circumstances.
  • When Yosuke runs into Jubei in Episode P4A, he asks if he is in Wonderland. This doubles as a nod to Persona Q, where the first labyrinth is a Alice in Wonderland-themed locale titled "You in Wonderland."
  • In the True Ending, after defeating the boss, Yosuke wonders if it's really over, thinking it's the "This isn't even my final form!" meme.

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