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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Funny pages. Proceed at your own risk.

Character interactions outside of Story Mode have their own page here.

    Pre-Release Info/Trailers 

  • Jin's only purpose in the first teaser trailer seems to be getting his ass handed to him.
  • Yosuke is STILL under the title "Captain Ressentiment" from Arena. This implies that ALL the Persona characters will retain their embarrassing titles, even though some characters like Jin received a new one.
    • And it seems to be confirmed as Chie also still has the title "Spunky Dragon with Deadly Legs."
  • In the ArcNama stream where they revealed the second trailer, ASW showed stats for all the characters. Ragna's luck is 1 star while Yu's is 5. Jin also has 1 star in luck, with Yosuke not doing much better with 2 stars in luck... but he has 12 stars in speed.note  Instead of luck, Ruby has a kawaii stat, which is also rated 12 stars.
  • After finishing a support attack, your team member will strike a pose or taunt for a few seconds. Because of this, however, it leaves them open for a counterattack.
  • In this game, character-specific vs. themes have been recycled as team themes. While some may qualify as awesome or heartwarming depending on the characters involved, the dissonance between the theme and/or its characters may warrant some chuckles of amusement such as "Under Heaven Destruction" (Ragna and Jin) or "Nightmare Fiction" (Ragna and Hazama) that goes along with the sheer audacity of having said characters on the same team in the first place!
  • The third character reveal trailer came with more character stats hilarity. Weiss shares Ruby's 12-star Kawaii, Noel's luck is only slightly better than Ragna and Jin's at 2 stars and Rachel's luck stat is replaced with "Georg" which is just three images of George XIII.
  • In his home series, Hazama is one of a handful of characters who lacks a proper dash, and Cross Tag Battle has removed dashing in favor of having characters run to move around on the ground. Instead of tweaking his sprites to incorporate Terumi's running animation or extend his step-dash into a "glide" similar to what Relius is capable of, Hazama's "running" animation is simply him multi-stepping in rapid succession.
  • The fourth character trailer had Azrael and Yukiko break the rating scales with 9 stars in Attack and Range respectively, but Gordeau, instead of having luck, has 6 stars in a stat called "Grim Reaper," referencing his signature screen-wide special attack. Azrael also has 8-star luck, cementing him as the luckiest character in BlazBlue (which admittedly doesn't say much).
  • Continuing the gag of "Luck stat replacements", Nu has a Ragna stat, which is measured at five Ragna hearts, to go with her broken Range rating; Es also has a broken Kawaii rating; Makoto also has 2 stars in Luck (par for the course, really); and Tager has an eight-star GETB note  rating.
  • The sheer fact that Yang's new art made her already impressive breasts even bigger! (Granted, there was already a precedent for the RWBY characters with Ruby and Blake; Yang's Fanservice Pack is simply the most noticeable example by far.)
    • Hilariously, the only member of Team RWBY who has not received an increase in breast size is Weiss, who Fanon commonly depicts as having A-Cup Angst. And Weiss doesn't exactly take it very well when Platinum does what she does and mocks her cup size in-game.
  • Back at it with the "Luck stat replacements", Platinum and Orie are both 10-Star Kawaii. Kanji has 2 stars in Luck, because of his Butt-Monkey status he shares with Yosuke.
  • The way the dub was confirmed. It needs to be seen to be believed. note 
  • Aigis' partner in the trailer revealing her is Tager, referencing this.
  • Just this from the Arc System Works' U.S. Twitter account in regards to Carmine being announced...
  • Combining funny with a morbid kind of Fridge Horror, in the game modes trailer, Ruby can be seen cheerfully thanking Hazama for giving her a keystone. Oh, sweet summer child, if only you knew.
  • Similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ, this game has an online lobby with chibi models of all of the characters. The actions they can perform are... unique.
  • A subtle moment, but in the graphs detailing a character's stats and their good partners; Ruby has been noted to be a good partner for both Aegis and Vatista. Ruby really loves her robots, huh?
  • In another subtle nod, this time towards Hyde's Chick Magnet status, he's listed as a good partner for both Orie and Vatista. In more ways than one.
    • Similarly, one of Naoto's recommended partners is Kanji in which the latter ended up having a crush on Naoto making Arc System Works look like a Shipper on Deck.
  • In Merkava's segment during the English Dub of the EVO 2018 Character Update Trailer, he screeches out loud which the subtitles literally translates as [unintelligible].
  • During her character introduction, Celica says to "Leave the pathfinding to me!" Anyone who even remotely knows her will realize this is a bad idea.

