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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. Proceed at your own risk.


  • Exe:Late[st] finally being the first in the series to be on the main stage at EVO 2019, which is impressive for a few reasons:
    • As noted by the tournament organizers, the Under Night community has long been one of the most dedicated communities despite being smaller in comparison to their contemporaries. That fanbase enjoyed a slow yet steady growth through its various majors and side tournaments in larger competitions for the past 7 years - not just in its native Japan, but with a similarly passionate Western crowd who got into Under Night with its various console ports, and is a well-liked enough Ensemble Dark Horse by many members of the FGC, even for those who normally dislike anime fighters.
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    • There's also the matter of considering who it beat out: Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 and Super Smash Bros. Melee - both of whom had been EVO mainstays for quite some time, with the latter gaining a very notorious reputation given the dedication of its own fanbase as well in conjuction with the popularity draw it brings.
    • To add even more to the awesome pile, the game was so popular that it's coming back for its second year at EVO 2020 in its Exe:Late[cl-r] form, and has even managed to outlive BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Mortal Kombat 11.

Infinite Worth EXS'

Infinite Worth EXS' (Or IWEX's for short) are this game's equivalent of a Finishing Move, similar to the Astral Heats of BlazBlue, these attacks aren't completely instant kills and act more as a comeback super, the conditions being that you need to have less than 20% health remaining and a completely full meter or you need to be in Veil Off/Cross-Cast Veil Off. These moves are ridiculously flashy and deal a ton of damage.

All IWEX's can be watched here.