    Story Mode 

Episode BlazBlue
Even in another world this is still hilarious!
  • Hakumen arrives after Ragna meets Chie. Hakumen, naturally, wants to kill Ragna just for existing. Chie wonders if Hakumen is a Persona.
    Ragna: The hell's a Persona? This guy's called Hakumen, and he's an asshole who never learned how to listen!
  • Ragna is forced to participate in a "manly" competition between Kanji, Waldstein, and Azrael that he wanted no part in. This doesn't stop there once he wins and the moment Kanji and Azrael were teleported out:
    Ragna: Tch... At the end of the day, you pull all the strings... I don't like it.
    Announcer: Oh? Have you not had enough? In that case...
    Azrael: (suddenly reappears) I'll never let you escape, Grim Reaper!
    Ragna: Huh? Hey, don't bring him back here!!
    Announcer: As requested, the Manly Match, round 2! Let's get it on!
    Ragna: Agh, how about no... I'm getting outta here!
  • Vatista and Aegis attempt to grab the Keystone from Ragna only for Ragna to state that only tag battles are allowed. Then, Nu-13 shows up.
    Nu-13: (suddenly appears) Raaaaagggnnnaaaa!
    Ragna: ... Oh god.
    • Really, Patrick Seitz's delivery of the above in the most hilarious "I'm so done with this shit" voice is what really sells this scene.
    • Beforehand, Aegis and Vatista try attacking Ragna despite the tag battle rules. The System helps Aegis and Vatista get away from being punished by interpreting those attacks as warning shots. Ragna hilariously shouts at the top of his lungs that they are lying, to no avail.
  • Weiss and Orie end up attacking Ragna and perceiving him as a threat as a result of them finding Ragna's badly-drawn wanted poster which is still as funny as ever.
    Ragna: Agh seriously!? That stupid poster followed me to this world, too?
    • For this fight, Ragna's tag partner is none other than Hazama. And he definitely doesn't miss a chance to do what he does best.
    Hazama: More importantly, Raggy... that was quite the tongue lashing you were getting back there. "Despicable," "evil looking," "sister complex"...
    Ragna: You made that last one up!
  • Ending 2 of Episode BlazBlue has Es recovering the four other keystones for Rachel to help seal System once again. When Ragna is chewing Rachel out for accidentally breaking the seal, Es is basking in Rachel's end of the bargain; a mountain of pudding.
    Es: These are the fruits of my labor.
    Ragna: So in other words, you bought her. ...with pudding.
  • And then there's the actual image itself. Ragna is wagging his finger and shouting at Rachel, who is sheepishly looking away while hiding her mouth with Gii, while Es watches in the background with a mountain of pudding behind her. It looks less like an argument between two allies and more like a parent scolding their child.

Episode P4A
Yukiko: Our class has certainly gotten more... diverse
  • Yosuke tries his hardest to play the Only Sane Man in the group, causing him to get frustrated over the sheer insanity the group has to experience and how seemingly accepting the group is towards it.
  • Even despite transferring to another school, Yu still wears his Yasogami High uniform. Yosuke can only stand confused at how his friend would just casually wear it around.
  • Chie doesn't know about Makoto's species, so she mistakes her tail as her just cosplaying. Yosuke is quick to point out how obviously real her tail and appearance looked.
  • With all four series having different lore and terms, it was only a matter of time that the characters were to experience some level of Culture Clash, as seen between Rachel and the Investigation team:
    Rachel: While I imagine a more thorough explanation will be lost on you, I will attempt to convey the basics. This is a space created by the Overseer to achieve a single purpose. A space that uses Seithr to read through the observation subjects' memories and project them into being... Was that a simple enough explanation?
    Chie: Er...
    Yukiko: Ummm...?
    Yosuke: Uhhh...
    Yu: So this isn't the world inside the TV we're familiar with.
    Rachel: World inside the...? What utter nonsense. Could you try to use words that humans can comprehend?
    Chie: Y-you're one to talk!
  • The entire scene where Kanji really wants to pet Jubei much to both Jubei and Platinum's dismay.
  • Luna (one of Platinum's personalities) yells at the Investigation Team to call Jubei by name instead of calling him a cat, calling them jackasses. This coming from the girl who insults people on a regular basis. Then, after Yukiko introduces herself, we get this gem:
    Platinum: Hmph. Luna doesn't need to reveal her name to any old strangers... Wait, I... (irritated) just said it.
    • And right after that, Yosuke introduces himself. How does Luna respond? By telling him to shut up and to stay back, along with calling him a pedo.
      Yosuke: Pedo...!?
      Yukiko: (as she and Chie move away from him) Hanamura-kun... you really are the worst.
      Yosuke: Wha, no, that's not— Why are you moving away from me? Et tu, Satonaka?
    • What's worst is that Luna soon calls the entire Investigation Team a pack of pedos. Chie's more concerned that she and Yukiko are part of it.
  • The ending. Full stop. It's so ridiculous that it could easily be mistaken for a Gag Reel, but no, it's very real. Yu and the others defeat the boss, but in the process, they ruin everything, and Rachel bids them farewell as they are transported to a new world. They land back where they started, except now it's springtime, and there's word going around about a bunch of new transfer students. They all head to their classroom and find out that the students are... Ragna, Noel, Hyde, and Ruby. And ALL of them act as though they've been a part of their world since before they could remember. Not to mention Ragna, and Noel are both adults with Noel has been out of school for over a year and Ragna is in his 20s though by his appearance it looks like he's been de-aged to his age when he was training under Jubei, while Ruby is in high school age, she was propelled two years ahead to attend Beacon, essentially a prestigious university. Funnier still, Ruby's still wearing her hood, Hyde's variation of the Yasogami High uniform has unnecessary belt buckles over it, and Ragna is wearing a Dead Spike t-shirt under the uniform. Here's an image of the scene which appared in a Famitsu scan.
    • This is also the reason why Chie said that line in the Persona 4 characters highlight trailer:
      Chie: What's Ragna-san even doing at our high school? He's wearing the uniform and everything!

Episode UNIB
THIS is what happens when two lethal chefs from different worlds work together.
  • All of Hyde's dialogue interactions throughout the story could be considered this, really. He goes full Deadpan Snarker every chance he gets.
  • Hyde runs into Ruby early in the route, and, naturally, she has a million questions about Hyde's Insulator, such as what it's made of, how did he summon it and whether it transforms. Hyde gets quickly annoyed before realizing he actually has no idea how the sword actually works nor what happens to it when he summons and de-summons it. He doesn't even know for sure if it can transform or not.
    Hyde: And where does it come from? My hand? Wait, does it come from my hand? Then... where does it go? GAH! Dangit! You're starting to infect my brain!
    • Shortly after this, the announcer tells the groups to start fighting. Both Hyde and Ruby have their objections. Then the announcer tells Ruby that the 2 in front of them have some pretty interesting weapons, at which point Ruby immediately calls for a battle
  • After the battle, Hyde was ambushed by Blake and Makoto but both of them fail. However as soon he draws out his sword, it leads to some confusion over Makoto being called a Faunus. After that, Makoto tries to befriend Blake and they forget about Hyde. Instead of running away, Hyde interrupts them in a Deadpan Snarker manner if they wanted to fight him or not.
  • Noel, Yukiko, and Platinum ended up attempting to cook curry. With two Lethal Chefs in the kitchen, you can imagine what the result was. So much so that Yukiko, the creator of Mystery Food X, wanted no part in eating itnote  and runs off while both Noel and Platinum (who wants Yukiko to eat it instead) gives her a chase.
    • Upon bumping into the hungry Hyde, Noel offers some of it to him. He was shocked that the "curry" was pixelated...
      Hyde: I-Is this curry?
      Noel: Hm? Yeah, just regular curry.
      Hyde: Why does it look... metallic?
      Noel: Oh, well that's interesting. Maybe it's because we used ingredients from this world. Oh, but don't worry about the flavor. It's real curry, through and through, I guarantee it!
      Hyde: (H-Hell no, it's not! This is DEFINITELY not curry... There's no way. The pressure coursing out of this dish... It's as if the Hollow Night was simmered in a pot and served up on a plate... Screw the flavor guarantee, I just want to know if I'll survive.)
    • In fact, the audience would have expected this will happen when it comes to food, Yukiko and Noel.
    • Made ever so slightly funnier when one considers that Hyde is a rather talented cook.
    • Due to neither of them wanting to eat Noel's curry, the Announcer intervenes and decides to force them, per Hyde's wishes on getting out of this mess, into a tag battle between Hyde/Yukiko and Platinum/Noel. Losers will be forced to eat the curry, even going as far as to make a rule that anymore complains that they have to take a spoonful of the curry as a penalty. Bonus points if you were not a fan of Platinum who now has to eat the curry after she lost the match. Hyde even says this line after the battle:
      Hyde: Sheesh. I figured I'd have to fight over the Keystone, but curry? Not in a million years...