  • Raging Roar: Hyde's powers are still very new to him and he goes over his limits in one last desperation attack. The Insulator sends out a blast of EXS to stun his opponents while Hyde charges the blade with more energy than he knows he can manage and delivers one enormous swing that rends anything caught in its explosive slash. The opponent is sure to be heavily damaged and Hyde himself is gasping for air once the attack is finished.
  • God Mower: Blazing Brandish: Linne's usage of a single enchanted BFS during her IW was damaging enough, now she pulls out both. A quick few slashes launches her helpless opponent to the sky, above the heights of large buildings, and Linne follows them up to deliver one last swing that explodes on contact.
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  • Katastrophe: Instead of using his free-fall body weight, Waldstein grabs his opponent and bring them high into the air and rapidly descends with the opponent still caught between his clawed grip. As the momentum seemingly has one of his claws still clutching his opponent catch fire, Wald slams his opponent down to the ground and causes volcanic cracks on the ground that soon erupt in a fiery explosion.
  • You Shit! This Is The End!: Carmine's ingenuity towards his particular brand of brutality is flung out the window as he encases his opponent in a crystal of blood not unlike his 22C and two pillars of blood pierce the opponent. Carmine continues screaming as he conjures even more spires of blood to skewer his victim from every possible angle before it all comes breaking down.
  • Rest In Peace: Orie calls for Thanatos and it quickly binds their opponent in place in a crucifix of pure light. Blue flame spreads across the area and Orie decrees her opponent's last rites as Thanatos hurls its enormous sword to detonate on impact.
  • Soul Vanish: Gordeau's laid back style of fighting temporarily takes a seat as he actually gets a bit serious for once. He pulls out his right hand from his pocket, stabs his opponent and violently yanks it out as he starts pummeling his victim into the air. Gordeau grips his scythe with BOTH hands and takes a single mighty swing. As a reminder, every other move has him one-handing his scythe.
  • I Overrun: Merkava's extending arm special will usually take a few bites of his opponents in the middle of a fight but now we get a glimpse of how he usually feeds his instinctual hunger. Merkava captures his opponent with both of his arms and proceeds to dig into his still conscious opponent. The camera shifts to a first person perspective of the character being devoured as Merkava takes multiple, meaty chomps onto them and the camera pans to the moon as the victim's own blood clouds their eyes.
  • Zahhisio: Autonomic Nerves are specifically designed to be Persons Of Mass Destruction, and Vatista, even while missing a wing, activates a technique that utilizes her remaining six. Vatista flies toward her opponent and binds them as her six wings take position around them in a circular pattern. As energy surges between the wings, a massive pillar of light detonates the surrounding area as the opponent is swallowed the blast.
  • A Distant Boundary: Seth's impressive speed is showcased as he quickly bounces across the screen, completely undetectable with how fast he's moving, and fills said screen with numerous slashes as he quickly accelerates the rate of his attacks. Seth reappears soon afterwards and his opponent drops dead from the accumulated strikes.
  • Zero-Type Hidden Skill: Life Crimson: Yuzuriha demonstrates her mastery over her family's sword-style and utilizes its zeroth technique. She rushes forward toward her opponent, disrobes her kimono as it wraps the opponent and binds them as it slowly props them up to be cut down. Yuzuriha instantaneously delivers four slashes that detonate in a flash of light.
  • In The Darkness: While she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, Hilda proves her right to leadership with her peerless skill in battle. Hilda traps and skewers her opponent with multiple conjured blades and she proceeds to fly up to the top of the screen as the ground below gets coated in shadow as something or another makes absolute mincemeat of the victim caught below.
  • Deep Revenance: It is said that Azhi is the manifestation of Chaos' inner violence and he seemingly lets loose Azhi's metaphysical chains as red seal is lifted from Chaos himself and placed upon the opponent. Azhi loses its form as a frightening dinosaur and becomes a formless, almost serpentine shadow and goes completely berserk, thrashing around and covering the entire screen, all while Chaos gives a Badass Creed.
    "Here lies the truth of creation. Here's lies the truth of the universe! The answers you seek, lie in the depths of oblivion!!"
  • Lumière of the Dawn: Nanase's obsession with her unreasonable vengeance evidently led to a lot of techniques to hurt her victims. Jumping up into the sky, Nanase charges up her sword and summons a enormous tornado that completely rips her foe to shreds on the ground floor. For only being an in-birth for less than a month, Nanase shows some aptitude despite her weak reasoning.
  • Endless Nightmare: An arachnophobic's worst nightmare. Byakuya spends out a screen-covering web that traps the opponent and Byakuya takes his sweet time approaching his helpless prey. Byakuya's floating Predators now seemingly sprout from his back like an actual spider (All with appropriate sound effects) and he slashes them downwards as the screen goes completely red.
  • Totally Dominating Servitude: A simple yet effective technique that has Phonon lash at her opponent before hoisting them up in the air as the whip wraps around him. Phonon then channels her sound-barrier-shattering EXS through the whip as the opponent explodes in a flash of light.
  • Mika-Chan Galaxy: Mika grabs a hold of her opponent and launches them into the air using her gauntlets and she follows suit as she rockets herself between skyscrapers and makes a bone-crunching collision with her opponent as they begin to fall.
  • Demonic Seal: Abyssal Force: A technique Enkidu refers to as his "ultimate fist". The cuff-links on his wrists clearly weren't just for show when they shatter and energy envelops Enkidu as he becomes some sort of shadowy being, with his tattooed arm, mouth, and eyes eerily glowing in purple light. His non-tattooed arm, using some sort of energy, hoists up his opponent as energy violently swirls and churns into the tattooed arm. A single empowered punch is swung and the screen shatters at the sheer impact of the blow as an explosion follows soon after. After all of this, the cuff-links reappear on Enkidu's wrist.
  • Meggido Ausserst Groesse note : Wagner's mastery over flame clearly extends beyond the bounds of enchanting her sword and shield with fire. The Fire Brand disappears in a wisp of flame and Wagner herself is surrounded in a blazing aura, completely destroying her clothes in the process, and she flies up into the air where this aura soon morphs into something akin to a phoenix. Soon after, an enormous laser falls from the clouds and razes the landscape with her opponent caught inside.
  • Cocytus Ice Prison: In a rather lethal display, Londrekia summons a storm of icy wind that hurls his opponent high into the sky. The winds are so cold that they freeze them, binding them in a crucifix of ice. The winds then dissipate, causing Londrekia's still frozen opponent to plummet back down to earth.
  • Tri Hermes Blackland: In an absolutely amazing reference to her home series, Eltnum summons the titular boss monster that once belonged to her Bad Future self. Hermes proceeds to grab hold of Eltnum's opponent and crushes them in its hand, which also happens to create a large explosion, destroying the terrain.
  • Cherry Blossom Revised: In an attack original to this game, Akatsuki stuns his enemy with a powerful chop, followed by a wave of forked lightning. Akatsuki enters a stance and readies himself for a fatal strike. The cinematic camera zooms in on a falling cherry blossom and as it touches the ground, Akatsuki rushes forward with furious, single strike as an explosion follows his destructive streak.

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