Episode RWBY
  • Ruby runs into Hyde and Carmine and ends up with Hazama as a tag partner. Hazama then proceeds to compare Carmine to Terumi, an idea that the audience is probably thinking at that point.
    • The sheer concept of Hot-Blooded Nice Guy Hyde and the Ax-Crazy Blood Knight Carmine having to work together is pretty funny in itself. Both clearly have problems with the concept of it.
      System: Wait, whoah, wait, please wait! Uh, friends from the same world shouldn't fight! Heh...
      Hyde/Carmine: We're not friends!!
  • Ruby runs into Tager and Hakumen. As Tager tries to diffuse the situation, he suddenly notices that Hakumen has started doing his usual "I am the White Void" speech. Then Waldstein enters and attacks Hakumen mid-speech. Hakumen then offhandedly mentions that they "have no time for (Waldstein's) incessant rambling", when he himself was engaging in "incessant rambling" only moments ago.
    • After the fight, Ruby steals the keystone in Hakumen's possession while Hakumen and Waldstein are distracted in an argument with each other. Only Tager sees what she's doing.
  • Right before the battle could start, Ruby started fangirling over Yosuke and Yukiko, mistaking them for a ninja and geisha duo.
    Yukiko: ...I'm not even a geisha...
  • Ragna, being well, Ragna, has some trouble asking Ruby to be his tag-partner.
    Ragna: Hey, brat.
    Ruby: Brat? Are you...talking to me?
    Ragna: Yeah, you. You see any other brats round here? Anyway—
    Ruby: I am not a brat! Take it back! Take it back!!
  • Ragna, meeting Yang for the first time and mirroring a sentiment that comes out of a lot of first time RWBY viewers:
    Ragna: Wait, are you two really sisters?
    • Which is especially ironic given Ragna's relationship with his own siblings. Even funnier is that he spends most of the sentence before this grumbling about he's injured and finds being backed up embarrassing, only for him to quickly wonder out loud if Ruby and Yang are supposed to be sisters.
  • While Vatista was interacting with Ruby, Rachel, and Platinum, she puts her odd mindset on full display when she hears the word "cool" and thinks of refrigerators, before telling Ruby that she's in need of refrigeration (read: calming down.) Later, when the announcer shows up to set up the tag battle, she brings up their small bodies, making Vatista consider switching her current body to a "beefy, macho, muscle-type" one.
  • The ending has RWBY transported back to their dorm plus the red Keystone and the System in a weakened form. They eventually decide on keeping the thing as a pet.
    System: I don't mind that! Um... Woof! Woof!
    Yang: I'm sorry but, we already have a dog.
    System: Y-you do!? O-okay then! Meow!
    Blake: I take offence to that.



  • Vatista, as always, is a fountain for these. Observe how many times she's mentioned on this page in spite of her minor role.
  • Due to the way Tager's sprite lines up in Ruby's Astral, it looks like he is the victim of a Groin Attack. It didn't take long for players to make note of it.
    Acme Arsenal: That was the worst circumcision I've ever seen in my entire life.
  • Rachel's defeat quote in battle isn't her yelling in pain (which is the standard of fighting games) or saying something about how she was careless. Instead, she'd rather blame her loss on her subordinates Gii and Nago. Bonus points for her passive delivery of the following line, as if she isn't hurt at all and is just very annoyed at Gii and Nago's supposed screw-ups:
    Rachel: Gii, Nago, you're being punished later.
  • One of Chie's quotes if she actives a Distortion Skill of hers has her state "I'm taking you down." Then, right after she states the line, the person Chie is facing off against could kill her if Chie does not have much health left causing that line to unintentionally funny.
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  • One of Ruby's win quotes states this gem.
    Ruby: "Uh, hi? Are you okay?"
  • Using Gauntlet Hades, Ragna's 214B move in-game, sometimes has him calling his attack for the first hit, and saying "dumbass" for the follow-up. Do it in quick succession, and you get "Gauntlet Dumbass".
  • This video of actual gameplay between Kanji and Kanji. You are not getting a description of what happens in the video. It needs to be seen to be believed.
  • Some gameplay glitches have some funny moments.
  • Vatista's English battle shouts are hilariously adorable.
    Vatista 2B attack: "Spinny spin spin!"
    Arma Bellum: "Ba-ba-ba-ba!"
    During Clash Assault: "Pow! Pow! Pow!"
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  • If an opponent jumps over Azrael or otherwise dashes to the other side of him in some way, he'll say "You're a quick one." as he turns around to face them. He can say this to Tager and Waldstein.
  • Ever wanted to see a dance line of up to eight Ruby Roses? LucianTheLugia has you covered.
  • Merkava's lobby avatar is Nightmare Retardant incarnate. His chibi is proportioned in such a way that makes him resemble either a stuffed animal or a person in a mascot costume. That and his blank eyes are given expressions for certain animations, making the once terrifying Basilisk downright adorable.
    • And now with 2.0 on the horizon, Susanoo's getting the same treatment.
  • Finishing a match using Mika's "Mika-chan Revolution" Distortion Skill will result in her head still remaining stuck on the ground up until the victory screen.
  • Based on his assist call towards Vatista, big words still confuse Waldstein.
  • Just Blitztank being in the game. Somehow, in a crossover with so many crazy worlds, a tank being a playable character is hilarious.
    • The fact that Blitztank is susceptible to throws. Even the smallest characters in the game can toss him around like a rag doll. Then there's this.

Fan Community

  • YouTube user JROKGaming uploaded a sneak preview (here) of the first five minutes of Story Mode... and promptly lost to the tutorial boss. (Though this actually wasn't JROK himself that lost, but an ASW USA staff member.)
  • With the lack of a proper Training Mode in the pre-order beta, players have resorted to an alternative solution: Set VS. Mode to infinite time, have Yukiko as the opponent and continuously use her Dia skill that regenerates all of her health thus turning the Amagi heiress into everyone's punching bag for the time being.
  • Somebody made a tier list that is about what the characters will order at Arby's. It needs to be seen to be believed. Also, when somebody asks the person who made this tier list on where Naoto will be put on note , they replied with this.
    Reads the nutrition facts before entering, spends 10 minutes looking at the menu, quietly and politely asks the manager something before leaving without ordering
  • Ben Diskin not only confirmed he was the English voice of Merkava but has taken to calling him "Lord Noodle Doodle."
  • Just the fact this game averts the One Steve Limit trope by having both Naoto Shirogane and Naoto Kurogane in the roster. If anything, the brief shot of both of them in a Clash Assault from the latter's reveal sort of seals the deal, doesn't it?

Extended Media

  • As a celebration of BBTAG's official release. ArcSys revived BBRadio, as BBRadio (BuruRaji) NEO. Tomokazu Sugita, Kanako Kondou, and Asami Imai return as the hosts and Imai has some... interesting things to say about the game, particularly the fact that her character isn't in it. note  Through Asami's pleading Mori to announce Tsubaki during the episode, he remarks that it feels like he's suddenly listening to the very first episode of BBRadio way back when Continuum Shift wasn't a thing and Tsubaki was just a prominent story NPC.
    • So a few things have changed about the presentation, they are using the 3D avatars. So they can walk around, spin and make exaggerated faces... or at least more exaggerated than they could before.
    • Mori joins the gang and sounds... beat. So much so that Sugita has to demand the man sound more lively.

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